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Venus Square Uranus - Heavenly Nuptials on Monday

5. 25. - 6.1. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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today on Monday the resonance between Venus and Uranus is in its maximum
reason enough to envision the camp of Venus and the proximity to God of Uranus
in their dialog 
according to the device

matter in  sky
spirit on

in between the horizon
of  the self*
around which the day
keeps spinning incessently

and now since one week
Sun Mercury and Mars
together in Twins

Twins is the third sign
also the sign of the third element

"the Third is an archetypus, which could enable the unification
resp. overcoming of the contradictions"

" what is a secret to everybody else, namely that in the unconsciousness the Third is
preparing and already  beginning to suspend the tension energy of the contradictions;
i.e. the illusion, that the contradictions are really objects wanes, thereby
also the axiomatic of symmetry.
C.G. Jung

So an astrology has to be conducted in which the room is for the Third hence the chronicle gains rightness - place for air - the third element - and there also immediately place for the fourth element, the feminine or floating one.

Like the thinker Schmuel Sambursky noticed 1967 in his deliberations to:
"Antithetical Elements in Nature and Knowledge of Nature"
"But yet keener has 1400 years before the Neoplatonist Simplikos has anticipating apprehended the core of the problem, when he wrote:
"Not all principles of perceptible things are perceptible, cause the matter, which is a principle of perceptible things deprives itself  perception."                 Eranos Yearbook 1976, S. 266

and thereto i think belongs the rotation of the daily sky against the sun around
the horizon of the self called horoscope 
and with this astrology  erstwhile commences

now Venus and Uranus heavy earth and nearness of God - i.e.spirit - are united in the dialogue
of density and vastness which is described by the zodiac as the dialogue between Taurus and Aquarius -
to this dialogue the humane psyche has - presumably not before the second century B. C.- added a third powerful sign: the Libra of the element air
the wedding of finite couples with eternity at the Libra of the universe
what to me seems to be the heavenly nuptials searched for by the medieval alchemists

other than that this week:
the great catalysis of the Twins

Mars in the lead
Sun and Mercury
invisible light over
hearts words and ways

and Saturn Pluto and Uranus
step back again from the apron
after the turbulent week
and Jupiter might not let be disturbed with his solitary
remains Neptune the child in Pisces
not to discern from Gods invisible lap  
this week shaking the entire Twins party
at the maximum now Mars the beginner
at Weekend then Sun the fruit
likewise increasing Mercury
way and dare in recession
a week which is available
for the repair of the words
by the innocence of the beginning
which ends an end
let's come to Moon and the 
moonless illusion a contradiction would be an entity
Moon illuminates homelike as fourth flowing
the real and symbolic night and its wandering lights
in us and out of us
Moon therefore is wiser than Mars Venus and Mercury as he
rules an entire day halve in addition to his 
ruler-ship of his home sign Cancer which represents one element:
the fourth the mirroring fluency
therefore with Moon  is always traveling the latent psychic energy
which is ready for action and wants to run off
and its symbol is more than a quarter i.e. element
it's a halve
the feminine
but with Moon the fourth mirroring element is traveling with our dreaming self
also all the other in nighttime visible zodiacal lights
with all their truth 
but invisible in daylight
like soul

co-wandering through the night of the unconscious psyche as natural travel partners:
energetically  ponderously gyrating psychic fellow traveling lights
but being always engulfed by daylight
(except for astrologers)
 which light up to him
 as divine temperaments in the signs on the
weeks way of Luna ...

... which starts each week at Sundays midnight 
this one
in the solitary wanderings of  late Leo
but at noon to arrived in the multiplicity of Virgo
where one's choices have to be made in the diversity of conditions

not until Thursday the way is free for the entire halve bet at the Libra of the universe
in the weekly competition

since Saturday afternoon then again for the psyche a brake is due cause in Scorpio something
  cause it is frozen flows  generation-slow and thaws therefore to us off generation-far time
into our collective psyche

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*) The English expression " the self" is in German language differentiated  into "das Ich" (the I) and "das Selbst" (the self ), meaning the greater psychic entity encompassing the "I" being the bright spot in it.
This is the Jungian point of view which I share.

