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Lavrovs Press Conference

26. January  26. 2016 
UTC 15:18, 18:18 LT
here again it is 
the horoscope on the end of the event in the meaning
ready it  is the birth
of the lion 
Leo = the sovereign
the sovereignty of the subject
lying in the sign Leo  
lies analogously to the Sun
in the ability to give away
 in the self-present of central competence
to the tribe

in the 6th house a God is securing the subjective
by multi-polar compromises
e.g. Mr Obama

8. 4. 1961
  Barack Hussein Obama jr. 
the giver in Lavrov's show was not a sunny-boy Leo

but the fairly holy enough Sergei Wiktorowitsch
(whose horoscope I don't know)
appearing  in the 6th house of the day
mirroring the 7th house above it
in the common 6th mirror of the day
and there what does Sun mirror?

  Isn't it Neptune in Pisces?
truth in innocence

and to whom belongs the 6th house
in which Sun gives away Spirit of mans heart
isn't it Saturn = the father
in common resonance with the god of the childly truth 
of the gods

so this press conference of 3 hours and 7 Minutes was possible

beautiful is the Moon in the cover of the sovereign
a image for the Tsar of the older Times before 1700 (according to the Saker)
beautiful is the well-being by spirit in the 2nd house
beautiful is the spring by wrath together  with the dead of the family in the realm
 in the 4th house
and with Venus in the 5th house of action there is the abundance of resource
for to give-away
as well as the meaningful identity of Pluto with Mercury
showing the archetype of sacrifice in unity with the archetype of
the talking and writing man
who is a messenger of the gods
but the likes of him on earth
have families  and mortgages and 
are not to mention
the new humble power mirroring heaven

and Mars in the 4th shall mirror Uranus in the 9th
spirit of man coming off the fatherly measures
mirrored in the wrath of the dead

what a strength by sacrifice is accompanying the Russian civilization
since the WW II
together with the Chinese 
compared with the submerging western one and their allies

rather the Poles and Jews could keep up with magnitude of sacrifice

so much for Pluto whom I assess in the wight of the present dead
in this chronicle

And so much in the astro mundane chronicle about the press conference over more than three hours
Posted: January 31. UTC 19:32.

Montag, 25. Januar 2016

Heavenly Immolators, Man-Free and Father-True in the Mirror of the Flying Messenger

1. 25. - 2. 1. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
   (click to enlarge)

  1. 25. 2016 

an old couple

Gods son "man"
to me Uranus in the sky
fishing human spirit

in the wilderness of human spring
on earth
in resonance with Pluto
to me the "god of the wedding  - ring"
connecting the fathers

as givers and takers of daughters
above all generation mirroring 
in presence

so, by the way, the first and last three signs in the zodiac appear   psychicly 
in the "human"rhythm of 7 - wheel of time in  weeks, so the magic of holy 7 x holy 12 
84 - time of life-circle

The first 21 years are mirroring the "last" 21 in the circle. 0 - 21 mirroring 63 - 84. How do we know?
Heritage, the zodiac with it's upper half and it's lower half, spinning around each day.
so Pisces are mirroring Aries 
so sometimes - like now,  holy ire, and Aquarius is mirroring Taurus - and  into  Taurus - Land
 eyeing from above the eagle of Gods ire according to man god Uranus god of reckoning

So the holy ire of man god mirroring holy peace in Pisces with the child - in God's lap - and the begin of everything in this lap in the dark.

and Mercury pulls his swift closeness to Sun mirroring loop-wards backwards and his realms of traveling accounting brain-working and harlotry
through the stern Capricorn with his sardonic grin
for another load of fathers messages

and this week - that's the central message - this week
in quiet consent with God' dead sons our fathers
holy to Pluto the divine master of Scorpios
magical image-cooker
generating the chains of generations
from the father to the unborn

man-free and father-true
are excluding in low spirit
and even are fighting in the middle realm of soul
and passion
but in the council of the gods
in air and spirit
no one excludes no one
cause all are from God
so this is calling us earthlings
to mirror 
shadows included

