Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2021

The Week of Sacrifice and Three Together with Pluto Holding the Measures


27.  12. - 5. 1. 2022. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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... while the measures are not in the world

but in the spiritual docks  

of  origin

"Wisdom" (Salomo)

7.17 For it is he who gave me unerring knowledge
of what exists, to know the structure of the world 
and the activity of the elements;
18 the beginning and end and middle of times,
the alternations of the solstices and the changes
 of the seasons,
19 the cycles of the year and the constellations 
of the stars,

8.1. And if anyone longs for wide experience, she knows 
the things of old, and infers the things to come;
she understands turns of speech and the solutions
 of riddles; she has foreknowledge of signs and 
wonders and of the outcome of seasons and times.

That, I deem, is the secret of wisdom, that man only can find her in his God-Given wife, wisdom,  nature to her and unconsciously in her.

What each woman uses to deal with, somehow: to the 'telling of the stars', by whose background  heaven and times always are ordered, she has an instinctive nearness.

Wisdom knows,  what is given in sign and time. Wisdom and homo astrologus.

To it in the earthly mirror: the blind drive of male dynamic.


and last week

the blind
 fore-runner and opener
in the blessed grades
of Sagittarius

in the thankfulness of the son
to the ordinating
of 'the beginning'

Mars in Sagittarius
blind beginning of reconciliation
in thankfulness
by the son of the night 
wisdom knowing the light
in conciliation 
with the  father

heart of things
in Capricorn

fatherly heart
 of Saturn

"Magic days, elementary magic from Friday till Monday, when our cosmic heater moves  through the resonances of the 'blue' and 'green' Sun/Mercury-conjunctions of the air- and water-element,   passing, how can I say, points for excogitation, heavenly post-offices, so to speak, where the time-post of Kingsconjunctions on the level of thinking and feeling is mailed and to come for."

"There is no consciousness without distinction of opposits.
That is the father-principle of the logos, who in never ending
 fight  twists himself off the primordial warmth and the  primordial
 darkness of the motherly lap, just the unconsciousness.  Eschewing
no conflict, no  suffering, no sin,  the godly curiosity strives for birth.
The  unconsciousness is the original sin, the evil par excellence for
 the logos. His world-creating release operation is the murder of
 the mother ..."

C.G.JUNG , The Psychological Aspect of the Mother- Archetypus"
Coll. W. 9/1, § 178.

That is the mother, the form  into which all experienced is  
conceived. In opposition to her the father represents the dynamic 
of the archetypus, as this i both, form anf energy.

ibid. § 187.

further 52. week

sacrifical week  2021

 reason, balance
and sacrifice
are to be united
out of the fatherly concept
of new tradition
to be consciously perceived

with other words
the star
  heart of the week

in the same fatherly sign 

union and balance

Mercury '
curiosity and reason

the species

all three
together with the
sacrifical form 
in the fatherly 
holding the measures
of universe
between the poles
of any in space

in this week

lord of pole and permanence

in historical square
with his host
heavenly spirit of 

now: second week

of the Saturn/Uranus-bridge
in history
by the great

the TAO of Lao Tsu

Therefore, "Tao is great;
Heaven is great;
Earth is great;
The king is also great."
These are the four great powers of the universe,
And the king is one of them.

and who
if not Putin
is the father
of Russia

under the DoubleEagle 
peering to the  west and to the east
with St. Michael at the core
suppressing the dragon
of man

who in the last week
had buildt the bridge to the 
one-sided American Sea-Eagle

opening the entry to professionalism
to the peace-party
in America

where now Mercury
on Sunday
moves into the
'field of the birds'
of thoughts
foreboding God
the place of origin of
coming traditions and
in the social herd
ruled by Venus
s. above

at the upper edging
of the funnel of perception

today, Wednesday

changed off
the universal discrimination  from above
dream and innocence
into the heavenly house of
 lap of  Godfather's
 the waters
 of unconsciousness

the elements
this week
underneath and above
the level of the signs
here air 
speaks outside
and there
initiates solutions
at weekend

52. Week 2021

three times air
three times water

air = light, outside
Water inside, feeling

while my diary is not  complete without the weekly mirror of the zodiacal man or woman in us 
Anthropos and Sophia.

So here is Anthropos
the zodiacal man
in us

52. week 2021

Murnau, 12 29. 2021, UTC: 17:40.


Posted in the Vineyard of the Saker: UTC 18:06.

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2021

The Week Past 12. 17. 2021 with the Benevolent Colletive Balance of Future - in Origin


12. 20. - 29. 2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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"As generally one has the opinion, that one be that, what his 
consciousness  knows of himself, one holds oneself to be  innocent
and thus adds to the malice the corresponding stupidity. Indeed
one cannot  deny, that horrible things have happened and still
happen, but always it are the others, doing such things. And
insofar such deeds belong to the nearer or farther  past,  so
they  sink swiftly and benevolently in the sea of oblivion, and 
those lostness in dream, which one denotes as 'normal condition'
appears again. To that now  in terrifying opposition stands, that
 nothing has vanished ultimately and nothing is restored."

