Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

Concealment and Unexpected Heat

7.  23. - 8. 1. 2018
und unter den Nördlichen Königskonjunktionen
der vier Farben  und  Elemente Feuer, Erde, Luft und Wasser
aus den Jahren 16031802, 1980 und 1305
(Anklicken vergrößert)

Tonight, 75 years ago, 
Hamburg was doomed to experience
'Gomorrha' a 5-day-and-night- long
bomber-campaign which in the 
2. night culminated in a biblical
 firestorm around  over and in large central

a year after the firestorm ...

Readers of German can find my 3 accounts at: 

google; "mundanes Tagebuch, 1943"

30. Week

what's new?

let's start with an old one
since weeks <1 span="">
connected with water-Moon
night-light of the feeling-Element

at 1,8° Taurus
since 713 years

and now the news

Sun in Leo the heart
of the system
now in its rising-square
with man-god Uranus
now in the social community =Taurus
there as fascination by futurous  heavenly thinking
and in
opposition with Mars in Aquarius
like heavenly fires


  the gods
creators  children
connected in  everchanging
of  psycho/physical
objective 'cloud-stages'
outside of us ind mirrore, inside
 underneath our
conscious psychic level
in man's psycho/physical collective 'socket'
for each and every one's personal  individuality

Sun = heart
Mars = heat
Uranus = heaven

Sun = heart = center of power radiating center of the 'system dailight'= wanting
Moon: =  center of genesis, emerging family-world out of  the female
lap's ruling the world of the night = feeling
Uranus = the unexpected nearness to God
Mars = heat is the beginning of everything.

future in
safety and concealment
+ living heart = flame
+ sudden  unexpected heat

Comment: Mars = heat, in Aquarius = unexpected
hence  beginning of a an unexpected psyco/physical resonance of doubble-heat + wind = Aquarius

and the Sun- Mars -Uranus- green Moon-cluster it 
resonates with the blue aeon around and in us
 with air element's Mars at 0,8° Aquarius
since 1980
hence a doubble-unexpected heat this week
the latter, the blue heat in the 'blue' realm 
of science

now Venus in and around us
Goddess of roots and balance

actually just in the realm of calculating the 
conditions = Virgo
today in
exchange  with Neptune
sophia and the child
gods as givers of intensities

hence Mercury traveller
and story-teller
has with Venus the entire essence of the week
in his Virgo-pocket
as by Taurus with  Uranus and his two squares
with Mars and Sun
and all this 
Mercury is dedicating to Sun
the central ruler 
in his home

so much for the day-light world

and the night-lights are underway with Moon
now discharged off Sun in her shady home sign Cancer

entirely  underway this week 
in the 3. realm
after the first = elementary 
and the second = soul
the third =  spirit

Moon's spiritual yourney this week
begun on this side of the time-wall
with Sagittarius =  spiritual fire, or 'tongues'

then Wednesday beyond /before time
Capricorn = spiritual earth = right measures, names

Friday Aquarius = beyond earth, the spiritual air of future

and Monday Pisces = the spiritual water of eternity

Heaven wishes to be realised

Entwurf 22 7 2018, UTC 15:44
Murnau, 23. 7. 2018 UTC 11:08
In English 7. 25. 2018, UTC:19:47


Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Two Outlier for Mankind in Mutual Respect

Helsinki High Noon
since 6 Minutes Libra  - time ascending
time of balance meeting the warrior of Aries'
of America = Aquarius
till 3 pm

The Putin is late but in time for balance all of his life with his Libra-heart full of future (house 11)

Vladimir Vladimirowhich with the Transit - 'Gods' of the day

Gods are the creators of intensity 

the grade of the tightest intensity Uranus shares with 
Putin's DC which is the point of completed consciousness of the terms
of future
as well as Uranus the man-god in encounter
symbolized by the president of the "Declaration of independence"- nation
the Aquarius-nation born beyond the ocean of Pisces

and Mercury's resonance out of Leo
also to the point
the professionalism in which Putin's team
alwas express their respect for the foreigner
Mercury  resonates on July 16. precisely with Jupiter
in Putin 
the god of benevolence and conciliation
in Putin's house of balance and encounter
well and look at Putins Pluto
= the site of his ascendant
is in common resonance with Jupiter
all of his life

reconnaicssance + benevolence
+ professionalism
in other words
with VVP on 7. 16. 2018

and the third to-the point transit
is Mercury's conjunction = addition
with VVP's MC
 (midheaven, medium Coeli)
here future is in the gatewas to presence

 the  Venus in his 1. house
= unconsciously social appearing
receives the Jupiter/Mercury Resonance of the day 

Pluto in Capricorn
is in partnership of opposits related with
VVP' Uranus

bottom line:

with exception of Mercury all gods are for weeks and months
near to their current position, working in VVP yet a time
but Mercury is accurate.

