Mittwoch, 28. April 2021

Of Realms Venus is ruling Six - Sharing with Analyst Mercury the Challenge by Jupiter to Reconcile


4. 28.  - 5. 5. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"Let me thank you cordially for your paintings and the text
[...] I find your technique has improved amazingly. One
of your paintings is nearly like of the holy Hildegard from
 the beginning of the  13. century, this I realized just. (Image 
of a naked figure in the center of the circle.) This seems to be
specifically feminine. With a man it's almost some abstraction,
 e.g. a geometrical figure expression of his innermost essence.
Presumably Logos and Eros , personal and unpersonal shape
the basic differences between man and woman."

C.G.JUNG, Letters,  12. 28. 1927

"Innermost Essence", what corresponds to in in a horoscope? Is it the ascendant? We call it the natural disposition. Is it the native Sun? We call it the behavior. Truly not is it the descendant, showing the innate image of the encountering complement.

For no image I find,  the male thirst being as strong as for the naked woman.

The million-obsession (therefore the super-selling 'repressisve de-sublimation' in the seventieth)

of the since then bought '68ers', now in green, whose children are now in the fortieth

and their parents in the seventieth.

When JUNG talks of our innermost substance then in the zodiac it correlates with Cancer, 
the way into the interior, wherever this sign is ruling in the horoscope of the individual, and
wherever Moon is executing it.

In some, e.g. my   my image of nativity, the first house belongs to Cancer with Moon in it
telling as much as 'outwardly visibility of the interior of all of us'.


the swinging soul
of all

appearance of vigorous softness

in  the rhythm of fulfilling intrepidity

of the feminine

in the innermost

of the male music

the first house makes
immediate impulses
visible for

once again the 16. week

after three weeks igniting Mars-ruler-ship and the escalation of the Ukraine.crisis, last week started obviously the securing and delimitative phase of Venus-ruler-ship, which found it's expression in the address of President Putin

7. 10. 1952 Leningrad

in front of the assembly of both chambers of the Russian Nation.

And now the

17. Week 2021 in God's name

the attacker
first week of Mars under
fire under water
in Cancer

to read like an inner
drive for destroy for renewal
executed by Moon = feeling
in two- and- a -half-day-steps
from Scorpio to Aquarius
rolling though the week

last not least
the temper of Mars
in Cancer
is mirroring the spirit of
owing to
Cancer mirroring 


Venus meanwhile
securing instinct
demonic greed and social humanity
together with Mercury
the analyst
through the week in which
at home in Taurus
is overlordess of 
six signs
ruled by four 

and Venus together with  Mercury in the conjunctions of fire and earth

beginning on Monday

have their union of the year

positions of the Kingsconjunctions
in the four elements
here fire and earth
 I hold for them being
kind of  'gas-stations' filled with
spirit and realism
 this week unloading  into
Venus and Mercury
spirit-energy and earth-hunger
for the great gestalt of man
called by God
out off the four   elements

1305 Water
1603 Fire
1802 Earth
1980 Air

17. Week further

current Sun-in
at home in
roots and security
uniting six rhythms
at home in the social herd
on Friday/Saturday
united with the heavenly spirit
of Uranus


thereby configurating
in the 10-years
Saturn square Uranus
slowly fading away
of the the enduring
in stone and
most artificially connected
by bridgings
of tower and arc


while Mercury
and Venus next week
united in square
of stride and love
with Jupiter's
comprehensive spirit
of conciliation
by creation
in  union with the


Murnau, April 28. 2021, UTC : 15:54.


Mittwoch, 21. April 2021

Saturn and the The Spirit in the Parish


4. 19 - 28.  2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"You might perhaps remember, that I wrote, 
the myths would be thought in man, without him
knowing something about it".

Lèvi- Strauss, Wildes Denken, (Wild Thought) 1973, p. 15

"I feel like being a place, at which something happens, at 
which is no I present. Each of us is a kind crossroad, on
which sundries happens. The crossroad itself is entirely
 passive, something happens on it ..."

ibid. p 15

"The consciousness frequently knows few or  nothing 
about it's  changes and likewise wants nothing to know
about it; the more dictatorial and convinced of the 
eternal validity of it's truth it carries itself, and the more 
assure it is of it, the more it identifies  with it. With this 
the  monarchy of sol (Sun), who is a natural God goes beyond
to a human King, who personifies the superior concept and
therefore has to share it's fate. In the world of appearances
the law, taking effort,  is panta reithe eternal transition, 
and it seems, that all truth is changing, and that only what is 
changing remains true. Anything ages and deserves renewal."

C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Coniunctionis, Col.W. 14/2 § 168

panta rei -  the truth of this 'wild thought' is the truth of the 

fourth element,
ruled by

and fourth has the meaning: completeness 

Cancer = completeness 
on the level of the

biographical: me and ...