C.G.JUNG, Presence and Future, Coll. W.  10, § 572.

JUNG wrote this in hindsight of the atrocities of WW II. The German/Japanese rampages between  1936 - 1945 were the pinnacle of 500 years of colonialistic  rape and looting  by the sea-powers of the rest of the world with little exceptions.

WW 2, after WW 1 marked the moments in history, after the world was partitioned, that the predators went for to eat each other. Now the only remaining 'democratic' worldwide super-predator USA is confronted with the  two large continental powers, which were not involved in the worldwide looting, but envisaged as the ultimate prey. Unfortunately after all they managed to emerge as economicly and militarily the new superpowers - without any colonialistic history and aspirations,  and with respect and love for natives and minorities. Thus being the natural leaders on the Planet's Northern Hemisphere, any hope of mankind is with them,  the hope of mankind, for an  multicentered worldorder of mutual respect and decency.

51. Week

After weeks of a constantly growing propaganda-campaign against Russia,  allegedly planning war aginst the US-vassal Ukraine, Russia now answers with a 'stop-ultimatum' towards the empire,  containing the draft of an encompassing peace-convention on the modus  'peace for all' is peace for everyone.

Braced is this draft with unequivocal denouncement of  military-technical actions, if Russia's red lines are not respected.

The draft was handed to the US last Friday. As  deadline for a substatiated answer was given some mid  January. The US surprisingly  said, they will answer on Friday Dec. 24.  Chrismas present to mankind said the dreamer.

For an astrological blog this exceptional developement, where all contradictions appear to be 
knotted in one complex, is a challenge to exhibit the synchronicity , the complex mirror image of  heaven above Earth has grown to,

it is the spirit of all these things in our unconscious rightfullness here on Earth which complex unfathomable richdom is in the opal soul given by terra and the times

to be mirrored by  Mercury's Twins in Anthropos, zodiacal man and woman, just in Capricorn's winterly dream of rectified realities.

To be sure, I'm holding for Russia to be  t h e  p o l a r  n a t i o n  on the Northern Hemisphere, among her peers. Hence the polar sign to be Capricorn ruled by Saturn the fatherly god and genius.

 According to this opinion the current weeks are of enormous complexity for:

 apex of the zodiac  
above and within 
the high and polar zones

Taurus by Venus
 borders of territory

Libra by Venus
balance of interests

Twins by Mercury
neutral rules

Virgo by Mercury
adaption on given interests 

Leo by Sun
for respect
of respective nature and interests

Scorpio by Pluto
readyness for due waiver 

coming weekend unites

Now the deeper background of the status being signified by 

Capricorn's ruler in
rule goes for Capricorn
only able to rule
as far as
allowed by Aquarius
Saturn's master 

hence to the US is to seal the Seal, the Sea Eagle-  realm of airAquarius, to me appears to be signified by the USA, the planetary stronghold of 'airy' liberalism. Hence even in it's decline holding sway on the worldwide planetary liberal propaganda, configurating the perceptive conditions, of  the mass of single non-matured innocent believers.

But, according to the upper mentioned rule

Aquarius' Uranus
 can only do 
according to Taurus'
symbol of material security
wherein Uranus
is  placed
 his ruler
is still
 in fixed conjunction
 with Pluto
on  Capricorn's 
fatherly throne
to become a fatherly sister
and a fatherly Brother
of man
so Saturn 
the North
apeares to be the ultimate
determiner in this
game for peace

 and till  March in ('Russia's') polar condition Capricorn, whereby in the first week of March again being clinged by Pluto and his demand for due waiver.

Moreover Mercury the negotiator met 

blue Sun/Merkury
green Sun/Mercury

in this week of US intern meditation about the Russian ultimatum, (politely declared as not being such by Russia),  the resonance of both, water's and air's collective (Capricorn's) feeling and ratio .   Mercury= ratio and emotion = Sun.

After all, the opponents of right  and left, or tradition and revolution, or conservativision and revolutionarity, Saturn and Uranus are in the last apex of their current square, which yet lasted the first half of this year. Their synchronicity occures in conjunction, squares and opposition each ten years and asks for the union of opposites, being the spiritual version contrary to the primitive fight of them opposites.

Another chance or calamity for mankind, the next one coming in 10 years, provided, we are still here then.

For the record here the horoscope of the one , who is greater than his person: he himself - Saturn-Uranus-square - is a great bridge-builder, constructing: authority  leading by vision of balance.