Carl Jung essential Uranian

somewhere  said
man opts his God
doesn't make him
this is one of the slowest and by that most essential weeks
in his record of resonances along ll the years
a rare kind of Mercury - week
Gods dead sons and mans divine ire
in the message of the flying messenger
this load Mercury has to carry and with him - in the earthly mirror
the travelers and talkers of all times
in the real mirror of the non - temporal
non temporality = always minus temporal
formular for "spirit" in the four quadrants 

or air in the four elements

back to the remaining week (minus Moon)

being relatively banal 
compared with the Mercury thing and "thing"
the gods in the zodiac of this week
are going on being moved by their own momentum
addicted to their own frequencies
without someone else's resonances

and with one exception the visiting business
with the gods of our eon  is resting

the exception in Venus having a "blue" day

meaning a visit at one of the eon gods of the air element 
and their transformational spirit
as the chart above indicates Venus is visiting blue Sun and Mercury

swelling is the coming  union of  Venus' above her heavy and dense masses and  tight couples
with young fresh spirit by the leaves of our eon - tree 
which are filled with the curiosity of the air element
and the give-fire in the heart of the air element
the fire of spirit
on Sunday until Monday following week

and Jupiter - soon to be caught-up on his circle around the sun by by Earth - backwards striding

in slow motion above gone ways of utility

not being unnoticed by Saturn in Jupiter's fatherly apartments
and the spirit/leave/resonance of Venus with the spirit of the eon
has in the father of the zodiac Capricorn's Saturn  the non - temporal receiver

and by that emerges that finally the images of the father and the son are constellated in the fourth and sixth mirror by the Mercury-Pluto-Uranus event between heaven and earth this week - and the last three years  which - according to an astrologic master who has passed - is the contradiction between the saint and the cleric

and those whose heart has an abundance of "air" or spirit are happy with Sun in Aquarius that their time has come again in midwinter and nearness to God


 verity plays  inaudibly for acoustical resonances
with Neptune at the ground of it's maritime sandbox

while Mars is preparing the hot rings of eternity
on the fire of the immolators 

while Saturn is going on to look over the shoulders of the son
in regard to the restricting conditions of age

and Venus finally - before getting "eonic" on Sunday - will have the experience

of another of these banal Capricorn - weeks in which the earthly goods prove to be
encumbering at the narrow gate in the time - wall

and Luna and with her the intimate part of the truth of each week

is wandering from the pleasure in the shadow of the Leo - oasis
til the call for action of Scorpio

and around the middle of the week Virgo Mercuria and Venus Goddess of the seesaw for two

are sharing the resonances in the mirror

and on Thursday transition of the shadow to the "you"

and on Sunday to the "only-You"

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Montag, 18. Januar 2016

The Electric Man in Midwinter and Nearness to God

1. 18. - 25. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
  (click to enlarge)

1. 20. 2016

out of the given flows the new

out of the week the week skims

each does it in it's way

no one does it like this one

in eternity

the unknown star or god for  your
universe among all others
JUNG called

and always ahead

  the east where the days lights are

and the West where the presence and the light is
in the evening of all of us
as an empire
within us

and up front in the east of presence
 a mornings striding still like  in Aries  
the electric human in pole position
spiritual fulfilled of resonance
by the chain of fathers
and the immeasurable wild

now behind, 

in the West
in the condition of Virgo
goddess of pragmatism
 Sagittarius Jupiter is still ready
to inspire with a spirit of union
in which everyone is free to the land
whose spirit on shares

bottom line
below horizon of everyday

there are two heavenly actors

to inspire everybody like sun shines on everybody
they are 
Uranus and Jupiter

and if we do - in a little thought-experiment -

sort the gods of the zodiac on three heaps

and we level the heap first four "elementary" 
that of the four of the second level  "psychic"
and the four of the third layer "spiritual"

regarding the spirit as a mighty "given"
invisible like air
but with it's three realms in the zodiac

this is the house or village of astrology
part of the elements
part of psyche
and part of spirit

parts within one 
so far and so near
and the one doesn't know the father
until the father is found as an islands
 heavenly oxygen
in onefelf

And insofar the astrologers see the Pisces sharing the 1., the eastern mirror of the horizon with Aries
as well as at the western end Venus and Mercuria share  the 6th mirror between Libra and Virgo in the evening of the day.

