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Fatherly Nets and Fatherly Arrows Mirrored by Mutation of Man


3. 28. - 4. 6. 2022 

0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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" Since contrasts are not to be united on their own 
niveau (tertium non datur), so always  a superior third is
 needed, in which the parties can come together. Insofar
since the symbol as much is descended off the consciousness
 as the unconsciousness, it is able to unite both of them
namely by dint of it's form, whose ideally and by dint of
it's numinosity, it's  emotional contrast. Therefore it
frequently and  since yore is compared with water, e.g.
 as Tao, in which Yang and Yin are united. Tao is the 
valley-spirit, the  much-winding river course."

C.G.JUNG, Aion, 
Coll. W. 9/2, § 280/81

this much-winding river-course between two banks, is the image of life, to be lived as river or streightened as channel, once having been a river.

Left and right, high and deep, spirit and matter, the intellect discerns the contrasts between matter and spirit. It's the soul, the 'ligamentum' uniting matter and spirit bysymbol, since the soul verges on both.  Soul  is center, realm  in it's own right.

In the zodiac the 'soulful four' - reache from Leo to Scorpio - in the four stages from lust to sacrifice by disentanglement. The  union of matter and spirit, being possibly evocated in the soul by the soul.

However, this is the way of the 'male zodiac'. In the female one the soul stretches from Aquarius to Taurus.

therefore the heroic, spirit-filledness, having stead in the female soul.


Now the sea-change, we are wittnessing since spring -begin: Sun and Mercury, act and explanation,  now in Aries appearing materially, as 'jump for prey' , reason-guided, real or as lie, act and explanation.

Further materially appears

Uranus in Taurus
security by spirit
in human assemblies
animals and plants
creator-spirit and
under the heaven
fatherly sword of spirit
and Saturn -Venus
fatherly net of spirit
above the human union
time coming 
budd  maturing
 it's time

Sidebar to Saturn/Venus, always to remember:

Venus is the enveleopment

the cell
mirroring the moment of
in love
the fulfillment
in war
the envelopment
of Mars by Saturn/Venus
in the strategic cauldron
of the father

Difference to Sun/Venus: the enveloping strength (of the center
Saturn/Venus: the enveloping spirit of the guiding father

example: envelopment 1942

Stalingrad, 11. 19. 1942

11. 19. 1942, Northern Hemisphere

13. Week 2022

Second week for Sun and Mercury
in Aries
this week mirroring
and Neptune in
above in 

what paradoxes
the dissolution of privilege
in the calm and peaceful Pisces
mirrored by 

raging Aries
killing for existence
guided by the center and 
it's intelligence
in the army of the father



three conjunctions
this week

one in the beginning
father and net

one in the end
Mercury / Sun
talk and act

mirroring in Pisces
divine son 
linking with
precision and overview

divine child
innocence and mercy
in Pisces
childhood of God

pureness of strategic leading
called 'higher fate'
before origin

in the second mirror of presence
Aquarius mirrored by Taurus

therein Saturn commanding
voluntarily sacrifices
by Pluto
in Aquarius
free of guilt
spirit of determination
by Venus and Mars
- envelopment and push -
mirrored by
Uranus in Taurus
Heaven on Earth
of new traditions
in the thicket of cities

so much will be realized in this week, by a conscious minding one's heart 

 like all being
 called into life
 by the gods
 'with them'
by the times
they are telling

and this alone is the true
meaning of time
each one has  his
days to follow
his/her heart
 in the daily flow
in it's conditions
the beauty in it'utility
Libra in Virgo

13. week 2022

Murnau, 3. 30. 2022, UTC 15:12. 


see: Mercury  exactly mirroring Neptune

Mittwoch, 23. März 2022

Revenge for Kamila


3. 21. - 30. 2022 

0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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An uncanonical word of the Lord:

"But the Redeemer sais: who is close to me is close
to the fire, who is far from me, is far from the realm"

ORIGINES, Homilie in Jeremiam, XX,3
cit. a.. PREUSCHEN, Antilegomena, p. 44

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring
peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace,
but a sword.  For I have come to turn man 
against his father,a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
a man’s enemies will be the members of his
 own household."

Matth. 10. 34 - 36

He said to them, 'But now, the one who has a purse 
must take it, and likewise a bag. And the one who has
 no sword must sell his cloak and buy one.