'wild thought'of the ethnologist was it, in which I psychically browsed 18 years after KARL MARX  1963 and 5 years before C.G.JUNG, 1985  in the open grasslands of the wild thoughts between Walter Benjamin and Hyemeyohsts Storm  a voyage of me,  father in Hamburg + four years old son a journey acoss tha land all going south from German  North to the antipodes south Bavaria,visiting my new

 unknown brother and friends
fate and
woman and master
in same week
chronicler and
scholar of own prong
under the university
of God
found by God
and constantly will to be found
in the vineyards of
Bollingen and Florida
with her
who God sent me
by his eternal flesh
as father of  his daughter
my loved woman

This ideal of easy life together at your prong is it, which keeps healthy: the flow together until the sea from the well until  the mouth : the way of water mirrored by the way of fire.

 So thereafter - and before - 
Scorpio helps
  waiver of everything
 not fitting into  the winded
only so to  be-filled with life at 
nearly 100%

 That with  as modest as total waiver - Jesus's 'soft yoke' ( Matth. 11.30) key to the collective luck of man,  own measure not given in  consciousness - having to be worked out in the workshop of love, discipline  uniqueness and notion.

For the 12 keys have to come together
each God in man
under his consciousness is
filing his own edge 
to be promoted by I
by taking note consciously.

The chronicler has to describe the weekly table, the heavenly workshop of the ever-calling  six calls of God above the six earthly days of creation in the Horoscope man,  ' Anthopos', the zodiacal man and husband to 'Sophia' the spiritual child and woman of man, with the ascendant Libra, each week.
For everybody easy to work out. Astrology is to take note.

16. week in Anthopos' world of Sun's cosm

It is now Venus in her realm of Taurus, having a lot to save, to stow and to store. While Mars, now deprived of Aries' contends is coming under Moon/Luna's rule and her quick changing mood at home  - the soul ... something storming within ...

16. Week 2021

Pisces = sense
 of unconscious
 readiness for
 own origin
lent before all

invulnerable in psyche
childish truth
and innocence of the

followed by what is
ascending out of meanings
twelve houses

downfall of old towers
unless being 
like birds and spirit

here now at 12 - 13° Aquarius 
the deciding God of measure in the realm
of winged ideas
in resonance with Uranus 
in Taurus
the spirit in the parish

Where now this week Friday/Saturday

Mercury  and Venus
moving through the conjunction
with Uranus and
in square with Saturn

and on Sunday

they both  united

the spirit of fire-element
at 14,2° Taurus

Kingsconjunction  in the element fire of 1603

 met by raving
multicolored drawer 

 red Uranus 
fiery thought of renewal
human thought 
in herds
talk-magic with Mercury
united with fire-Uranus
the pushing thought of earliness
and collectoress
 goddess of wealth and balance

Here is
the narrator and his sister the collectoress
technically it is the union
of fire = inception of human thought 
 Uranus = Spirit 
in Taurus = community

into which Mercury and Venus
 part-personalities of Anthropos'
while changing
under Spirit's emergence 
below consciousness
building cloths of earliness

 what does it mean? that's the question to everyone
to experience and to reflect oneself 
thus learning to understand what it is
 with the runs 
of heaven

being left to consider: Mars, the storming rage, now having faded all his informational powder in Twins on Friday will be entering in Cancer under Moon's rule, bringing arousal into the realm of feeling.

However, in good like in bad: I love the squares, as something is budging. 

Astrology means: to notice. Understanding deserves, like with each language, exercise.

Murnau, 4 21. 2021, UTC: 16:00 and 16:25.

Dienstag, 20. April 2021

This Afternoon in Saker's Cafe

 mundanomaniac on April 20, 2021  ·  at 10:33 am EST/EDT

A comment ...

“A somewhat ambiguous announcement from the Saker ” = first sentence of first comment this cafe."

Listen: I’m as a contemporary, to learn from Putin, not to discuss with Putin. Same to me goes with the Saker.

and it's moment ...

Mittwoch, 14. April 2021

Yes - surely he is a Killer - the Best were his Good Whishes

4. 12. - 21. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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"The driving forces of a mass-psychological movement
 are of archetypal nature. Each archetype contains deepest
and highest, evil and benign and therefore is able of most
contradictory effects".

C.G.JUNG, Epilog to "Aufsätze zur Zeitgeschichte
(Articles on Contemporary History) Coll. W. 10,  § 474.

