Mittwoch, 26. August 2020

An Incredible Rare 'Concert' for Centuries


incredible rare

8.24. - 9. 2. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"All primeval  before man have been existing physically.  They were 
a nameless  occurrence, but no definite being, because there wasn't
yet , which spoke the word that minimal concentration of the also
 existing  psychic, which expressed the word, which  compensated
the entire creation: "That is the world and that am I." That was 
the first day of the world , the first Sunrise after the primeval
 darkness , when that consciousness-able complex, the son of 
darkness, the I, realizing exasperated subject from object and 
thereby helped  to provide the world and himself  to a definite 
existence, since he gave her and himself voice and name. The 
empyrean Sun-body is the I and it's field of consciousness
 "sol et ejus umbra" - outside light and inside darkness. In the 
well of the light there is enough darkness, to form there out 
projections, since the basis of the I is the darkness of the psyche."

Mysterium Coniunctionis 1.  § 125.

and the darkness in the well of light
"enough ...  to form  
projections there out "
lets become conceivable
that the original zodiac is a
projection of the creator
of all circles
planted into each creature

35. Week 

Mars the igniter
 at home in
sometimes ragged Aries
ravenously hungry

in 'resonance' with heavenly 
father Saturn
who is united with 
brother Pluto
and son Jupiter
and since midweek
also with
 Venus in Cancer
joining the resonance 
from her place
down below in the 'waters' of feeling
down where the waters unite
Mars the flame contra 
Venus the herd

and the three stages
of the four quadrants


appear in
 cardinal fire Mars
cardinal water Venus
cardinal earth: Saturn

appearing in processes
 'big concerto'
for all

state - Saturn
guarders - Pluto
reconcilers - Pluto
the mad - Mars
the herd - Venus

The alchemists way of thinking about the elements totally fit in the zodiac, while each of the four elements appears three times: as elementary = hostile, as emotional = elements united, but King and Queen, the poles, halfs,  are dealing with the fires of passion, and if that fire becomes too hot 'the queen will escape' -  opus  failed. Finally, above passion of soul, is on the second floor spirit, cooling off the heat, hence allowing to complete the opus.

The essence of the paradoxes of the zodiac is, that all 12 'essences' in different quanta are vital for the complete being.

The non-thinker hates paradoxes. Since his passion for lies. Since his battling the complement.

Truth of life is paradox, life is fire and water and air and earth, is matter(energy) and feeling and image and thought.

All that is marked at it's place in the horoscope's order of time.

So Anthropos now has to ignite, to feel and to think in one great anonymous concerto. It depends on the stage of civilization, while this incredible rare constellation will appear as a wheeler for a lot of civilized individuals to join in this quiet concert ...

when Sun 
Anthropos' heart
in Virgo
at 5,1° and 6,8° Virgo
unites on the elementary level 
with earth 
on Thursday
the highest
father + Son
 Saturn + Jupiter

and on Saturday
with fire
the child of given completeness

and Uranus the thinker in Taurus has part
in Venus' objections
against Mars' blind rage

while  androgynous Mercury
at home in his female realm
ruling Sun
 moving towards the opposition
with his complement Neptune
in his  complement realm 

is bestowed with the inconceivability
of the Tao
which as floating in the valley
of any universe
the opposite-connection
of Virgo with Pisces
of reason with paradox

and Sun
"sol et ejus umbra"
moves as consciousness
without further resonances
above the earth-world of Virgo

of the  condition 
of 'consciousness'
granting the possibility
of common beauty
in the
6th mirror

35. Week

Murnau, 8. 26. 2020, UTC: 16:45.


Donnerstag, 20. August 2020

34. Week in Anthropos - Birth of Father's Predator

8. 17. - 26.   2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"We only conceive that thinking,  which is nothing
but  an equation, out of which never more results,
 than we have   inserted. That is the intellect: but 
beyond it there is a reasoning in primeval images, in 
symbols, older than man,  innate since yore and 
outliving all generations, forever alive, imbuing
 the undergrounds of our souls. Uttermost living is 
only possible in accordance with them, wisdom is
 recurrence to them. Actually it's neither about 
believe nor knowledge, but about compliance of our
 reasoning with the primeval of our unconsciousness, 
being the  inconceivable mothers of each thought, 
whichever our consciousness  is able to excogitate.
And one of these primeval images is the idea of life
beyond death."