So in Aries of the morning-mirror fighting for the wild land

man is Uranus the human god
called "anthropos" in the old Greek civilization
- in this chronicle the "electric man" with the same meaning -
waves mirroring shots
the light man 12 and 1
together in the mirror of the morning

and falling in the evening-mirror of our species
Jupiter the god above of vast country
each one of its creatures clothed with abundance of land
the natural earth
its spirit is Jupiter
as a more southern sky
than Saturn's one is a more "northern" or polar one

as of Virgo hosting Jupiter this year
goddess of Virgoness 

Mercuria is telling in the  third mirror about earthly brisance of
mans actions
about the second week of moving back though the official 
chambers of publicly ruling Capricorn approaching 
 happening in the third mirror done off the chains of the fathers

manufactured by faith in the depths of psyche

5th mirror in zodiac
possible by silent pray of  soul
for waver of flesh in midst the elements
so Scorpio  and Sun
so liability and
heart's  burning for love
 producing the species 

and in this mirror of waver and play Mars

goes on this week 
to call the heart for the fight  for the new conscious old moral
of the 5th mirror
with the everlasting dead and the everlasting coming as psyche in
 in the psyche
Mars is the eagle crying above the
wilderness of beginning in in each 's world
of the child's morning in God's lap

and what about Venus of the morning

and the evening

what is she coming for this week in the west?

with Venus
gravity is moving  under the grace
of the presence of grace and with her  the herds are moving through this final
air-and - fire - week for months of our eon
fire means the beginning of ... 
consisting  of virtual red Sun  = new sovereignty
and virtual red Venus = new balance
for the eon
man has been created eon-sensible
as man has been created cannabis-sensible
as he has been created I-don't know-what-sensible
this is the belief in this chronicle

and the prognosis naturally is that for gravity
that it dwells above the eon - in the mirror of grace -

meaning inter alia

the goddess of gravity and presence called Venus
is facing the end of her current residence on this side of the time wall
stepping back into the yonder of the end
for a time in the non-temporal cross in the universe

and for her divine hermaphrodite mirror-sister

Virgo Mercuria 
after the Sun-Earth-Mercury - harmony
last week now at the end of the week is awaiting
the paradox Earth-Mercury-Pluto - Harmony
paradox because naturally
is possible what is on e elementary level
is excluding each other
(see Carl Jung, Mysterium Cunjunctionis)

therefore Adam

and Eve additional

* * *

 and Sun is relocating this week

into the middle of Winter
and nearness to God which is attributed to Aquarius
and on Wednesday the giving
acquires wings of spirit

and the father- and- child-resonances in heaven
are drifting out of horizon for the living and the dead
till a new rise since May and Saturn goes on flying solo above the fatherly
rooms of the son

where  coincidentally

gloss and gravity of the matutinal (and vespertinal)
Venus flash up in the mirror of earthly resonances
spirit and soul  just in square
like Sagittarius and Virgo
like certainty and doubts
resonating  this week 
another time
with Venus and Jupiter
gravity and  width
in rare divine resonanceand now about Moon and Cancer and
about darkness in the tropics
and for the stream
and the hiking dream and
the traveling anchor
as far as the night contains the anchor of the day

Moon in the heaviness of Taurus

what might it be valuable for
the darkness 
till Tuesday forenoon

then as shadow in the measured measures of the Twins
elementary spirit
till Thursday

and since Thursday then till Saturday evening

the lord and god of the fourth element

the dark and moisty
inner skins of the earth
deep in the middle of the brightness of the day
darkly circling
Moon the light uniting the silhouettes

of the night

then however stepping into the brightness of the day
called Leo and King 
until and into the coming week
in forceful paradox

and here our common eon
in the common eonic week
with the dead of the centuries back to
 1305 intuiting
1604 sensing
1802 being
1980 thinking

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Montag, 11. Januar 2016

Saturn-Neptune - Fare Well to Guilt

1. 11. - 18. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

1. 13.2016
now with the first wave of  Saturn-Neptune-Resonance having it's silent crash
  looking back
 might be the time, to remember what Wolfgang Döbereiner in his sarcasm called
 „die Spielwiese“  (play-meadow)
i in his column  "house 10" he
realizes Neptune like
" 1 the benchmarks of the outer life and it's shapes
interdict to the child the to play out
it's sorry "Eigenart"