7.10.1952, Leningrad

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

in red: Transit of the current constellation
on his constellation

tree rulers of his are in action
and their signs
moved on December 17th.
by Sun

... meeting the benevolent collective
balance of future
in Origin

Murnau, 12. 17. 2021, UTC:

and 21:47

Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2021

Too Late for the Dabble - the Father's in the Sky


12.13. - 22.2021. 0:00 UTC
under the northern zodiac 

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" [...]  the object of  insight is an individual, thus a relative 
exception and irregularity. It is therefore not the  general and 
regular, but  rather the one-off, which  denotes the individual.
It is not as a cyclic unity, but as a one-off unita to understand, 
which   unltimately neither can be compared nor   realized."

C. G. JUNG, Presence and future, Coll.W. 10, §495


"lat. religere

"A  thorough care and sttention of  whose, what RUDOLF OTTO
has aptly mentioned the 'numinosum', namely a dynamic 
existence or effect,not being caused by an arbitrary act ..."

JUNG, Psychologie und Religion, Coll. W. 11, § 6

(there in sticks' numen' = divine nodding as sign of  grant)

That  discerns gods (and angels) in the imaginatin of man, that they always and entirely are colourfull but 'one type only". As men however we are hybrid forms, from mini to makro, from child to sage

harking back to the heavenly/earthly raster, consisting  of quarters  of body, soul, image and spirit.

In this regard too large a being -undevided might be as extreme as a kind of too little being -undevided and in the living stream between two extremes everyone has his/her  one-off home - of whose what- about the consciousness doesn't know anything , just the horoscope can tell the individual of it's stroctural or poetic mixture.

The individual being a mixture in the raster of the  12  (time) houses of the year = 12 signs in our human conscious reception (no animal can doo that) it's order  of f the zodiac:  a spirit of a time becoming image: time signs. The great human adventure of conscious navigation in the ocean jungle of time.

The places of God are everywhere, provided one holds for the godhead having the ability to dance in the  rhythms of his star Sun and the music of his children on the  heaven of Earth.

Nobody is twice present in  universe, and nobody is present unless in his/her ascendant.

astromundane diary 
noting the zodiac 
as the ascendant 
of the zodiacal man
as ascendant
of the god-man
 in man's
streaming spirit to image
space to life

in us as 'Anthropos'

 0° Aries

the blind drive
of fire in man
firstly present
air and iron
hiking in 'Anthropos'
 the light of spirit
reconciliating the  singularities
light of the son

 eleventh house of 'Anthropos'
in the male spirit
 far from
the center of 
the whole
from above
eagles eyes of spirit

the contents of the unconscious
in part with
trees and animals
in the secure expectation
of the coming

50. Week 2021

Mars in Sagittarius
gaining dynamic
while thinking
in world-observation
yet radiating 
 Sun in Sagittarius
 warm strength of 
restrained I-power
above the spirit-reconciliated

this last week
for this year

the brain of
body and soul
Twins and Virgo
Sagittarius to Capricorn
from oasis to high mountain
into austerity
 now together
with Venus and Pluto

and Venus
since last week
 going to stand still there
 to become retrograde
on the heavenly board
till April
coalescing  with
brother Pluto
a yes with a no

the strict  trial of Venus' 
 by Pluto's 
according to Scorpio
in father's house
severance by all individual contents
high mountains gear
the supertemporal patterns
fittimg for everyone

waiver and austerity
paradox wealth of
psychic intensity
in unconscious resonance


and a further  resonance of the week is:

 great square
each 10 years
Saturn with Uranus
tower with arc
mountain with wing
in the heaven of thoughts
invisible like thoughts
the coming former feeling just

and it's the time
where the heavenly thoughts
hoovering in Taurus 
on Earth
spirit of unconscious
 hybrid wholeness
antcipating the coming father
like every 84 years 

At the end yet the colors of the four elements in conjunction with corrent lights and planets this week:

Two rulers of fire: Mars und Sun

meeting three time fire and on e time air according to the Kingsconjunctions in the four elements:

2021 50. Week

1. Mars and Mercury : Ire and early ways of insight.
2. Sun and Neptune:the heart and the innocence of thinking. 
3. Sun und Sun: The brightest and warmest place in the current zodiac.
4 . Sun und Venus: great early conjunction of the hearts.
5. Mercury and  Sun: 
5. Mercury and Mercury:
6. Mercury and Sun:
7. Mercury and Mercury:

Fire is earlyness

The father is in Aquarius'
airy realm of invisable things like thoughts

Mercury Venus, and Brother Pluto
in father's house like right laws

While Mars and Sun are in  Son's house like insights

And Mangod Uranus in Venus ' fruitfull house
of bodily community

while she is in  father's  house
with brother and brain
herself remainuing till April
but  brother till 2024

so it's a cluster in setting stones

all too late 

father is away

in the sky

Murnau, 12 . 15. 2021, UTC: 17:15.