Samstag, 25. Februar 2017

The End in the Mirror of Beginning

2. 25/26. 2017

the Sun - Neptune
mirroring in 
Mars - Uranus

child's heart
mirroring in
mans birth

man is Uranus' realm
air upon water
wings and clouds

"Watching ev'ry body hide
Each behind a diffrent face

 Forever forever your lamp will burn
Forever home forever would that you'd learn
That you came with nothing
So with nothing you'll return "

Cat said it: home

Cat's is Sun in Cancer speaking for each
and everyone
"home on a kite" flying
 home blown on a breeze
without nothing

well it's Uranus -time
it's here and beyond
and powerfull
and blind and innocent
as blind as the animal in man is
and as true to it's nature

Man and rage
on a weekend

to find peace
of ire
Mars the lord of fire

in Aries hot but small 
one is enough
for the flag
and one

The idea is that the Gods love it to have men attending their mixed games called nature.

And behind them Gods something inaccassible bright - some mystics called it "ensof" something that touches you if you are empty enough to become child again mirrored in a beginning.

Murnau, 2 25. 2017 UTC 18:13.

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2017

Cosmic Man's Outburst

2.  13. - 20. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
 of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 2. 22. 2017

We cannot , but being impregnated by our ancestors
which liked to look at things in  a certain way,
hence we own instinctively certain aspects.
I would be neurotic, if I saw things different from
 what my instinct prompts me  to 
do; my serpent would turn against me, 
like the primitives use to say.

what will be the earthly/cosmic man's experience  
with his inner voice and his instincts this week
before the initiation on coming weekend?

above in the cosmic everyday
Sun and Neptune
in Pisces

and in the mirror of the horizon


below with the instincts

Venus + Mars + Uranus

In Aries

Mars in his own realm
will be in coniunction with Uranus 
coming Weekend
that's something like the ouburst
of the "cosmic man"
of the invisible quality of air
 invisible therefore diaphanous
Uranus = the genius of diaphanousity
for the inner voice 
as Ouranos = heaven
in the ancient myth of Hesiod
father of the Titans with their brazen circles
above mother Gaia
Greatgrandfather of 
spouse of Ariadne and
God of exstacy

Mars the raging ire + Uranus in 'winged'conjuction
in resonance with Pluto and Jupiter
this ist the swinging node 
we are approaching to

as it is the  pure subconscious nature of their decisive rhythms
no one counts on them consciously
neither the good nor the evil in action
but the instinct of both of them
 is following the unconscious trend and this is what it means:
rhythmicly changing quality of time

Now lookeing the week in a different way:
What does change this week?
apart from the incension
given above?

Mercury spins his heavenly 'winged' thread to an end
in the second mirror and starts
a maririme one in the first mirror
at weekend

Sun radiating center and heart of the year
now in the cosmic lap
above the primordinal soup
called prima materia by the alchemists

 those researchers
deemed to have to start
by cooking  the substances
rightly I deem
cause all inception is hot and red
in the first quadrant
Alchemists of the second quadrant
might cooke their quantum weekly in the 
familiar kitchen

the four quadrants of the zodiac

now look at the mirror of horizon of the zodiac:
Pisces Sun on the way to Neptune
to unite in the 'heart of the cosmic child'
next Wednesday  

but before on weekend Sun is in the mirror with
Mars/Uranus in Aries

mirrored in

Spirit of man  Uranus
in real red world Aries
aroused by Mars' outbreak
coming Saturday/Monday

'As if', as the saying goes 
and doubts prevail
 but this is nothing about belief
but about astronomical facts
to which symbolic entities
- animals men tools - are equivalent
heritage from the beginning of civilisation
older than writing

Now fire and air
Mars and Uranus
flash and thinking in visibility
beginning in diaphanousityin the upper of the unconscious layers
of the elements hence
February 2017. 26/27 .
 day of man rising

and then however the long lingering of Saturn
at the brightest place in the zodiac 
seen with the eyes of our aeon
26 - 28° Sagittarius 
Sun and Venus of the fire-elememnt
visited by Saturn the cosmic father
heart and center of energy
Sun = Soulcenter
Venus  rooting
agglutinatingtor of body and souls