C.G.JUNG, Die Lebenswende, 1931
 (On the Turning Point in One's Life)
p. 273.

the astrologer envisions the heavenly side of being, like the psychologist the earth-side.  He envisions the constellations of the Sun-family in the zodiac, which as oldest image-heritage is received as a 'given'. The psychologist envisions the dreams and fantasies, indicating constellations in the unconsciousness.

Both they  discern two lifes, to believed, the 'normal' and the symbolic life.

The Astrologer projects the given heavenly constellations on the 'great man' Anthropos - the zodiac - and his sister
Sophia. The former created in the morning of creation, the latter in the evening. Hence  his ascendant always is Aries' fire, while her's always is Libra's air. His attack is sharp and burning, teeth and fire, her is beauty and tempt.

34. week feminine: the encounter with the 'wild man' in the
late 'spring of the hunter'

tenth house/ sign
women's " half of heaven'
visited by Venus
 empress of herds and


for people who are gifted
for thinking
there is a load and a gift
for thinking is a kind of 
inner intensity

the 'load'
 of thinking lasts heavy 
as long as
focus is on the world

the 'gift' is called 'reflection'
focus on one self
as a world
surrounded by worlds

 in universe
 cosmic mix
in the sign of
readyness and
entry with an old heart
nine month older than
breath and vision
dealing with the story
half heart and
mirroring God's gods
unconsciously in invisible
and in time
with body and soul

kabbala and gnostics
idea of eternal beginning
en sof and sige

34. Week
in Anthropos

In the foreground 
Mars in Aries, 
 sudden leap of the predator
in square-connection 
with father -Saturn, Brother Pluto, Son Jupiter
in winterly splendor

again the image
in 'personal' appearance
incredibly swift 

reaching till silence
karmic question living 
within us  
and the 12 symbols of time
 since time immemorial
have their
honored place in the psyche of any
but not in the conscious psyche of the modern person

but the humble astrologer
 in Anthropos will find
the  button 
again and again
in the gown of 

so much for the first mirror of Anthropos

Now, what ? Mundanomaniac truly is not Anthropos, anyone is not Anthropos, so what?

But we all drink the same element, water, don' t we? And  "water has the smallest head".

meaning in Anthropos 
zodiacal man
coming from the waters 
endless streams of thoughts
around the continents
 climbing the stairs
of air (spirit)
called Aquarius'
 original crack 
of thinking in oppositions
in Anthropos

 thinking (in God )
leads the road to 
thrust and humbleness
under the given richness and poorness of heaven 
according to the fathers
and it's place 
in man's dark  heart
as God's spark
as the older knowledge of 
the perfect 

and becoming old in man's 
 by a place sufficient for the father
new start for good and evil
marking with Mars this week's explosiveness
in connection with 
fatherly side-act
of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn or
Son, Brother and Father himself
in us
in our common
 polar  realm of
Anthropos' 10. house/sign


and two of the Sun-family
in and out of us
are leaving expressionistic Leo

Mercury tomorrow
Sun on Saturday
entering Virgo
rational keeping 
Leo's account
without any resonances with others of the


now for 
Anthropos' second house

you know
was a Taurus-Sun
by heart
Hitler was a Taurus-Sun
by heart

Hannah Ahrendt:
the single has no power
 power is connection

what is with Uranus
in Anthropos' second 'power'-house
the power of abolition

 with whom can Anthropos share 
his  second house
his anthropoid thoughts
with the peasants?
with the stock-holders?
with  the mob?

with whom can Anthropos'
if not with minorities
good minorities and bad minorities

  last round of Uranus in Taurus was
between 1934 and 1942


It's Anthropos'
fourth house 
 sign of Cancer
where his Queen

goddess of balance in Anthropos and us
securing the roots 
chair of comfort

It's Anthropos ' stile to do a quiet work in the vineyard 
any day of the year.

Murnau August 19. 2020, UTC: 16:16.
Murnau, 8. 20. 2020, UTC 12:07.


Mittwoch, 12. August 2020

The Innocent Blind or the Willfull Demon - Who Gets the Trigger?

 8. 10. - 19. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Moses, 1.3

1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any other
 beast of the field that the Lord God had made.
 He said to the woman, “Did God actually say, 
‘You[1] shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?

