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13th Week 2019 -Historic. Vast Baptism with Truth for Mercury

3. 25 - 4. 3. 2019
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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Before there were Kings

"To our civilized way of thinking the word chief  undeniably
contains  connotations of power, but  we are not allowed to confuse
our concept of leadership with that of the Indians. Not power, but 
measured dignity denotes the tribe-chief in the first line - him who 
as early as a child leads his life apart of the game of the boys.
The chief not only connects to the old history, but also is a  
copula between the Pajé or shaman and the  community. He himself
must not be a Pajé and must not have the direct contact to the
supernatural actuality; he solely has to link the members of his 
community to this actuality. A great chief also is a great orater. 
A chief must be able to orate. The point for him is not to  command,
to punish, to legislate, or to give any orders. He has to be generous and
insightful and able to give advice - advice, not orders. He must be, 
in our terms, an adept statesman, always being aware of the subtle 
balance of the human relations. He indeed holds the concord in his 
tribe valid, but only seldom has to mediate in a serious altercation, 
because the members of a community rarely argue, namely they 
would cause displeasure to the dead souls. Not the chief guarantees
the peace within the community, but the perennial presence of the 
supernatural, to whom an internal strife would cause  infinite 
Orlando/Claudio Villas-Bôas, Xingu, p. 17,  München 1979

"The Archetype namely - one should never forget - is an 
emotional organ, to be found in everyone. A bad  explanation
means  a bad attitude to this organ, by which it is damaged.
The eventual victim is the bad explainer.".

C.G.Jung, On the Psychology of the Child-Archetype, Col.W. 9/1, § 271.

(my translations)

Astromundane Diary's axioms: 12 archetypes aka 12 psycho/physical 'organs' sensible in a meaningful way to the change of times, ordered in 12 'houses' or signs, as 6 mirrors, perfused by the images of time while the latter has 10 Players as 'rulers' of the 12 essences of 'times and patterns' in the universe.

13. Week

1. Mirror: 

Aries mirroring Pisces or Matter/Energy mirroring Tao.

In Aries Sun, heart and center of the  new born hearts of the year,
having to mirror the deep and long baptism in Pisces of Mercury the orator  (+ all the demonic bought orators in the 24/7 media), his long cleaning session with Neptune,  the naked  truth telling child. Mercury  just this week on his wave backwards was dancing in a circle around Neptune and lying oratories fell off the table.
And this one is the big one, we are in rare times 2019 for Mercury:
Normally his yearly bath in truth, aka Pisces,  is a two-weeks thing each year. But 2019 Mercury runs a big back-wave in Pisces, back to the ultimate truth of Pisces - ruler = Neptune deep in his collective pattern Pisces:  truth is nakedness.

So in heaven of the 12,  Pisces when this week  28 month's meme "Russia Gate" collapsed.

And also time has come  for Venus' baptism in the truth of Pisces but within the normal  4 weeks .

2. Mirror:

Taurus mirroring Aquarius, or roots mirroring thinking, or Venus mirrors Uranus.

 Venus baptism means a change for Taurus- and Libra-things, or roots and balance,  or skin and beauty things, it's the baptism of their ruler.

And Uranus'  Godly wings of thinking, sharing the baptism as  the renewal bath of the idea  in heaven's permanent atten-dance,

as well as Mars sharing Venus' baptism till Sunday evening as the 'blunt one',  then stepping into Twins' baptism by their Ruler Mercury which will be complete till April 16.

3. Mirror:

Twins mirroring Capricorn, or talking mirrors law or Mercury mirrors Saturn.

In Twins Mars, the 'blunt one' has to mirror the fatherly stern aspect of  Capricorn like State and bones in it's purity and devotion.

4. Mirror

And it's fast running Moon as ruler of Cancer's duty to mirror like a mother the lessons learned by  Sagittarius ruler Jupiter on his ways  ways of providence and conciliation.

Murnau, 3. 27. 2019, UTC:17:48.


Mittwoch, 20. März 2019

Inflammation for Sun Mars and Venus in Early Summertime

3. 18 - 27. 2019,
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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12. Woche

"We may not imagine the unconscious neither as  order 
nor as disorder. The experience gives prove to both. With 
disordered consciousness order can come out of 
the unconscious and  conversely, with too narrow 
a cosmos of  consciousness chaos brakes in from 
With the formation of great religions initially 
it's a matter of collective disorientation,  
constellating an overwhelming ordering
principle in the general unconscious. (collective 
desire for redemption). The prophet recognizes in
the distress of the time by inner view the  helpful
entity in the collective unconscious and formulates 
it in the symbol, as he speaks out of the collective 
unconscious, he speaks for  everyone."

C.G. Jung, Letters 1, , 10. 1. 1929
(my translation)

In my life the 'helpful entity' proved to be the zodiac, which like an ordering Gods-arm reached out to me in my 40th year of life - in the same week in which I met my wife for life at a friends place far from home, hence on the way of Jupiter (long journey).

In Germany this was as a journey from the protestantic north to the catholic  south - a journey from cold thought to warm feeling - hence I met my wife,  the zodiac and  my 'home-continent'  in the same one week.

