Montag, 29. Juni 2015

Promisses of the Gods - to be Transformed Down

6. 29. - 7. 6. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Today Sun is going to cross
 Mundanomaniacs Ascendent
7° Cancer

being fairly dispersed today
Sun on Ascendent
the  unconsciousness of the light
of the central squander


the gods of the lap and the blossoms
in the secrecy of shadows in the zodiac
Cancer dark
rain forests at the equator of the circular nothing 
potency Sun
and energy Mars
barely in the outer appearance of the world
but within
"zeitmächtig"  (powerfull  in terms of time) the mirroring - image of Moon
since today Monday over the wide time-arches of Jupiter in the heart of Leo-power till Wednesday afternoon ...

 then till Friday touching the high grounds of the resting polarities in the sign of the rotating cross - touching them oneself noon-like in the mirroring - image of Moon

but then in the wide free spiritual realms of nearness to God like sparrows in the brain exhaling
and preening ones beak before swift flight to the shore of Saturday evening
which is nourished by the depths

and meanwhile in the perimeter of Venus and Jupiter
gods of the middle bar
are celebrating
the unification of
earth - soul
and spirit
as rulers of Taurus
Libra and

and we, living in our everyday-days, we have the promises of the gods in God

if we transform them down to the banks of our everyday now and then

thus Earth - Soul - Spirit - to transform them down to a breakfast, a lunch or a supper for two in life

then Venus conjunction Jupiter will show their secrets in the internal freedom of the day

and certainly somebody is waiting for the exchange of bipolarity of Sun and Pluto next week, which  according to C.G.Jung already is being prepared in the depths of the psyche by the self, because so I might ad, the self beyond time knows the number.

But that and more remains  bud this week.

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Montag, 22. Juni 2015

Mercury and Neptun Clocked Together - Enjoyment and Humane Fortune in Inner Space

6. 22. - 29. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  6. 22. 2015, UTC 12:20, Murnau

Still close to each other
Sun and Mars
Mars blusters at the same time

still until Wednesday 
through the external space
where Sun yet warms the inner space
But then from Wednesday on 

the short silent time
in the lap of feelings is over
as the time beginning is the 
stormy time of the intimate
and commencing are the intimate weeks
of the raging one

Sun in Cancer

heart and lap united
Mars in Cancer
ire and lap united

changeable like the Moon

through the months

Moon and the internal rivers

of the body and the psyche
this week

covering the space from Virgo
to Scorpio
from prudence of reason
across the devotion to beauty
pending finally
accomplished loyalty
our sublunary way of conversion this week
between Virgo and Scorpio
as a quasi unconscious collective weather 
 we share with all sublunary beings

while Venus in tempting approach
at Jupiter 

with whose light she unifies hers
at commencement of July

enjoyment and humane fortune
in rare bright confluence
solitary cross in the zodiac

in a quasi string of showers
moving over the second half of the signs
of  the middle bar in zodiac
as resonating gush of Venus- and Jupiter-light

cause the zodiac is a three-stroker

through the four quadrants
of the universe

Not solitarily together like Venus-Jupiter
but in common resonance
are by Neptune and Mercury
the Pisces and the Twins

the divine child "man"

and the wit of reason
dwelling in the sublunaries
dancing the common rythm
not less than earth-spirit embracing
the childish ocean 
these two weeks

and Saturn and with him the images

of the extra temporal father
in time
end of Scorpio
solitary in visit of the 
of the aeon air at  Scorpio28,4°
the nearness to God of 
mans planet
to whom the remembrance of those
who are waiting in the beyond
bestows wings
everything else remains

attenuated like it was

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Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Approach Extended for Two Days

