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Venus and Mercury Ruled by Heart

7.  25. - 8. 1. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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7. 27. 2016
somewhere every moment has its Leo-share
in the moment even a threefold one
cause till weekend
Sun rules in Leo over Leo
the heart over the center
and  also over words and names and numbers
of Mercury in Leo = soul-fire
and over the material stock and the joy of encounter
of Venus in Leo = soul fire
and by that also over Taurus and Twins
with their part in the world
and Virgo and Libra with their part of the soul
are in the rule of soul-fire
and of the delight of Sun in giving freely
 every born human
has it
 it is the  strength of the inherited heart
in the image of the erected flame
center of the soul
 longing to find the way
ruling world and soul this week 

and this flame that does not fade
how many times it ever has kindled 
 is both - light and symbol
 Leo doesn't mean the strenght only
but also the wisdom
of the heart

By nature-philosophers of the early medieval times  " wisdom was  called eternal light and never fading "legitimate food" ...symbolized by that was  a substantial spiritual inflow of  contents from the unconsciousness, which according to the intuition of the alchemists is flowing out of the 'lumen naturae' into the adept and is received as divine enlightment.
The sapientia (wisdom) thus acts also like a fire, which inexhaustibly goes on kindling."1

This is confirmed by (the alchemist) SENIOR, by saying:" Cause such one is so rich, like one, who owns the stone, out of which one can strike fire, so that he can give fire to whom he likes  and as often as he likes without any own loss. The same was meant by ARISTOTELES in the II. Book "On the Soul", when he writes: " To all natural thing a Border is sett concerning their perimeter and their growth, but the fire grows by upping the ante in terms of burnable stuff into infinity."2

on the other hand the flame of Mars has less to do with
but more with the hunger of the body
every animal knows that with out knowing it
nonetheless Mars in Scorpio indicates 
soul - regio aka anima
 old alchemistic nature philosophers called her
the 'ligamentum' the band
between body and spirit

so in Scorpio Mars  starts beginnings in the image-archive
of man's soul
Mars kicks beginnings out of hunger
for participation of counscious - being with the
 of complying with the eternal guiding images on heaven
in which man has his unknown higher truth
together with any any animal
and this Mars - flame keeps on burning
another last week in the "canon"-sign of Scorpio
and it burns man's beginnings into
the guiding image-canon 
which is followed by the soul yet
since eternalness
withouth the senses catch
any glimps

And these here mentioned beginnings turn into the realm of language by the approach of  Mercury into the resonance-realm of the square to the trigger-bearing Mars (square = connected with another place) who is just visiting our eon-god of heaven, "blue" Uranus of  the element air. of 1980.  
Cause  coming weekend will see Mars with his hunger visiting blue Uranus for the third time this year - then not again before 1,6 years - kicks the trigger, that there might  be vigorous an initiation.
 Uranus  grants to man the freedom of thought but in Scorpio the freedom origins by the sacrifice of free think-lust in favour of  the bonded and responsibility- taken order - from of the heavenly order of animals, men and things - recognized by our ancestors.


On Monday was the yearly death-birthday of a large- dying- for-eight- days, which has general meaning for mankind and special meaning for mundanomaniac as 'Hamburger':

Monday night 1943.7.25 was dying-time for the first fife-six-thousand Hamburgers, was the first night of "Gomorrha 1943" (sorry only German), the planned burning of tens of thousands of civil inhabitants of the big port in the North of Germany in the second worldwar of  rape-civilisations with their victims.

in that week providence and sacrificer 3
 Jupiter and Pluto together with Mercury and his tables
were united in Leo with the heat of Sun 
in square - resonance with the igniter Mars
on a different place

week between 7. 25 and 8.3. 1943

73 years before today the horrible second night
firestorm 30.000 dead

1943 7. 27, 22:55 UTC, Hamburg

And - grisly moment - the real and soul-turf do unite via their Sun-ruled  ruler-chains no less than the complete 12 zodions and their guests on one place - a horrible week of unvoluntary "getting complete".

The involuntary sacrificer, as dead, to me they belong to the stock of Scorpio, to the stock of the dead of our eon - meaning they are still here, at least in those who remind them, still able to be reached by nearness.

Their stalwart is and remains Pluto who for this time keeps the horses in Capricorn leading them by headgear through the alleys of the departed.