"Is the realization of an archetype not consciously
consummated, so no guaranty exist for that it will
 realize in it's benign form; rather than the danger
menaces, that a pernicious regression will  happen. 
It seems, as if the soul for this purpose has it's 
consciousness, namely to avoid such destructive

ibid. § 475

For all astrological forecasting takes effect, that always the divine healthy and the demonic varieties of the same archetype are acting in rivalry. So JUNG's statement seems to remain valid, that the same constellation one time signifies a catastrophe, the other time a catarrh. Thereby a seamless reference to GOD the unknown creator remains given:

Isajah 45. 7

"I form the light, and create
 darkness, /I make peace, and create
 evil./ I the LORD do all these things.

In the year of Saturn / Uranus
constellation 2021
of Aquarius and Taurus

where in the latter currently
has heavenly right to
for thinking spirit
on Earth

while in the former
Saturn the tower
and Jupiter the watcher
in the Aquarius of man - his origin 
by thinking

by this reason 
Saturn/Uranus personified
immortal example 

JUNG's first house
of the daily revolution
psychic man-being
Saturn's conservative

26. 7. 1875, 7:24 pm, Kesswil, Switzerland

determination: Sagittarius: Watcher
Jupiter in the 8. house of mankind

current Jupiter
with the wings of Aquarius

so these months command
to live full
communicate with
each day

create your 

Again, look at JUNG's Gestalt:

Heaven's consciousness 
(7. house)
of itself  Uranus 
in an  encounter of Heaven 
ASC Aquarius
with man's heart
by lived 
(infinite ladders)
for all of us

And here a wing of   42'ers

stretching over months
appearing all 10 -13 years as
of tower and wing

recent 0°-meetings

5' 1942
10' 1952
4' 1965
4' 1977
1' 1988
7' 1999
11' 2008
2' 2021
6' 2032

in them are resonating the
archetypal laws of
Heaven - spirit - of symbols
and Earth - spirit - of measures
above the archetypal horizon of man
who shall erect the cathedral of spirit in consciousness
like under the physical Earth
in the inner infinity
of man
inhabited by the divine archetypal family
in the scale
of a Sun-year

so also

for Capricorn and Aquarius
spirit in here
mountain-high and bird-flight
Saturn + Uranus
dominance of gestalt
in this year 
even before their

like planting little trees
for coming spiritual's grove
of Man-god Uranus
in Taurus' fertile mature landscapes

while in the demonic tight occupied
spheres of Jupiter
patience and  confidence
anonymously radiating and
the  spiritual fields of 
the living are plowed

no one has to lecture the peasant
of the seasons
and the Taurus
much less

and Venus, Lordess of herds and couples
last week this year moved till today
through the fiery wilderness of Aries
where new territory is occupied
at the place where Mars was hiking

in Twins
the narrative
non-kinetic realm
of the propagandist

the highest accessible for the astrologer seems to me to be the wise afterwards. That is after all so much more worthwhile than never become wise.  Confidently leaving the leading to the Gods, what can be more desirable for a serene mind.

orientation, language, narrative
here the demons are firing densely packed:
to occupy territory as much
as ire provides
in Twins, air-element
territory of INFORMATION

 Taurus and Libra
beginning next week
a new time-segment
by rule of
since Monday are able to
take roots in Taurus'

Goddess of roots
and balance
above the landscapes of the Earth
and the fields of the 
moves today
into the native
prairies steppes and
of the social grazing creatures
where the existence is sheltered
by the Gods of community
which  all 10 to 13 years
respect the impossible:
struggle and union of 
Heaven and (high) Earth

but Mars
is further leading the resonance
of the last weeks
in square with Neptune
by peace in the first mirror
and angry humility
in the third one
mirroring the waiver of the hero 
by temporal delivery

 6 mirrors, 15. Week 2021

and wee
all sane and
demonic warped
in the mirror of Mars
 God of sacrifice
killing and healing

archetype and God of sacrifice
for the sake of  maintaining
the species
in the state of crucifying
the subjective

by the way and anyway
our observation
our conscious - becoming


"Habentibus symbolum facilis est

("For those, having the symbol
the transition is easy".)

Master-quote of Alchemists, 
(see JUNG, Psychology and Alchemy)

in the zodiac
separating the favorable from the unfavorable
following the intuition
of the heart
so walking the way of man
as a way of god
and perceiving also this 
last week
of the energy of Aries
raging ahead
in the narrative
(Mars in Twins)
before the narrative powder
is faded entirely

"Zelensky overplayed
Biden's hand"

and here yet
 the long  basic waves
this week 
shaping our
basic gestalt
between 1305 and 2179

heart and brain

Mars - connection with 
home in the wilderness

start your communication with Heaven
do your own astrology 
feed your watcher

heaven talking Man

Murnau, 4, 14. 2021, UTC: 16:23, 


like them
those f'...'n

create and lay down them