Montag, 27. Juni 2016

At Home in the Moist and Visit of the Fire-Relatives

6. 27.- 7. 4. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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6. 27. 2016
Now Monday 11:14 UTC
Mercury united with the red Moon of 1603
24:48° Zwillinge

  no consciousness creates heaven/earthly  accurate strikes like this one
created by Monday -morning -routine
after breakfirst
round tour in the grid
then drawing of this one
then Kittchen Blues with the dishes
then sitdown with the chronicle
lighting candle
breathing deeply
and  ...
only this drifting through the
choosen routines
communication with woman
leading repeatedly
partly "trance" partly conscious
 like a swirl
around a center
this  hit in the center
of heaven and  earth
mirroring each other

so now red Moon what do you tell
 late in the Twins
  in the chart
you'll find a red Moon  between 24 and 25°
this Moon is quite old and it is the Moon of 10+ generations 
in the preparednes of our unconscious being guided

and the Gods did rise into the light of consciousness within thousands of years
after sleeping in the elements for billions of years
and this Mercury visit (on Monday) with red Moon
visites us - our prebirth and after-life dough -
as 'living' entity called eon 
the unconscious preparedness of the dough
according to the lights and order above
to be mirrored by earths miracles

Now,  heavenly talk is easy: "red" = Fire =  hot = early =the first of the four elements

red early fire
what are you doing with us in us
with your irrefutable impatience
Now Moon, in heavenly talk is ruler of low  moisty  floating shady  interior realms called Cancer - fouth's sign and element.
 Water - talking in Moon's language
is talking  the lower trail
is talking the moisty lap
and - with Mose -  the upper trail
of the waters
above heaven

what was, what is, what will be
with the red home 
the lap of fire
since 1603
what is with innition and Heimat
fire in water
beginning of internalisation and remembrance
what a poetry knoted in Mark Knopfler
the son of a Hungarian father and an English motherthe remembrances = Moon
with the fiery querl of catastrophes within the people of Europe
 with the genius of the newly mixed
and the conundrums of their grandchilren

so fire the element of beginning in our unconscious navigation 
severing us before we can unite
England seems to be the place of this fire of beginning

so much for Mercury and his visit of red Moon
this deep kinship in our 'software'
for a little thousand years
called eon
this highlight on Monday-noon in the Twins
is the kick off ...

... for an approach to man - encounter - onset - marvel - summer
of 2016
in the sign of other relatives in the fire element since 1603
at 25,3° Aries =
is the beginning of the visit of man - God Uranus
with fire-Pluto of 1603
the heavenly forger of the whine-cultivating man
forging the tools of the beginning
in the fire of sex
till Oktober Uranus will 'stay' with the
stirrer of the early stirring
and Uranus' current ruler Mars
in the sign of Pluto/Skorpion

indicates by whome independence
has to be sacrificed like the  freedom of thought in favor of
 a discipline in those divine moulds
according to  the simile of
 the heavenly  lights which this chronicle is following
like the date the breaths

and with this we  arrived at Mars
in Scorpio
being just in the final curve of his back-creeping interval
now forward again
 entire July and two days in August
through yet  attained terrain
 fire at will for the sacrificer  until
 then in Sagittarius again
start of reconciliation

Pluto markes the current place of the sacrifice
 in Capricorn
it's the roof
the brain
the top
where the sacrifice according to Scorpio
is located since 2008

but now for Sun and Venus and since today Mercury
in depth and lowlands 
in the dark Cancer
the moisty room of inward
the lap of creation with it's rivers
to whom the heavenly spirit-sign of Sagittarius
is the mirrorer in the  fourth of the 6 mirrors
of the zodiac

 next week Saturn the terminator in Sagittarius
will meet in the mirror with Sun and Venus
in Cancer

but this week still un-mirrored by the terminal arrow
the squandering heart receiving the homely sound and
uniting Venus receiving the
imagination of union in the lap of  intimate relatives
to which Pluto is setting the incest-barrier in zodiac
an what remained untouched till now?
the child in the sky
Jupiter the son of the father in heaven
Saturn the father himself who
remaining in Sagittarius till November 2017
he by terminating is transferring the extratemporal order into time
so the unconscious fatherlyness in resonance
with Neptune the God of cleanness in man
whose children  not yet have learned to turn a blind eye
are co-resonating
with Jupiter in waning closeness
who transfers reconciling the fatherly arrow of restraint
 into  Virgo's animated earth

and in the end Moon - to us germans a he
to the Romans Luna
the Greek Selene
both shes

radiating to us humans an alternative
to the "male" light
of the Sun
Moon Lord of the lap
or Lady of the receptiontill Wednesday-noon in Aries
with the insecurity of the free

till Friday-noon then in Taurus'
walls deposits and channels

then till Sunday-noon his light over
the ways and words
of the Twins

and Sunday-afternoon back
into the cosy home
of the moisty dreames

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In English: 6. 29. 2016, UTC 17:45

Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

After Brexit: Into the Russian Federation?