Refuge in imaginary "Scheinwelt"
(all English translations refer to bogus, in German the meaning is more
 say "neutral")
reservations for Feeling

Separation of inner and outer life -
'esse' as an island


Feelings of intimidation by ( partially imaginary)

(Döbereiner, Astrologisch – homöopathische Erfahrungsbilder … , München 1982)

mundanomaniac - as Pisces - chronicler with Sun in 10th house 
experience these sentences of another  astrologer 
- Master Dö to me - as
challenging, the more so in the transmission
into the language of the more or less freaky americans
with their Sakers and Larchmonters and Yves

mundanomaniac has received these sentences
about Saturn - Neptune at the beginning of the eighties
as an artwork of a thinking Pisces
  to be called a gem
truth, as like a child talks,  is, like
Döbereiner recognizes
"interdicted" - at least since school - and substituted by

and mundanomaniac himself
Saturn - Neptune  fools child
- still undivided - 
dreaming on his island
which is slowly slowly arising above
the sea ...

Döbereiners birth Moon in Twins dreams - to me -
into the width 
of the feedback - control -logic of life
therefore his derivation into homeopathy

Saturn-Neptune unites the sphaires of the fathers

an the child
as a child of 1928 Döbereiner reads somewhere the

"Minority lie" as for example that of the
 the "Jews"

different Jung:

"The nature of the delivering symbol is that of a child, i.e. the child-likeness
or presupposionlessness of the attitude  belongs to the symbol and it's function. 
This "childlike" attitude brings with it eo ipso that instead of self-willingness
and rational purposefulness  an other  leading principle takes place whose "god-likeness"
is tantamount with "superiority". This leading principle is of irrational nature 
wherefore it appears in the shroud of the wonderful ... Jesaia (9,5) "For unto us a child is born!
A son is given to us! He will take over the rule. He is called "Wonderful Counselor", "Mighty God", "Eternal Father", "Prince of Peace".
He will extend the rule and will bring lasting peace
  C.G. JUNG, G.W. 6, S. 280 f. (German ed.)
If the "Cancer"- disposition is very young - what it is not and shall it not be in
house 12
but merely resolution or devolution

  therefore Döbereiner:
instruction for life
 that the collective demands no longer allow a being

Oasis of calm no longer given resp. no longer will be found

The strength and will to comprehend something and thereby potentially
making a change possible
are no longer given by the current conditions.
To evade the persecution is no so easy. The enemy is sitting in oneself. (
In contrast by ASC-Cancer with Moon in house 1 however the "island"
might be found, which over decades prepares to rise over the sea level
(in German sea - mirror") to become dry land

 whose sea level (mirror)? 
That of lies, or,  being the same, the being forgotten  already in life
by whom? oneself
so much for Saturn - Neptune the determination by name of the

but also so much for king and child in the sky above
maybe meanwhile dry land became island

remembered with anxiety as child-devouring Kronos
relieved as persevering child Zeus
accompanied by the highest son Jupiter
through the eons
as well as through our eon
having accompanied us over hundreds of years 
willing to accompany us more  hundreds of years
through the seas of eternity

In this week we  together with Mars and Venus are invited
as visitors of the eon
of our eon

resonances of the week with the eon

Mars our not always tender door opener unites this week with the old green spiritual god aka  heavenly type of feeling element water  accompanyied by  the feeling of man on his way to the exit . .. to the origin of the former feelings as spirit
Venus our young blue goddess of collection and association within the spirit (air-element since 1980). kisses us this week in her young appearance at 17° Sagittarius - and for her also is awaiting the young blue spirit-Neptune, the air-child of our eon at coming weekend and into the following week to clean the spirit of the eon - watching from the distance. Chance for us passengers of this eon to harken carefully

