Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2022

History in the Making, Horoscope of the Accession- and the Following Week


10. 3. - 12. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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2. Genesis

"15 And the Lord God took the man, and put him
into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of
 every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:

17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, 
thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest 
thereof thou shalt surely die.

18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man
 should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him."


"We can't help, but to be coint by our  ancestors, who
wanted to see things in a certain way, and hence
certain aspects are immanent in us. I would be 
neurotic, if I would see things different, than my
 instinct  urges me to do: my snake would turn against
 me, like the primitives say." 

C.G.JUNG, Coll. W. XVIII/1, § 275

It is the cosmic coining of the 12 times/signs in the line of our ancestors. The coining subject we call God, coiner of the Zodiac

 Our ancestral line, aka the zodiac, is  inextricable in us individuals, its  star-place to us  is Sun = (in) our heart, under the  respective sign/time.

The meaning of each of the 12 signs off God = spirit of the hour dwelling in the entire nature  incl. human unconsciousness each day in each house, such is the Anthopos - the zodiacal man 'Self'- in Earth-day and Earth- year, whose morning forever belonging to Adam, and whose afternoon belonging to Eve, in us, leading us to the lost garden of Eden, when again we become our innocent wise child, back again in the invisible  lap of the father,    the wise  even in life, the many only in death.

Now what happens to the Anthropos, i.e. our collecitve psychic human home in this week, what is disclosing to us on the northern hemisphere in this years 

40. Week 2022 

Mars our (f)ire
furthermore in Twins
in the space
between the centers
and interests
Mercury in Virgo
in the space
the passions
(until Monday)
ruling Twins
of attack outbreak breach
in the changeful events
of the  sprints under

stonewalling lurking
 of Taurus and Libra
lurking for the beauty
of the harmonic connections with the
partner in opposite
now with Sun
in Libra
the material stock and 
in the air-element of encounter

for which the adversary anytime holds ready  a maze
of passions
 to fry the awareless souls
on the 
lust of flesh
where only humble love
and character
shape a shore

The zodiac consits of 6 instinctive readynesses and the 6 calls of God.

 Adam embodies God's energy, Eve embodies God's spirit.
It contributes to wisdom,  not only to have read about it, but to have recognized it tenderly in life's encounters.

Mars Venus Mercury
moving the world without spiritual awareness
and in the arrowhead
the carrying dualities disembogue
Taurus and Libra
Twins and Virgo

in the spirit of
God's childly sense
will preserved
and created
by Aquarius
spirit of God's thought
mirrored in man in
cells of  materiality
without recognition
to the living ones
territory and reserves

while Venus 
harboring seven years in Taurus
the human spirit of
 regarding the Earth
as common habitation  
of man
above all subdivisions
in herds and villages
and by Saturn
bringing the coming
father of man
to origin
in humility 

...and this happened last Friday, September 30. in Moscow
President Putin undersigned the assession of the
republics Lugansk and Donezk and the
territories Zaporoshje and Kherson
to the Russian Federation
home coming of the
Donbass with

 9. 30. 2022, UTC: 13:40

hour of Aquarius
of the borders of a territory
the toppler

given by

10. 7. 1952
 transit 9. 30. 2022

Murnau, 10. 5. 2022, UTC: 16:08.



Mittwoch, 28. September 2022

The Conservative Revolution of a '"CAESAR with the Soul of CHRIST"(NIETZSCHE)


9.  26. - 10. 5. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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(Image of a neked figure in the center of the circle)

"This seems to be specificly feminine. With e man there is 
almost always some abstraction, e.g. a geometrical figure,
expression of his innermost essence. Probably logos and 
eros, nonpersonal and personal create the basic differences 
between man and woman."

C.G.JUNG, Letters, Vol. 1,  of 12. 28. 1927

The following refers to the poorly manifest interest for the own human-self, which appear in my appreciated geopolitically fascinated blogs . With my nearness to C.G.JUNG  and the 'readyness for encouter' the spirit, congregting the living 'symols' of a meaningfull balance in the inner- and outerworld by the archetypal powers and determining factors of order in  meaningful synchronicities. In their environment I feel in my appreciated blogs geopolitical blogs  homeless. It's the homelessness of the spirit outside of time, which is preparing the spirit of coming times.