"more crafty than any other beast
the animal
to whom the serpent talks

like the serpent
of thinking

bursting of curiosity
each heavenly week
in the bag
of the walking herd

and between God and man
the planetary
holy serpential consciousness

between God and his creature
salvaged deep in unconsciousness
for millions of years

the serpent as
God's shadow
and her suitable place
in us in all
frightfulness and compassion

eternal divine
which needs us human 
as co- creators

33. Week

heaven knows no demons
but earth knows the demonic knowledge
of  Lucifer jaundiced on the creator
fallen angel or
of Prometheus
telling man to
cheat Zeus 
the father

true angels 
 attendance 'in the air'
invisibly attendant in  men's
and women's
'inner air'

 elementary being
 to be mirrored by body 
without body
 in and around us

and Mars has to mirror Neptuna
and Venus to mirror Uranus and 
Mercury's Twins
have to mirror the
egregiousness of

a Capricorn
from up high
from the king-father's level
the king
the Son
the Brother
all three are thogether
are an egregious
not experienced since reformation

confer: diary ...

Mars' bloody birth
 in resonance with the demonic intensity
of Pluto
commanding the 'hero-fantasy'
inborn in us 
in common historical wave with
Jupiter and Saturn
wisdom and sobriety

what a job for Mercury in Leo
in common grades with Sun
the 'burnt' Mercury
or strong subjectivity without
a sober distanced

while Venus and her bags
Uranus included
in the first third of
along the inner lines of
permanent floating
like well welling
and nourishing all life
there being  for free

commanded by Moon ever changing after 2,... days
through Twins
and two through Cancer
Sun will see Moon in Leo
'eating' Moon on Wednesday

You, we,  all got,  to ad to our daily life by our symbolic life. Astrology is our trainigs'parcour'
as the rhythms of the heavenly rulers are a given, no one can cheat about. And they are well-defined by innocent projection of 'times and signs'.

So all 'spot- on' Mars and his square = common intensity with the three gods Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter in the house of the superior 'Word' Capricorn.

moment of the blast 
Jupiter ruled by Saturn
triggered by Mars

The 'hour of 'Beirut'
 today, 8. 12.
Pluto ruled by Saturn
triggered by Mars
 Earth, the  body and  god, we are walking on, all of us,  walking with an easy package through these days, don't got to fear the constellation as problem, but all bullyness and busynesses built on symbolic or literal quicksand  might meet doom till beginning September, while Venus in Cancer=families will have to  experience  the opposition of the common good, executed  by Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn.

Puzzling is, the constellation always gives the textbook for the ongoing demonic games as well as to the angels anonymous, of common man,  guided by the never-ending refined intelligence of the ongoing creation by God and his mirror, Nature, and their  finest child: man-  becoming-  God in his father's endless creation, as 'Anthropos' each week.

Murnau, 8. 12. 2020, UTC: 16:33. 


Freitag, 7. August 2020

On the Second Coming (in Saker's Cafe)

