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Approach Extended for Two Days

6. 15. - 22. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Monday, June 15. 
 The last post I conceived as if Sun would unite her light with that of Mars and the virtual red Moon of the element fire on Sunday. In truth they do this in the morning of Tuesday together with Moon.
Error in service last Monday.
Apparently it was the intensity of the red resonance in my freshly drawn chart, with which the last weekend appeared in my perception. But the culmination of this resonance - the perfect constellation - happens just tomorrow, Tuesday, this completion of the unification of Sun, Mars, Moon and red Moon of 1603.
 And everything of the contemplation of last week takes effect for the approach prolonged by two days.
 And to all who are illiterate to astropoetic symbolism this constellation takes effect like for the animals - it mirrors, unnoticed by consciousness - unless in a dream - in the depths of the undetected psyche which are so undetected like the steady inner physical processes.
Only the handling of the language of astropoesis permits consciousness to become quasi a seedbed for the uncomprehended but sensately perceived (intuited) being of archetypes = gods= the Self = intensities of constellations in the inner and outer heaven, vision able  in the sudden double-meaning of simple things.

According to the mirror-truths of the ancient physics heaven mirrors eternally earth like in contemporary physics wave mirror eternally push.

As it is unfortunally, mundanomaniac himself is scholar of the astropoesis and like any other he has the way  emerging by going it.
To this:

" ... what is a secret to all others, namely that  in the unconsciousness the third is preparing
and is even beginning to suspend the energy of the contradictions, i.e. the illusion, that the contradictions really are objects fades, with this also the axiomatic of symmetry."
C.G.Jung (my translation)
and the wings can start to grow ...

And certainly Mercury and with him the realms of the travelers, the narraters and the liers and doubters are in approach to the third time of completely sharing the resonance with Neptune in Pisces the god of childlike naked truth in the square between Pisces and Twins or depths and surface.

Thus: advance of Mercury to the maximum-Neptune-resonance out of Pisces in the beginning of next week.
Twins = elementary air (=spirit) with Pisces = spirit of water (=feeling).

Everything else remains solitary this week. This "solitary" ... means "resonance-poor". Solitary means unaccompanied. That's the way the fatherly Saturn walks back into the Scorpio- waiver-circle of the timeless sons being able to become eternal sons in the finity of the human psyche.
To Moon
Is there such thing "Moon for all" in astrology, independent of where somebody has  Cancer in his chart
or Cancer-ruler Moon?
 If yes, it must designate, what the ancient called "element water", the inexhaustible undulating flowing movement in the inner and the outer of all biosphere - namely that it creates folds in which life can rise. This humid zone is called Cancer by the zodiac.
So to "travel with the Moon" means, what it means for the most of all: to only dream the unconscious.
Thus being locked-in the daily world of conscious objectives and intentions.
To explore the unconsciousness consciously is therefore the meaning to everyone who wants to come to himself.
 Time of his adult life the great C. G. Jung has led the consciousness of people, guided by their dreams, to their self.
But in dreamland - so the astrologer may say in short - the zodiac helps the illiterate with the symbol-language of the unconsciousness.
The Moon of anybody lives in him according to his horoscope, the "Moon for all" on the contrary is wandering and so are the heavenly places where it flows and their terrestrial mirrors.
With what the daily consciousness has to deal therefore is the meaning of: are we prepared that it will be flowing at this place?

Anyway, this week and until Tuesday night it's flowing in the Twins. Their neutrality thereby will be called into question by emotional impulses, but it has to learn by these to take them into neutral account. And Moon takes part in the fire-congregation described in the outset and is thereby invisible in this night of new Moon.

Wednesday, Thursday until Friday morning the flow is wandering through its own bed  in the sign of Cancer, in which the daily needs are nursed inclusive the dreams.

And till Sunday noon then the flowing at the court of the heart where the I myself rules: increased ludic drive, maybe form drive, perhaps inclination for a bath in the river.

And the new week views the Moon then in the grades of the Virgo.
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