Luke 22.36

"close to the fire", war in the east - war in the west, seen from Asia. Two camps: Sea-powers against land-powers. The sea-powers, sons of pirats and slave-hunters, ruling since 500 years over the planet, thereby acellerating inoculating mankind against them. The fire only incinerates the old and dead and drives out the new fruit and even decay is a slow fire.

Since last Sunday-afternoon the center, Sun =  heart (northern hemisphere), abode of  God's spark now in sign of physical fire Aries. Now we can consciously experience the time, when the heart of Anthropos in male nature  is advancing, impatient and storming, where Sun awakes Earth from hibernation in a new Summer- half year. It's once again, like in the beginning, the new zodiacal year with the therefore necessary elementary fire of Aries' Mars.

And this is Mars' very special heavenly gift: being an Idea of hevaly order , or a Saturn in Aquarius-thing hence Idea of Order of hte eleventh house of

Vladimir p. b.o.h. Putin

7. 10. 1952 Leningrad

the defender of the soul
ruling the sacrifices
due to professionalism

Sagittarius ruling fatherly
by oneself
changing the narrative

and much more
what a war
when war is forbidden
(for any but DC)

transit 2. 24. 2022

2. 24. 2022
a revenge for Kamila

It's a Sagittarius-thing in the 2.  house of law and border,  Its s forordination by Jupiter in the state of innocence qua Pisces with the precision and overview of Sagittarius' 360°, hence the prince of the father, in human time and imagination leading the souls of man by the father Saturn, visible in the shape of the bear and ghis  Marsian claws, and his rich logistics demonstrating for the history books triumph of human pride in humbleness by the proud Russian Civilisation - ready for the moment inked into the coming given.

How will it look like? We will have experienced it in 30 days. But its meaning is to be known like a good question

awakes Earth
of the soul
in whose center
the heart beats
in 12 times
in service of  enforcement
in the thereness -territory
now the power
of Anthropos' 

12. Week 2022

moved into the days of warmth-surplus
as the light days become longer
than the night
Sun in Aries
and the night
lies down to sleep
every day earlier
to overcome

each year once
Winter-end/Summer -beginn
last Sunday afternoon16:33 MEZ
heart goes hunting
for 30 days
in the wilderness before
and with it the hunters
in the wild land of

in whose neighborhood
in the herds of civilisation
now the invisible
thinking - man
of a by heaven
world - oder - war
out of
thinking-man's realm
invasive human spirit
mirrored by
in a powerfull herd
in the origin of a human-time

while the entire week still
in Pisces
and Mercury
the mind and the tongue
in devotion into
the given from the

orientation by the senses
and by meaning
both in Anthropos'
requiring this week too
the purge together
for Jupiter lasting still longer
 for Mercury
 last week
in in the cleaning -bath
of truth
and hunch
 and unconsciousness

and how might Cancer this week deal with the inside, is mundanomaniac-question,  Moon presenting  him? 
Roughly till Wednesday in the soulfull connection 
appointed to Scorpio,
then till Wednesday
through the four houses of spirit
 Sagittarius, capricorn, 
Aquarius, Pisces, 

where it's always about
what matters to all
community spirit


in heavenly unity of a
mirrored by 
 human idea
in the social  herd

as well the meaning of this week is made up in complete dissolution of the lie. Mercury, master of narratives, in childly innocence of Pisces visits the spirit of the child-god


Like JUNG shows it,  there is the tendency of nature, to let contrasts to complement each other, leading to the loveliness of the configurations in the balance of flesh, soul and spirit. This balance is the specific human one in thoghts above the gardens and parcels of life. This balance we should study and breed., if we want to walk in the luck of  success, which cannot replaced by phantasy.

Murnau: 3. 23. 2022, UTC: 16:28.

Freitag, 18. März 2022

UPDATED: Doomed? WW. III. 3. - Are There Enough Just on Earth?

 Its a decicive moment to me

Nasser Qandil  saying:


1. part was Syria

2. part is Ukraine

will there be a III. part ?

the ultimative part

or isn't there such thing

and my constant deliberations about 

how to present, what today can be said

and wha ist tobe said

now WW1 and WW2 were unfathomable

catastrophic Detonations

continent-wide overkill

now we have 

twoo parts of WW III. with 

Russian sovereignty

in the air 

so what about III. of III.

God only knows

but sorry,. to me

the Putin-Team  to me appears

as the real 

professionals in christendom.

