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Heavenly Immolators, Man-Free and Father-True in the Mirror of the Flying Messenger

1. 25. - 2. 1. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  1. 25. 2016 

an old couple

Gods son "man"
to me Uranus in the sky
fishing human spirit

in the wilderness of human spring
on earth
in resonance with Pluto
to me the "god of the wedding  - ring"
connecting the fathers

as givers and takers of daughters
above all generation mirroring 
in presence

so, by the way, the first and last three signs in the zodiac appear   psychicly 
in the "human"rhythm of 7 - wheel of time in  weeks, so the magic of holy 7 x holy 12 
84 - time of life-circle

The first 21 years are mirroring the "last" 21 in the circle. 0 - 21 mirroring 63 - 84. How do we know?
Heritage, the zodiac with it's upper half and it's lower half, spinning around each day.
so Pisces are mirroring Aries 
so sometimes - like now,  holy ire, and Aquarius is mirroring Taurus - and  into  Taurus - Land
 eyeing from above the eagle of Gods ire according to man god Uranus god of reckoning

So the holy ire of man god mirroring holy peace in Pisces with the child - in God's lap - and the begin of everything in this lap in the dark.

and Mercury pulls his swift closeness to Sun mirroring loop-wards backwards and his realms of traveling accounting brain-working and harlotry
through the stern Capricorn with his sardonic grin
for another load of fathers messages

and this week - that's the central message - this week
in quiet consent with God' dead sons our fathers
holy to Pluto the divine master of Scorpios
magical image-cooker
generating the chains of generations
from the father to the unborn

man-free and father-true
are excluding in low spirit
and even are fighting in the middle realm of soul
and passion
but in the council of the gods
in air and spirit
no one excludes no one
cause all are from God
so this is calling us earthlings
to mirror 
shadows included

Carl Jung essential Uranian

somewhere  said
man opts his God
doesn't make him
this is one of the slowest and by that most essential weeks
in his record of resonances along ll the years
a rare kind of Mercury - week
Gods dead sons and mans divine ire
in the message of the flying messenger
this load Mercury has to carry and with him - in the earthly mirror
the travelers and talkers of all times
in the real mirror of the non - temporal
non temporality = always minus temporal
formular for "spirit" in the four quadrants 

or air in the four elements

back to the remaining week (minus Moon)

being relatively banal 
compared with the Mercury thing and "thing"
the gods in the zodiac of this week
are going on being moved by their own momentum
addicted to their own frequencies
without someone else's resonances

and with one exception the visiting business
with the gods of our eon  is resting

the exception in Venus having a "blue" day

meaning a visit at one of the eon gods of the air element 
and their transformational spirit
as the chart above indicates Venus is visiting blue Sun and Mercury

swelling is the coming  union of  Venus' above her heavy and dense masses and  tight couples
with young fresh spirit by the leaves of our eon - tree 
which are filled with the curiosity of the air element
and the give-fire in the heart of the air element
the fire of spirit
on Sunday until Monday following week

and Jupiter - soon to be caught-up on his circle around the sun by by Earth - backwards striding

in slow motion above gone ways of utility

not being unnoticed by Saturn in Jupiter's fatherly apartments
and the spirit/leave/resonance of Venus with the spirit of the eon
has in the father of the zodiac Capricorn's Saturn  the non - temporal receiver

and by that emerges that finally the images of the father and the son are constellated in the fourth and sixth mirror by the Mercury-Pluto-Uranus event between heaven and earth this week - and the last three years  which - according to an astrologic master who has passed - is the contradiction between the saint and the cleric

and those whose heart has an abundance of "air" or spirit are happy with Sun in Aquarius that their time has come again in midwinter and nearness to God


 verity plays  inaudibly for acoustical resonances
with Neptune at the ground of it's maritime sandbox

while Mars is preparing the hot rings of eternity
on the fire of the immolators 

while Saturn is going on to look over the shoulders of the son
in regard to the restricting conditions of age

and Venus finally - before getting "eonic" on Sunday - will have the experience

of another of these banal Capricorn - weeks in which the earthly goods prove to be
encumbering at the narrow gate in the time - wall

and Luna and with her the intimate part of the truth of each week

is wandering from the pleasure in the shadow of the Leo - oasis
til the call for action of Scorpio

and around the middle of the week Virgo Mercuria and Venus Goddess of the seesaw for two

are sharing the resonances in the mirror

and on Thursday transition of the shadow to the "you"

and on Sunday to the "only-You"

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