6. 15. - 22. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Monday, June 15. 
 The last post I conceived as if Sun would unite her light with that of Mars and the virtual red Moon of the element fire on Sunday. In truth they do this in the morning of Tuesday together with Moon.
Error in service last Monday.
Apparently it was the intensity of the red resonance in my freshly drawn chart, with which the last weekend appeared in my perception. But the culmination of this resonance - the perfect constellation - happens just tomorrow, Tuesday, this completion of the unification of Sun, Mars, Moon and red Moon of 1603.
 And everything of the contemplation of last week takes effect for the approach prolonged by two days.
 And to all who are illiterate to astropoetic symbolism this constellation takes effect like for the animals - it mirrors, unnoticed by consciousness - unless in a dream - in the depths of the undetected psyche which are so undetected like the steady inner physical processes.
Only the handling of the language of astropoesis permits consciousness to become quasi a seedbed for the uncomprehended but sensately perceived (intuited) being of archetypes = gods= the Self = intensities of constellations in the inner and outer heaven, vision able  in the sudden double-meaning of simple things.

According to the mirror-truths of the ancient physics heaven mirrors eternally earth like in contemporary physics wave mirror eternally push.

As it is unfortunally, mundanomaniac himself is scholar of the astropoesis and like any other he has the way  emerging by going it.
To this:

" ... what is a secret to all others, namely that  in the unconsciousness the third is preparing
and is even beginning to suspend the energy of the contradictions, i.e. the illusion, that the contradictions really are objects fades, with this also the axiomatic of symmetry."
C.G.Jung (my translation)
and the wings can start to grow ...

And certainly Mercury and with him the realms of the travelers, the narraters and the liers and doubters are in approach to the third time of completely sharing the resonance with Neptune in Pisces the god of childlike naked truth in the square between Pisces and Twins or depths and surface.

Thus: advance of Mercury to the maximum-Neptune-resonance out of Pisces in the beginning of next week.
Twins = elementary air (=spirit) with Pisces = spirit of water (=feeling).

Everything else remains solitary this week. This "solitary" ... means "resonance-poor". Solitary means unaccompanied. That's the way the fatherly Saturn walks back into the Scorpio- waiver-circle of the timeless sons being able to become eternal sons in the finity of the human psyche.
To Moon
Is there such thing "Moon for all" in astrology, independent of where somebody has  Cancer in his chart
or Cancer-ruler Moon?
 If yes, it must designate, what the ancient called "element water", the inexhaustible undulating flowing movement in the inner and the outer of all biosphere - namely that it creates folds in which life can rise. This humid zone is called Cancer by the zodiac.
So to "travel with the Moon" means, what it means for the most of all: to only dream the unconscious.
Thus being locked-in the daily world of conscious objectives and intentions.
To explore the unconsciousness consciously is therefore the meaning to everyone who wants to come to himself.
 Time of his adult life the great C. G. Jung has led the consciousness of people, guided by their dreams, to their self.
But in dreamland - so the astrologer may say in short - the zodiac helps the illiterate with the symbol-language of the unconsciousness.
The Moon of anybody lives in him according to his horoscope, the "Moon for all" on the contrary is wandering and so are the heavenly places where it flows and their terrestrial mirrors.
With what the daily consciousness has to deal therefore is the meaning of: are we prepared that it will be flowing at this place?

Anyway, this week and until Tuesday night it's flowing in the Twins. Their neutrality thereby will be called into question by emotional impulses, but it has to learn by these to take them into neutral account. And Moon takes part in the fire-congregation described in the outset and is thereby invisible in this night of new Moon.

Wednesday, Thursday until Friday morning the flow is wandering through its own bed  in the sign of Cancer, in which the daily needs are nursed inclusive the dreams.

And till Sunday noon then the flowing at the court of the heart where the I myself rules: increased ludic drive, maybe form drive, perhaps inclination for a bath in the river.

And the new week views the Moon then in the grades of the Virgo.
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Montag, 8. Juni 2015

Dwellingplace of the Fire - One Week Approach

6. 8. - 15. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Moon"-home" of fire
will say: at the birthday of the recent fire-aeon
at 12.18.1603
Moon was at 24,8° Twins

Kingsconjunktion 1603
we don't know what this meeting of Sun and Mars with the "red" Moon will be. We are not used to think in such images. We are not used to even think about such thing as an aeon what the earlier humankind was familiar with. Home of the fire. What is it in good and bad?