And the answer of the Self

governing the zodiac of

Anthropos and


is closed and open

is order and rhythm

and "how above so below""  

the astrologer is vieving

the basic paradox 

that fire/Aries has to mirror water/Pisces

and earth has to mirror air

and the twelve components of the Self

are to be united and expressed

by one heart

hence, ww III. is still in the work, and  the catastrophy for evil is the sacrifice of the pure.

here are some horoscopes: take them like charts, read them like I did.

These horoscopes of elemenatry thythms are of a floor,  deeper in the unconsciosness than the zodiac. With the latter we are in the realm of  the 12, while with the elements we are in the realm of 4, which to me appear as a kind of sockets underneath the more differantiated zodiacal level.

With the sexes we are in the realm  of 2

and with the 1 we are back in the 12. 

And be conscious: the unconscious works with your birth-chart, if you dig it or not.

Here in the question of current collective discharching of projected hate on a kinetic level, called war

we are in the realm of fire and of earth.

So my interest was to evaluate the 7 +7  years  1935 - 1949

 fire and earth

1942 - 1949
fire-element 49. Septar

1942 - 1949
fire- element 49 Septar
(Operation 'Gomorrha'  24. 7. - 3. 8. 1943)

1942 - 1949
Northern Hemisphere

1942 - 1949
earth-element 21. Septar

1942 - 1949
earth-element 21. Septar

1942 - 1949 
earth 21. Septar
Northern Hemisphere

in these seven years there are not only the squares/Opposition of 4 planets of fate





to that complex actuality adds execerbating:


in 0° Widder

bloody birth

once in 248 years

new wild sufferer

contending for

a new balance

end of an entire


of the sacrificer

around the zodiac

and now the presence:

60. Septar 
2016 - 2023


since 3.17. 2022 till October 17. 2022 a scenario, which the 'City on the hill' relly might not like: 

 5. house 
the own personal 
by expression
bound for sacrifice

 3. 17.  - 10. 17 2022:

Washinton Dc  in
experience of a ride 
into  judgement
 as sacrificer


being subject of Pluto
by Scorpio

So much for the fire - Element and America

And Russia?

60. Septar 
2016 - 2023

It's Cancer, Mother, Moon in 10, of the world, Mother Rossia.

In consciousness of the conditions = house 6 balancing and suffering (house 5) for a possible
new future (house 12).

And here the earth:

32. Septar. Earth, 2019 - 2025

The power of the center -  heart -   (soul) in dissolution - complete in pupation: a possible new time.

32. Septar, 0219 - 2026

The joint power of heart and soul are shaping the comming innocent ordination, while the old constructs of purpose and intention undergo dissoluition. Neptune in Capricorn: the state of dissolution of all state to become newborn. Hence the success of 'newborns' :China, Russia, Iran, EU, etc. and the crisis of the 'uncleaned ' old  states, USA, UK.

Bottom line: 

This Evaluation of a couple of element-septars is a sketch.  Here fire- and earth-element.

Air and water appeared insignificant in the elementary mix on the bottom level of the universe

closest to gravity.

Questio,  what about the World-war III. (the 'last' Wwar?) Is there any parallel to the charts of worldwide kinetic catastrophy 1942 - 1949?

My take: the fire constellation is ominious. In Wash DC's comment is a whole lot, to suffer in the own realm further, the earth-constellation lacks the explosiveness of the earth/1942 -1949 constellation. 

Did anybody do such evaluation? I don't know any , but give credit to anymous.

Sure enough, many will follow, for coming generations, cause man's inbuild strife for harmony

and a 'throne' of man above what in the 'City on the Hill' is faked.

Geopolitic and Astrology -  the new chambers in human consciousness -- one for 

understanding the predator in us - one for the divine measures.

Providing our progenity with a far a brighter vision of  dangers in the human condition and of 

the rhythms of things -  the lever for understanding.

Finally , allways the first Question: are there enough just on Earth? I'm confident, I like the 

cats and the small people on God's anonymous meadows.

Murnau, 3. 18. 2022, UTC 18:13. and 4 26. UTC 14:47.


