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Wow! What a Week - Conjunctions, Squares and Eon-Whirls

1. 4. - 11. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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if I write what everybody 
I don' believe in it
if I write what I see
nobody understands me
there will be a time
man will be acquainted
with his myths
that's my thrust

Wednesday 1. 6. 2016

strange, how Mercury

is traveling
Greeks knew him as "angelos"

" the messenger"
of the father

astrology has him
as the lower of three types of
"air" aka spirit

kind of physical spirit
German "Erdgeist"

air-realm of Aquarius
or the "Waters above heaven"
of Moses 

paradox nearness to God
of the child's

this entire week till

Friday night
Mercury will be in the air-realm
where the birds are watching man


Home on a kite we fly
Home on a breeze we blow
Eyeing the folks below 
Watching  everybody run
Each one heading to a different place
Watching everybody hide
Each behind a different face


Cat Stevens 1975

here in the high air-realm

of the vision
"idea" of an entirety
a short flight till Friday night

then back
leaving Aquarius again for Capricorn
and leaving over earth for 
height of  earth
above the highest valley
for another five weeks then
Mercury fueling
fatherly meaning

the more strange
this short dive into the heights
until Friday
 the paradox spirit of  truth
as seen from above

and this has as resonance - duet
Mercury and Mars
earth spirit in highest air sign

wrestling with
earth-fire in middle water sign
or free spirit wrestles
with bound soul for union

and you will find
them both together in a resonance-vortex 
from our eon
as Mars walks on Monday over the
710 years old time ridge
of the water element
and the virtuel campf of father Saturn and
son Jupiter in the
Kings Conjunction of our eon
in the water element

so on monday eon -whirl of feeling
from  the inner depth  to the surface
as Mars traveling  is ire and fire
and beginning burst out of
the image-storage of Scorpio
in us
since 1305

voice of ire Mars and 
voice of brain Mercury
in duet this week
and thereby Mercury himself  is  passing 
an eon - whirl 
stemming off the height of air-element
where the winged  Mars of the air-element
waits since 1980
for the breakthrough of the spirit of beginning
to the idea of the whole

and in resonance till Friday

said traveling  Mercury
in the realm of winged messengers
flying over the measure and habit
of earth

This is the first of three squares aka paradoxes this week  with actors in  air and water
or spirit and feeling.
The second one provides the father Saturn together with Venus in conjunction in square with Neptune the
divine child. This is between fire and Water or action and feeling.
The third one has Sun and Pluto in conjunction squaring Uranus. This is between collection and  spreading or earth and fire. So this week three paradoxes are to unite - what mother nature does a million times in any moment quietly - but is a big stumble stone for the young  human consciousness.

so now to the second square

Venus is the goddess of presence said Goethe

this week she unites with father Saturn
who keeps all measures even those of the presence
in  resonance with child Neptune's deep spirit
of solution

and here we are at the third square

Sun  or heart
in Capricorn calls those children into life
who carry the gift of measure and border
to give it away
and this week Sun or heart does so 
in union with Pluto-or- waver
the ruler and cleaner of the image - storage
in us
in fierces opposition to
"anything goes"
stemming from the ancestors
back to Adam and Eve
and the two of them in high earth
are in resonance with Uranus in Aries

Uranus and Pluto are
since more than two years in the dialog 
between the receiver and the keeper 
of the images which call the whole of nature
into the varieties of time
and Sun adds the sovereign
called heart
in this blessed week

so far
now mundanomaniacs vision
for 2016
as provided by Moscows
late summer morning in time ...

Earth Element
31. Septar of  7.17. 1832
UTC 4:38
Moscow for 7 years

and there in

simile of this week
Sun the sovereign gift 
and Pluto
the guard at corpus

Gift of measure and border

guarding civilisation of man
containing Aries - brisance
provided by spirit

and Jupiter doesn't provide

any connections
but shares the joy of Mercury
in this free spiritual week
may one say holiday
in Aquarius
self surfing
in the knowns of Virgo
and one has to be there for the reception, when every other is in paradox action in this week
and it is, as always Moon and with Moon the female sex in women and men whose doing the laundry is  more of  weight than most state-acts and in whose not so bright nightlight the more conciliatory solutions might to be found.

so Moon with his milder dreamlight on the soulpath
to spirit like every month
leading this week far into spirit till nearness to God
 in Aquarius heavenly realm

since noon today  definitely in spiritual realms
of the zodiac
and the only one of the four spiritual realms
Sagittarius is spirit in time
here Moon surrenders to passionless observation
called pure conception
and provides the depth of inner movement

Friday afternoon till Sunday night then

Moon softens the sharp light of Capricorn
with day bright Sun within
nobody watches Moon in New Moon
by senses


added might be again the chart of our rulers

the travelling gods, archetypes, charges, whatever
visits payed
to the virtual gods of the four elements
of our eon
for this week

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