Mittwoch, 14. August 2019

Great Man's Weekly Mirror

8.12 - 21..  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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John. 15. 21. … for they do not know the one 
who sent me.

16.2. Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever 
kills you will think he is offering service to God.

16.3 And they will do these things because
 they have
 not known the Father, nor me.

Diary of a July-Day

Sorted out.
It are the great dreams, which arouse the great man.
The little man is addicted to three 'normal' demons:
and he lives presorted by the zeitgeist

the great man knows
the greater I become, the smaller I have to become

The great, the cosmic man (unrecognized in us) is described by the zodiac and accompanying
him, by  this diary, with its ascendant Aries, the archetype of spring, which formerly was celebrated by the slaughter of the Easter-lambs.

33. Week 2019

 Mars in Leo
Spring-power in Summer
in Leo
heart-power at home
Venus in Leo
balance and reserves
in the casino
Mercury in Leo
the critical voice 
close to the

with other words
the rulers of
late spring
high Summer and late Summer
and with Libra 
of early autumn
are mixed in the bottle of time

 and what will Mercury realize
with his small spots
which, as the Anglo say
'do the difference'
and Virgo in the mirror of Libra
appears to be the authority
for personal balance
what will Mercury's 
what else if not
 big things'
small beginnings

What a great personal gain, to become conscious of one's Mercury, working in the unconsciousness of the great man's weekly  mirror 

2019, 33. Week

Venus on Saturday
and next Monday Sun
will visit
= co-resonances
ruling earth and balance for 800 years
since 1802 in the eon
of the great (northern) man

Mercury has a "square"- week together
in resonance
with Uranus in Taurus
it's the spirit of man
dwelling for 7 years
at the fringes of 
in the village

and Moon will start a new week on Sunday
while poor is her basket
when all content is
in Leo's bright day
of the Sun and his 
close children

(while Earth is in Aquarius)

Murnau, 8. 14. 2019, UTC:15:27.


Mittwoch, 7. August 2019

5 Powers Focused by Sun

8. 7- 14.  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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32. Week

" We merely understand those kind of thinking
that is nothing but an equation, out of which
never emerges more than has been put in.
That's the intellect. But beyond of it there is 
a thinking in primeval images, in symbols,
 being older than man, inborn to him since yore,
outlasting all generations, eternally  alive, filling
 the undergrounds of our soul. Wholly life is only
possible in accordance with them, wisdom is
recurrence to them. Actually it's neither a matter
 of  of believe nor of knowledge, but of accordance
of our  reasoning with  the primeval images of our 
unconsciousness, which are the inconceivable
mothers of any thought, which ever our 
consciousness is able to  excogitate.  And one 
of these primeval images is the idea of a life 
beyond death."

C. G. Jung, Seelenprobleme der Gegenwart, (Soul-Problems of the Presence),  1931, p. 273

Primeval images are whose closed circle the zodiac presents. 

32. Week 2019

apparent at first glance
one of the twelve

  as ruler of Leo
Mercury reenters Leo

each one of us is Leo somewhere
in the house
where Leo
since his birth-moment

no wonder
in this house then are together 
 Sun = expression
Mars = urge
Venus = balance
Mercury = reason
for two weeks

all our near neighbors
as star-childs are sharing

Mars the bold and blind 
following an impulse
to be single
and kick
by heart

Venus with the balance
of the heavy and the easy weights
the walls and laws

with Sun
pump of God
in every living center

well and
trickster intellect
combing the dreams
of god
for reason
in acts of love is
the entire strata
of the lower half of the zodiac

apart from 
the lowest essence
whose moods are turning
with  the travels of Moon
through the holy zodiac

and behold
Venus ' essence embraces
as the only one from above
as the arrival of meaning
in the balance of sexes
in blessed

beyond that
Leo is being
 the mirror of  Scorpio
in the consciousness of man

meaning will be
mirrored by 
hot want
that the opus might

heaven above the horizon
mirrored in fire, earth, air and water
below the horizon

in the Horoscope of the great man

2019 32. Woche

 ice of  form
calling the embers of soul
to fulfill
with passion
the eternal forms of life
given by the fathers
whereby meaning
might become 
in waiver of

Murnau, Wednesday 8. 7. 2019, UTC 15:52.

Murnau, 5. 8. 2019, UTC: 14:57.

Donnerstag, 1. August 2019

On the the Rise and Downfall of Rome's German Empire

This an attempt to augment Saker's great unified picture of 1.000 years Christendom.

As a 'Guru' (meaning: 'taker away of darkness') to me he virtually crossed my way 2014 , when I was appalled by the rape  of Russian language (= home of soul of many) officially, one  day  I read Saker's "Beauty will safe the world" and I liked, how he educated me essentially

Now this 'essential' thing, is a political one as well as a spiritual one, a matter-affair in the mirror of an affair of the psyche.