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Freitag, 22. Mai 2015

There She is - the Human Venus


20.5.2015 Moskau UTC 16:46 (about)
That is the approximate moment, where the
  Internet-site "Russian Insider" disseminates her publication of the russian Video
into the Englisch speaking world


The Libra-borne Venusian and Präsident Putin provides to the Gods/archetypes signified by the planets
a rare chance, on high level (Capricorn!) to mirror themselves in the historical earthly "Son who is replete with his fathers" (Putin = Scorpio-Aszendent).

The constellation of the above moment in mundanomaniacs reading:

ASC 21° Scorpio
Sons replete with fathers
in the sign of fathers
ruling the  home range
(House 2)

Libra Venus 13,8° Cancer
keeper of the herd
and leading image
(House 8)

Entrance Into Time
Virgo Mercury 13° Twins
arbiter into the public
(House 7)

What kind of leading image
will emerge?
Leo Sun 29,4° Taurus
sovereign keeper of the herd
in the public
(House 7)


Cancer Moon 1,6° Cancer
House 8
shelter in the bridal

What home - range is provided?
Sagittarius Jupiter 15,2 Leo
sovereign and spirit-wide
Capricorn Saturn 1,8° Sagittarius
royal and polar wide

What arbitration is provided by
 the son replete with ... ?
Aquarius Uranus 18,8° Aries
suspension and origin

Where is he at home?
Pisces Neptune 9,7° Pisces
resolution of contradictions
 (House 3)
mediating in the  realword

and finally:

What is created by him?Aries Mars 6° Twins
(House 7)
the public strife isUranus in Aries

following the one whose 15 years as President and Prime Minister
are portrayed by the documentation

17.10.1952 Leningrad V.V.Putin

the red arrows are pointing  at Putin's Venus- and Uranus-resonances
at the moment of release (see above)

and according a hint to mundnomaniacs linkgarden
 to russian charakters

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Montag, 18. Mai 2015

Sun and Mars in Fatherly Mood - Venus in Human

5. 18. - 25. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Sun until Thursday under the virtual stars of Taurus
under which the collection leads to a swelling stance
into the fattening for all
but then still in this week
Sun enters the words-world of texts and signs
and gestures under the "stars" of the Twins
with the talking heart 
whose sense
is explained by Sagittarius
- by the only one of the four spirit signs in images
of the ninth house in zodiac -
where Saturn currently rules
over the four saturnine resonances
in which - in opposition in Twins - despite
the obligated density and modesty
son Mars just was ruled  by the father culminating last weekend

and now Sun approaching weekend
resonates Saturn's paternal vibrations
out of the early grades of Sagittarius
which terms the gate for the divine sense coming out of the image-less 
fourth quarter  (spirit quarter of zodiac ) into time

constantly coming as fatherly invitation
into the daughter as living godship in creature
linked by the arrows of character
on the floors of love
in which in the eights house
there is a furnace
burning the colors of love
in the melting
of time

Mercury meanwhile  this week is listening to his own

narratives traveling without responsibility for the meaning

and to mention another solitary one in this week

Jupiter namely
 linking in sovereign solitude
the characters in the game of life

but without doubt a great human moment has Venus this week

and thereby the herds under her keep
and those weighings of Venus

which in Libra provide her guidance and seductions
where the images of gods and demons
invite for mating

 and Venus is wandering with the herds
in the cancer-shadows of the holy private
through the increasing resonances of Pluto in Capricorn
who fulfills the sons with the fathers
culminating on Friday

but likewise will yet be wandering in the
increasing resonances of Uranus in Aries
the unexpected man god
in the human spring
of the years 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016
where the sons out of Capricorn
and with Moon through the words-world

of gestures and signs
the dream reckons  in this week since Monday for
full two days
since Wednesday the world of sundry has to be complete

cause now Wednesday afternoon it goes into the inner
into the shadow
into the bridal world of impudicity
which makes the holy intimate

and stays there until Saturday night

till by midnight before the dreams appear

the heart of the day
bright world creating
Sunday night

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Montag, 11. Mai 2015

Between a Father and a Child - Mars and Mercury in the Words - World

5. 11. - 18. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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this week lacks not visible dramatic
Mars travels trough the resonance of Saturn
opposition thus challenge