To live in balance, i.e. in the possibilities of succesffull outcome, (because of God's ceation - unimaginable perfect,  exact and sustainable - deserving the readyness for consciousness of outside and inside ' divine weathers', readyness for presence and eternity, so that the general flow of life can always roll down the valley between both banks of each individual's river of life.

God isn't imaginable. The zodiac is closest approach, draws the godhead of the creation as simutaneity of what is ordered successively, which as real simultaneity isn't cenceivable, 

A sentence sais: " Deus est centrum ..."

 "God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose periphery is nowhere."

therefore His ways in man are the  non-envisaged in serenity and thrust.

Who hikes with God hikes with the 'gods'

Psalm 82

1 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.

2 How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.

3 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.

4 Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.

5 They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.

7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.

8 Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

This prayor is being fulfilled like  never before in these days, I know.

congregation of the gods
which the zodiac
in us
dreamed to consciousness 
in our fathers
indispensable powerful
spirits of time
by the matter of 

39. week 2022

These spirits of the third quadrant of the zodiac, the actuality of time,  cede to the 4. quadrant the focus on  the preparing  of  times.  For me as mundanomaniac, with Sun in the fourth quadrant, this means, while following  my heart, to acquiesce my it's insufficiency in the actuality of time.

the four quadrants of the zodiac

39. Week


Again four main resonances and one move:

  • Opposition:                        

 Jupiter / Sun 


Aries and Libra

The great spirit of the supreme commander, enlightens the decisions of the sovereign at the table of diplomacy, Libra, at the beginning of the week, whilst he in his considerations  always  admits to the duly place to the opponent.

for illustration: the horoscope of V.V. Putin and the Transits of the inception fo the SMO

zur Illustration: das Horoskop von V.V.Putin und die Transite zu Beginn der SMO of


2. 24. 2022:


9. 23. 2022 Referendum

Jupiter, ruling the second house: the wide territory of the Sagittarius - as supreme commander of Mars - visited by Saturn/Uranus

 The Conservative Revolution

at note: Shukow, Stalin, both with Sun in Sagittarius: precision and overview, the strategists.

Further to the main resonances

  • Opposition

Neptune/ Venus

Initially the continuation of the dissolution of territory borders - still a die away of the intensity of the weekend, where under  the sign of solution - Neptune - the existing borders cease to exist, what likewise signifies the stage of yet being undevided of the new borders. What  takes effect for the borders of a territora also takes effect for the borders of the Ego. With it it deserves the other bank, which is predetemined as inner image of the third quadrant.

At the end of the week Venus'resources in Libra in the  complementary opposition with the supreme commander Jupiter in Aries.

Both Sun and Venus in the strategic balance of Libra.

  • Opposition

Neptune / Merkur

In regression through Virgo Mercury by partnership of opposits is making the practical prudence of Virgo with the innocence of truth  of Pisces capable in new meaning.

  • Square

Saturn / Uranus

The renewal of the father, Saturn, by Aquarius, who as the determinator in heavenly distance is introducing the human spirit to the categories of right and justice, the coming order of a new time.

The Uraanus , human spirit in Taurus gives help to man to implant this new 'father-spirit' into the human communities.

  • Move

Venus on Thursday

enters into

Venus' second sign


where Sun already hikes

Sun and Venus

sovereign people and family
intensivly replete with
spirit of TAO
each other affecting
Pisces Taurus Libra
for a new old
axis of the world

Cocerning the long waves of fate, in this week also to watch:

  • Sun and Venus at the Grandola-place in the zodiac. Sun at the beginning, Venus at the end of the week.
  • Sun on Monday at the blue Saturn/Jupiter Kingsconjunction for 800 years.  Air-element, if anything: Holy Spirit, unimaginable, hence to be observed, astrologicly on it's place in time - maye encounterig iinvisible meaning in coincidences.

Murnau, 9. 28. 2022, UTC:16:36


Mittwoch, 21. September 2022

Dissolution of Borders - and the Strategist on the Battlefield


9. 19. -  28. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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"hence  the first knowledge about psychic laws and regularities of all 
things was found in the stars and  another in the unknown matter."

C.G.JUNG, The Spirit of Mercury. Coll. W. 13, § 285.


Astrologiy           .   Alchemy             Philosophy    

Modern era

Psychology        Physics

The geostrategics of the modern era would be well-advised, to think, that the unconscious darkness is lit up by the spirit in man, whose forms, projected into the darkness, appear as radiating signs of time. Like the Sagittarius representing the fourth call of creation 

mirrored by Cancer's feeling darkness below the horizon in our psyche, so Sagittarius spirit gains completeness by the opposite-partner Twins, who overwiews the physical terrain, where currently Mars fights for the neutrallity of Mercury.

the six mirrors of Anthropos
in us
38. Week 2022

Anthropos is the ideally thought human as male, being identical with the self of man, which is cosmic.
He is complemented by the ideally thought human as female, Sophia,  who is identical with her self, which presupposes male.

38. Week 2022

relocation of
Sun and Mercury
swap of the signs
at the western horizon
and with him the sovereigns
ascending under
Libra's   Venus'-heaven
for  balance and harmony
Mercury though
returning for another 16 days
down to his own
Virgo - realm
for analysing the given
conditions of li

meeting him on hs way on Friday
in conjunction
ascending into
spirit of union
and diplomacy
once again returning
back to the market
of practical reason for 16 days

Squares, opposition

about 23° Pisces
23° Virgo
 it comes this week
to a common resonance between
Pisces, Taurus, Libra
in suitable and unsuitable manner
letting them react where they stand 
by all means 
signifyings the dissolution
 borders of territories
ruled my Mercury
whose's Twins' Mars'
commanding Jupiter in Aries
is commanding the SMO
of Russia in the Ukraine

2. 24. 2022
Moscow 3:40

This happens in a time in which Uranus, the spirit of man,  masterminds the view of the  heavenly male spirit to the Earth, his motherly mirror. And how the rhythms of the gods  hiking archetypes  of  time signify, what is  currently  constellated for the  'Anthropos in us',  the latter does not know us as individuals, but therefore is knowing eternity, until we, by becoming conscious of him, encounter him in us - and us in him, whereto the zodiacal heaven provides the timetable.

Jupiter, Sun and Mercury

A coincident resonance-occurrence comprises: Jupiter, Sun and Mercury. The latter meets in the beginning of the week Jupiter, the strategist on the battlefield. and at the end of the week will  Sun be  in the the resonance of him.

Murnau, 9. 21. 2022, UTC: 15:12 und 15:16.


Mittwoch, 14. September 2022

Current Paradox : Attack and Defense by Mars' and Venus in Paradox Harmonious Square


9. 12. - 21. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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" is the archetypus just an item, whose actuality is
alive beyond of our consciousness and beyond our
terms of consciousness. The archetypal appears to
 our consciousness in the differentiation of  opposing
groups of symbols; [...]  but likewise this experience
perpetually  adverts, that the modality in which the 
archetypal becomes visible to us,  doesn't correspond
to the essence of it's  actuallity, which beyond of our
 consciousness is only to catch hold of as  boundary
value of our experience. We experience in polar 
opposits and in the  multiplicity of the qualities  'by itself' 
as unity of  opposites beyond the qualities being real."

ERICH NEUMANN, Die Bedeutung der Erdhoroskopes
für die Neuzeit." (The meaning of the Earth-Horoscope for the Modern Era." 

Lecture, Eranos-Convention 1953.

This quote of the psychologist and major scholar of C.G.JUNG is directed to practitioners , like came together at the Eranos-conventions sice the thirties yearly.

For the lay-person it is in it's complexity difficult if anyway to understand. But the spirit of the fathers, speaking through the zodiac in pictures, tells the same. As we know, " an image tells more than thousands of words." (TUCHOLSKY)

"The archetypal (12 /signs/images/symbols) appear to our consciousness in the differentiation of  opposing groups of symbols"
This desribes exactly the six opposits appearing in the zodiac as 12 characters of time, demanding each's opposits for balance, demanding each' squares to become complead.

The zodiac of the 12 signs invites each beholder, to find himself, his point in the universe. The place of Sun tells about the character of soveeign acting, commanded by heart. But the 'point' is that one of the universe's 360 degrees, of the entire zodiac, which is rising at the eastern  horizon in the moment of first breath and which is wising to the element and it's laws the nature of the born adheres to lifelong, being the human mystery of God, being born in   individual's inner cosmos, which in complete then in all 6 days of creation.

