Mittwoch, 16. Juni 2021

Summit Week - What is constellated?

6. 14. - 23. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"Our unconscious has a really fabulous connection 
with time. One has hypnotized people and gave 
them the post-hypnotic  order to tell the seconds.
 When they then were hypnotized again, they could
exactly tell the the number of bygone seconds.

We are unconsciously oriented by time.

One can awake to a certain Minute, if one has 
intended that. This is only possible by a brilliant
time-function of the unconsciousness. The 
precondition of the astrology is this, that we are
 identical with time. It expresses the quality of 
the moment, in which we are born.

Insofar the character-reconstructions of the astrology
are correct, we obviously have to be identical with
the moment of birth, resp. time. My opinion thereto is:
time is a psychological function, which is  
identical with the living anyway. Such a way  of looking
at things is not to prove, but heuristically it is exceedingly

C.G.JUNG, Kinderträume (Dreams Of Children), p. 106

watching the unconscious  ticking
 of times in the circles
 of the zodiac
God's zodiac

opening the watching window
is giving one twice
a look on the self
of man

and woman

and to keep the window
to the archetypes
appropriate times shut
to find comfort
beyond study and meditation
in Nature and Neighbors

 the heart of man 
running with Sun
runs the last week in Twins
enters the coming week in

from inside out 
outside in

but till Sunday night Sun/heart/creativety of man  will do the late Twins on the ways of

harmony of ways
 ways of compromise
above the interests of the parties
with his last seven

while Mercury
of man 
at home
ceasing to proceed
the living center
by which
lives a

mundanomaniac's  comment as astrologer to JUNG's deliberations is his amazement about his discipline: that he consequently took his genius back to the entire second 'page' of the fatherly massive: the medical-psychological page of the archetypes, Symbols, names, in the individual - while  left another third of that massive free for 'the astrologers' and another third, the basis-third, the political-economical socket, for which as 'great portending contemporary' mundanomaniac recognizes  this one .

In the astrological assorting of the weekly mundane astrology mostly is missing: ascendant/birth moment, hence is missing the 'talking moment'. But therefore it takes effect for the entire northern hemisphere - and  + 180°, like the seasons, also for the southern hemisphere. For that subject see here.

For all of us, men and women daily takes effect the 500 years old geopolitical paradigm: sea-power contra continental power. With the great old Eurasian civilizations of the northern hemisphere and  the comparatively young western sea-powers currently experiencing the unwelcomed change of  weight on the scales of world-civilization.

There is a window of contemplating the rhythms
of the four elements, ruling us a floor deeper or higher than
our conscious middle floor of the horizon

element's 32. Septar, 2019 - 2026. Last seven of 91 year's of passage of Neptune through Capricorn/ Dissolution of the State

Neptune's passage through Capricorn signifies 'childlike weakness of the state' beginning with the neighbors of Germany likewise the ongoing birth of new forms of State off the roots of the mothers which will inherit the planet
earth-element's 20. Septar 1935 - 42 - the first seven years of weakness on the level of state/Capricorn

Now another Window, with the current running fates of man signified by the living gods encircling Sun. 

 Since the assembly of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars in Capricorn 2018 this has taken dramatic forms, which will stretch via Saturn in Aquarius as toppling of the old determining power, then in Pisces as their dissolution protracted till 2023 - 2025.

24. Week 2021

ultimately it is now
gravitation and balance

which in Cancer
on Moon's way of feeling
rules over Taurus and Libra

Cancer's way has the meaning, in analogy to water, of floating, of bowels, of collecting oneself and uniting at the deep-most places. Powerful analogy which this fourth element in the zodiac is presenting.

Taurus meaning is: security within the borders of territory, primal rudiment of all herd-animals, which we still unconsciously experience as moved by Venus/woman/security

Currently now  Uranus,  heavenly spirit again has his seven years of origin in the human herd like lastly 1935 - 42.

Uranus in Taurus
origin of
union of spirit
carried by 
on Libra/weighted scale of 

Hitler, asc.: Libra, Sun Taurus, was obsessed by the imagination of territory-power of an esotheric messianic militant Germanic male society.