And now finally Moon and according to 
 Cancer = the lap
on the inner slimy ways
Calm is the place  Moon is sailing under
till Thursday afternoon
calm and high and dominant resting

yet Thursday evening Moon
= the true feeling
in Aquarius" under alien stars"
Russian un Bavaria
Bavarian in NYon Sunday Moon the with the invisible relatives
since 1603
in the upper floor
green Mars since 1305
and Earth-Moon
beginning Pisces 
and Sunday noon Moon with earth's Pluto's
sacrifices in us at 6,8° Pisces
in opposite-partnership with 6,8° Virgo
 fire's Neptune
the red child of fire
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Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Stress for Venusians? Saturn at the Heart of Fire

2.  13. - 20. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  2. 15. 2017

As for the astrology, my friend Gottfried……'s………
sarcasm remains valid, saying: 
"The entrance has two doors with a marker
on each: to the left: "To Astrology",  to the 
right: "To the lectures about Astrology"

Bridges beyond
C.G.Jung speaks of a unconscious "seelische Grundschicht" a "basic layer of the soul"
miracle born  out of water
fourth element
one step beyond the basic 3
fire earth and air

water is Cancer
the intimate Ocean
with it's drylands
softening skins
in love

C.G.Jung talks about an unconscious basic layer of the soul and discerns soul as being born into time out of the "Kollektives Unbewusstes" collective unconsciousness, in this cronocle sometimes called "the dough" = psyche mirrored by matter. Soul is psyche after being born in man = the miracle complete hence unconscious.

In this basic layer all man's preparednesses  to react are precoded as heir of unnumbered Generations.  
Around each and all living in times since the binning on Earth were circling Sun Moon and planets
and their  rhythms offered to the God /Evolution/aso.  10 Rhythms to encode all parts of
 universal being in the 12.


Now what is to happen this week
different to the last one?
below the conciousness of the uttermost
to happen to us
the dough of us under the northern skyso here wo go - half of the earth
yet without a personal standpoint
on mundo's height 
below consciousness or

to whom it may concern
Jupiter hiking through a sign in a year 
on shugar cubes the write: big luck
now 23° Libra
mirrored by 7° Virgo

 at this mirror-point there might be  so to speak
the docking-place for unconscious identity with luck
and with each point we have strcture ordered by 
crosses  rhythmical ones

standing "chladnic" wave of sand
on a vibrating steelplate

hence with Jupiter's 23° Libra
is swinging on 23° Aries - the opposite - partner
together with the two "side-arms" -squares
at 23 ° Cancer and 23° Capricorn

and in the mirror
as the carriers appearing
7°Virgo 7° Pisces
7° Twins and 7° Sagittarius

all these have been participating in the good
coincidence  under the northern sky
and as Jupiter is about to bcome 'retrograde'
( as earth is passing Jupiter on the course around Sun)
now this week  leaving the 23° for a long journey
about 10° back till June then catching again the lost 10 degrees
till beginning September

and still this week Saturn the polar
end of movement
father of the tall carrier 
on the way to the cross
now  at Sun in the middle of the element fire in our
unconscious Aeon

26° Sagittarius
Sun of the fire - element
= brightest place
in zodiac since 1603
and right at his side at 28° Sagittarius
Venus of the fire 
heavy and early
in the beginning
under our consciousness with access
via drive and idea
into time
secrets of the morning
 riping in the bud of the day
to come into time
after noon

now back to week and zodiac
in Capricorn
salvaged in the bud-quarter of man 
Pluto, the keeper of the 
connection to beyond
in the mirror of the Twins oratory
appointed to be broker between the parties od earth and fire is
Mercury their dealer and pathfinder
like heart = Sun in the middle
 of Aquarius in the bud -Quarter

and unmovable far-circling the cosmic child with it's 14-years-rides
in each sign of the Neptune ring
now in Pisces