That this inner unconscious draft to  become a true human being  leading to become a true i.e. mature human being  basicly depends in life on whether having risen above one's herd-nature, and other natures leaving  the blind cling to Venus = security = Taurus + Libra - in the raw form of  physical , as Taurus is to exclude on the level of physical matter for the sake of security Leo, Skorpio and Aquarius, venture, loyalty and pistis. So to mature, Taurus has to do the paradox: socialize with the opposit and square, hence afollowing the complete zodiacal circle of  sweet and salty paradoxes lived  by God being borne within one's heart and breath.
To be born in each human each's Uranus'  mind reflecting being some human above the affiliation to customs,  taboos, prejudices of the so called friends, peers and what the neighbor says, whilst to one happens, like Meister Eckard told, that 'God is born within one's soul". 

The astromundane diary tries to tell each week the story of the archetypal man (Anthropos) , a female colleage might do it for archetypal  woman (Sophia). Or a southern diary  might be witten for the southern hemisphere's by southern colleages of the Earth -  in our case the diary is the northern one.

Each northern individual is to be found in it, whilst the constellation of the week refers to each one in his or her special way. And once found, the place in the zodiacal form of man, it can be achieved to consciously accompanying our heavenly signs of the symbols being given , leading us to a fuller, more intensive life.

"On Earth and in Heaven there is nothing,
which is more like God, than the soul of man."

Nikos Kazanzakis

37. Week 2022

exept for swift hiking Moon

sequel of each other light/planet
in it's current sign

sequel of the last two weeks'
basic constellation
plus two new paradoxes

sequel of the 

sequel of
 the Saturn-Uranus-square

while new are
Sun-Neptune in opposition
Mars-Venus in square

in detail:

master-spirit of joint happenings
in the mythical role
fatherly king  of Gods
of the king of the Titans

the genie of mythical Jupiter'son
with the precise and far reaching bow
striking the violater of the
fatherly laws 
of the universe
of physics and psyche

Jupiter in Aries
 the wise  strategist in  Mars' war
in opposition
with the opposit-partner
consciously reflecting
 the balance 
 of their paradox union
 in wartime
 superior providence
of the wise warrior
in harmony
with the strike-order of things
in the encounter with the 
Judo-idea of
working the balance
of action and re-action
in Mercuries realms
Twins and Virgo
attack and ressources
Mars and Venus
are united in paradox 

being now mirrored by

Virgo - calculus of
Twins hosting
the war of Mars
and Virgo
hosting Sun' and Venus'
center + ressources
wile Mercury and his realms are via Libra
in service of Venus
the latter ruling
the epochal
Saturn-Uranus square
co-constellating Aquarius and Taurus
 king and man
in us

The fundamental square Uranus/Saturn between  Taurus and Aquarius which is taut between flesh and spirit cries for soul, the connecting 'ligamentum' or  tie between matter and spirit, which in the zodiac is represented by the middle third from Leo till Scorpio. Thus the headlights of the archetypic man currently are fully directed on the 6th mirror.

37. Week 2022
Northern hemisphere

So,  connected are the qualified sovereignty of Sun in Virgo with the opposition of Neptune in Pisces, in which's common paradox intensity the innocence of reason is condition for Virgo's  psychic sovereignty.
And connected in square are Mars with Venus in common intensity, connecting attack and defense within a common strategem.

Murnau, 9. 14. 2022, UTC: 16:19 and 16:40.


Mittwoch, 7. September 2022

"Bad Venus", the New Human Father and the Surge of the Epochal Wave till November


 9. 5. - 14. 2022
Northern Hemisphere
0:00 UTC
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Sunday: Moon, where are you?


initially a mirror-image of the unconscious  womanness
of the male" [...] but also she is in that meaning principle
of the feminine psyche, like the Sun of the male one."

C.G.JUNG, Col. W. 14, § 216

I would write
the unconscious


" not only dark, but also a luminiferor which, iow. can 
also express a consciousness - ... (p.209), her light is
the milder of the Moon, which rather connects than

ibid. p. 209

luminiferror = light-bringer


in the contemplation of the week:
the unconscious moment of my innition
with Moon-quotes of JUNG
having Moon at 22,4° Sagittarius
'accidentally' mirrored by
the ascendant of mundanomaniac

22,4° Sagittarius/ 7,6° Cancer

mundanomaniac - Aszendent

such kind of thing to the astrologer always is 'something encountered', vernacularly 'accident'.

