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Exploded in their Hearts - Henry and Anais

The Oracle on Anais


If what Proust says is true, that happiness is the absence of fever, then I will never know happiness.
For I am possessed by a fever for knowledge, experience, and creation. -Anais Nin (online)

Quean beauty
6th mirror of Venus
dropped into the lap of the
cosmic child

2. 21 1903, 20: 15 GMT, Neully, Anaïs Nin

Consciousness from beauty and consideration
heart of Sophia in daily gnosis
of  the adventure


consciousness for yourself
is coming to you
with which you are cutting the
new time open for all


Anais on March 2, 1932 The woman will sit eternally in the tall black armchair. I will be the one woman you will never have ... excessive living weighs down the imagination: we will not live, we will only write and talk to swell the sails. (LP p.16)

... „truly regal“ it speaks out of Henry’s father-archetype Mercury to the Moon of his beloved:
 (Henry on March 10, 1932, after they had become lover10.3.)

You make me tremendously happy to hold me undivided - to let me be the artist, as it were, and yet not forgo the man, the animal, the hungry, insatiable lover. No woman has ever granted me all the privileges I need - and you, why you sing out so blithely, so boldly, with a laugh even - yes, you invite me to go ahead, be myself, benture anything. I adore you for that. That is where you are truly regal, a woman extraordinary. What a woman you are! I laugh to myself now when I think of you. I have no fear of your femaleness.“

Both they are connected by the visit of S and g and f ..
Here is Henry
12. 26. 1891

and here Henry at 3 26. 1931

 and here is Anais at 3. 26. 1931

„... god, Herny, in you alone I have found the same swelling of enthusiasm, the same quick rising of the blood, the fullness, the the fullness ...”

Murnau, 7. 30. 2020,  UTC 16:48.

The Power of Sovereign Heart and the Dream of the Spiritual Anima

 7. 29. - 8. 5. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(click to enlarge)

" Denn wunderbarlch hat Gott das Firmament 
erschaffen /  darumb wir ohne Zweiffel  große
 Rechnung  werden geben müssen/ daß wir vom 
Gestirn nicht an uns ziehen /und ein jeglicher sol
erkennen dasjenig in das er geboren ist / gleich 
alswohl umb das natürlich versäumen / als auch
das ewig.

Paracelsus  (1493/4 . 1541)

Astronomia magna

"Since wonderfully God has created the firmament/
therefore without dubitation we will have to give
 great account/ that we abstain to draw from the stars/
and each shall recognize the one in which he is born/
like as well as to omit the  natural/
as also the eternal.

Paracelsus, 1493 - 1541.

a Swiss-man, devoted  medical, philosopher, alchemist, and astrologus without connections to women, unless to female patients, which he loved in God. Medicals who wouldn't learn from nature, but from "authorities" only were cursed by him like Jesus cursed the 'lazy fig-tree'. Hence he had lifelong to escape their  cabals and harassments, hence Paracelsus, early worried, dispelled Swiss Median-European - one of those without which Europe is vapid, like without Cervantes, Dostoevsky ... aso.

'since wonderfully God has
this week
with his spirit's children
mirrored by mother nature's

as there are measured in
the rhythms of

248 years of Pluto
164 years of  Neptune
84 years of Uranus
12 years of Jupiter
1,6 years of Mars
the 12 months of Earth
around Sun
passing by
the 52 weeks
of Moon
leading  soul's passion around
a complete circle each month
on the bark of Moon

that other big light
in waxing and waning brightness
the  the other half of being
without outshining the other lights
of Sun's family
conceding them their divine  part
in all us beings
'under the Moon'

whoever isn't attentive to his 'Moon' is missing earth and life. No pleasant condition. Reverse, who is caught by earth and water, or weight and feeling, while air and fire or spirit and bounce are missing, it might be nagging  as well. But the lack is compensable by consciousness: "recognize the one in which he is born".