Only thing which we know are the words. We know, can know, the myths of these words telling us something. But the place in the Zodiac tells us everything:  "Moon" ruler of Cancer,  equals home, inner world, in between the elements Water". And like water it means "everyday" you need to have it. Moons place is 4 (th element), Moons number is 7. Moon is the week and week seems to be the lap of life. No Emperor, no prophet called the week into being.
Moon, ruling Cancer means basicly "inner" world i.e. in the psyche.

Mercury ruling Twins at 3. Place in zodiak, means "outer world"i.e. material.

Twins completing the 3 dimensions in space and according to their element air carry the meaning of steadily  mooving  on ways connecting  the dimensions ...

In Twins Sun means living heart beating along the ways between hearts.
In Twins Mars means to dash on the connecting  ways opening new dimensions in space

an on Sunday now they are together, this 400 Years old "home of the fire" - red Moon - on the early stages of comfort. Together in the psyche of the beginning - as fire says zodiac is always the element of beginning: in space Mars, in time Jupiter, in self Sun.

Now when Sun and Mars and red Moon unite their natural and virtual lights on Sunday then are enclosed in this unification Uranus ruled by Mars  Jupiter ruled by Sun and Firemoon being so to speak the psyche of the element fire their unification could be cause for a more or less quiet celebration of a nature- religious respect.
The attendance of Mars however might be a guaranty that it even will be  rumble but certainly a heartily one.

The others of the Sun family they leave one another alone in this week but to their hearts content the Twins command about the resources of Venus who in this month lingers in Leo, meaning risk or to be blunt squandering. Where if not in Leo could the squandering be at home
how could we exist without the squandering of our star?

and the dreaming psyche? Wherever are dreaming animals spread on the northern hemisphere
the dreaming psyche keeps being - where the Moon is

and with  Moon the dreaming psyche
this Monday morning in the resonances of water- and earth element
and near to God in Aquarius

but Moon
spends since even this afternoon foreboding
deep down in the unconscious psyche called "Pisces" 
till Wednesday afternoon

and the fall into existence takes place naked with the entrance
of Moon in Aries
at Wednesday afternoon
currently embracing the nearness to God
in the spirit of Uranus

while on Friday afternoon initiates
the clothing of the soul
with the skins of the herds

until Sunday afternoon
when the being on the road of the earth-spirit
starts to capture the soul

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Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Together with Moon this Week from the Fathers to the Living Spirit

6. 1. - 8. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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further hearts- and words- laundry
Neptune fraught with foam
mindful of
and minded
in living spirit
with Sun Mars and Mercury
like now
in the spatial Twins
sometimes in eternity

and to the solitary circle attends Venus
while together with her the herds and skins
- and with Venus the female and the finite
and their stages -
leaving the Cancer-rooms of the bridal moistness
this week
and a time in Leo
with them dwelling since finiteness also shadow worlds
in deserts below tents
and with them a time
in cities full of artificial lights

and simultaneously elsewhere
with sublime rulers on own ways

on the ways of the son
the father Saturn

and Pluto and Uranus
on the floor of Saturn and Mars

and it appears to me
to the recent new is nothing new to add in their solitary run and play
gods and men in this week
but then still the fourth element
the mirroring flowing inner rivers

and  mirroring mirrorer Moon

every day visible at nighttime
and invisible by day above the inner

invisible rivers

Moon starts this week yet above the nets of the
atemporal image-weaving ancestors
waving out of the distance at the brothers in proximity to God
not disappearing sacrificer

and Monday evening yet the relocation into

the after that
into the width after the providence
until Wednesday midnight
thereafter entangled in the paternal fore-ordination
the image-rich father-thread in weekly

nightly vision in the circle
of all those invisible attendants

where-after since the early Saturday morning
the dream and its light escorting Moon

may evolve again close to God

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