"You ask in your letter the question for the archetype
of the Self. Like you rightfully suppose, this type is 
not a working hypothesis, but something encountered."

JUNG, Letters 2, 

'Encounters' are also the grade-exact, minute-exact synchronicities which astrology ascertains by the touch of spirit in time


with her 'milder consciousness'
and her weekly considerations of the

36. Week

coexisting with Sun
weekly flow
with monthly brightness

both ruling each day
the delightof finding
one's realm
Moon dancing Eros
in the floating

now moving
since Monday-morning
in the weekly followup
through the spirit
from Capricorn to Pisces

through the spirit of
earth, air and water
till Sunday-noon
the brightness of the night
in Aries
the monthly jump
into the material appearance

with what our female half 
is in Aries with Jupiter,
slowly retrograding,
 the initial wilderness
 of time
moving with Mars

first third of Aries
and the last week
 in complement
with Mercury
for insight
into the opposition
 hidden  rooms 
of neutrality
ruled by agenda

And as now just happens to be war, this constellation incites both sides: the side which honestly lives the virtues gaining in precision and overview, and the other side, which long yet has made it easy for itself, to cultivate precision and overview in it's phantasies and narratives only.

But Mars has the real slaughter
of the last weeks
got over and done
in the space of the Twins 
'between the cities'
in square-resonance with 
the center
and Mars  is going now
for the succession
in square-resonance with
Venus and her resources
in Virgo

Just in 0time of a war, the archetypal landscape of the time  is to be contemplated distinctly like never else, cause war brings,  analogously to Mars, all secret intentions to the light of the day. Mercury, awareness accompanying the brightness of Sun. Mars bringing the truth of the depth to the surface of visibility:  the New Testament has for this the expression 'apocalypse',  meaning 'exposure'.

The Ukrainian war exposes what? It is the outbreak of the psychic plague of the european hate of the Russians ( mirroring that of the Jews), which epidemicly followed that of covid. Both times beared the question: where is the nidus?

This question has to be followed by each true homo sapiens on this planet, to become immune against this hate-plague. The Aquarius-part in each horoscope has the meaning to it' bearer: : 'human' - above all temporary individuations by gender, race, nation.

To this maturity of resistence against Satan, the great deceiver, by part and rule, only those humans arrive, which follow consciously by heart  the psychic world-contaminatior, and this way inevitably leads to the centers of interest and power of the anti-human, to him, who collects all brutal, ambitious, unscroupulous, sentimental, greedy humanoids and their advocates.

With which we arrived at 'bad Venus'

ruler of the herds
and solid
princess of this world
of gravity
but also of balance

since last Monday in 
solidity in prudence
avarice in mistrust
Venus and Sun
in Virgo
having to mirror
Mercury in Libra
childborn consciousness
by adult awareness of conditions
mirrored by

36. Week 2022
Northern Hemisphere

The current two weeks will see a peak of square- resonance between Mars and Venus, attacker and defender energy and repudiation.

So much for the faster realms of the Sun-cosmos.

The epochal Saturn-Uranus square phase
 of this fall 2022
 has again being reintroduced
 in the penultimate week
 with Taurus and Libra
resonating with
 by resonance of 

Fatherly heaven and easyness by Saturn's in Aquarius/human spirit in resonance with spirited earth gravity by Uranus = human spirit in Taurus = earthbound
Saturn in Aquarius signifying the downfall of the 'king', the clearing of the stage for a new act of a new determinator, in reality done by a Uranus in Taurus,  revolutionaty 'new human father of the species with the double virtue of human spirit aka Aquarius in Taurus and the sobriety of a father = Saturn in Aquarius, the latter  in midst basics of  territory of a nation in a super-national civilisation called 'federation.'

This basic - constellation ais growing in us in the collective depth since 2018 (Uranus in Taurus) and 2020 (Saturn in Aquarius). One can yet mark the second November-week 2022: when then are Mercury, Venus and Sun fully in resonance with king's downfall and new father. The time till then may be astrologically regarded as the surge of the epochal wave.-

Murnau 9. 7. 2022, UTC: 15:49.