Now , this one, we are in, is not such a historic week, still there is complex occurance united in the sky to be reflected by each of us, each at his place.

e.g. on Monday Sun =  our heart
at 3° Leo had to mirror Mars at 27° Scorpio
 in the beginn of a sovereignity of the giver
like appearing
in the works which incorporate and unite
meaning form and creative joy

On Saturday then Mercury moves into  Virgo, thereby detrackting himself from the rulership of the center, and  since  then he carries on his own but not imperative illoyal businesses.
And the following are "serving" Mercury then: Jupiter, thereby Saturn, thereby Pluto, thereby Mars and thereby Uranus; and in square-resonance additionally Neptune. "Serving Mercury" 
to me has the meaning of : into words are streaming concilliation, duration, sacrifice, beginning and abrogating and the square Neptune resonates the peace of paradies where lion and sheep are staying togester out of time.

And Moon again hikes  under the mundane signs and with him the dreams of fighting in this world
till Tuesday noon over the wild realms of Aries;

till Thursday evening they are wandering over the fate of the fields, meadows, villages, and cities in the sign of Taurus;

till Saturday evening then they are abover the ways and spaces of the Twins whichare connecting 
the assemblies of the earthly beings;

before its time again to go home to the  low lands of Cancer in whose
waters the souls converge for further flowing

1 M.-L. v. Franz, Kommentar zur „Aurora Consurgens“, in C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Coniunctionis, Ges. Werke 14/III, S. 142.

2 ebd. S. 142, Text der „Aurora Consurgens.

3 “... it is a vital but also degerous and ethical most precarious  problem of the modern civilisation that it doesn't know any longer aud doesn't understand, why the life of man in a higher sense should be a sacrifice. Man can live amazing things, if they have meaning to him. But the trouble is to create this meaning." C.G.JUNG, Psychology and Religion, Coll. Works (geman) 11, § 133

  Es ist ein vitales, aber auch gefährliches und ethisch heikelstes Problem der modernen Zivilisation, dass sie nicht mehr weiß und versteht, warum das Leben des Menschen in höherem Sinne ein Opfer sein sollte. Der Mensch kann erstaunliche Dinge leben, wenn sie einen Sinn für ihn haben. Aber die Schwierigkeit ist, diesen Sinn zu erschaffen.“ C.G.JUNG, Psychologie und Religion, Ges. Werke 11, § 133.

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Image-Pain and Heart-Sacrifices for the Better of Man

7. 18. - 25. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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7. 20..2016
 a moment of calmness watching the ongoing week
in the chart
at first sight there might strike the speckled cross 
signifying resonances between
Sun and Uranus in the square of fire with  water
or of extraverted with introverted
so much for the elements in square
the quadrants I. and II.
between physical world
and the inward of the physical world
(which is brought about by the element water)
and here are  the physical analogies of  Gods Family
we live in on Sun's green belt 
and doing Astrology
might be worship
so last week until this one

Sun = soul- fire
 ruling from the center
Uranus = spiritual air
 ruling from the periphery 
Sun ruling the analogy of  heart

physical Uranus ruling  = analogy of spiritual man
an one - the eleventh' - of
Gods 12 children
his sign is Aquarius
so his Quadrant is IV
his Element air
so fire- and air - games are heralded on the stage of the two weeks 
on a Landscape of fire and water
or earlyness and inwardness
for the male type
and lateness and inward- out
for the female one

this is real poetry far too complex
for our rational flash

but very deep and very high
Pisces and Aquarius
 surrounding Sun and our heart from outward and inward
there the inward and outward of the  infallible family

in Gods creation

so let's do the first walk each week - let's visit the eon with our invisible relatives as far as our eon is reaching, as the four cornerstones of the eon are placed by the Kings-conjunctions in the four elements - so that by them our eon is oldest on the waterfront with our feelings since 1305 - the fire-front is 300 years younger with our beginnings and give- aways and concilliations  since 1603 - two hundred years later in the Napoleonic end and beginn- time at 1802 started our new earth relative-ship of staying and maintaining and  enduring and the youngest leaf on our eonic tree is from 1980 just 36 years old. It changed  1980  the tune  for Twins, Libra and Aquarius - and their rulers.

