Freitag, 1. Juli 2016

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Freitag, 1. Juli 2016


  "You have no idea how much I love and appreciate your tandem with mundanomaniac, including your verses ( I know the struggle with rhytms and rhymes but the idea is very good)"

 ioan on June 30, 2016  ·  at 6:13 pm UTC

This  to me is a pin-point compliment

It's more than a compliment - it's a complement making something complete

folloes chart of the moment - not for the sender wherever ioan might be - but for the

receiver in Murnau

June 30. 2016, UTC 18:13, Murnau

 at the receiving end it's a moment of Sagittarius = an arrow  reaching the the point of coincidence out of the invisible - carrying a meaning, Saturn = order - and appearing comprehensively = encircling as  Sagittarius in-bearing Capricorn inbearing Pluro = the order of the basic archetypes in the zodiac in the human soul like a liqud bearing invisibly the cristal of order, appearing by being saturated -- so Sagittarius in the world of elements is spirit mirrored by an existing understanding according the human projection of time into the dark heavenly placenta of godness.

Now for the basic understanding finally crucial is the place of  the lord of the ascending sign Sagittarius
Jupiter is in the III. quadrant  
  III. is the image of the invisible
  which is IV
 poets like greatest poet life
try to
create the images
of the truth
which is 
of IV

the four quadrants 
I and III visible
II and IV invisible
arrow poining to the Virgo as leading image led by a Sun in Cancer
in the seventh house of encounter
and Cancers ruler Moon has a beginning complementary resonance with Mars the beginner
in Skorpio within the roots of the soul
and so on
 great moments for mundanomaniac and terranam 13 in somebodies soul
26° Sagittarius mirroring in 4° Cancer 
This is what we are here for in the language of the future discernable by the actors of IV.
mURnau, 7.1.2026, UTC 21:15

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