20.4.1889, A. Hitler

 6.12.1941 Sowjet Counter-offensive at Moscow

the Saturn-State escaped
Uranus and was
caught again 
by Uranus

Failure of the  'Blitzkrieg' against Russia. Berlin,  weighed and found wanting, first winter-war,
retreat in front of Moscow.

And that was the illusionary beginning of that adventure, having it' s 80th anniversary next monday:

6. 22. 1941 German attack on Sowjetunion

please note twice: the Saturn /State, in conjunction with the blue Uranus/  of the air-element of 1186, indicating the high flying of the 'State ... and the imminent collapse after illusionary attempt.

and this year 
again above us
in Aquarius / spirit of origin
 lord of measures, borders
and towers
himself ruling
the lord of sacrifice
in  square/synchronicity
with Uranus
his ruler
down above the herds of man

Uranus' ruler however
herself is guest with the
on the rivers of feelings
floating in the inner of world
and meaning
this week 
from Leo to Sagittarius

intellect and female tenacity
above the matters of
host of the Sun
heart of the meeting
storyteller ...

Sun beginning the week in the precise square with Neptune connecting the heart with  Gods's Sunny will and  unintentional devotion

to which in Leo
has fallen
intruding claw
and playing predator
ready to occupy
new territory


Wednesday noon, day of summit


signifying this year's elementary new start of thinking/air-element/Uranus in conjunction with fire-Uranus of 1603 at 14,2° Taurus

This analogy rules till coming autumn and in next January will return again then for a week. Last time, at the same place at 14,2° Taurus happened this:

17.12. 1938
primal fission of Uranium

Uranus in incredible conjunction
now again by us experienced
 in unconscious condition

long range:

or be it that
 a couple of questing
might have have stretched
their screens
what will be fissured
 this time 
in the attendance 
of the spirit?

Short range:

At 24,8° Twins  on Tuesday Sun with Moon of fire/ being at home in the world of fire/new beginning.

Medium range: 

Jupiter,  spirit of intuition in the unconsciouness of Pisces. 2,2° in conjunction to 1,4° Pisces. The unconsciouness offers by the earth Moon/ safety in the spirit of unlimited devotion of feeling on the firm earth. Jupiter's intuition in the devotion  to the  firmness in the psyche.

Murnau, 6. 16. 2021, UTC: 16:52.



Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2021

Three Constellations and One Mark-Day - Mars Enters Fiery Lao


6. 7. - 16. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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" .. the symbols are not only related to the individual I, like the 
functions of consciousness, but to the totality of the psychic 
system encompassing consciousness and unconscious.

For that reason in the symbol are not only conscious  and 
unconscious elements contained. but we find beneath symbols
and symbol-elements,  which the consciousness is able to
process relatively quick, always also such, which only in the 
process of  long evolutions or not at all, can be assimilated 
and which remain  irrational and transcendent to consciousness.

The independence to consciousness of the natural symbol
also expresses  therein. that it represents the character of the
unconsciousness, which it descends from, in it's own structure.

While to the features of consciousness the separation belongs  
between I and you, in subject and object, in the symbol the  basic
features of the original situation of the unconsciousness return.
Rational and irrational, conscious and unconscious elements,
  descending from the inner and outer world coincide with
 another,  like the term "symbol" tells, but appear in it also in an
original natural unity.
(p. 30)
The symbolic  image representation by the unconsciousness is 
the creative source-point of the human spirit in all it's realizations.

Not only the consciousness and the concepts of it's philosophical
world-understanding derive from the symbol, but also religion, 
rite and cults, arts and custom.

But as the symbol-creating process of the unconscious is the
place of origin of the human spirit, also the language, which is
 with the  formation and development of the human spirit 
nearly identical, in the beginning always symbol-talk.

... tendency of the symbol, by means of  overlaps and  interweaving
to connect  opposing elements and bringing the most different
areas of life with another in contact.