This is professional:

"As far as triggering WW3 is concerned it makes no difference because WW3 is already FULLY triggered"

... and Putinnism in action

gladly we are in

Mittwoch, 16. März 2022

Mother Russia Again Presenting the Scales of Sacrifice

3. 14. - 23. 2022 
0:00 UTC

under the northern zodiac 

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"... that I'm standing on kanthian foundation,  what means to
 say, that an assertion does not set it's  object. If I therefore
 speak of "God", so I speak exclusively of assertions, which
don't  set their object. So about God himself I have asserted
 nothing, cause so my premise, about God  per se nothing
can be asserted."


C. G. JUNG, Letters.

After my premise in God is everything, the bright and the dark, and to distinguish seems to me necessary: assertions from experiences.

Mundanomaniac, chronicler since 2007, experienced a 'once in life' heart-warming on an autumn-afternoon 1980 after 38 lived years in the divided center of Europe, and he has the experience, that the German policy can nothing begin with the Russian kind of heart-warmth, and rather has only scorn for it and (unconscious ?) greed for the treasuries of  the east in the cold-hearted stream of the western civilization.  Which has to be recognized as such to create warm-hearted thinking entity called 'man'.

There is the continental border, which goes lengthwise from north to south through Eurasia and which Moscow with its 'Snowniggers' now again is defending, after against

Napoleon's Europa
Hitler's Europa

now defends
ready to make sacrifices
at the wester front
 the (former) wordwide
dragon Washington
in a certaity
unimaginable for the west
to live and to die
for the future of the children and 

and for these mundanomaniac
follows the ways of heaven
in Anthropos
 above her six mirrors
of creation


six mirrors

six mirrors of Anthropos

six mirrors of Sophia

in the six mirrors of Sophia now always Cancer of Anthropos has the royal dignity and the heart
of Anthropos' Pisces rules the conditions for Sophia.

whereto belongs man/woman
ascendant and Sun
where thrieves

where are the right questions
for the own prong
for the own groove
one may pray

11. week 2022

there are twoo archetypal rooms
in which the spirit
of the new world is wrenching
off the old one
Aquarius and Pisces
mirrored by
Taurus and Aries
and their rulers
Mars the advance
and Venus the envelopement
together with 
the standing
the sacrificer Pluto
ruled by Saturn
as complex worldfather
under the bow of heaven
the invisible realm of
and thoughts
under the cranium
whose ruler
rules seven years
on the ground of the world
designing a new spiritual
dress for the world

into this happening
conceptual included are

"The wise advice of the mother and her inexorable law
of natural constraint man should surely take care of. 
Never he should forget, that the World consists therefore,
cause the contrasts balance each other. So  also the rational
 is offset by the irrational and the aimed by the given."

C.G.JUNG,  The Psychological Aspects of the Mother-Archetype,
 Coll. W. 9/1, § 174.

till Sunday already united
in Pisces
but not yet in conjunction

Mercury and Sun
voice and heart
in  Pisces
to the powerful clearing up
like with Jupiter
of the infinite home

 but the coming week brings
after the cleaning up of the center
on Sunday
Sun in Aries again
the inception
of the bloody birth
of the new center
of the northern hemisphere
about whose borders
this war is

with this to deems, the essential is said.

It is now the sacrifice, by Capricorn - the north's - Pluto, it's
 Scorpio, it's waiver,  mirror of the heart,'s Leo vigor providing - not the Atlantic hegemon, who as arrogated Aquarius hopelessly steps towards the scale of Karma, on which the heart of the species in one's love is weighed, and he, who lets others sacrifice for himsef, hid unconscious trembles in hysterics, cause on the other scale lies the feather of Maat.

"According to the Book of Mortuary proverbs 125, the dead man entered the court under the leadership of the jackal-headed god Anubis. A decisive role in the actual examination was assigned to the goddess Maat, symbolized as a feather, which actually represents an old, only later personified symbol of harmony and justice.[3] In the form of a feather, when the dead man's heart was weighed, it formed the counterweight on the scales of justice in the dead man's judgment scene."

Mundanomaic  proves deep adulation to the religious genius of the Aegypts, did they after all insert into the zodiac after Virgo, as twelfth, the sign Libra, as the first house of the 'beyond of the person'.

So dear children: Pluto helps our heart mirroring waiver on illegitime lust, that it might not be too heavy on the scale at the end of one's ways , since our statue remained too undicipherable and too unhewn by waiver.

Libra = encounter, the affix
Scorpio =  commitment, the remove
Sagittarius = the fit, the mating
(copyright Döbereiner)

Murnau, 3. 16. 2022, UTC: 17: 26


and corrected: