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Reposted and updated from 2013 - Washington - Rage in the Fog

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Kings Conjunction in the Earth Element of 1802
31. Septar from 7.
17. 1832, UTC 4:38
 for 2012 - 2019
on Washington

This is a repost of an installation of the autumn of 2013.
Nobody then knew of what we know now three years later, but
the emerging "child" "the Donald" and the desparate moves 
of the deep state in the NE were already in the cards.

2016 - The general condition

 This chart is showing the 7 years, ruled by the constellation of the 31. birthday of the kingsmaking
constellation of Saturn with Jupiter - Zeus with Apollon in the Greek religion -  the  God father and the  God son. Whereby Saturn (gr. Kronos) appears in two layers of time: he is son of Uranus - the heaven - and father of Apollon.  Zeus both is father and. But his latin name for father - Jupiter - was  by the older astrological tradition  placed or projected on the fiery place of the son, bringing the nontemporal order of the father (words, numbers) into time or finiteness,  symbolized by the arrow of Sagittarius on its trajectory   to the center which is by tradition the place of the  12.
So the one - the innermost circle is the 12 .

Back to the 7 years of the earth element since 2012 till 2019 in which we are surfing the waves of the waters of the unconscious envirement.
This is the part of the great crisis of the earth element that falls to Wahshington DC in these 7 Years in the unconscios background of the general consciousness.

The crisis means: that the tree worlds of the earth - element - Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn - are running through their long enduring cleaning - up - phase on the entire northern hemisphere - running between 1098 and 2019.

Neptune in this these 7 years in his resonating with the Sun dissolves all images and formations as far as they are alien to God, or should I say resting on vanity, lie, and delusion and strengthens all actions of childlike anima- hearted hearts.

With other words,  Sun of the earth - worlds,  is wandering through the land of the fairy tales. Cause in the fairy tale the presumptious liars, slackers, and layabaouts are presented, appearing as loosers - while the humble hero is saved by heavenly - earthly miracle: the Star Money, the Little Thumbling, the Dumpling. the Poor Soldier and all children,  men and women who are following their childlike hearts.

By such the likes of us are gaining a big problem - Jung woul say:   Gods  problem by us - permanently we are surrounded by a cloud of incertitude, nothing general emerges like whe had hoped for, in bankrupties the world we had known  is crumbling, better to say the world we thought we knew. The lie, appears, even the benevolent, is only able to limewash and limewash doesn't stand to Neptune. With other words: daily we can see the used underwear of the emperor.

The masters of the universe: denuded hustlers with "convincing" arguments: body guards, generally.
By whome? The real center of power where? The fourth house showcases it:: Sun in Cancer, the gold in the lap of families with Venus and the greed of her earthly children on earth.

Astrologically a step more abstractly:

The crisis, which is emerging - in 7 years steps - since 1998,  off the constellation of Sun and Neptune on three birthdays of the Kings Conjunction in earth element, in a 21 years long enduring complex of resonances round two archetypes or Gods: the child and the King, or water and gold, or unconsciousness and heart.
Which in this complex resonance paradoxically "do" the Gods work: to argue with one another and to unite again.
"Opposition" inducing rhythmical completeness is signified as a a  Neptune - induced resonance - cloud around Sun = the center of radiation = power, which in slow steps of 2° year - rhythmicly enlarged to 2° per 7 years - crawling off  Capricorn through earth-Sun's place for 800 years at 24,5° in Cancer.
How crucial is it now to know, what "Sun" means for us: it is the heavenly simile to "gold" and its embodyment of a radiating center; a solar, or call it autonomous, commanding  the center appearing in the term "one's bent", the golden souvereignity, over which a Sun is ever commanding.

Something like a heavenly-earthly wonder into something like kernels of godly souvereignety of the center, which are planted everywhere but are concentrated in every heart "via DNS" recessed in the four chambers where in the second one , maybe in anlogy to the zodiac the second quarant, the receiver and the sender are active.

Rich is the religious/literary treasue trove with images, where the "gold" is proved, rich with images is history, where the entourage and the ruled have to atone the debauchery of their elites in the days of cleaning of the creatures which are received out of the mystery of the godship in universe and on earth.

Back to Neptune: They, the children, are the creatures of God, not the adults but the children in the adults. More is not to say to this.

That earth - Sun in the current ~ "800 years" (1802 - 2577) shines out of Cancer, leaves to intuit the ascendance of the female genie of the earth - element as unstoppable. Crucial is that man embraces this female truth not only extravertively as one of the women but also intovertly as the female truth in men as "soul" or feeling or anima.

Said genie now drives, also in fog ... slowly, therefore a "Mutti" (aka Angela M.) , who drives the given condition on sight, might be the best possible, what could befall the Eropean Center in the world of fairy tales. (written 2013)

But white America, thrown out of the psychic 'world of fairy tales' of their inherited  continent, expelled by bigots, adventurers and uprooted - which part have thou alotted from this heavenly/earthly constellation?
There is this mostly subtropical giant country the center not in the middle but at the eastern edge, from where the times are streaming west and the imigrants.

And the capital, to be reached on the Potomac upstream from the sea, has 2012 allotted the share of Aries, the share of horn  claw and cusp, that in time and sign of Mars wanders in the mirror of God's spirit resting above the waters of the beginning and with Washington together stretches over the whole south-east-half of the Union right over to New Orleans and Chicago. Likewise the line Washington-Chicago in rough is something like the north-east-border of the south in these seven years.
And, read and understood: Aries, so sturdy and blind as all beginning, might not  take wonder, if in this sign, again such a blind independance-lovestruck mood should emerge in this part of the northern hemisphere, so much more, as in the words of Carl Jung, democracy has to be understood as a permanent latend civil war.

Now follow the view to the location of Mars. He residents as the ruler of the ascendant = essence = first house in the first house; therefore in the independance/dependance of the blind impetus in complete uncontrolledness.
 This Mars is displayed in the chart at 0,3" Taurus, hence within the realm of the walls, baricade of wagons, etc, with which the haves surround their stock. Shure enough as an encased sign this Taurus, subruler of Mars,  is only a subtenant in the first house and has ceasesly to be aware of his choleric landlord, the dumb  irate south.
Different the condition further in the north, where in the fall of 2012 NY and NJ had to taste  the vicinity of the raging "Sandy".

Now to the latest situation:

It is to red in the septar along the red and green time-marks in the outer ring of the chart, which always expose the seven-months-ranges of the 12 time-houses of the septar as marks of change of the rules.
And as always nontemporal meaning mirrors in eternal appearance, we entered in our feature as relatives to the earth element on January 17. for the second consecutive time, in both directions the sixth mirror-chamber of the 31. earth-septar.

Signified by the two rulers Venus and Pluto of this period under the norther sky the on- earth- greedy gatherer Venus in the families (fourth house) has to endure the disbanding impression of the resonating Neptune-cloud; and the eidetic guiding light of Pluto in the 12th house is in the non-temporal stage beyond presence, mening no one exept the "child" is able to reach it.

 So far the rulerships, like they are displayed by the signs and their rulers currenty until August 17.
this year.
In a following stage the rulers met in the houses would to be read, but there are non in this interval.

Summarizing the chronicler believes: so desperate the condition and emergence of the heavenly weathers raining into the expectations of the active powers and parties in orientation of "more of the same", so consolated could be all what is "child" in the heart of the young, the adults and olds, to relish the calm, which is given invisibly and hope confidently on those marvels which the providence
always keep prepared, and - after all from the 21 years of cleaning we already have completed nearly18.