Now the Donald

Donald Trump with the transits of the day

The god of innocence Neptune in resonance close enough with the president's Uranus which all life long describes this outlier of Sun as heart of this man, always a stranger in the pack but with a strong heart.
Like with VVP his site of ascendant = Sun is in house 10 = the keeper

And his 'own' Neptune, or better the Neptune = the innocence, in the Donald is in resonance with Saturn = the father - god above the ridge of the collective house and keeper of tradition. The result is the dissolution of demonic (=lie-) traditions by Neptune in a cleanic act hence the howling of the demons.

And the premier case of the day is heavenly  'incorporated' in Sunvisiting Donalds Saturn + Venus
=Venus = the builder, Saturn = the tower of  consistency, telling that Donald is dead serious with  offers of stability and a new balance, see his Libra.

Bottom line:

Saturn's and Neptune's resonances are yet a longer time 
accompanying the Donalds way
but the Sun is bringing the Gold of the day
of Donals's heart and of the 775 years
of the earth aeon together

Murnau, July 18. 2018 UTC 19:16.


Montag, 16. Juli 2018

Double Sovereignity in Helsinki

2 Suns United in Completeness

7.  16. - 25. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
 (click to enlarge)
For Putin and Trump
do the 'google'
in the astromundane diary 

29th week

The Kings-conjunction in the earth-element of

17.7.1802 Northern Hemisphere  

the earthly things
Taurus Virgo Capricorn
for 775 years
by Sun of Cancer

by heart in the place entirely down
in the wet lap of the male zodiac
out of the male introversion

as Cancer is
after length breadth and height
the inner of the worlds
in the sign of the heavy 
 always wandering

female is Cancer
the ruling 'lap'
'from the sea'

as queen of heaven
in woman is
appearence and mystery
of balance

the male = Aries
and with fire the world begins and the zodiac
and Libra requires
that Aries is already present

so Adam secundus or the zodiacal man in us
is targeted in this diary
so let's start with 
'adamas' = red earth
he is just overtaken by us - Earth -
as he ist slower = his circle around Sun ist wider
1,6 Earth-years = 1 Mars-year

Mars the carrier of energy in Aquarius
air-element - winged so to speak
new powerfull thought
in the 'waters above the heaven'
hence filled with electric charge
on Monday of Helsinki

but the charge doesn't discharge on Monday
cause Mars is  unjoined as yet
and waits for  the next week
and retrograd stays behind still reached positions

Uranus' electric unloadings
bringing new thoughts 
into the herds lasted yet the last weeks
in the sighn of age-old dreams
of the water-element 
= feeling in security
like at the Fifa WM in Russia
hence the world
being in conjunction with
water-Moon of 1305
sheltered in the herd of 
Venus' Taurus


Helsinki on July 16. 2018
 a piece of fututre of all of us
says Mars by Uranus


butnext Monday Sun will
take the 'ball' from Uranus in Taurus
in the square of him with   Sun in Leo
to cushion the ball to
 Uranus in Taurus

sovereignty +  man

* **

further with Venus in the sky and in us

 Venus of Taurus
the inertia or sloth in our earth element
 according to the 
share of earth in each one's birth-chart
rulig above the custom of the many

so Venus
and balance by enthusiasm
hence Taurus and Libra

Venus now in the earthly mirror of Libra 
= Virgo the keeper of ratio
committing the day of Helsinki
in the sign of the fire-child
at 6,8° Virgo

'child' is the symbol of still undivided meaning
dreaming to become a bud
and fire-Neptune is in
exact partnership of opposits
at 6,8° Pisces
= infinite meaning in the rings 
of the fire and earth-element

in terms of structure
this 6,8° Virgo/6,8°Pisces-opposition
 is  filled with still unevolved future
of fire = earlyness
and earth = inertia
and in this sign east and west have
symbolic union
at a sovereign neutral place

now to the Sun of Helsinki
it is on Mondy/Tuesday in intimate union
with the Sun of the earth-element of 1802
at 24,6° Cancer
2 Suns = double-sovereignity

in the distance of 2° attended by
earth-Mercury of 1802
the neutral reason of the earth-element

24,6° Cancer
 one time a year day of earthly sovereignty
shared by Madame Merkel of Berlin

17. 7. 1954, Hamburg, MEZ 17:57

 not to forget Moon:
the desire of heaven in us for complete embrace
which  in our souls inextinguishably is reborn again and again
travels vith Moon and the female cycle. On the Monday of Helsinki
Moon is the entire day in Virgo immediately attendant together with Venus.
What a day.