London 22:00
Closing of the polling stations

As we don't  take  the moment of conception for a horoscope
 but of first breath of the ready child
 so for a chart we take not the beginning of a polling 
but the moment,
 it is completed

It was Capricorn-hour ascending, when the referendum was ready coocked. In this Capricorn-hour entities of the top layer and of great endurance are appearing. It's the epiphany of the invisible God of  modesty which is the appropriate attitude to pass the exam of winter, polar and high regions.

And Pluto is under the aegis of Capricorn - a symbol of a moral redyness for sacrifices.

And also under the aegis of Capricorn is Moon, although being in Aquarius
but the heavenly landlord of the large first house (= appearance) hence including Aquarius, is Capricorn.
So  Moon = the feeling of the people is signifying a clear step  of conservative revolution.

Now, the ruler of Capricorn - where is Saturn?  It's the  crucial question: What is the location of the ruler of this moment - what does this mean?

The location is the house 11, which tells the answer.  The house 11 is in analogy to Aquarius. And Saturn in that one occupies the stage of lifting a ruling order and  likewise the origin of a new rulership.

And the sign/month of Sagittarius, Saturn  currently dwells in, signifies a quality of fire. It' s the spiritual fire=light of discernment, which Jung denotes as  "the son of the father" which my teacher discerned as Sagittarius - the fiery 9th sign in the zodiac of twelve.

As well moving with the Sun through the day Sagittarius is the fourth stage in the sign of an arrow coming out of the 10th sign - the nontemporal father.

So much for the ascendant
 aka what it is: the- world- after
 the elder east - British dropped  the- E-Bomb
more of the same
from Nato + EU

Global leadership
more of the same
kicked in it it's a*

more ist to come

sometimes ago
a sweet young Jew said to a friend of mine
"we can travel to where we want in the world
everywhere are  our people ready to
host one

is the world that be hence
to be governed
by a tribe?
without any rassism
governed by one tribe?
I wouldn't mind
if they were the humble
part of them
off which Jesus Crist emerged

I cant imagine a solution
without them
but only  one with less weight
on the scale 

Well so far for the Sun: together with Venus in the sixth house signifying - in analogy to Virgo - the ruling Goddess or stage  of modulation - Sun in Cancer - the receiving Sun - tells about  - how sovereignity appears - and Venus tells abaout the roots and and the two scales of happyness and all that is governe by the ruler of 6th house Mercury and he is in a very special resonance

if we translate Mercury  = media so this moment is one of profound resonance of media with the very big one. It's the resonance since autumn 2015 between the nontemporal spirits of Neptune the child= future and Saturn  the father= de- terminal-  and  this spring Jupiter retrograd joined the band and added to father and child a third God: the son - and this week Mercury joins the resonance and in this time the referendum was cast.
But we are not yet ready: 

In what kind of voices does that resonate united around Mercury the story-teller?
Now with Neptune it's resolution, with Saturn it's termination and with Jupiter it is discernment.
Three of four shapes of spirit - what a chance for mankind - used.

Written June 25. UTC 23:10 (24th June) in Murnau.

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

With Mercury to the Soul of Fire

6. 20. -  27. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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and Man  remembers the 75. return of the day
when 3 Million Germans at 3:15 in the morning
 raided the Russians with fire and murder
 ready for their own nemesis

6. 22. 2016  

it's Mercury our hermaphroditic ruler of the Twins and Virgo
God of our riving intellect 
messenger of the father
without character or like Jung said "good with the good bad with the bad"
Mercury the trickster and  counter-Trickster 
Virgo Goethe laborated with this mirror-couple in his  late- in- life "Faust"
Mercurius speaks the Latiner
Hermes called him the pious Greek