the "Nightwolves" how they wiggle through
the enclosed city worlds of the EU
also that is Mars in Taurus

free savages in their
civilizing competence
represented by the Russian peoples
of a people with a minister of defense
from the Buddhist people of Tuva
and a president
in orthodox clearness

that is human culture when
gods can touch their mundane  reflection
 Mars-Saturn thus
a gallant Mars humble towards heaven
at his eternal red places in the world
Mercury is washed fully Neptunian into the week
he just has searched for and found the complete unification
with the resonances of the child of the depth
Mercury square Neptune now in the words world of the Twins
not entirely leaving the resonance-circles around Gods lap
Mercury is going to stop completely in his moving through the words world
and at the end of May moving backwards there will be a
second total unification of his resonances with those of Neptune
which after the loop backwards running ahead again
at the end of June will be followed by another - now  third time -
of unification of Mercuries and Neptune's resonances
in the nameless
and in the words world
at once
 so far the formative actors in this week
all those not mentioned by name are proceeding
their recently described overwriting of the previous week

Sun shines in the
hearts of those who gather strength
Venus nurtures those who are pregnant with families
Jupiter enlightens the solitary
Saturn bounds the sacred private with the public
Pluto fulfills the sons with the fathers
Uranus keeps humans to grow in the neighborhood of the absurd

but Moon pulls
those dreaming of man
into his shadow to exhale

the nearness of God under the Aquarius
is it that makes the spirit to soar to the highest height

Moon and his dreams release the buoyancy
of the spirit through the valve of the private

and Tuesday till Thursday Moon even dreams
with the ocean of confidence 
reflecting the gods of heaven
over the depths

Thursday till Saturday with Moon under Aries
and the stone age politeness 
 of hunters

and similary Saturday till Monday Moon under Taurus
and deep inside the stone age with it's diligence
of the gatherer

mans tooth and mans roots under
the clouds of conscious willing
all- monthly  ploughed through by the
bow waves of the Moon boat

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Montag, 4. Mai 2015

Sun and Jupiter - Heartily Glad Together in Strife

5. 4. - 11. 2015
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air und Water
from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 und 1305
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  5. 4. 2015

Signs and times - where are we?

the scramble of the gods in the signs of the spatial world
when greengod celebrates his triumphs - he being mixed
of blue and yellow
 when now but not every springtime Mars is rummaging
in the earth like now and in it's creatures

where Mercury

- now at home at himself in the Twins -
in one week  wandering twice
through - and thereby with -
resonances of living deity
today (Monday) still strongly
with Saturns
paternal spirit
polar but decongestant
and underneath swelling
towards Sunday Neptune
soaked with child spirit

Venus however approaches the exit
of the world with its distinctions
Venus and her flocks and stages
is going to leave world and ways
at the entrance into Cancer on Thursday evening
and sink itself into the lap of life

into the caverns of bridal mucous membranes
salvaging the holy secrets

but Sun

heart and center of the day
touches two places of fortune
this week

today (monday) united in Taurus
at 14,1° with Uranus of the fire aeon
relieving inflammation of energy 
elementary humility

and on Thursday the  light of
of the earth aeon of 1803
at 16,9° Taurus is awaiting
the unification with Sun
and her radiations into life world

the particular miracle is ready to be happening

cause Jupiter this week is "tuned" to 
brother Sun 
tuned to reconciliation of opposites
thrift and squander
of hearts

all  this is contrived by the
gods of nature  this spring
with the help of Jupiter
the knoter of forms

the gods of Spirit albeit
altogether keep their positions in the background
before time
with Pluto the emissary of the temporal world
with Uranus like used to
in chains and circles
and Neptune at the hidden root

and Saturn's gravity and foresight
appears in the knots of the son
of fore-ordinations of times
which are together with Sun just
spellbinding the hearts
and with Moon

into the shadow realms of this week of memento
dreams start traveling in the sign of Scorpio's
fields of souls
Wednesday then
far families are traveled to in Sagittarius
to knot souls
fortuities and marvels in unification

since Thursday then till into Saturday night
healing torpor
in the polar regions of spirit till since Sunday morning the
bird-world of spirit in and out of
 human kind
takes shape in the dream

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