Sonntag, 30. April 2017

Venus-Mercury-Uranus - Resonance in the Bag of Mars

  5. 1. - 8. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Before my reconstruktion  hasn't been
in my conscious mind that a time is
 in synchronicity with a meaning
 one of 12 possible ones.

5. 3. 2017

18. Week in this year

how ever each one of us might be clocked
for all of us living under the northern Sky
Sun = 0° Aries = beginn of Summer half year
Aries on earth = 30° Pisces in heaven
whatever kind of meaning:
its a mirror

Aries = 29° Pisces

Beginn of the green world
let go of the grey-white
now this first of six mirrors
is the birthplace
of all following fife

'first' noted in the creation
told by Mose'
light and night

and this Week
again 5 of 12 signs are governed
by this bloody brightness of birth
called Aries

Venus in rule of Taurus und Libra
Mercury in rule of Twins and Virgo
ruling out of Aries 
together with Uranus
at the beginning of  the last
of his seven years in Aries -

so all this Venus-Mercury-Uranus resonance
is in the bag of Mars this May
maybe ire moving on the roads of
maybe angry pilots
Truckers should notice that and do a
humble kind of trip with
good trucker's angels o'er the road
Sun this week is good for an
evening or two
whith hearts grazing
firstly on Thursdy secondly on Sunday
this thursday noon Sun the center
will unite with a spark
of a fiery neighborship
namely of red - fire - Uranus  since 1603
fire - the first - quarter- element - of beginning's
God of fire-man' originating and beginning
Taurus 14,2° on Thursday in the mirror  of 15,8° Aquarius

and on Sunday Sun the center will be in unisono with Mars
of the earth -element  since 1802

And by following the red dappled lines one realizes
the majestic rule of the "starter-element" fire
= Aries =Leo = Sagittarius
on the week
unconsciously connecting with ancestors since 1603


the 'godly man'
the ancestors - in the Himalaya
even in recent times -
 looked for the unknown
'him' in the people

 in this diary the Aquarius place and the Uranus ways
are seen in synchronicity with their mirror-places
in Taurus and their Venus-ways

back to 18th week
all of the spring-rulers
are in the spring - of - life -
reptilian quarter of man
called spring-quarter

again Sun in Taurus
calling the ready hearts
into life in which the redyness for 
grounding and founding
is waiting for birth

 and like a far echo this weeks union of
Uranus and Merkury in unisono with
Pluto and Jupiter
should be tight stuff for the demons 
while the Twins got a lot of triggers
to oil
till second week of June
mirroring Pluto in Capricorn asking for a waiver
on a humble road


finally  let's have e look at Moon

the other big light
and companion of mortal life

Moon never confounds herself with Sun

and it's o.k-for her

to have him on top

C.G.Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie 

Sun: O Moon by my surrounding you and
sweet love/ you become fair/ strong /and
tremendous as I am.

Moon: O Sun/ you are to realize above all 
lights/yet you're in need of mine as the
cock of the hens.

But we - living or should live in a number of lifes - one at the market
one at the breast of the loved one one in the dream
and one in the garden of the world

and Moon gathers like a female lap the streams of resonance

and in them
 the son of the father
finds his lap
in the fourth mirror of man

and his monthly course Moon starts at the deepest well
were the waters are welling and no one is messing around
with the ground  as water is heavy crystaline and smoth

till Thursday Moon's Place above Leo's is 

doubtless in the shadow on earth

and Thursday noon the brain might be irritated

some times by Moon = feeling surrouneded
by reason

lasting till Saturday evening when Moon's ruler

changes from reason to beauty

finally Tuesday morning Scorpio askes Moon
for the due waiver

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In English 5. 3. 2017, UTC 16:26.

Sonntag, 23. April 2017

Second Encounter with the Hermetical Man

4. 24. - 5. 1. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Jung  the psychologist talks the problem of reconstruction ... 

 My reconstruction of February 1981 went along the zodions and the calender of Sun, Moon, and Sun's Planets in the sky of Earth, being never before in  conscious mind.
Reconstruction, because I was at the end of my left latin, with dialecic materialism and the left temptations of power.
I was done with my left projections and utopic phantasies of politics
 finally my interest turned  to the only item left I could really move: myself. 
My former political attendance was reduced to me  and to the natives of this planet
  mainly of South- and North-America, how they treat one another today ,  deal with nature and the symbols.
A member of the American Indian Movement explained to a German visitor:

" Man was the last, that's why he has to respect all kind of life, caus he came into the world completely ignorant. He had to learn from the animals, plants, and all things, how to survive on mother Earth. Therefore we deem the trees as our brothers, insect, Deer and all being alive is our brother."

