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Suspension for Heart and Brain but Enlightment for Roots and Balance

 1 . 30.  - 2. 6. 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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the aeon
baptizes with silence

spirit (pneuma)  is silence

hence three of the upper four
Capticorn, Aquarius, Pisces
rank to the silence
of timelessness

the upper fourth solely
 god Jupiter
lord of Sagittarius juts as spirit
tacit-posing into temporality

hence God of love
whom Luna
everlasting is prepared
to receive
in the lap of night
fourth mirror

                                       5. Week 2019

and in the fourth mirror
is Jupiter
and untill Sunday
in Sagittarius
calling for 'time and sign'
of the fitting moment

hence Cancer's
floating  roots of soul
 of the fourth element
ruleress and receiveress
in the mirror of time's
goddess of cancer 
goddess of our shadow (Jung)

is acting as the physical and psychic dynamic 
of physical and psychic
' water' transporting charges
whose mirror in silence
is taking  reception
of the spiritual Dynamic of fire

look for Luna's places, when dams are bursting
and for Mars'place thereby

by merging the fitting with

 Great Conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, the two biggies in our Star's family.
and this silence hikes with Luna
each night in Universe's circles

Luna this week hiking in the realms of SagittariusCapricorn and Aquarius hence three realms of silence


and now Venus' and Jupiters' fate this week

concerning our Taurus -  Libra- and Sagittarius-ruled houses

a last week for Venus to merge the fitting
this year

after Sunday Venus in Capricorn
  stripped by all temporal
name and word and number

but till Sunday
Venus in 
Sagittarius' spirit in  time
to receive by silence in  bright flow
of Moon in Sagittarius'
bright and early
Saturn and Jupiter
of the fire-element

meditate them
what are they calling 
as the early entrances
to conciliation and permanence

and Venus from thursday till Sunday
finds herself united
in the element of
earlyness = fire
with red Sun and red Venus

Those Kings-Coniunctions are the first of a sequence of

They happen and mean  to the elements as the 'great four corners' on the sub- zodiacal- or 'titanic'
level of the elements, ratchet-like in about twohundred-year-steps through the canon of the four element's acording to the zodiac,  each in sequell for about 200 years untill the next element.

meditate it:

we are not only Earthlings

we are Sunlings as well

and siblings in Sun's family

and from tomorrow on till Sunday

Venus is uniting her light with red Sun and red Venus of the fire-element
Venus' brightest day of the year
concerning fire's Taurus, Leo and Libra
their brightest brightness of the year becomes by Venus store
and metaphor for balance


let's go to Mars
raging son of the god-father 
in Greek Myth
kind of blind blazing flame
of fire - element in us

currently in Aries
Mars is
bringing to surface everything
formerly secret
 via Uranus 
the center Sun's  vigor  and brain Mercury
with the suspension
of validity
of a programmed
Mars in square with
 Pluto in Capricorn
= fath in the state

Sun herself shares this and the next week with
 heart with brain of the family
of God and Satan
in the thinking-space of God and Satan in man
which owes itself to the
called Aquarius

thereby our houses 
ruled by Twins, Leo and Virgo
are united this week in the suspension
of  material discernment
passion and ratio
and tomorrow Thursday
Moon joins the party

and the raging of Mars in resonance with  Saturn
with and against the  authority
which started last week
when Mercury entered Aquarius' rule
 of suspension of validity
in Aries' realm of attack

this  week has the surfacing of 
Pluto = the Plan
via Uranus in Aries

Mercuries Window in this sign closes 
in 11 days on February 10.
since then the Sun = center
via Uranus
remains in  Mars disposal alone
till Februar 18.
than the Aries-window of the center 
will be closed 
and Pisces' haze
will prevail with  Sun and Mercury

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Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2019

Rare Encounters and Winged Heart and Brain of the Collective Man

 1 . 23.  - 30. 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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" All what is unknown and void is filled by 
psychological projection  as if the soul-background 
of the beholder mirrors in the dark. What he sees 
in the matter and means to recognize, are  firstly
his own unconscious givens, which he is projecting
in it, that is:  properties and  possibilities of meaning, 
apparently belonging to it, are confronting him, out 
of the matter, whose psychic nature is completely 
unconscious to him."

C.G.Jung, Psychologie and Alchemie, Coll.. W. 12, §  332.

Mercurius in no way is the christian devil, who much
more represents a "demonization" of a lucifer, just
a Mercurius. This one is a shadowy  indicated primordial
 form of a bringer to light, who never is the light himself,
but a phosphoros, the lumen naturae, the light of the Moon
and the stars, being outshined by the new morning light." 

C.G.Jung, The Spirit Mercurius, Coll. W. 13, § 300

" To become foolish is no art, but to extract the 
wisdom out of the foolishness, might be the entire
 art. Foolishness is the mother of the  wise, but never 
the prudence.

C.G.Jung, Paracelsus, Coll. W. 13, § 222.

(my translations)

Mercury is with Jung the bringer of light (phosphoros) of the good and the bad, neutral himself like Sun, shining on the just like on the unjust, but not as creator but adversary, he goes for the all-carrying lower part of the light of the zodiac. And Mercury carries in the zodiac the light of air -element of the Twins and of earth - element of Virgo. That is earthly thinking and emotional measurement in the zodiac.