Yes, let's do it, have another glimpse at the chart - see the relatives according to the speckled cross  red = air - Pluto in Aries  and  blue = air - Pluto in Libra in permanent resonance completing  together since 1980 ...

but since 1802 there is this change in Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn and Sun is till 2577 in 24,5° Cancer in complete and permanent resonance with our unconscious fire-socket spring-sacrifice- resonance and our unconscious autumn- scrifice- resonance underneath our conscious sense-world.
And every year on July 17. Sun not only meets the resonance of our red heritage and that of our young  blue airy heritage. And in the airy/spiritual realm the Pluto wants sacrifice of all "free" spirit besides the one canon, ordered between God and Nature, aka zodiac be it Chinese or Euro-Iranian for the better of the week consciousness of man confronted with the overwhelming powers within psyche. And each 17. of July Sun first and formost unites with herself  from her birthday of the Kings-conjunction in the earth element, moreover on july 19., yesterday she united with earth element' s  Mercury.

And Sun aka uncoscious  heart was and is doing, these visits mostly out of reach for our senses, aka in the unconscious realm of us - while we are busy - together with Uranus the God of seeing the whole, like unconscious  sympathicus and anti-sypathicus.
And it might always  been born in mind: "the whole" is the temporal + the non-temporal = (Sagittarius) Capricorn + Aquarius + Neptune
True, nobody can focus this complexity of actors and layers in one mind-act - exept by facing it in the chart - and forgetting it and facing it again - and forgetting it again aso.
Some times a bit of the steering storm on height or steering stream in depth reaches the surface to become conscous - but this is only possible if  for the perception there is an apperceptive background with pictures in their divine/natural   order.

So the whole poetry telling us God simple secrets in twelve chapters will be the fruits of thousands of years of worshipping again God behind his  heavenly lights. 

Now in short back to the week's currentnesses:
Sun pays her last days visits in Cancer calling the late children of the personal depths into life abundant with hidden reasons
Friday the center itself in the sign of Leo receives Sun its ruler incoming out of the depths of waters of sensivity into the radiating center of emotion for the birth of the soul as lion Leo.

 And ruler of the soul - Sun yesterday and today met with earth- Mercury, twoo and a half days behind earth-Sun
and like Sun in Cancer is a Sun of the inward
Mercury in Cancer is the same
in Cancer the orientation  is what science calls "endogam"
so one could call the Mercury of the earth since 1802 a jewish/kasarian-type one
brain in the realm of the mothers
super-temporal Mecury of earth-element
manager of the maternal family-fortunes of mankind for
1802 - 2577

Now done with the resonances to and from our eon

a short glimpse on the aktual weeks charakters

so Sun and heart till Friday noon matriachal - then Sun in Leo calling the children of the delight at giving into Life

while since last week Mercury and Venus drifting on common time-wave through this male-dry realm including speake-power and secured reserves

now Mars' hunger and birth-pain in Scorpio keeping on birthing into the canon the animous birth-pain of man in waiver of rationals

and in the embrace of the lights on Monday Mars and the green Venus of the water-element - since 711 years carrier of the innermost essence of our species in our present eon -

of our time-vehicle for 1.400years
oldest part is the keel
aways carried - like the Kings-conjunction
of Saturn and Jupiter 1305
by the water-element

layed down 1305 and ruling the belly-space of the eon-shippruling in which the families sprout

but the actual carrying thing of the vessel is the earth-element carrying the Kingsconjunction of 1802
and the rest is dealt with by the Kings-cojunctions of sail and sun - all four deep underneath our cosciousness

weal to those who know to unify the paradox of foresight and innocence cause to those the square of Saturn and Neptune gives the coming end and beginning
and from highest height to deepest depths Moon  attends the week
starting in Capricorn in the paradox of the presence of the beyond time and life
above over the third horizon/mirror in which the fatherly word mirrors in talk and number
on the neutral mercurian ways of the Twins
since Wednesday till Friday noon Moon then under the heights of Aquarius in which the race of the collective eternal thoughts of man are rooting in the spirit of God
then Friday further with Moon through the Pisces and the deep "belly-stuff" of the water element these days allow the anima - ruler of the collective feminine deeper part of the soul of man - to approach to the shores of consciousness in dream  under the alternative intimate light.

deream-time until Sunday noon - then the hunger of Aries will again knock at the dream-door of the psyche on the northern hemisphere of the earth.

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Zodiacal Reflections - and the Ancestors Socket under the Consciousness

7.  11. - 18. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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a last time this year the week started with
Sun - Mercury - Venusin Cancer

in the belly
in the lap of the elements
Cancer not yet soul
  but element of soul


today  Wednesday views Venus
and tomorrow Mercury  already in Leo

Leo birth of the soul
from the reception before in the inner of Cancer

Leo means soul -  a hot thing

under  the mirror of zodiacs upper half

Cancer in the depth mirrors Sagittarius' above
his son-light
so belly mirrors spirit

Leo  central heat

radiating for all
the giving heart
 in the zodiac mirroring not any longer the  Sagittarius  
arrow of spirital discernment
but the bow of faith and opus
called Scorpio

in Leo now since Thursday

 the quick light of Mercury
ruler of Twins and Virgo
of writing and the differents in the black and white of the intellect
male in the space and feminine  in the personal relations
or male logos and femal Eros

and in Leo the light of gravity in zodiac Venus

 ruling walls territories and horizons as divine neighbor of Earth
will mirror Mars in Scorpio  on Sunday
 reflecting the inception of faith
in the roots of the heart

and here we are with Mars - also the pain of birth - in the realm of sacrifice

which is not to remit
as Höldelin versified: " Sacrifices the ruling want each/  was one missed, never it has brought about any good"
thus pain of the moral new start of a

- according to Pluto in Capricorn -
 Scorpio canon
reflecting in Leo the charge of the heart
for state and word
cause the

responsibility of the soul
being divided  by the horizon in two halves
whose lower half keeps connection with the flesh
while the upper half keeps connection with the spirit

in the collective conciousness of error and lie with  hidden elements of truth


and now  for the slower rulers on heaven:

e.g.  the duet between childly confidence als aged- wise constraint
in the square between Neptune and Saturn
on the stage of imaginations an installation of a tower at the sea

e.g. the square-duet between Uranus and Mercury  on Monday 
and between Uranus and Sun resonating at weekendwith the meaning of elementary male energy directed by Uranus
whom I call the man-God in resonance with brain and heart
 of the female light and warmth

now Moon  the swiftest light under the heaven
ruling the inward and the floating

after moving through  the realm of joy in encounter aka Libra till Tuesday night

now is on the way of exercises in the realm of Scorpio

then since Friday noon on the vast ways of perception in Sagittarius
till Sunday evening 

followed like every month for two days and nights getting serious
by moving through Capricorn

and its brazen measures keeping eternal part of the temporal
like the pole of the spatial

Last but no least

our community with the eonic super-temporal time-"dough" connecting us with the dead and the yet unborn followers.  At 24,5° Aries is Uranus man-God - having found his greek shape in Dionysos - whose latin name (Greek =  'heaven') - leads to his grandfather, Gaia's partner in begetting the titans. 
Uranus, in Aries  mirroring the "spirit hovering over the waters",  in earthly ways, as allowed by Aries, is conquesting territory for  the freedom of religion of man.
Uranus now is connecting us with the former and the coming ones which are together with us us cut out of the common rhythmical "dough" from between 1305 and 2775 for about  1.470years, stirred according to the "super-constellations" of the  four elements.  

And on this broader unconscious socket establishes, according to the conception of the old Iranian/Arabic astrologers, as well as - with psychological rationals - C.G.Jung, our consciosness. These constellations base in the exclusivly human consciousness accessible rhythm of the every twenty years occuring conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter and in their super-rhythm of the "Kings-conjunctions" in the four elements,  in which they establish  their quasi sub-zodiac, which - that's the old hypothesis - steers our unconscious fate .

Thereby we gain in the zodiac additional unconscious preconditions along whose we are are able to wander with more than the current postulates and to prepare unknown futures.

Crucial is, the more we let us be moved by our unconscious 'management' - Neptune in heaven, mirrored down on earth by Mars - the more we get rid of the oppinions of the collective in a wise, adult Saturn-way, the more we are on the way Jung called "individuation", connecting heaven with earth in ourselves.

Now to the socket of the fire-element, carrying us since 1603 above which mankind already has on its account the 30 Years War,and all the following ones. Good to know, that with this socket currently something decisive is happening: it is about the suspension of something temporal, something having become - and about the spring of the eternal mirroring the non-temporal - that finally lead the Peace of Westphalia with which the reptile-also-man applied super-temporal reins.
Something similar is constellated by Uranus now and it would be expedient to prepone  the negotiations-peace  this time the war of the fatefull III.

Now, since beginning June Uranus stepped into the 1°-circle surrounding the  fire-Pluto of 1603  and will remain there till last week of September -  and then, after going retrograde in autumn/winter will again enter the 1°- circle in the last week of March 2017.