Bottom line

double Sovereignty = 2 Suns
future structural reason
= Venus Neptune Pluto
united in Virgo

Monday 7. 16. 2018
 UTC 12:00

Murnau, 7, 16. 2018, UTC: 17:10

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2018

The Whole Heavenly Magic of July 16/17

7. 9. - 18.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
 (click to enlarge)


The ambulating lights
of the Sun and his children
touch us as one or more of them.

They touch us or pass close
or in  major distance

However much without doubt it's the
 concert. of Sun in it's family received
by us  on the northern hemisphere
of the earth.

.All weekly northern divine 'weathers'
do alternate through the year with the 
southern half year which ther southern
 astrology has to deal with to deal with.

Please note: 
South pole = north pole
shifted about one half year

28. Week

with us anyway is summer
since 21 days
and God Sun is now
above the lap of the Earth
where water
 the fourth element 
in the zodiac
occupies all the caves
in the tight heaviness of Earth
where the floating heaviness
is about to concentrate and
driven by Sun
can circulate as water of life
receiving and welling
being able for so more than
the simple element alone
by whisking all four
to one

Sun in Cancer
power and receptivity
our collectiven unconscious being
at home inside
where the soul is rooting
in millions of inner 'stars' or eggs
hence Cancer = ovary of life
whose unconscious fruit is Sun herself
as fire-sign Leo

and now here a peculiar coincidence will be happening, when the two presidents of orient and occident of the northern planet meet on coming Monday. West and East meeting in the neutral middle, which stretches via Finnland, Austria and Switzerland and earlier further via
Yugoslavia ('South-Slavia') to the south and which in Syria exhibited the oldest culture of peacefull living together of all confessions.

So northern neutrality, hence Donald- or Mercury-territory

The Donald, 
Twins-heart + Uranus
 Lion of the Three

That alone seems to offer enough place for immortal protagonists.


And now for the astrological coincidents:

16. 7. 2018, Helsinki, noon, Northern Hemisphere
The zodiacal man

A denseness, hard to conceive, the whole planet (- half)  is incorporated in the two leaders to meet on the day of Helsinki. So the  more fascinating it is how such a day is figurated by our star's family
above all creatures of Sun's green planet

Astrological brain has a sceened picture  on human astrological brain since birth. Very few in this very enlighted darkness study their screen picture since birth unto today.

So this is missing in everyman's spirit:

a hard to conceive fatefull density of Sun's  'players'
+ Sun himself
this week with two presidents:

with 3
of the aeon carrying us with our
in the lowest part of psycho-physical 'body'
called psycho-physical 'socket'


that is
feeling home
that is
the carrying lap of earth
that is
the fire-child
associated with
 it's partner in opposition

what a density shared
by Angela's birthday

and the ' divine' or archatypal 
play will be played by the (mostly)
unconscious psycho/physical players in us
mirroring heaven's players

and the game of the week is as followes:

I. The whole week

in Taurus: 
the coming union of herbivores
ruled by Venus
created by solar/planetary 

at 1,8°
the shelter of deep feeling
since 1305
 Moon's cave

is visited by

 the 'heavenly man'
the invisible birdman in man
the eyes-man in man

Psychology is the art of seeing
according to
Aquarius-Leo in Carl Jung

in a late of a couple of weeks

II. on Monday/Tuesday 
in Cancer
the wet lap of earth

 heart of creativity
is in union with
the elementary Sun of earth's
at 24,6° Cancer

III. on Monday/Tuesday 

Venus swift
Goddess of roots and balance
 visits the magic
5,1 - 6,8° Virgo

5,1° earth element's Kingskonjunction of
Saturn + Jupiter
father and son

6,8° fire element's Kingsconjunction
the child = the innocence 
before time

Angela Merkel 

Angela Merkel
17. 7. 1954, Hamburg, 17:57 MEZ

so much for the Monday-wave close to 17 of July = Earth Day for 775 Years.

Yet tomorrow, Thursday, Sun in Cancer = the 'reception of the gold' witin, meets his 'Partner in Opposites' in Capricorn aka Pluto. 

It's a game of radiating and waiver, a game of creativity and form, which the rulers of the 5th mirroror, Scorpio and Leo,  have to play as a love and sacrifice - game at the the cest of this opposition-wave tomorrow.

7. 11. 2018, UTC: 17:06.