Some then current comments to the underlying post  "Naked Capitalism" (uniquely interesting the whole thread)

Mcmike says:
Absolutely. And please help me develop the idea.
I am having trouble fully articulating it and fleshing it out.
I came at the idea as a privatization opponent, which turns out to have been just one tentacle of the squid.
I was first introduced to the notion in a conversation with a foreign born electronic currency geek. The gist was: the elite have been systematically looting weak nations for decades. Meanwhile, the US itself had turned into the fattest plum of all. So, the US was about to have its turn in the abattoir – to be systematically sent down the line and stripped of every bit of value, methodically and with completeness. Not your usual mere rent extraction, but a complete deconstruction of wealth. Scorched earth.
In order to see it, you need to be willing to accept that the US is not special, and can be robbed every bit as pathologically and completely as some defenseless third world nation.
That was about the year 2001 or so. So far, he has proven to be right on target.
Every single revelation, from LIBOR to muni bid riging, to arcane interest swaps, to liar loans, to CDO’s built to lose, to Goldman owning aluminum warehousing…. every single story is at its root a story of wall street finding a way to plunder money previously thought safe or sacred and taking it ruthlessly and without thought or care to the long term consequences.
Their methodical determination is the giveaway: if there is a pile of money, they will find a way to grab it.
We enter the nether word of financial particle physics, whereby the very existence of free-floating wealth thought secure in its little atomic orbit in fact creates the conditions of its own instability.
We will know it is over when they show up with SWAT teams and take the pocket change from under our couch cushions and the lint from our dryers. Even the last can of Who-hash!
Banger says:
Indeed, your insight is of central importance. It comes along with the decline of the nation-state and it involves everyone with some power in every industry and almost every major sector in the U.S. This is the logical result of what happens when there is no sense of morality or common values. Everyone is game–even your grandmother and why not? If there are no real ties or boundaries why not f!ck everyone in every way that can happen?
However, as we can see this has its own problems–the system that made it possible to loot the country starts to break down then what? We see it now–factions break off of formerly great conspiracies and the people who have been propagandized through trillions of dollars of conscious and clever mind-control techniques start being walking contradictions and essentially become non-functional and completely irrational, e.g., the TP movement.

McMike says:
Indeed. That was true in 2008. So, the pigmen have had five years to protect themselves and to come up with a scheme. And several months to put it in play.
I know it is highly a cynical rule of thumb, but it hasn’t been wrong yet.
I cannot defend it based on logical analysis and convention, because using logical analysis and convention to anticipate the enemy is a strategic error in this context. We must break this habit of the mind. We are dealing with a rapacious force that has no limitations at the moment, only a relentless appetite and deep pathology for greed and theft. Yes, it is not just greed, it has to come with theft to get thier rocks off.
It’s like trying to analyze stock fundementals to make investment decisions. Haw haw. How quaint.
Here’s the rule: If there is a pot of money that can be raided, it will be raided. No matter what the “rules” are. No matter what rational people expect. No matter who gets hurt.
That is the one dependable lesson of this era.
We are in the movie The Matrix. In 2008, Wall Street crashed the housing market and the CDO market and everyone along with it: they blew up the bridge that everyone (including themselves) were standing on. Then, while everyone else crashed down to earth, Wall Street dodged bullets, and leaped out the window into space… whereupon a helicopter materialized and grabbed their hand, leaving yet further destruction in its wake, and carting Wall Street off to safety while everyone else died (you get the idea).
This is the Matrix. They are making it up as they go. You cannot predict this. You cannot expect the laws of physics or the rules of man to protect you. You cannot analyze this. The only reliable evaluation is to anticipate the TARGETS, then ASSUME that a way will be found to raid them.
Treasuries (directly owned in dollar denomination) have not yet been plundered, ergo, their turn at the wheel must be imminent.
Surely something is sacred, right? Surely some place is safe? This whole crisis is one long string of unprecented violations of law, ethics, morality, and expectations.
Hint: if the target has money, if we think we are protected for any conventional reason, and then we assure ourselves “there’s NO WAY they’d do that”….. catch yourself, you just answered your own question.
Look, despite my bombast here, I am not necessarily saying that the money market funds will be raided in the next two months. I don’t know who stands to win from a drop and who (in power) stands to lose.
I am saying: do not be surprised if they do. A radical analysis (i.e. breaking conventional habits of thought) shows us to expect the unexpected, and to be suspicious of rationales about what will or won’t happen, and to identify the targets first and then work backwards to the tactics.
It’s like an impossible heist caper movie. We start with the pile of gold in the heavily protected vault, and then our protagonists go about finding an impossible way to get at it. Which always works.
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