Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2018

Two Outlier for Mankind in Mutual Respect

Helsinki High Noon
since 6 Minutes Libra  - time ascending
time of balance meeting the warrior of Aries'
of America = Aquarius
till 3 pm

The Putin is late but in time for balance all of his life with his Libra-heart full of future (house 11)

Vladimir Vladimirowhich with the Transit - 'Gods' of the day

Gods are the creators of intensity 

the grade of the tightest intensity Uranus shares with 
Putin's DC which is the point of completed consciousness of the terms
of future
as well as Uranus the man-god in encounter
symbolized by the president of the "Declaration of independence"- nation
the Aquarius-nation born beyond the ocean of Pisces

and Mercury's resonance out of Leo
also to the point
the professionalism in which Putin's team
alwas express their respect for the foreigner
Mercury  resonates on July 16. precisely with Jupiter
in Putin 
the god of benevolence and conciliation
in Putin's house of balance and encounter
well and look at Putins Pluto
= the site of his ascendant
is in common resonance with Jupiter
all of his life

reconnaicssance + benevolence
+ professionalism
in other words
with VVP on 7. 16. 2018

and the third to-the point transit
is Mercury's conjunction = addition
with VVP's MC
 (midheaven, medium Coeli)
here future is in the gatewas to presence

 the  Venus in his 1. house
= unconsciously social appearing
receives the Jupiter/Mercury Resonance of the day 

Pluto in Capricorn
is in partnership of opposits related with
VVP' Uranus

bottom line:

with exception of Mercury all gods are for weeks and months
near to their current position, working in VVP yet a time
but Mercury is accurate.

Now the Donald

Donald Trump with the transits of the day

The god of innocence Neptune in resonance close enough with the president's Uranus which all life long describes this outlier of Sun as heart of this man, always a stranger in the pack but with a strong heart.
Like with VVP his site of ascendant = Sun is in house 10 = the keeper

And his 'own' Neptune, or better the Neptune = the innocence, in the Donald is in resonance with Saturn = the father - god above the ridge of the collective house and keeper of tradition. The result is the dissolution of demonic (=lie-) traditions by Neptune in a cleanic act hence the howling of the demons.

And the premier case of the day is heavenly  'incorporated' in Sunvisiting Donalds Saturn + Venus
=Venus = the builder, Saturn = the tower of  consistency, telling that Donald is dead serious with  offers of stability and a new balance, see his Libra.

Bottom line:

Saturn's and Neptune's resonances are yet a longer time 
accompanying the Donalds way
but the Sun is bringing the Gold of the day
of Donals's heart and of the 775 years
of the earth aeon together

Murnau, July 18. 2018 UTC 19:16.


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