If now Uranus, man-God, at home in the non-temporality like numbers and principles, disposes for the sake of man the suspension of temporal entities, then there must be somewhere a Venus, a territory, reflecting in the paradox mirror consciousness between heaven and earth the paradox mirror-relationship between Aquriuas and Taurus, firmly established by the zodiac in the univerity of nature where heaven and earth are stirred into the dimensions.

Arrises the question where is the holy Taurus-land mirroring Aquarius in heaven in an earthly way, inviting the God to find a stay in human consciousnenss.

A question within the many, following the weekly repertoire, to be able to conceive the experiment man and the place for the non-present part of us in the temporality of the 12 signs.

Admitted a proposition for the heavenly Taurus/Venus: taking the resonance of Mars in Scorpio, accepting those, as non-temporal beings, which might surround us temporals, for whom the wise  heart sacrifices, like feeding the free birds of heaven all along, for the sake of man -  Pluto calls it work - long befor our individual birth into the pain of renewal.

Time  finally, after the fire-to look at the earth-relatives in the eon. Here is after Venus as earth-and air-Goddess and Mercury as air- and earth-God now time for Sun, heart, time for the annual Visit with the earths fire- bed under the bottom and around the well of the floating. Its earth elements Sun in 24,5° Cancer since 1802 - naturally territory of the elementary female - visited by current Sun.
And this Sun is identical with that of Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

17.7.1954 , 17:57  UTC Hamburg


maybe by this constellation it is more perceptible, that she embodies the ruling of the feminine heavyness (earth-element) adamantly of the unconscious  socket underneath her consciousness which is motherly adapting to the superior father. 

And eventually to the 'feeling' water-element of 1305 which  in the shape of Venus in 25,2° Scorpio is visited by Mars. His inception aligns with her rooting  and her parables of the eternal soul, calling for sacrificing for the persistence of the species.

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Rivergold and Plutos Sacrifice

7. 4. - 11. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Monday    4.7.2016

Big  scramble of the soul*planets in the lap of the year

*) Venus and Mercury are not only rulers in the soul-layer of the zodiac
they also rule in the element's layer
the second and third sign

back to the soul-layer's rulers




all three meeting in the lap of the fourth element
and sign Cancer
Water = within
 three soul  - rulers
down in Cancer
receiving resonance fom  the fourth of the four quarters
the beyond terminal quarter
in  resonance with
to the ruler of the fourth of the elements Moon
and within his shadow
are ruling the offerers 


and in follow up to last week  
where Venus in vibration with Pluto
acted in Resonance
unfolding beauties
in common swinging 
of four contradictions
of Capricorn and Cancer
Twins and Sagittarius 
swingings which use to appear in nature or
in any real band
but are impossible logically 
cause contradictions logically exclude another
 poetry thrieves in words and names
and the funnel appearing
in four directions supposedly

now this week there is a further swing
this week are
Sun and Mercury swinging with Pluto
and his offerers
right up from the lap of the elements

heart and center
and the Kommentator in uns
his son brain
the speaker

last week Venus' rooting was
in the sophia of words
shaking  matter and image
in  the order

hereto according to my teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner the  by him
Romano Guardini:"What hence are the images? They are the basic formes of the perception with those
we order the manifolfdness of worlds matter. But this not in the way of theoretical insight but onto the possibility to find one's way living and acting. Such images eg. are the way; the thread; up; down; resp. heaven and earth, the horizontal as the figure of man's realm between up and down; the vertical as figure of the personal standing there;
the well as origin of the move an so forth. Theese images are inborn in man; not as ready appearing essences but as readynesses  following even the first touching encounter to bring them forth within (and without of;  mm) the stream of the world ..."
Romano Guardini, Rilkes Deutung des Daseins.

E.g. the metapher "aufgrund" unites in one german word the meaning of "because of" and the image of "at the bottom" - so e.g. my metapher  „rivergold“ sunday in Saker's Cafe

but now to the middle of the week:

 fourfold resonances to the well

center - heart - Sun-gold
with Mercury word 
and Pluto poetry
= communication of God and soul in man
from the low = Cancer
and from th up Capricorn

or well and

it is this day ( on Monday) like mm as chronicler is with Cancer rising/ Moon in Cancer/ in 1 = personified well
till now  as suchone missfitting for any other carrier, to be redeemed only by steps of individuation following the rule of affection
 inside of the consciousness of the given 
conscious sorting in these 12 images
with the consequence of Pluto
in waiver of all other possible keys

and visiting all the the scientific landscapes dealing with nature  in their assortment of keys looking for the common language since 35 years now conscious and thankfull to the fathers for their common zodiac
lest preaching thankfull to the old Aegyptians for the incursion of the sign Libra
according their central myth of life an death

which reads us the horizon

finishing Guardinis quote:

" ... what was just mentiones are elemetary images. On them erected are more special mor complex ones; basic formes of the world, of the culture of being, of the kind like the Elegie
mentions them: well, gate, window, pile, tower."
p. 353.

hence the chronicler describes and  reads: 

 each week the heavenly given  on the elementry- grid  of the eon which we share -  seemingly without natural physical senses.
Elementary astrology , the assortment - key  4 = 1, unites the quadrants in union
8 unites twoo quadrants 12 three

 Elementary astrology is a pasture for all exausted minds - till now not trampled by visitors
like the Astrology of the 12 signs.

To start with it this week:
the chart speaks first 
the chart speakes twofold

speckled is this weeks portion for our eon

and coloured the portion of our temporal  zone

the mirror-axis of a horizon is missing here
as it is the chart of the whole hemisphere
here they are again and again
 the six days of creation between the waters below and the waters above heaven
encircled by Gods zodiac

 Let's start with the fourfold speckeld resonances which as unconscious possibilities our fate share with the following elementary - relatives:

Fire since 1603
Earth since 1802

Air since 1980
Water since 1305

man is of all four - the number of completeness - compounded, like all spatial,
and we are living in it as such a sensual imperceptible "weather of collective fate".

Given the astromundane diary mentions it and demonstrates something like -
 there is a culturally established organ, which permittes us  to comprehend sensual non-perceptible although actual in fact synchronisticly resonating in the unconscious vicinity of  the self,  comprehensible to self like an earmarked "X" grazing on the heaven of  one's meadow
something like the fairy tales the child is listening to

basic tales

Now to the relatives: there is Venus -visit with Sun and Mercury of the earth element of 1802 - something like heart and brain of the earth ... of the solid-genes - of their place in the lap of the fourth element = Cancer - hence in the female sphere.

With Venus it is our collective  reactive ability is wandering through the year - hers is the pulling ability producing denseness and heavyness and might , wandering with Venus ... in the elementary version called Taurus and the passionated version called Libra
and whichs relativity is excited? It's the "olive-green" relativity of the earth of solidness and rootedness  

the fire-relatives are the other visit   of the week
in last week's contemplation firstly appeared
Uranus stepping into the 1°-distance to Pluto of the fire element
ruler of the hot element of beginning  called Aries at 25,3 ° 
since the Kings-conjunction of 1603
Pluto signifies something like the God of waiver of the ego
 in favour of the species
 Uranus remains with this virtual God of the communion with the
absentee in the presence 
till late September.


And now to the colors of the week- which one is what  and how they are stirred

There is one layer with blue/green in square
coloring the square of Saturn= the father
with Neptune =  the child

a long lasting constellation, desribed a lot of weeks since  spring 2015
End and inition united
Word and sound

and in turquoise/ red/ black
in opposition Pluto with Sun and Mercury
the waiver the giving and the wording
the whole four soul-rulers swinging in resonance

and there now on Monday/Tueasday is/was Moon the femal polar-star in the equation – with other words, in the same room with the „other“, femal light of shadow and night, is  the bright light of consciousness, of Sun ,  superior by day, embarrassed by night.
attending is Mercury, notificator and commentator
alltogether in the receiving world of feeling, called Cancer
Till Tuesday afternoon the night-light shares the resonances between Venus, Uranus and heart and brain of the eonic traits.
That might  produce a dough in which heavyness and easyness are connected with heart and brain on the basis of male and female half of things.
Then till Thursday night Moon hikes over the oases of Leo,

 followed till Saturday night above the mixed realms of Virgo,
whose ruleress still shares the moisty milieu of Cancer.

Two fire-lights might be spotted by the last view. Both of them, Mars the elementary fire and Jupiter, the spiritual fire are wandering as solists  in „duty“ of Mercury and Pluto.
The former bringing meaning into appearence, the later bringing meaning into time. The former in the leading image of beginning, the later in the prudent savour of the earth.

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