  1. I know this isn’t being very original, but more and more, especially the last few days, I can’t get Keats out of my mind:
    “The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
    The darkness drops again; but now I know
    That twenty centuries of stony sleep
    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? ”
    • Pamela
      This Irishman like C.G.Jung had the forceful imagination, spirit and nature deal
      to some of us. I, myself had the dream of a stream of contaminated air, coming
      from the east, ‘palate-hurting’ in northern Germany and Denmark. The
      intellectus agens, or spiritus mundi never sleeps.
      We have to be a cog in the wheel, or a lap, the rest is done by spiritus mundi
      mirrored by loving hearts. Anything being done with, by, in love is cosmic useful
      and will remain.
      The demons to stop, God uses the counter-demons. Mankind has to learn
      to keep away from both of them.
        • That’s impressive mundanomaniac. Do you often have such dreams – and do you know how to interpret them?.
          I once – years ago now – saw a video of an interview with the woman who was a close colleague of Jung – it may have been Sabina Nikolayevna Spielrein, who said, after his death, that not long before he passed, he came downstairs one day from a sleep, and looked ashen and shocked.
          She said he had been having visions of the future of the world, and had written down this dream, which was so terrible he said he doubted mankind could be warned. She read the notes after his death and said she couldn’t tell anyone, talk about it, it was so horrible.
          All she would say is “be wary, be aware, listen to your dreams, your intuitions, and prepare for a disaster”.
          I do wish she had told us.
          I agree with you – I dont think mankind has been equipped to deal properly with demons. We should avoid the abyss at all times, and concentrate on the beauty of the world around us, and being spiritually improved and happy.
          The lion body with a mans head is a Sphinx. The only Sphinx we know of in a desert is the Giza Plateau Sphinx in Egypt. What is the significance of a Sphinx that fits this context – do you know? Is it from the Sphinx he saw via his “Spiritus mundi” that a “new beast” is born? Curious, that Bethlehem now houses one of the most aggressive dangerous people in the world – the Occupiers of Palestine
          I dont have dreams like that – they’re not coherent, and I dont remember much. More, sometimes, I get a feeling of remembering. I “remember” that something WILL happen. Sounds contradictory, but thats just how it goes. But I cannot command it. It comes as it will, often for no good reason, at least, not that I can see.
          I let it turn over. When something is right, it will tell me.
          I’m not “remembering” a massive disaster – I just have an absolute feeling of certainty. I just hope it’s wrong.
            • “And with love one can live even without happiness.”
              F. Dostoyevsky
              I quoted this some neighbors and they were dumbfounded. This, in the land of the never ending elusive “pursuit of happiness”, We spoke a bit about it and I just said that I thought that it was a lesson that will be put to most of us who survive this next period. It comes from an author whose land had to deal with an invasion every 70 years. on an average for 1,000 years….yep, every generation.
              Some things just have to be experienced to be believed.
              • The great Sphinx has a lions body, chest, and paws, the bull is represented by the internal metabolism, and the eagle by the wings on the human head. A totality, visible in the heavenly zodiacal constellations of Leo, Taurus, Eagle (Scorpio) and Aquarius, man.
                Perhaps the powerful, steadfast sphinx’s gaze into the distant future is telling us to search for love, for whatever it sees there is no terror, the mouth almost seems about to smile.
                Dream premonitions of disaster and fear are best worked through and dissolved.
          • Pamela,
            what an abundance, for evening- hours with wine, beer or tea, to contemplate on the Sphinx and the beast and the dreams of some – all in one.
            well the dreams – I’m an ascendant Cancer (= water, feeling, dreaming) Moon in Cancer 1. house (the trigger), Sun (heart) in 10 (father). So I kind of have to dream (= Moon in Cancer) for anyone of us (= house 10), as Sun in Pisces (=the worldchild).
            One has to, but doesn’t know it.
            Well two days a month moon in cancer has the ascendant each day 2h 40min, having to dream the ‘collective dream’.
            I’ve got three of the Chernobyl- kind. The second happened under the Earth in a tunnel-system, where in an atomic-laboratory the corrupted headmaster effected a critical mass to blow. A time later
            the accident of Tokaimura happened.
            The third was in 2001, when I dreamed of a growing rumble, growing and growing and all-Earth-shaking growing …” we are getting pulverized” was my last thought … when I woke up, a helicopter had been passing. On 9.11. then we all became eyewitnesses of some of us, becoming pulverized.
            How to interpret? To me these dreams are clear enough, no interpretation necessary, deep impression in my psyche. I noted two of them. Sure enough, I’m a political and a poetical person since my youth, hence 10 years organized ‘professional’ communism in the ninety-seventies.With the heart of someone with Sun in house 10, beating always for himself, as an anonymous sovereign in the social aggregate, someone among anyone. Such attitude even applies in kings with Sun in 10, we are used to call them ‘the great’. (Louis XVI, Frederic II. of Prussia, Donald (“the great”? time will tell)
            Sphinx – to me woman is the sphinx. All promising, symbol of the unconsciousness, I study her/you lifelong, but I got my ultimate answer by my fourth woman= second wife since my age of 39.
            Genius of Woman = to follow, genius of man = to lead, together for each the optimum. What a crazy time, where women refuse to follow and men are unfit to lead.
            ‘Intellectus agens’ in each of us inherent as an unconscious intelligent aggregate privilege, trying to connect with the neurosis of a pair of innocent more or less brainwashed parents, in brainwashed societies in modern times, to become the conscious leader of as humble as great life as anonymous Anthropos.