underneath in the mirror

Aries true and blind the drive
Venus weight and load
Mars knight's beginning
and Uranus the upper man
invisible to himself

  invisible Angel to itself called man's spirit in the blind
irate man
 well that is fascinating the Aries in us
who uses to feel suffocating in close rooms
brth-trauma of everyone more or less having arived on the natural way
and in still increasing 'mass' the resonance - 'wave' is growing
between beginning Mars and spirit  Uranus in Aries
feeding in the resonances of Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra

so in
  23° Aries = peak
in resonance with non-temporal faith of the soul
Pluto in Capricorn
and wide conciliatory travelling with Jupiter in pairing Libra

right? Jupiter Pluto Uranus in Resonance is what we had all these last weeks 
now in this week Uranus gets the increasing wave with the invasive Mars

more intensive like first pro birth  labour
with overnext Sunday around midnight
where expulsion into appearence is due
at 22° Aries
birth of man - since 2010 - 
in the second last year

so much for what is young what spring in the great unknown man
sprouts to a lot are breaking open unrooted still
like in migration period

apart from that nothing changes in the conditions and preparednesses
and is mirroring earthly what the heavenly is moving upon the horizon of the upper man while  Venus apparently is continually slowing down and Venusians have to be prepared to prolong their  awkward stay in the singularity of Aries as  becoming 'retrograde' while moving between Sun and Earth till April and even for 4 weeks back in Pisces
In June then eventually in the  familiar company and the fat meadows of Taurus
Stress until then for Venusians? Finally Moon and the banality of the intimate

 till Thursday afternoon under the balance of the two  scales
of two souls in Libra
then till Saturday evening in the rigor of the soul
Moon in Scorpio

easier the since Saturday evening above the circles
of Sagittarius
and since Tuesday Moon again
under the stern rule of

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Sonntag, 5. Februar 2017

Moon Reveived the Sacrificer on Monday - Mercury Entered the Realm of Ideas

2. 6. - 13. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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2. 8. 2017

On Monday morning in Twins
   Moon sailed
through the mirror - image of Pluto in Capricorn

So a sacrifice 
a loss was due in Twin - World
down from Capricorn
so beware if you can 
but be ready

And to all of us? I think, regardless if we sleept or were awake on this Sunday/Monday halve past midnight UTC.  Moon is the receiver, Sun  is the birther, as we are made by the rhythms of the Sun family,  on our mother of the green belt.
Regardless if wee sleep or are awake the Sun is pumping,  Moon is receiving all the rhythms of the family sending it to the water on Earth,
which keep dancing the rhrythms of all for all of the family, received by the waters on earth for everyone.
 The methodical end of water,  defined by zodiac as the fourth:  - element - direction - quadrant.
Since thousand of years ago in the civilisations of the subtropical clear night-skies, astro - lookers was everyone, was on kind of being of  - everyone. Greek skies, Egypt skies, Bagdad Skies, Indian skies, people lived with and  their genius within all of them found words and positions, after times immemorial, kings centralized living and knowing of found words and positions ... and sponsored 'positions' called Astrologer.
But stargazing in clear sky civilisations belonged originaly to mankind. 
But man as city-dweller has lost the sky outside.
But there is another 'sky within' like every city-dweller is build  within the rhythms of the family around our star. This within is called imagination.
Man is able to conceive rhythms of his celestial home, able to conceive, that the rhythms are not his to hear them - coming from the 'mighty Gods' conceivable by drummers, singers, wailers,  via the soul shakin' the bodies of everyone in their beautiful rhythms and man has a divine tool:  'eyes' to realize the beauty of tone;  shape, word, even the attendance of non-temporal relatives  ... all we have to become ready to be completed by means of "divine eyes" sensing the 'non - sensible' which rests in every bud to become mature again inmids the living circle of one certain moment on  one certain evening.
In stoneage we might have  had notches in our walls and images since immemorial times so we could scale and read.
These images, no single brain has decided on them, collected by the wise men of the night, the
heaven with the fantasized crown out of mans minds
 advancing each night by 1 of 360 grades in the east and loosing each night a grade in the west
and between both -  the horizon of the day
and with in our projections of the times on the great yearly panorama of enlighted shapes we lived within the dreams together with the animals  big and small and the winds and the rains and the times of the year in the  quiet but songfull stone age
and a Psychologist of last century said:

"The eternal images are anything but not distinct" (Jung)
and found:
"The redemptive Symbol is an orbit, a way on which life can move forward, without
torture and coercion" (Jung)

in the images of the zodiac man followed unconsciuously the mirror of his
 unconscious condition mirrored by  great dreamers who lead man in stoneage
with the animals whom they chased and tamed

and the power creating and eating life  is life- star Sun
and 'is'  to every astrologer in Eurasian tradition heart of every creature
so our heart and free breathing 
 and his free acting appeared to the ancient
in the sign of the king: Leo 

And the travelling king is now 
in the air realm of Aquarius 
in de realm of ideas
and on


got a fellow traveller


and with him our bright heritage

(because  of nearness to Sun)

 as Twins- and

Virgo-heritage distributed to everyone

 since Tuesday

Mercury don the wings of brother sky

whose arts in the air are inborn in  us in  the

Aquarius-sequence of our zodiac/DNA

ruled by Uranus

In Aquarius now  in addidtion to
heart and spending center
 Mercury's cool mirror -neurons
 joining  Sun= heart under the upper
world of Aquarius
 where the ideas emerge of the Gods

Now Wednesday till coming Monday

except by Moon and Mercury
about anything looks  like in the last week
inclusive the "runners" Mars and Venus
 it's time to talk about one thing in this one and the following weeks:
 a slow drop of time
which yet started last week to grow
which not before early June will retreat from
archetypal interference
between slow Saturn and the fiery Sun
of the Kingsconjunction of 1604 in Sagittarius
between the pole and the center
 of the fire

26/27° Sagittarius
Sun for 800 years
for 800 years
now ordered by Saturn: 
no further spending
also no further
saving of reconciling

according to Jupiter
in his Sagittarius - bag

Jupiter the concilliator  for a year in Libra in Resonance with Uranus and Pluto 
is starting  a visit at the blue Pluto
of the Kings-conjunction in the element air of 1980 at 24,1° Libra but it
 is a first drop- by,  
Jupiter will become  moving reverse this week and really hitting "blue" Pluto
will occur in the second week 0f September
this happened twice, 1992 and 2005
as Pluto is the keeper of the heritage of the
immortal soul

and in the mirror of the profound Pisces
there is the  impatience of those in Aries
moving through the grades 
and their resonances
and through their mirroring
in presence

and Venus far from impatience normaly
might undergo moments of panic to be short of time
with Jupiter and his entire company 
'in the bag' from Libra's
now impatient Venus 
"the impatient collector"

Now, no one of our contemporaries senses anything of these two visits at our relatives in the common eon. But since the great Astrologers of  Bagdad of the 8th century the Kings-conjunctions in the four Elements are described, and this blog keeps their heritage.

The chronicler senses, those unconscious 'rhythms + consciousness' ... time will reveal what psychic fruit will be brought by centuries of conscious realizing the weathers of our celestial home and our celestial relatives. He is fully aware, this chronicle now is only conceivable for rare minds with a large enough door and window for a beginning of a coming conscious primeval civilisation under the telling stars.


Finally Moon the female night-light

above words in the bright dream
is the Twins in black-white
under the infinite sky
on monday

above the subtle moisty folds
leading inwards into the laps of the dreams
since Tuesday Moon sails
under the heaven of

since Thursday
in the dream of the Lion on the savanna
at noon under the Sun
in the shadows of  the bushes

Saturday noon then all weekend long
Moon in the dream realm of the 
female - Mercuria
under Virgo knowing to discern
the light and shadows of character

Murnau, 5. 2. 2017 UTC 18 08

6.2.2017 UTC  16: 03
In English on Wednesday 2. 8. 2017 
at UTC 20:00