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Realy Rare Event in Heaven mirroring Earth: 4 Elements United Contradicting

6. 6. - 13. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 6. 6. 2016
D-day by the way

one should never feel too sublime to read in own texts
writen in former presences
this week a piece of the autumn of  2913 fell into my mind
on Sunday I translated into English and displayed it in Saker's Cafe
added were some comments   of friendly spirits

so since Monday (D-Day)  Sun and Venus share  a common axis
around the center of any soul on earth 
calling and gathering and uniting
the children with an abundance of advice
in the "real" reptile world of the cold-blooded physical only
 I. quadrant of four
which are called into life by the Sun in Twinsand - Holy Days - holy resonances with
Sun and Venus are sharing the puls with
 three other Gods or Archetyps of spirital resonance
with our multidimansionality which only by the zodiac
as the inherited symbolic key



big resonance within the four third Signs
called the mutable

what a paradox  theater of the nontemporal
heavenly places on earth
in the environments of the temporal
whose hearts
and purses
are at the moment imprinted by Mercurian distinguishment

given the paradox union of the contradictions by life:
childlike carefreeness
fatherly foresight
sonish confession


a last week of Taurus - serfdom for trickster Hermes Mercury
will be completed finally  Sunday night
 this freaking long journey through the world of roots
of the earthly gatherer  Taurus
 ever so close -to -the- center - light of Mercury
 proving  the stocks of the gatherers
and full   resonance of
acompanies Mercury
Resonance out of Scorpio
Mars calls:s Start with offering
Mercury in resonance calls for ramification
for heavens sake cause only ramificated
will be with him since next week

and now an eye onto the eon
each week this chronicle provides a glimpse on the visits which the lights (Sun and Moon) and planets pay to the invisible locations of the Gods of the four elements whose Saturn and Jupiter use to unite in steps of about 200 years changing the element of union for each about 800 years.
So, according to the hypothesis since the ancient persian astrology, as objects of fate we share an super-generational unconscious identity which is detectable only by astrology, footing on the Kings-conjunctions in the four elements.
I have to confess, to me this eon-astrology is  more than a historical valuated hypothesis. I've got an invincible proof.  I always thought, the ruling Kings-Conjunctions (KC) in the earth-element might  be "more important" than those  other three element's KC's because the 4 elements have to unite on earth to produce life. Then in 2006 after 25 years of astrology I relized that the latest earth-conjunction was 40 years earlier than what my great teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner had supposed. And when I saw, that the earth -Pluto of the real KC of 1802 was and is  in nearly perfect conjunction with my Sun - that was too much, more as any needed hint in my life. Good to know, that from the beginning with 39 years, I was shure, that the astrology of the zodiac is a Scorpio-child. So here I found the answer, why my late found gate to my way lead into  the exotic enough realm of astrology.
this week now there will be two visits 

all future relatives for centuries have in common with all those being born since 1980 
that their spiritual element - air - provide a place, where the "blue" man-God Uranus of the air -element is located,  visited by roving Mars last week  at 28,4° Scorpio
and this week there will be with us unconsciously the bands of the soul-relatives of the
 feeling element water since 1305
receiving the visit of Mars' godly initions this Week 
so the proximity of the green water- Venus might be given
near to those who are near to her
with the nontemporal inventories of the personal and
universal unconscious archetypes at 25,2° Scorpio

So with Mars-pushing a beginning is to muster and to clean the inventories of the unconsciousness;  to etch the eternal images free of the temporal  film, together with the relatives- in- feeling of the last 700 years and for another 150 years until they are clean again.
and also Venus is paying a visit with our eonic relatives this week:
 on Sunday and Monday she will visit the "red" Moon of the fire-conjunction of 1603
Fire-Moon, home of the fire, depth of the fire if one takes "Moon" as signifying those deepest ( innermost) place, where the waters in their dynamic heavyness are gathering
naturally and symbolically

and what else?
The leisurely wandering Gods have been thought at in the beginning: 
Neptun, Saturn,  Jupiter
Latter will leave the resonance- union with the and of June, then heavenly father and child
Saturn and Neptune will be alone again together. Further with Saturn  in accord is Pluto
the keeper of life's signatures overruling lifes appetites.

And the heavenly partner in strife and conciliation
Uranus and the freedom of God in man's spirit is now
for the first time since 2011 again without external resonances 
in Aries thus in the service of Mars

as yet is left Moon  
the close to man  brightest of the lights of the night
since Monday afternoon his boat is underway on the rivers of Cancer
his dream - boat on which our souls travel
around the center of his monthly circle

The Cancer - like the soul - is a shadow - being and all it's ways a shined on by Moon
sometimes nearly  day-bright like in Sun'seclipse
sometimes black as coal spotted with  stars
Moon in Cancer reminds that there are more lights in the personality
of a cosmos than just the broad daylight of consciousness

Moon in Leo therefore seems
 since Wednesday noon

like a not yet new Moon
firstly  immersing in the light of the Sun
introversion yields to extraversion

but since Friday noon the new Moon will be able to shine on the realms of Virgo
and to help with introversion in homely sorrowing

Geschrieben und gespeichert  Murnau, 6.6.2016, UTC 15:30, gepostet UTC : 16:38.
English on Wednesday 6.8. 2016 UTC 17:54

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