Saturday.16. 2016Lifting the sanctions against the Iran
Mars with Uranus of water
Venus with Neptune of air
Uranus = suspension
Neptune = solution

and more along the current week of the travelling continents

and actors

Mercury moves on in his paradox run backwards through Capricorn  towards  a final
 intensive course of the week in official and "official" message. Good example of the Capricorn-message this week received by Mercury, coming back from the short flight in spiritual realm of Aquarius, re-transforming vision into word, is the contribution of Saker, a former military-Analyst,  in his blog to his worldwide community among which nolens volens also the chronicler is to find, is the contribution of Saker and his  slightly  wonderful commentariat fitting to the activated archetypus of the eon.
Further in the week, further in the five weeks of Sun in Capricorn, the strength of donating of the measure-giving deity in which male shape it ever might veiled.
 And Mars in Scorpio opens doors for the loss which,  encumbering the contemporary ones facilliating the coming ones  necessarily.

 Venus in Sagittarius collects the insights which become possible for the spirit, if every contrariness is considered as being ordered within the  circular collocation of all contributors.

Jupiter in Virgo effecting the good, the fitting coincidence, unites himself in resonance with Venus to a strong quarter-circle or square of application and spirit.

Pluto and Uranus in their square from Capricorn to Aries keep remaining in resonance between obligation and outbreak of instinct, Pluto awaiting the visit of Mercury backwards.

With Moon the in-official remnant- or main-existence is wandering through the all-weekly routines. 
Till Friday again it is the height of spirit, Aquarius and then the depths of hunch of Pisces, which wants to mirroror in being, 

then till Sunday noon Moon shares the chase of the young wanting to gain space.

then finally, since Sunday noon Moon shines above the associations for wall- and mural-building for to secure the collections of diligence.

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Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Astrology with the Saker

This series of holidays ending with the three bright days eventually led me to the Saker. His "Essential Saker" laying open on my desk, and his "Submarine in the Desert" reminded me once again of May 2014
and my incredulous consternation with the Maidaniotes and my consolatory encounter with the Saker of the Vineyard.

And suddenly, yesterday, there was it - this idea: Sakers first Blog, the "birth"- horoscope of his blog. And the striking outburst into this avalanche of being read. This must be  exemplarily discernible .

How does something like that look like? The astrological language names the constellation, necessary for such unexpected becoming known with the following actors- gods - archetypes:
1. a beginning, an outburst = Mars

3. something unexpected = Uranus
 2. an extension, stretch-out = Jupiter
These three, if connected in a resonance-connection called constellation, can be connected in a conjunction, an opposition, or a square. These 4 main-constellations represent the basic four elements, directions, seasons, 90° angles ... that make one whole entity in the philosophy of the zodiac.
So here is the chart of Sakers first blog (written sometimes in February) with the time-stamp of 2:19 on May 2.

2007. 5. 2. 2:13
(No idea where Saker dwells, I took a city in the middle and voted intuitively the west-coast. I got an Ascendent (ASC = the grade of heavens 360° passing the eastern horizon) of 9,5° Aquarius. A validation resulted in that  west-most Pensacola had 19° 23', northern-most Tallahassee had 4°41', and Miami had 11° 45' each in Aquarius.) 
Now the outermost time-ring of the chart,  shows the rhythmical journey of 7 years, starting 2007 from the ASC in steps of 7 months. The  journey of the ASC in both directions shows the two dimensions of everything: with the sun (green): meaning, with the zodiac (red): appearance.
The time-ring shows the development from 5.2.2007 till 5.1.2014, thus ends just, when or short before the blog "exploded".
If we now step though the 12 houses instead of 7-month in 7-year-periods, then we have exactly after 7 years on May 1. the rhythmically relocation from house 1 to house 2, from the rule of Aquarius to the rule of Pisces, and in that moment in time, the above-mentioned constellation was reached.
A textbook-case, that thankfully Saker made available. And who looks again notes, that the constellation has another partner: it is Mercury in square/opposition-resonance with his  partners: the  verbally competence in the 5th house of  sovereign expression of  personal passion.

The extension indicated by Jupiter is above in the 11th house. Planets and lights in this house indicate  "anonymous meaning in the cradle" of  the idea. And with Aquarius at the ASC the meaning is "nearness to God", or is the superior or third kind of spirit (= air-element) in zodiac. And the ideas are coming by resonance as "angelos", gr. messengers,  indicated by Uranus together with Mars = opening doors, under the folks = 2. house. And the god of parsing in the sign of parsing, the Twins,  indicates the expression of analyses.
It's obvious, Saker entered his wheeler in a high meaningful moment, and what arises from that depends on what he carries with himself be it knowledge, spirit or character.