Therefore 'with the Gods' in consciousness in all  12 basic 'qualities' of the zodiac, to live an entirety by the miracles of the invisible order in the daily eternity, taking place in anonymity.

to grasp the week is
to grasp it's steadily spinning 'firmament'

as that of the 'Anthropos' living in us
with his 6 heaven -
and six earth-houses
mirroring each other from the very

31. Week 2020

the complete zodiacal
in us hiking each year around Sun
promoting the entire
of the Northern Hemisphere

So  the mystical speculation in antiquity called in their  'gnosis of God' the
'second Adam', so to say the original-man, having become complete according
to the measures of the father mirrored in the measure of the mother, as flesh,
deeply inherent all finite entities, in man able to become 'world-creative' by 
consciousness provided he has not 'omitted the eternal'.

The rub for untrained mind is to project 'anthropos' week on one's birth-moment.
30° Pisces = 0° Aries of Anthropos in each one's  horoscope shows, where the bloody 'attacker' is situated: the  deliverer of a  beautiful hungry little  beast. His realm always being followed by the eleven others in the order of the zodiac.

31. Week

first full week
Sun in Leo
(Earth in Aquarius)

month of strong heart
audacity and play

coming weekend Sun in square with
Uranus in Taurus

 dare of heart
in resonance with
levity in the social herd''s

heart and spirit
fire and air
connecting earth and fire
or Taurus and Leo
the demons fight
the children unite

Highlight in the year

while  the Mars/Mercury-square
this early week
commanding Aries and Twins + Virgo
from Aries to Cancer

precisely that, but too much

for conscious reflection
 anyway let it go
let getting ripe
consciously in the unconsciousness

the demons insist on 'their own way'
anthropos of man  insists
 'after all'
on the father's way

the same
same time
with the Venus-world in
in us our
rooting Taurus - earth
 and balancing Libra - air -
two alternating scales
sanctity and
symbol of connection

in square with Neptune
child of the gods
at home in
lap of Godfather
begin of all meaning and
end of all coming - home
'spirit hovering above the waters'
in square = coincidently
with  Twins' 'Erdgeist'
air above earth

a coming - home = Pisces  in resonance with
Venus' full bag of stories
at the place where
Mercury moves:
hence in the families

while  Jupiter
almost without (backwards-) movement
in Capricorn
are getting into a
 partnership in contradiction
with Mercury passing in Cancer
 the gods 
always portend a
productive relation
of spirit and matter
but the demons like to stir the
fighting of the elements in the depth

one week a year
the disciples of lines and numbers
with Mercury
in the receiving tenderness of
soft humidities
meeting   the
 authorities of soul and spirit 'above heaven'
and  their grace -giving balance
of heaven and Earth

but with Moon
 the anima
of  anthropos' is hiking directed
converse to the 'male' canon of the zodiac
(beginning with Aries - Taurus - ...)

on this week's Wednesday morning
Moon went into the spiritual 'upper floor'
of the zodiac
and will remain there
till next Friday

And the fire- and the earth-element
will celebrate invisibly (or?)
the visit of Venus with fire-Moon
and of Mercury with
earth-Sun and earth Mercury

Entwurf: 26. 7. ( *   ...) 2020, UTC 14:55.
Murnau, 27. 7. 2020, UTC: 12:01.
In English: 7. 29. 2020 UTC: 21:26..
and 7. 30. UTC 10:56.


Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2020

Lot of Intensities - Leo At the Whim of his Heart

 7. 22. - 29. A 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(click to enlarge)

The symbol is a living body, corpus et anima; hence
 the “child” is such an apt formula for the symbol.
The uniqueness of the psyche can never enter wholly 
into reality; it can only be realized approximately, 
though it still remains the absolute basis of all
 consciousness. The deeper “layers” of the psyche lose 
their individual uniqueness as they retreat farther and
 farther into darkness.“Lower down,” that is to say as 
they approach the autonomous functional systems, they 
become increasingly  collective until they are universalized 
and extinguished in the body’s materiality, i.e., in
chemical substances. The body’s carbon is simply carbon.
 Hence “at bottom” the psyche is simply “world.”