In the lights in heaven our ancestors discovered the Gods
and behind them focussing the diversity of the all
God if this expression is  permitted

and their chronicler - for the moment - seems to be mundanomaniac 
but- may it be - myriads  will be in coming times traveling and chronicling with heaven
and a freer breath will help to carry the load of life
and a clearer inner sky
might help all of us
to understand

and now onWednesday me and Mercurius
or I and Mercury – so he and me
we are the rulers of the Word on earth this moment
mirroring heavenly names
under the spinning sky

otherwise it wouldn't be possible

now – back to the week
Mercury at home in the Twins
the critic at home in the different ways and words
at home just engaged in a tremendous step of the trickster this week
- 13° in one week till Sunday night -

now Mercury on Monday/Tuesday was  completely busy with the great resonance of this late halve year since December
first Neptune + Saturn then  + Jupiter 
 Mercury at last
so the trickster + the Childgod+ the Fathergod+the Songod
four Gods - ruling our unconsciosness - united in resonance - big orchestra

and at weekend: Mercury's visit
with the old Moon of the fire - element.
astrologicly - established 
 non- perceptible by naked senses
referring to a moment of unconscious pre-structuredness
in the shape of a Moon of the fire-element = home of the fire in us visitors in our eonic space
which  according to the hypothesis of the old persian astrologers 
since 1603 is radiating from this place in the zodiac: 24, 8° Twins
 as the fiery essence of our greater relatives
 in our common eon
ready for  rhythmical enlargement
so on Sunday the heavenly messenger meets on his way fire- Moon
 over well, creek, river of the earlyness in our 800 years rangin world
 of the four elements we are existing of
and here heavenly grammar:
fire = triggering + Moon =  at home in the inward of the initially feeling
so on Sunday quite something will be swinging through the soul of our thinking
  without being perceptible to natural senses
 only proclaimed by the effect in the mechanics of the spirit
 of the earth  tying an invisible net and - noting
Twins -like
 by signing what will happen in the horoscope of the week

so much for Mercury in these times this week in Twins just meeting  Jupiter

of the chronicler of the winter 1942 in his far back  in 12. house
ruling the first 7 years and all times without  discriminating consciousnessand as the spirit
hovering upon the depths = waters

and the sign for spirit = 0

or mirrored


further with Sun

all considerations referring to  the Twins via Mercury by Mercury have been shared by Sun and heart
only on Monday but since the early morning hours of Tuesday they wandered into the inward - in every meanng . into the  beds, caverns and chambers of Cancer
30 days Sun and heart receiving
before then with Leo-hot heart is to deal with sending

so Sun since Tuesday morning  is  upon the northern sky in the turn to the other pole and likewise
entrance of the hearts into the fourth zodiacal sign and under the rule of water in the shape of  light in the inward of the dark heavyness of water.

while -  we are near to the other heavyness: earth-element - rule by Venus Goddess of association and the number 2 - ruler of the nourishing cattle in the sign of Taurus and of the the two scales of Libra, engl. balance - this gestalt of the balanced heavyness - now in the Cancer-sky hiking now in company of Sun - and look - as long as these two Gods walk together in Cancer there will be receivement of the act of saving and of investing quasi a time, where the contradicting -brothers are conceived under the command of Moon and the women  walking according to  the inward rules provide an alternative source of light.

Further   of Mars – Pluto – Uranus nothing new - divine solist at their places

so let's go like always in the end to Moon  
having been on Monday in full-Moon-Sun-opposition on the day of solstitium 
in the sign of the arrow which means= coming off the beyond
 meeting it's tasks in so called coincidences in temporality according to the sign of Sagittarius

but since Monday then with Moon hiking the inner light
under the strict sign of Capricorn

then from early Thursday till early Saturday under Aquarius, the sign of
distance height and emptyness
the inner light in nearness to God

finally the weekend with Moon back into the deep lap of creation
to the Pisces of the common all

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In English: 6. 22.2016, UTC 19:23.

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Donald and the Ramifications this Week in the World of Measure and Norm a Builder Knows

6. 13. - 20. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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the chronicler's consciousness suddenly is engulfed by  an upwelling blue - gray fume upwelling out of a center of darkblue grey in the transformation from liquid into gas
while escaping into the air's escaping  known natural senses
and it is welling  around a dark oval center
and high over the surface a partition of the fumes is visible a ridge like someones
 spine in the sky and to the left and to the right  the cloudy slurs are pulled down waterfall- like
end of the scene

first spot of my counscious realizing of myself  
my eyes resting on Pluto  under the polar Capricorn of the zodiac

and if one would call him
 Pluto lord of the immortal dead
casting  out immortality in temporality
in souls
something that connects
immortal deads with mortals

so my eye rested on Pluto who abandoned in 2008 the south aka  Sagittarius 
and since then kept founding his new
  lordship  as one of Gods twelve sons and daughters
in Capricorn's height
of the cosmic house