But one does not  accidentally enter one's blog.
 Second idea today: Saker and me.

Also my 'Astromundane Diary' is a 2007er. (I hear the demon whispering: couldn't you have started like him on May 2. instead of April 19. ?)  But I'm sure as hell, everything has exactly it's time. So this is my chart of the first post of the "Mundanes Tagebuch" to my German speaking countrymen.
4. 19. 2007, UTC 17:27, Murnau
Mundanes Tagebuch, first Blog

Only by the way: by the first glimpse it's to be seen , that there is no outburst after 7 years, at most after 14 years, when Jupiter is reached with an extension in house 2 (= within the community) in connection with Uranus' surprising freedom of expression in house 5.

Second idea with Saker today: to look for my first Saker - experience, which I saved: I still remember
it was on the sad (Mariupol) May 9.:

And here the chart of the piece:
5. 9. 2014
Naples FL, 18:43
The 'coarse structure' (Master Dö) to keep the long story short:
ASC Scorpio = the image storage, Pluto, ruler of Scorpio, is in Capricorn = the rigor of the scale, in 3. house = the display of the leading images in the rigor of the scale.
Sun the gift: in Taurus = the community.

Finally, why has just this contribution opened myself to the Saker?

The answer is in something of  the moment of Saker's saving "The Beauty..." in accordance with my horoscope. This something is visible in the "transits" of that moment on my chart:

2. 26. 1942
Transit 5.9.2014, UTC 22:43
 Each arrow on my chart indicates a main-resonance of Saker's "Beauty ..." with my fate:

Simple arrow = conjunction, union of different lights,
Double arrow = Opposition, union of contradictions
Rectangle arrow = square, paradox union of contradicting elements
As one can see, there is a decent number of hits. But these ones:
are moving in such a slow speed, that they are to be counted out, being "transits" for months and even years, activating  their mirror-archetypes within my psyche with no specific meaning for the day and moment.

Remaining are these:

The MC (medium coeli) ist the highest place, the  noon-place, in a chart. It's the place and moment, where the non-temporal spirit enters time. Hitting my Pluto means, the spirit of Saker's post enters my image-storage.
Venus-resonance out of Aries hits exactly my ASC = my essence. Meaning: personal resonance with a community, and metaphor of harmonious partition, according to Venus as ruler of Taurus and Libra.

Mars-resonance out of Libra close to my ASC, meaning: beginning (=Mars) of an encounter with a simile of harmonious partition (Libra). But as Mars was in that position nearly 4 weeks, the meaning remains, but not specifically for the moment or the day but for all those four weeks.
1.   In the moment of Saker's posting  "Beauty Will Safe the World" the MC = spirit of the message at 4° Leo is identical with my astrology (image- shack) according to my Pluto of 1942.
2. In the moment of Saker's posting  "Beauty Will Safe the World", the meaning, which  Venus, according to Libra,  is lifting off the depth of the unconsciousness of the ASC and is changing it into an idea and thus bringing it to origin and consciousness as actuality, these two in one are in "Beauty's" 6. house as consciousness of conditions - and as such  is hitting my personal essence.

And if you take a look at the hero we share, you will notice ...

7.10.1952, Leningrad
Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin 
that he shares his ASC exactly with Saker's "Beauty...".
What a surprise to me in the end.

Appendix 1.6.2014

Today Saker  issued a technical warning referring to the elusiveness of the domain-registering company.
Here for the present 7 years since 5.1.2014 the chart.

Sakers Blog 2. Septar
from 2014 - 2021
(click to enlarge)

Mercury is in resonance with Neptune (green) and Saturn (blue) since July 2015, when the seven months of Pisces took over the rhythm emerging  from the ascendant the upper bow from east to west. Similar
at the lower bow Cancer took over and Moon is in resonance to Uranus, disturbing the 3. house, which represents the display. Uranus (orange) is the one to abolish  order.
The "window" for these disturbances will be open till end of January, then forget about is.

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