The symbol  alludes, suggests and arouses. In this way it sets the 
consciousness into motion and moves it to use all functions of 
consciousness for processing. While an  only conceptual processing
 of the symbol  proves as entirely insufficient.

 Feeling, intuition and  sensation are also more or less  seized by the
symbol. Thereby the symbol appeals with primitive and with 
modern humans in different directions.

While the appeal of the symbol equalizes the consciousness-
overemphasis of modern man, it is with early humans not only
consciousness-strengthening, but downright awareness-raising.  

By the symbol mankind arises off the early stage of shapelessness,
with the imagelessness and blindness of an only unconscious psyche, 
to the phase of  figuration, whose  pictoriality is an essential 
precondition for the emergence and development of consciousness."
( p.31)

Erich Neumann, Die Große Mutter, (The Great Mother) 1989

“Habentibus symbolum facilis est transitus.” — Mylius
(For those who have the symbol, the passage is easy)

Something like the last paragraph appeared to me 2006 in a dream, which opened my way to independent creative astrology. From a big city, large demonstration was happening in the distance, I suddenly hovered in an invisible chopper, flew to the docks at the pier a female journalist fainted  while I was high above her, came over a surfaced sub, greeted men of the crew having dinner in the turret  and finally landed at the sunny southern cusp of 'my new' northern continent,  dark cumuli in the night-cold background. Landing, short sunny way,  me and my wife being invited into the old house at the mull.  At the Left side of the hall two men in a room were busy on wet clay to form and burn personal figures for visitors to a modest amount. I engaged.

The ready product ,  presented short time after, to me in another room by two men, was a white shock, we had a laugh, it was a fine white and beige back-stitched shoe of a dancer, I felt easy and laughed in surprise.

Deeper in the house the dream lead to a finale while my wife and I proceeded to step up the stairs of the quadrangle tower,  joined by massive logs. I was deeply seized by the recognition of  the  faith and readiness for sacrifice,  our forefathers had done by doing the sober work of  constantly replacing  rotting logs with fresh ones - without which this tower wouldn't still exist ...

These dream-elements have been emerged 15 years ago by my 'creative source-point', whom I thankfully serve since 40 years.

In the Neumann-quote the symbol appears as key to the unity of the different. As symbol of the symbols mankind has to  receive the zodiac.  Key to the opposed elements out of which we proceed, ordering day and year in the symbol of completeness: the circle. 

Divided by the horizon, the zodiac appears as a living figure of six days of creation: six calls by God mirrored by six days of matter, called nature.

the zodiac
of the west
with it's six
days of creation

23. Week

only 2 days
in Cancer
dancing inside
the energy  in the lap
till Friday
on the boat of 
dedication of  motherly
wet lap
 in the inside
of life

breaking the outside
in Leo
life on Friday

also still
turned to the outside of life
Sun and Mercury
heart and brain in 
the seesaw
of intelligence


building and celebrating
in the Luna lap of
community and family
in the lap of civilization
united in Cancer
 on the trails of

by the way
beginning Friday
horn, teeth
and tempest
in Leo
at the command of 
Sun / heart
and Mercury / brain
should  be successful
 singularly beginning
to unite
strength and smartness
in neighborly virtue

in this frame
specialties are constellated
as coincidences in
maxima of resonances
between elements and signs
to human consciousness
to find meaning
in natural
forms of unity 
a business mankind is
near and far off

where the slow movers of our-family are adding  the spiritual essence of their character. Questions about this will find some answers by the small box above the left side of the blog, for the Astromundane Diary is a chronicle since 2007.
So this week:
Pluto opposition Mars

  Sun/Mercury square Neptune

Aquarius/ Taurus
 Saturn square Uranus

Mark-days of the four Königsconjunctions:

Till August still: Jupiter in conjunction with earth-Mars and earth-Moon. Early January another short week. It's about the merging of the zeitgeist with the two Pisces, the two contradicting motives in the unconsciousness of all of us. 

als mythic image

at the night sky  

Murnau, 6. 9. 2021, UTC: 21:44.


Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2021

Mars' Angela Merkel Days - Dancing Weeks since May

5. 31. - 6. 9. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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'On the Line'

" Even  in our deserts there are  oases, in which the wilderness
blossomsJesaja recognized  that in similar time of change.
Those are the gardens, to which the Leviathan has no 
access, around which he rambles with wrath. There is first
 of all the death. Today like ever, people who don't fear death
 are infinitely superior also to the greatest mundane power. 
On this is based, that incessantly fear has to be spread. The
 powers that be always live in the dreadful imagination, that
 not the single one, but many would step out of the dread; that 
would be their sure fall. Here also  lays  the actual reason for
 the exasperation against every  lore which trancendizes. There
 drowses the highest danger; that man became fearless. There 
are areas on Earth, on which even the word 'metaphysic' is  
haunted as heresy. That there  every worship of heroes and 
every great human figure  is to be drawn into the dust, that 
goes without saying."

Ernst Jünger, Über die Linie, 1951

"Are there also in our deserts Oases" 

... and is it allowed, to cast a view from there into the world, without any special private interest in confidence? In confidence that the glacial valley, in which the river of life flows has no end before  reaching the sea, that still a downward gradient pulls the waters of life to their destination.

So much for the wilderness of the week, out of which our unconscious if possible seamless modulates the continuity of succeeding, as far as it left alone. Therefore 'only' equanimity is necessary, which can only be received off the God-well  in the heart down the glacial valley of innocence.

22. Week

of this

of which 4
in 40 years are
in our shape

shape of unity in dis-accord
will be palpable
around June 12.

there differ and unite
the permanent as 'stone'
the permanant as spirit
superior concepts
Dionysos and Apollo
both lords of the 
Taurus and

So much for the slow but mighty background-music of the highest deities in the background of human spirit - Saturn and Uranus, trombone and flute, likewise both ruled and ruling, archetypal powers in the unconsciousness of each human being as build-in complete man, Adam II. (Anthropos) and his consort Sophia.

Here is the one another excluding, the heaviness and the easiness, death and carnival to be connected with another, like from the beginning of life. The genius in Anthropos is able to do that, it is the easy-most to do, to let the contradiction take shape on the most prolific way, around the measures of eternity, which are given in the pysical world and in the zodiac as time of fate.

So to be connected are:

Saturn and Uranus,  Aquarius and Taurus,  stone and spirit.

Mercury in Twins
of the physical world
also in Virgo
emotional world of earth
the low and the middle
matter and soul
in resonance with Neptune's
quiet ocean of devotion
in the spirit of feeling

das Unten und die Mitte
 Stoff und Seele
 in Resonanz mit Neptun's
 stillem Ozean  der Hingabe
im Geist des Fühlenden

and this cleaning -resonance by Neptune on the interests of Twins will be articulated by Mercury.

And to  all those is subjected

heart of the year
again in the seizement of the world
of word and number
Mercury's realms
of world and soul

while since today
Venus is in Cancer
and Uranus in her realm of Taurus
moves with Venus 
from intellect/Twins to feeling /Cancer

in Cancer
of the inward
is added by
of the 
whilst now both
Mars and Venus in the mirror
of Sagittarius
a son-spirit
while Jupiter
cleaning himself
 in the stage of innocence Pisces

and likewise this week
the renouncer
in Cancer
in mighty opposition with
partner in antagonism
 in Capricorn

Mars / Pluto
waiver in spirit
cut in souls ground
sharpness and sacrifice
clearness and beam
crystal earliness

to the mark-days of the week:

number one:

 Mercury on
of  fire at
24,8° Twins
since 1603

what is Moon-fire?
it's kind of feelings + Mars

 souls gestalt
stepping outside
 inner soul
singing playing
doubt about it
flashing all over Europe
 in flashmobs 
since early May

for backview:

Mars on fire -Moon

being at home
in Twins
feeling at home
in world and word

number two:


the inner tone steps outside

7. 17. 1954, Angela Merkel

Murnau, 6 2 2021, UTC 16:37.