so since 2008 Pluto and the dead in our common presence
centering in the North around the polar shack 
with their moral rulerhip

 shure enough it's Pluto's part
 the duefull waver might be for the holes
in the nontemporal dough out of which everyone of us is cut out and
in which everyone is bound to return with his " po" -part and with his "hun"-part of the
soul oh -  might it be with fruit for the suffering eternity

 the shape - cut out of the zodiacal dough by an ascendant with first breath
and what astrology notices has never been practised
it's ever - ready
a deepest subsensual and supersensual
uncomprehensible miracle 
12 wills of God 
one God
one man

since very long this is written on the invisible little ribbons at the toe of each newborn
in the traditions of the astrological fathers

and from the fathers comming is the place of the dead in the zodiac to which is to be paid tribute
with waiver and abdication - moments of "this belongs to them" in  consumption - 
woe!  over those lifes  lacking such  place
  gigantic mountains of debt with Pluto are amassed by each rich one
without waiver no balanced form is to be get - locksmiths know that

and now to the week, what's in the stirring pot ?

initially Mercury might to be attended to  entering his airy home in the Twins
once a year on Monday. And he found two of the family already there 
Sun  and Venus 
but the latter this week is saying good by Twins

cause Venus will become essential on Friday: entry into the inner faults and chasms of Cancer 
belly rules
 tribe growing familiar

in the star-brain of the Twins and it's ramifications further acting Sun  further
calling the children of the hubs into the game - the neutral ones with an abundance of ramifications
for each and everyone such a kind was John F. Kennedy and is Donald Trump

yesterday was it: * 14.6.1946
Donald Trump 

signifies the fundamental question:

A  builder as Präsident  or a Lawyer?

and for those travelling with the current Venus and today the current Sun  it's time to move into some meeting with  our relatives in our common eon, sensible relatives in the simile of Moon, welling out of our fire-heritage
red Moon since 1603 - as fire is the element of beginning  the red Moon is an eonic starter of family-becoming

  And Mars meanwhile keeps on starting kinds of currents in the living for the dead thereby also changing the setup with the issues of the becoming in the invisible heavenly nontemporal dough.
And with him maybe the Hun-souls in the after-temporality travel - provided not  having   been entirely dispersed - and how they might be entangled again in pre-temporal matters if beeing to near to the funnels into time.

Neptun  – Saturn – Jupiter
still in their double-quadration to their Opposition of Neptune and Jupiter
with their resoanances of chaos - order- and coincidence
and their paradox union of spiritual and emotional essences
or insight and desire
under the sky
stirred by the
uniting winds of the Gods

while Jupiter redraws his resonance slowly
to let Neptune and Saturn for another while

resonating together alone in the nontemporality
And Uranus here at the edge of the contemplation - now solo underway - in approach with the red Pluto of the fire element and keeping the entire month in his vivinity - so it might to be said: this summer the man-God is walking in the radiation of our fire-ancestors and our coming fire-children in the Twins and for the soulful connection with them so that all time may be enough beginning.


And Moon now before the end

this week in these signs which are entirely strange  to the chronicler nonwithstanding he "has" them like everybody but they use not to  voice pivotally


Moon the shady alternative bright enough for a number of things
applies the art of balance initially this week
under the heaven of Libra simile
of love rather than marriage
till Wednesday noon

the latter however following with Moon in Scorpio
the smith of the golden Rings of those brought together
by coincidence on the far ways of Sagittarius

You can find Moons steps in the chart the since Saturday morning.

jene danach
im Zeichen Skorpions des Schmiedes der goldenen Ringe
jener die die Fügung zusammenbringt
auf den weiten Wegen
des Schützen

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UTC 20:20 In English June 15, UTC 17:17.

Montag, 6. Juni 2016

Realy Rare Event in Heaven mirroring Earth: 4 Elements United Contradicting

6. 6. - 13. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 6. 6. 2016
D-day by the way

one should never feel too sublime to read in own texts
writen in former presences
this week a piece of the autumn of  2913 fell into my mind
on Sunday I translated into English and displayed it in Saker's Cafe
added were some comments   of friendly spirits

so since Monday (D-Day)  Sun and Venus share  a common axis
around the center of any soul on earth 
calling and gathering and uniting
the children with an abundance of advice
in the "real" reptile world of the cold-blooded physical only
 I. quadrant of four
which are called into life by the Sun in Twinsand - Holy Days - holy resonances with
Sun and Venus are sharing the puls with
 three other Gods or Archetyps of spirital resonance
with our multidimansionality which only by the zodiac
as the inherited symbolic key