And Mercury this week 

intially yet in Capricorn
void of all temporal wake
till Thursday following Saturn
in word and determination

but Thursday before noon
Mercury starts to follow Uranus into  the holy
foolishness of man under free sky
thus Aries

in Homer we read of 'winged words'
such words have the divine/mental wings
of Mercury in Aquarius
at his feet

:And a birthday of one of the four elements of our aeon is awaiting Mercury with air-Mars at 0,8° Aquarius.

Mercury unites at this place
 speaking and  thinking
of the divine part of man
so for the coming about 800 years 
since the

entrance for the winged


The week started with square
hence contradictions between
beginning and end
of body and time
between Aries and Capricorn
to be
shufled to shape
thats done now


Venus + Jupiter

What a week each year
roots and balance
of love
 good for
three wise encounters

and in square divine child Neptune
redeemer off anything
but future
is mixed into
this week

Venus and Jupiter meet each year one day with a 'halo of resonance' of about 7° grades. They met yesterday at spot, hence their resonance slowly fading,  swings all along this week. Two weeks each year in this combination, but each year Venus meets with Jupiter in a consecutively following sign. So those next two weeks in Sagittarius will be again in 2031.

And within this mixture  falls the blue Venus - birthday of Venus of the air-element at 17° Sagittarius.
Embodied by Venus I see the female genius of rooting and mating, aka the situation of Taurus the passive and Libra the active Venus.

What does a 'blue' = thinking collectoress in the situation of 'suddenly all fixed rightly' or Sagittarius. I think she will behold and save the conditions of the  given beauty of   wise concinnity.


but backto  'blue' sign Aquarius
Sun now 
the heart
of the great and tiny man
in the month of free flight

since tomorrow Thursday 
together with brainy

in the borderlessness 
of the rooms of thoughts
of the creator in the 


All this in the synchronicity of the week
 but in parts presentational to our consciousness.
because visible in the angular weave
of a planet-encircled Star
being our home

and the pot for the mixture
of the activated archetypes, gods, 
planetary resonances
is since ancient conception Moon
circling with her belt
the "world below the Moon"

today and Thursday Moon 
in Virgo is feelingly analyzing
Mercuries synchronisms
in Aquarius and still with Uranus
in Aries

Friday till Sunday noon
in Libra Moon will add  the
synchronisms of Venus/Jupiter
and Neptune
later till Tuesday afternoon

Moon adds  lone Pluto- in- Capricorn's
bitter medicine of
waiver = donation

and how does she it
how does Moon it?
all these weekly adds to the collective fate?
in the feminine way
 or simile to
surrender to the foreordination
of  time

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Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019

The Bright Spot in the Dark Drop - Metamorphosis of Heart

 1 . 16 . - 23. 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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15 The Lord God took the man and put him 
in the Garden of Eden to work it and
 take care of it.

 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, 
“You are free to eat from any tree in the garden;

 17 but you must not eat from the tree of 
the knowledge of good and evil, for when 
you eat from it you will certainly die.”

18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man 
to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Meaning to me, like giving Adam of Earth the commandment, which might preserve him of death, as like God created a helper to man as well as to Earth.
Woman and Moon.
And both they 'know' the other children of father Sun and their rhythms on Earth's  zodiac, while Sun's light is too 'bright " for  the night, not that bright by oneself - like Sun - but far brigher than anylight else in the night, Queen of the night in us in the backside of the day and of Adam.  Her light still letting get  noticed: Suns complete shop.


astrology now seems to me to be the bright spot in the dark half

The knowledge in the unconsciousness

3. Week

2019 past Jesus Christ

the bright in the dark
how to tell the dark?
slowly me deems

in Capricorn till Sunday
the collective heart in the fatherly determenation
now beyond waiver
in the 
endurance of the polar pupation

since Sunday then
hatching and unfolding wings
 Sun and  heart 
in the air-element of spirit
the "upper waters"

Sun aka heart then onMonday reaches the yearly birthday of blue Mars at 0,8° 
Aquarius, hence kind of rain of a new beginning in the invisible  blue realm of 'air'

Sun blue Mars

new light in the sky of thinking

but also since Saturday evening the resonance between heart and pain
becomes  more distinct
while Sun walks through the square
Uranus in Aries

metamorphosis of the thinking  heart
and bith pang of the mangod's idea

same like Sun to Uranus

happening between

Saturn + Mars

old + young
pole + storm

and square between

Jupiter /Venus + Neptune 

a whole lot of holy innocent 'spiritual' sex me deems

and Mercury

our tool for orientation in space
starts the week with Saturn and ends it far behind Pluto
still in the pupation of Capricorn' s  rules of standing
but awaitung the metamophosis next week

Mercury's realm of tongue
firstly receiving the time-shape by Saturn
then by Pluto
the code of time
called zodiac
as code of life


and Luna Moon mergeress of all
in her humidities
 her light shining upon the dreams at the inner sky
of creation's psyche

reflecting the images of our deficites
into our souls
to balance the unbroken circle

Moon above nakedness on Monday

Moon Tuesday/ Wednesday clothed by
walls and community

Tursday /Friday
Moon above the world of 
hiking, meting and talking

and Saturday /Sunday
down in  the homely shadows
of intimicity

eventually till Wednesday morning 
in Leo's
expressive drive

into the world.

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