My farewell-book from political rationalism was the professional essay of the Structuralist
Claude Levi Strauss, "Sad Tropics", contemplating the demise of the last natural tribes, whose symbolical way of thinking to study and to understand had been the  essence of his life.
From 'modern' thinking natives of North America I had accepted the advise to visitors:
"You can't become Indians have to go and to look at your own ancestors, how they suvived " on this planet how they saw the universe, surrounding them, the silence of nature and the self generated noises.

Whith this attitude I experienced my unexpected encounter with astrology. Like everyone I knew that there were the signs, knew my one, but that was it. Sun, Moon, Planets were for me physical bodies, no gods. And anyway there is only one God ... and him I had forgotten.
But with the 12 signs and 9 planets and Sun and Moon 
I had our unconscious world ruled by his sons and daughters.

And finally, after Indians and Astrology, the third, who attended my reconstruction decisively,  had gone at the risk of his  life as good Swiss citizen and scientist had taken his psychic balance at stake, to get to the bottom of the dream-creating and mania-creating and - eating entity. In an essay dedicated to the archetype of the 3 he arrives at the point, where the ego fears it maybe can't find it's way back to "daylight" from the overwhelming power of the inner pictures. An experience I know from my first adventure with Cannabis.

Broken out clincal schizophrenia had been studied by Jung at the beginning of his career for years but not only studied but - far beyond the ordinary - also treated, where it was posssible. see
Referring on that subject Jung about the value of the 3:

"But  the meaning of the latter, appeares in those cases, where the problem of reconstruction arises, namely in those cases, where a dissociation severs the conscious part of the soul from the unconscious one. This separation however can only be suspended, if the consciousness succeedes, to formulate views, which express the contents of the unconsciousness adaequately. It seems, as if the trinity together with the incommensurable  fourth would be such a vision. Being part of the doctrine of salvation it had to have healing whole-making effect. With the integration of unconscious contents into consciousness the e.g. the repatriation of the dream-contents to trivial realities  might be of indubtable importance. In deeper sense and on longer sight this however doesn's meet the weight of the archetypal contents. These namely reach into entirely other depths, than the so called "coomon sense" forebodes. As general condition a priori of the psychic events anyway they demand a dignity, which has found ever since expression in divine statures. Only such a formulation satifies the unconscious spirit. The unconsciousness is the unwritten history of man since time immemorial. The rational formula might  satisfy the today und the immediate past, but doesn't suffice man's experience s a whole. This demands the comprehensive  view of the mythos, namely the symbol. This  lacking , the wholeness of man in not represented in the consciousness. Man then remains a more or less accidental fragment, a suggestible partial-consciousness, extradited  to all utopical phantasies, usurping the empty place of the symbols of wholeness. The Symbol cannot be the first that comes along, like the rationalism likes us to believe. Only that is a legitime symbol, which expresses the unchangable structural relations of the unconsciousness and might therefore gain general approval." (my translation, mundo)
C.G.Jung, Psychologische Deutung des Trinitätsdogmas, G.W. 13, § 280.
Since I studied the astrological view,
the archetypes of the third and the fourth were a given
as elements, signs, houses and rulers
3 = air = Twins =discerning thinking = Mercury
4 = water = Cancer = feeling = Moon

In the symbolisms of the alchemists of the antiquity and the mediaeval times in the east and west Jung found the bridge between the symbols spontaneously created by the inner pictures of the psyche and the descended mythical pictures which the cultures of man have left on the planet. In the 3x4 signs of the zodiac.the structural heritage of the nature-philosophers recurs . This heritage discerns the given elements in nature on three levels:

And the soul is viewed as 'ligamentum', as connecting tie  between matter and spirit in it's middle appearance of the 4 elements as content of the drained interior = soul-content.
In contemplations like this one I found meaning about the second water-sign Scorpio, connecting us with the soul-heritage and the ancestors. To me it's metaphor the frozen water, making visible as ice the  cristalline structure invisible in floating water/life. The iceberg which sunk the 'Titanic' consisted of the snow-falls of many centuries long passed . And Pluto, ruler of ice stood in the moment of the catastrophy in the (7th) house of encounter connected with the rhythm of Moon = home in the infinity of Neptune, the latterbeing guest in the home = Cancer.

14.4.1912, 23:40 Titanic, Collision with Eisberg

 We now are getting an other view on the ancestors:
So far the symbols of the ancestor's time, slowly dripping, as soul-time into our daily water-supply,
so to speak the living ancestors - cause their due date is different - we are daily taking homöopathically.