big resonance within the four third Signs
called the mutable

what a paradox  theater of the nontemporal
heavenly places on earth
in the environments of the temporal
whose hearts
and purses
are at the moment imprinted by Mercurian distinguishment

given the paradox union of the contradictions by life:
childlike carefreeness
fatherly foresight
sonish confession


a last week of Taurus - serfdom for trickster Hermes Mercury
will be completed finally  Sunday night
 this freaking long journey through the world of roots
of the earthly gatherer  Taurus
 ever so close -to -the- center - light of Mercury
 proving  the stocks of the gatherers
and full   resonance of
acompanies Mercury
Resonance out of Scorpio
Mars calls:s Start with offering
Mercury in resonance calls for ramification
for heavens sake cause only ramificated
will be with him since next week

and now an eye onto the eon
each week this chronicle provides a glimpse on the visits which the lights (Sun and Moon) and planets pay to the invisible locations of the Gods of the four elements whose Saturn and Jupiter use to unite in steps of about 200 years changing the element of union for each about 800 years.
So, according to the hypothesis since the ancient persian astrology, as objects of fate we share an super-generational unconscious identity which is detectable only by astrology, footing on the Kings-conjunctions in the four elements.
I have to confess, to me this eon-astrology is  more than a historical valuated hypothesis. I've got an invincible proof.  I always thought, the ruling Kings-Conjunctions (KC) in the earth-element might  be "more important" than those  other three element's KC's because the 4 elements have to unite on earth to produce life. Then in 2006 after 25 years of astrology I relized that the latest earth-conjunction was 40 years earlier than what my great teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner had supposed. And when I saw, that the earth -Pluto of the real KC of 1802 was and is  in nearly perfect conjunction with my Sun - that was too much, more as any needed hint in my life. Good to know, that from the beginning with 39 years, I was shure, that the astrology of the zodiac is a Scorpio-child. So here I found the answer, why my late found gate to my way lead into  the exotic enough realm of astrology.
this week now there will be two visits 

all future relatives for centuries have in common with all those being born since 1980 
that their spiritual element - air - provide a place, where the "blue" man-God Uranus of the air -element is located,  visited by roving Mars last week  at 28,4° Scorpio
and this week there will be with us unconsciously the bands of the soul-relatives of the
 feeling element water since 1305
receiving the visit of Mars' godly initions this Week 
so the proximity of the green water- Venus might be given
near to those who are near to her
with the nontemporal inventories of the personal and
universal unconscious archetypes at 25,2° Scorpio

So with Mars-pushing a beginning is to muster and to clean the inventories of the unconsciousness;  to etch the eternal images free of the temporal  film, together with the relatives- in- feeling of the last 700 years and for another 150 years until they are clean again.
and also Venus is paying a visit with our eonic relatives this week:
 on Sunday and Monday she will visit the "red" Moon of the fire-conjunction of 1603
Fire-Moon, home of the fire, depth of the fire if one takes "Moon" as signifying those deepest ( innermost) place, where the waters in their dynamic heavyness are gathering
naturally and symbolically

and what else?
The leisurely wandering Gods have been thought at in the beginning: 
Neptun, Saturn,  Jupiter
Latter will leave the resonance- union with the and of June, then heavenly father and child
Saturn and Neptune will be alone again together. Further with Saturn  in accord is Pluto
the keeper of life's signatures overruling lifes appetites.

And the heavenly partner in strife and conciliation
Uranus and the freedom of God in man's spirit is now
for the first time since 2011 again without external resonances 
in Aries thus in the service of Mars

as yet is left Moon  
the close to man  brightest of the lights of the night
since Monday afternoon his boat is underway on the rivers of Cancer
his dream - boat on which our souls travel
around the center of his monthly circle

The Cancer - like the soul - is a shadow - being and all it's ways a shined on by Moon
sometimes nearly  day-bright like in Sun'seclipse
sometimes black as coal spotted with  stars
Moon in Cancer reminds that there are more lights in the personality
of a cosmos than just the broad daylight of consciousness

Moon in Leo therefore seems
 since Wednesday noon

like a not yet new Moon
firstly  immersing in the light of the Sun
introversion yields to extraversion

but since Friday noon the new Moon will be able to shine on the realms of Virgo
and to help with introversion in homely sorrowing

Geschrieben und gespeichert  Murnau, 6.6.2016, UTC 15:30, gepostet UTC : 16:38.
English on Wednesday 6.8. 2016 UTC 17:54