Mittwoch, 31. Mai 2017

The Father and the Ram Unified in Opposition and the Child and the King Unite in Square

5. 29. - 6. 7. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
    of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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2017. 5.  31.

let's start with a look back
into the historical
first week of Sun in Twins 
together with Mars 

and the lion on the hill
is doing his first trip
home to the desert
roaring in Arabia

later passing via
the Old and New Testament
to Rome
to NATO Bruessels
and finally

the woman in Bavaria has it right
it was a start for all
the old times are gone
om Wednesday / Thirsday
Mars told the new rules 
in the great 10. house
of the Donald

14. 6. 1946 10:54 EDT, NY
Donald Trump

Another Präsident walking with a God 
 whole Twins - week shaking in Mars' resonances
Sun + Mars
Lion + Ram
day Nato Summit in Brussels

start in Arabia
coronation in Taormina
Mars = new Twins = rules
to deal with
Mars = the only  blunt one
in Twins = the chance of rules
with Trump's Sun =
the sovereign lion in perception
of the contradicting interests

between the old circle = Saturn in Sagittarius
and the new rules = Mars in Twins
and in Sagittarius 'the end' = Saturn of EU
and in Twins the beginning = Mars of America

bottom - line a new commencement

and apart from his president - what is the vibration of the earth-element underneath the american north? Here is the 31th Septar of the Washington - place on American soil , valuable from 
7. 17. 2012 - 17. 7. 2019
31. Septar, earth element

Remark: although being one of four elements , earth has the privilege to be the bed of life given that the other three do unite with the black element to create the order of four called life.

Now look at the read and green numbers in the outer white ring: beginning with the ASC spinning red turning left, green turning right. Now the green rhythm is unfolding meaning = Pisces, the red one is unfolding appearance, both step-wise in steps of 7 years throu the horoscope or 7 months throug a septar.

Now for southern and median USA the ASC these 7 years is Aries and Mars is entering Taurus thereby provoking the immune defense of Taurus' social bodies. The American Mars is a medicine for the world, chasing everyone into his potential defensive strength, which is as Venus positioned with the female-Sun in Cancer in the depth of the American family.

so since March
 Lions time sovereign
Sun in house 4 = family
in Cancer = surrender to feeling one's own life

strategic motto of this healthy opposition
between America and Europe
according to Mars and Saturn

"We don't need NATO
costing us a sh*t-load of bucks
if you need it
pay for it
U - Caine


so much for the last, now for the current week
this week is uniting
the contradiction between innocence and intellect
represented by Pisces and Twins
enacted by Twin- Sun in the channels of  language and number
in space
and Neptune the everpresent meaning
of TAO in the background of future = Pisces

Sun square Neptune

Talking center into the width of space
aligning with Neptune
"Gods big sponge"
in Nikos Kazatsakis'
great story of "Zorbas" 

always = the pity of God with the poor
heart of man becoming rich
so surging untill Sunday
Sun in Twins
heart on the ways of the world
square Neptune in Pisces


Mars = Beginning of a race
Saturn = End of a race
logical an exclusion
shall unite in nature in 
alternating ways 

Mars the blunt one a last week in Twins
with him the lords of communication
 in the new arived world
whose lord Mercury in Taurus
is always mirroring in the 2. mirror from above
Aquarius the sur-prise
not sub-conscious but sur-conscious
as Aquarius = heaven = air

and in Taurus is Mercury present
when also surging till Saturday
the third union this spring of ruler Uranus of Aquarius 
with ruler Venus from Taurus and Libra 
heaven and earth marry
on Saturday in the 1. mirror
of 27° Aries in Pisces

 Venus + Uranus

root + mirror + heaven
earth + sex + spirit or
matter + soul + spirit

Taurus speaks like Venus in Aries
of  new beginning
skin for the community
Mars communicated by Mercury
does that referring way and rules

might they find ears not de-noised
eyes free of distracting faszinations
and communities free of strange overlays
and Moon hikes till Friday night throug the three signs
of the 2. Zodiacal quarter hosting the feelings and their children

on Saturday Moon leaves the ego- realm
of the soul and opens to her second part
the casing of encounter which has two chambers
into  which on Tuesday morning Moon  will enter again
the realm of fullfilment and waiver
called Scorpio

Murnau, Montag, 29.5.2017, UTC: 10:30.
In English 5. 31. 2017 UTC 16:03.


Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Beginning and End Celebrating the Early Fire

5.  22. - 29. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  5. 24.  2017   

A date is like a man
unique in the proved
pathways of
the serpent time

measuring reliably according 
the non-temporal

hence the earthly/heavenly chronicler
has to deal with experiencing a piece of time
that has never been happening this way
while likewise happening incessently
the moove of traveling waves in circles

which movers are running slowly 
in the zodiac between the unniverse
and us

and the movements in the zodiac
and their meaning
is what this diary is dealing with

now to the "technique" of the diary: the diary is contemplating the changing of  conditions of the hypothetical "unified man", so to speak: the model unified male female man,  appearing as split in sexes. But the "unified man" is not split any longer but mended.
The zodiac = heavens spiral of signs beginning with 6 mirrors = days of creation.
 The zodiac has north, south east and west and with the Sun = bright day, the beginning is in the east 
Bible: God calls, elements answer in 6 days
 and celebration on the seventh day
Zodiac: Mirror number one: Pisces and Aries, number two: Aquarius and Taurus aso.

in the zodiac of each hemisphere
the spring is mirroring the winter
and the summer mirrors the autumn
21. Week 2017

the six mirrors of the unified (north-hemispheric ) man
Now, how to deal with the UM in the heavenly weathers? Answer:  Experience it. Step by step  into the enhancement of human consciousness about the dynamics more or less deep underneath the sensual perception.

Now in the 1. Mirror
of meaning and beginning
the beginning is constellated by

 Neptune in Pisces = dissolution
of all foregrounded
mirrored by
Venus and Uranus in Aries =
appearing at the surface:
the collection
of  the  new men
spearheads of a coming time
the childgod Neptune calling
 Venus and Uranus

2. mirror Mercury the divine data-gatherer and - teller
within the Taurus = gatherings
of Venus in the wild Land
 mirroring Aquarius'
visions in Aries

3. mirror
Sun and Mars 
elementary fire
and soulfire
mirroring Pluto the sacrificer in  
the fatherly Capricorn

4. mirror
Saturn from Sagittarius
is mirroring every four weeks in
Moon at home in Cancer's lap

6. mirror
Jupiter circling the worlds of love
in Libra
linking the  ties of success in the 6. mirror 
of proportion = Libra  
mirrored in health =Virgo


back to the Gods of the week
giving us signs and times
for the discovery
of one another
as living measures
of times

there is Mars in Twins
underway are beginnings  of a new
way of  bold talking the truth
also interesting for 
Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
as for the main resonances

on the way of Mercury in Taurus
the hiker in the village
  at weekend Mars and the starters reache
red Moon at 24,8° Twins
of the Kings conjunction in fire element
of  1603
in the mighty resonance with Saturn
and the fiery Grades of fire- Sun and - Venus
in 26° and 27° Sagittarius

 fire = blood and pain

red Moon = the lap of fire
home of ire
mother of the fire-child
door to the inward of the beginning
  home of earlyness
appearing is the 'pelican'
the bird = spirit
which according to a  symbol of the alchemists
tears feathers out    his breast
"to feed his young"

a projected symbol for the into- itself- retuning
process which life is

Aus Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie

The "Pelikan" called vessel of the Alchemists

Moon of fire in Twins = lap of  fire  in elementary spirit

this day we can celebrate
on Sunday with Mars and Saturn
in the 'pelican' together with the femaleness
in our ancestors on the returning
fire-Moon - day since
414 years

and with Mercury on Sunday
there will be another fire-day:

red Uranus = fiery man-spirit
in Dionysian black earth
unification of man and God at  14,2° Stier
likewise since 1603

The firebird
Aus Jung, Psychologie und Alchemie.
(Phoenix as symbol of resurrection)

and even now it's not enough in the calender of celebrations of the fire-element:

Saturn "Keeper of the threshold"
for weeks now on close contact 
with Sun and Venus of the fire - element

 as fire is on all three levels of the zodiac
the first element hence an meaningfull early-beginner celebration
is awaiting for those "plugged in"
together with the invisible spirit of  
the fire in our ancestors

Murnau, 22. 5. 2017 UTC: 12:55 
In English: 5. 24. 2017, UTC:  15:27.