Here I share in Saker's cafe the free new continent of thinking, where multi polar individuals emerge by the occurrences in freedom of dance and poetry and astrology among man

In my history of an astromaniac since I was 39 and a maniac of meaning at the expense of the physics of the universe beyond our Star-Family I happen to have been astrologically a bit at home since some 15 years, (see my essay of 2005).

In my recognition crucial for 1054 is the Kings-Conjunction of the two biggies in our Sun-Family, Jupiter and Saturn, meeting every 20 years  in a major rhythm as an  unconcious collective pattern concerning the things of the quarter-part of the universe, namely  the earth element (in the astrological assignment of four elements ruling the 'signs and times').

Well the earth-wold had it's forelast Kings-conjunction on 11. 8.l. 1007

11. 8. 1007
UTC 0:46

Mind the ruler-ship of Scorpio over Sun, the center = Sun is in the 'house of the priest',
and Pluto the ruler of Scorpio is at home, grasping the Kaiser = Sun at the throat.

In the mirror we realize a Leo (= center) not only without any material power, hence the wreck of the Stauffer-Dynasty, but even more,  the center (= the Kaiser) is possessed by his mirror 'enemy',  personated by the cleric center against  kind of which the founder of Christianity had rebelled and testified.

Changing the aeon

Follows the configuration for the entire northern hemisphere of the planet since 1802, when the current configuration appeared in the new Kings-conjunction  in the realm of the  earth-element

7. 17. 1802
current Kingsconjunction
in the element earth 
on the three levels of:
Capricorn : spirit
Virgo : soul
Taurus : matter

Mind the extinguisher Neptune of 1802 at the place, where 1007 was the home of the "two swords-church" - obsessed by the imperial inclination of the rulers in Rome to posses both, the 'worldly sword' and the 'spiritual sword'.

The executer of Neptune's extinguishment  of 1007 was Napoleon. His imperial act was executed 1803.

1. 4. 1803
Secularization of church's property in the
'Holy Roman Realm of Germany'
Neptune exactly on the Pluto of 1007

Pluto/Scorpio is basically 
collective property
of spiritual brothers
in opposition to the brotherhood of peasants and their cattle
in Taurus's villages

Murnau, 8. 1. 2019, UTC 20: 14.


Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2019

Heart at Home in Leo - Meet Earth-Heart with Mercury

7. 31. - 8. 7.  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy 
brother's eye, but considerest not the beam 
that is in thine own eye?"
Matth. 7.3

“So whatever you wish that others would do 
to you, do also to them, for this is the Law 
and the Prophets.

Matth. 7. 12.

For being seized by the zodiac of heaven it needs a gift of God. And because one of such the chronicler knows, who he is: a grown up child, and where he is: in God's lap like all children, and, born in the hour of Cancer facing inwards according to the zodiac to whom the midnight of the day belongs  and the dark inner streams. And he knows in which element/matter as Cancer he is existing ...

soft Titan
uniting river
of all four
honored in the
heart's dance on the waters
of music
forever for everyone
Cancer is the inner beyond
the step beyond
the outwardly reality
of  Twins

step-out into 
the inner world
complete self borne
quarter- world
we all share
because of our Great-Man- ship

the second quarter of the zodiac
always mirroring
 the third one

spirit mirrored 
 in feeling
lightning flashing
between heaven and earth
Adam in 
around Adam's heart

31. Week 2019

the oldest is the newest concept
Z o d i a c
and the four quarters of the day/Year
(northern hemisphere)
spinning with Sun around the horizon
which is cut in the middle
by conscious realizing
 noon and midnight

in Scorpio living  water becomes ice
the atoms in waiver of whatever-ism
become crystal-packed

mind that 
one twelfth of us has to become 
it is Scorpio's  
and withstand
in the mirror
of Leo's fiery desire

giving the working Leo
the idea
of a form
he has to work on
for his descendants

It is them two rhythms 

contraction of contradiction
spirit mirrored in matter

which the zodiac give names to
to  the timeless
the natural structure
of being
in God's universe
to be looked at in man's chronicles of Earth-times
in humans charts of 
Sun's family
waiting for human consciousness

now to this week. 

at home
 ruling in Leo
 all blossoms dreams
 turning them
into adventure 
to be visited by living
 collectors of Earth's

and lots of matter and meaning
and lots of
dare and rage are with and Venus and Mars
within  the forces
of  sovereign life

and to the other resonance-complex this week

talker and discerner 
in the 'Great Man' of whom we are
this time
all over the week in nearest vicinity to
the Sun of the Earth's element earth

one week
earth-Sun + Mercury
merging into earth- Mercury+ Mercury
where Mercury otherwise
 passes in one day

it's the heart of the Goddess Earth
which waits at Cancer 24,5°
to be embraced by human

Murnau, 7. 31. 2019, UTC:15:24.