The discovery of astrology happened to the chronicler in Munich at the same time with the
dicovery of the woman of his second part of his life still ongoing
 and the unification
with her has  transplanted the Hamburger
unto the stream-system of the Danube towards the Black Sea
away from the stream-system towards and from the western seas
and nearer to the ever felt but never known relatives in the east

On the tracks of his love finally arrived in Murnau
in the upper Bavaria with it's "Russen Haus"
where Vassily Kandinsky with his companion Gebriele Münter
invented abstract painting before WWI.

But now to the 17th week
here in upper Bavaria from an eastern-patriotic
 id est in the west underrated view
maybe with relatives at the Crimea
whereto the move of the Argonautes went
which after all in the arrogant westeners
left some respect in the Jason-myth
For the east however the Crimea is the place
of the baptism of the Russian
more than 1 000 years ago
at the Black Sea
ensued with - homöopathicly viewed
a part of North-Alpine 'informations'

now to the week, what to begin with?
what is lacking if we start with Moon?
surely the epitome of our consciousness
in the sign of the daylight Sun
which outshining everything easily makes forgotten
the lights of the other Sun-family-members
which Moon never 'forgets' while she in her 
Cancer -soft mucose funnel collects all lights
which Jupiter to her in blessed silence
spends put of his quiver of enthusiasm

and also in this week Jupiter turns to the stricter Pluto for divine accord
in the mirrors of the Earth on which life carries the the entire star-family
through the times and Virgo below mirrors Jupiter in Libra above and Twins below
mirror Pluto above.
And in the second week of May it will be Mars in Twins mirroring Pluto and his
readyness for sacrifice.

17. Week 2017

And nowhere else in our daily routine as in the readyness for waiver Pluto resides and nothing more paradoxly harmonizes with Pluto than the marvel of balance with Jupiter on the see-saw of Libra.

And as Pluto moves in Capricorn, this tells where the waiver has to be performed: in the word.

"In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God. And the word was God." John 1.1.
And with Pluto in duo the same Jupiter, the 'son in which lives the measure of the father',  keeping the balance by nexus and waiver within an unstable situation, called Libra has Saturn the father in
well-knotted keep.
And together with the rhythm of the father also that of Venus which rhythmicly in ups and downs has got her last week in Pisces' anonymitas credited until Friday.

Then, but with thin new skin, Venus has again to meet the challenges of the wild land of Aries until
the second week in June. Now extra laundered rising off the Tao on Friday.

It's also the week where with Mercury our senses have moved back under the clear sky uf the hunger-lands called Aries in which man has learned to survive lightyears of daily routine by hunting
and the attending demons again execise the cynicism of the boastful above the concentrations of the herds.
While the hearts of the herds with Sun in Taurus are peaceful minded and the old art of brick laying
is invented anew in any generation inclusive the walling in oneself in unconscious towers for inflated towers.

But back to Mercury and an important addition: Mercury moves (ok, seemingly) back through Aries.
This week back to the common rhythmic axis with Uranus. Mercury shares it with him  on Friday on 25° Aries. The two together, 
I called their symbol "The Hermetical Man"  in the German version,  when it was the first of three meetings on March 28. In the English Version I maybe lacked this special spirit maybe maybe for another one.
Now this meeting is in the resonance of three guiding rhythms of the elements themself.

25° Aries = Pluto of fire since 1603
25° Libra = Pluto of air since 1980
25° Cancer = Sun of earth since 1802

this is a place where we can meet our ancestors in our elementary community and it is a remembrance of the common Pluto - waiver saving us from our borderlessnesses with fire it's a beginning and with air it's a thinking; while with earth it's a material given  appearing as earthly Sun
heart and center.

so sacrifice and the giving of the heart visited by the braingod Mercury and the mangod Uranus
second of three times meeting with the ancestor's love and sacrifices

so big time ancestor-meeting underground of consciousness at weekend with
 the sacrifices of the beginners since 1603,
with the sacrifices of the thinkers since 1980
 and with the  love of the earthly  hearts since 1802
all weekend

how Mercurians will deal with it remains to see, surely they will try to divide the tree into two to become a bridge between them in this Uranus - mankind - matter

and the demonizised mercurians might demonize in ire like learned (demons are never free)

and Mars  and with him ire and impatience has to blindly fall into ... word,  where else his sword speaks.

And Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday this week are dates to migrate for Moon and for family-matters

started with Aries, Wednesday beginning in Taurus and Friday in Twins, mirroring Capricorn and on Sunday Moon starts her return home in Cancer, home in the inward and it is always the less light of Moon, female unconscious knowledge, that less is more, which is making the remainder family-players visible which escapes the 'arrogant' light of the Mercurial intellect

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