Carl Jung, On the Psychology of the Child-Archetype,  CW 9/1, § 291

... and uppermost it is  at all zodiac, behooves to me to add, cause as 'world' we use to describe, what is accessible to the senses, the spatial world. Of the four quadrants of the zodiac only one, the first one, describes the three dimensional world of spatial extension.The character-sequence of the 12 months describes yet three other quarters.

These 12  again contain the order of three circles, one above the other, twisted 

 analog to the double-helix, as threefold spiral, whose low twist contains the  material 4 elements

whose middle twist contains the interior world of feelings triggered by  the charge, images contain

and whose upper circle's one fourth (Sagittarius) dwells still in the image-quarter, but the the other three in pure spirit ...

which is accessible neither sensually nor figuratively, but only symbolically to deduce, according to the signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

In Aquarius  (Spirit + airappears the male human in the IV: quadrant of the  zodiac as outpourer of the water of wisdom, while the female human appears as Virgo (earth +life) in the invisible II. quadrant as the invisible inner world of hormones, blood-pressure, feelings , moods.

"The symbol is living body" says JUNG, the 'gods'/archetypes are living within us, microcosmicly and around us macrocosmicly.

All what exists is spirit mirrored in matter, is IV mirrored in I.

By human reflection consciousness is coming as addition:  III image, dream, imagination, mirrored in II, feeling. JUNG calls human reflection  'world-creating'.

30. Week 2020

What we call 'gods', is the attempt, to assume Sun and his/her 'children' as given order, to be observed by the human-planet in their rhythms and to ponder  on wise readinesses from inside, in the spirit- receiving Cancer, to accompany together with the 'gods' into  success.

And  ever at that the demons have to be kept in sight, cause their onslaught on our soul is mighty, but crucial is, to do the own thing, according to what the 'gods'/angels/archetypes are 'doing' in the depth of our  psyche. 

30. Week

four intensities:

1. a relative continuous conjunction in Capricorn' s
overarching scales

Pluto + Jupiter
= sacrifice and happy joint
on  the 'pilgrims path'

in a weak conjunction with Saturn
their  ruler of the scales

2. 1 , square between Neptune + Venus
between Pisces = devotion
and Twins = discovery
Neptune' s solution of  intentions 
with Venus ' social and personal unions

waxing till Monday
 on Venus the resonance from Pisces
resolution in quiet chaos
symbol of the divine child
= new meaning
upstreaming from the depth of the unconsciousness

2.2  square between Mars + Mercury
between Aries and Cancer  
= between action and reception
Mars pushing blindly an energy- outburst
 + Mercury discerning feelings with the
faculty of speech

3. and one waning Opposition
Saturn + Sun
 initially with Sun in Cancer
the partnership of opposites
between male spirit and female
receptive heart
now Sun is resonating in her own sign
changing from reception to expression

note: with Venus in TwinsMercury has a lot of stuff to tell, as Venus is the gathering collectoress.
While Venus herself is host to the 'toppler' Uranus,  with his spirit by connection  of man with God.

in Taurus
dealing with territory and security
Uranus the toppler is
spiritually seizing effective
 clearing the stage of time
for the coming shapes

Under this aspect the study of  the time from 1935 - 42, should be of superior interest, which 84 years before has seen the last passage of Uranus through Taurus, with all the dangers of a complete unconsciousness about the seizing moves in the depth of the collective psyche. 

finally to the center:

today, Wednesday  returned into his/her home
 stage of psychic energy and 
sovereign expression
like of a lion on his territory
'ruling' the entire realm of
terrestrial animals
at whim of his heart

Murnau, 7. 22. 2020, UTC: 16:04.

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2020

Birthday of the Kingdom of the Element Earth , while ...

 7. 15. - 22.  2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(click to enlarge)

lat religere

" a thorough and conscientious regard of which
 Rudolf Otto aptly called the 'numinosum', namely
a dynamic existence or effect, which hasn't caused
by an arbitrary act ..."

C.G.Jung, On the Psychology of Western and Eastern Religion, p 11

... but has been met continuously with the light of each day under the Sun and each night under the Moon.

Sun as core, there around the running tracks of the 'gods', which 'make' the times, better signify them in the universe of God, with whom to hike to me gives the only sense in the alchemy of times for Earth around  the Sun  with the periods of it's other  'children'.

Be it a Cancer, rising with a Pisces-heart, which I share with Arthur Schopenhauer, Michael de Montaigne but also  Albert Speer and with squillions, which haven't become noticeable, like good greased sprockets, each one can find in the unconscious remembrance of millions of years of life the unobtrusive 'good way' for his kind, if he doesn't get caught up by temporal neurotic beliefs and has patience for the revelations and their times.

And remember: no message is good message.

29. Week 2020

Mars at home
in the inflammations
and accouchements
now in early middle 0f
30 Aries-grades
a number for 6 weeks 'normally'
but when Sun is going into his yearly opposition with Mars 
the Earth (always 'opposite Sun') is catching up with Mars

Sun - Mars - opposition
 Earth - Mars - Conjunction

leads the energy
averaging in 6 weeks
through the signs of the zodiac which is us

he is the one pushing the entire wheel
apt enough for all the other
eleven stages

now he does it in the wilderness
of Aries
as basically all kinds of fire
which can be a wilderness in real nature
in the inner worlds of souls
in the mind ruling worlds of 
mages of God
and in the eternal world of
becoming god

he does it now in unconscious appearance

connected in square with co-god Mercury
who 'above the parties
still remains the laughing third
actually in Cancer
where he imparts verbal magic
with the conceptive

assertion and oracy

now what does Venus in us
her Taurus and Libra give the answer
whatever it is  Uranus giving her
the bridge to the gods
he is the lord of the 11. sign
in heaven
his element is 'air'
his shapes cannot be seen but they can transport

well Venus with Uranus
'in the bag'
herself in the bag of
Brother Mercury
'doing' what her realm is
territory and couple
always mending together
what Mars has divided
building shields against Mars' javelins 
still in the realm of voice speaking
down in Cancer
in the moisty cracks and wells
of the low daily and nightly places
under the sky

And who- or whatever is in the  realm of Cancer, he or she   travels 'in the bag' of Moon, with constant  two -daily-changes of the milieu.


this week between wilderness
and family as the core out of which
creative power is

now coming to Sun

all sobriety is indicated - this week contains much  but only little is even  known, e.g.

  Angela Merkel 

18. 7. 1954 Hamburg
16:57 UTC

less known is her identity with the  the currently  running

Kingsconjunction in the element earth 
in the sign of
Cancer of

18. 7. 1802, 22:48:27 UTC.

for 775 years since then
Moon rules the dole
of the earth - element

basis -  profoundness -  comprehensiveness
in the zodiac

next change: 2577

hence, so much is clear: in earth-things we are since 18 years in the third century of women- rising like Earth's Sun in Cancer signifies. And the role of stabilization,  an essential  'female item',  struggling for rule  since 218 years,  nurturing  the stabilizing art of keeping the given balance strategically  unharmed. With Germany Angela Merkel has to steer a truly kind of supertanker through the  invisible grid of psychic currents and powerful interests, hence only in thoughts politicians can do large jumps, which is -fire and air - a more male domain, while earth and water share the nurturing and stabilizing female one.

So, this week will see Sun in maximal resonance with earth-Sun of 1802 on Thursday and earth-Mercury on Sunday

and thereby
poesis of times
this week's marriage of
contrasting partners
 in Cancer Sun
in Capricorn Tuesday Jupiter
  and Wednesday Pluto 

Cancer and Capricorn
a marriage of lap and father
by heart wisdom and religion
all the best to 
humbleness and discipline
in a wedlock filled with
passion, strive and conciliation

which will be followed by  another marriage next week ...

Entwurf 12. 7. 2020. UTC: 14:41.
Murnau den 13. 7. 2020, UTC: 11:21.
In English: 7. 15. 2020, UTC:15:51 u. 6:15.