According to the six days in the myth of creation 
the zodiac provides the 
six mirrors of the six heavenly calls of God
into the dark low mirror
 to become
and the six calls are
 mirrored in the six 'days' of 
earthly creation
parallel to the
e six lower signs
of the zodiac

12. Week 2019

Mars in Taurus - the wolf in the flock
Uranus in Taurus - the man-god in the flock
Sun in Aries
power to the center
fog for Mercury
wings for Venus
and her border- defending 

our zodiacal
horizon shows
six mirrors showing the calls on us
the inhabitants of the northern 
or southern hemisphere
by gods
to mirror them in Earth's way

our collective fortune
weekly presented 
to human consciousness
as chronicles of our weekly heavenly actors
over the stage of the helpful entity 
in the 12 houses 
12 signs
as 10 actors
within the
the physically non-ascertainable all-circle
 postulaled  by
our forefathers

12. Week

light from the light
of the stars in universe
signifying heart and center
of each creation

of each entity
on it's  way
Wednesday night
way along to the end of a zodiacal year
30° Pisces = 0° Aries
and its beginning a new circle

Equator vertically under the
summer-half-year beginning
in the north-world
autumn in the south
power of the northern centers
for 30 days
at disposal for 
breaking out and in
blind  Mars' fortunes

Mars yet 14 days still in Taurus
trying to interfere
to rouse
and to plunder
or to help in ordered

Mars in Taurus
inflammation in
 rudiment of the blind old  hunter
of instinct
good for the zoo in
(like bankers are)
respected in wilderness
like in Russia

after heart,  teeths and claws
or Sun and Mars 

we come to Mercury
writer of the gods in old Egypt
at the scale where the heart of the dead is weighted
for eternity

 travelling Twins
housholding Virgo
the higher ground
for Mars and Venus 
and Sun and Moon
to meet
bad with the bad
and good with the good
where the contradictions find their
good or evil unions

now Mercury further seemingly moving backwards
back through Pisces
even moving to Mercuries 
 Virgo's  eternal antipode

his clearness
in the unconsciousness
'under water'
roaming the
vast building-sites
of coming  times
in  Mercury's
aka brain's
villages in the unconscious
but by dreams experienceable
dance of the archetypes

consciously visible made by the
helpful entity
Mercury in the non-perceptible realm
of Pisces

new Mercury in Aries
coming second half of April

now the fat red square of the week
casting it's shadows
on New Zeeland's Christ-Church
 and Holland's
 between Mars the blind shooter
and Venus
the social  and any tissue

Mars is the ever persisting potency of hunger, ire and aggression
inherent in any being on it's way

The Mars-Venus -squares always signify times, when inflammations lure and lurk against supposed defenseless social entities. (German-speakers: see my two first blogs on the Massacres of Blacksburg.)

And on Sunday Venus unites with Pluto of 1305 of the 'feeling' element water, who  since 714 years supplies us, the non-ascertainable mixture of and in us,  with the gravitation of Pluto's sacrifices felt in the feeling sensitivities of the unconscious  life.

And the other members of the family? Jupiter and Uranus since weeks and weeks longer
are read in the former blogs of last weeks as well as Saturn and Pluto - however - they are moving to a longer-time - 3°-distance meeting till Summer. Next year they will meet in a 0° point, Saturn's and Pluto's  measures of Godfather and the ancestors will rule the synchronicities of these two years. Saturn and Pluto - Go!

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In the spirit of English language
in my soul: 3. 20. 2019, UTC: 22:21.


Mittwoch, 13. März 2019

Home in Oneself

3. 11- 20. 2019,
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"Consciousness (dailight-brightness of the psyche) one
of the Archetypes of the unconsciousness"

"originates from the fact, that the 'Ich' (I) has the paradoxial
feature, to be subject as well as object of it's knowledge,
further from the fact, that the psyche is no unity, but
a "constellation", in which besides the Sun there are yet
 other lights. In fact the subjective I-personality, 
in other words, the consciousness with its  different 
contents, in its different aspects is being watched
by an unconscious or rather in the space of the un-
consciousness situated observer."

(transl. by me)

C.G.Jung., Mysterium Conjunctionis, Col. W. 14/2,   §. 167

and also this week
Sun in Pisces
child-spirit in zodiac

arrived as child
returned as child

so the zodiac
tells man

"Child" has the meaning of something growing to 
self-dependance. It can not become without 
disengagement from the origin hence the  abandonment
is necessary condition, not only side effect. The conflict
is not  to be overcome by a consciousness remaining 
arrested in the contradictions; hence there is a need 
of a symbol, that shows it the necessity of the 
disengagement form the origin.  While the symbol of 
the "child" fascinates and seizes the consciousness,
the  redemptive effect enters into the consciousness
and carries out that segregation from the situation
 of conflict, which the consciousness wasn't able 
to produce. The symbol is the anticipation of an
only becoming  state of consciousness. As long, as
this hasn't  been produced, the "child" remains a 
mythological projection, which claims for cultic
repetition and ritual renewal.  The Jesus-child for 
example is as long a cultic necessity, as the majority
of man is yet unable to psychologically realize 
the sentence: " unless you change and become like little
 children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 
(Math. 18.3)

(transl. by me)

C.G. Jung, About the Psychology of the Child-Archetype
Col. W. 9/1, § 267

11. Week.
four realms
a third of the zodiac
Twins - Leo - Virgo - Pisces
as "child" as bud
of coming presence

a cleaning - constellation for 
Sun - heart . strength center
Mercury - counsciousness
heart + brain
in Neptune's castle
at sea-bottom
deep within unconscious
latent meaning
in the chaos
of Tao

to deliver a product of
perception and surrender
in the silent chaos

cause Sun and Mercury are 
 heart and brain
in the unconscious  'all of us' - thing
called 'the great man' Anthropos
walking the way of God
a god having forgotten his and her
god -ness

well intensity from the fiery bright side of
spirit Sagittarius

the son = knowing the father
keeping the measures of the universe
in every world
kept by 
setting borders to the product of 
creator Uranus
scooping in the upper
 waters the origins 
of man

in challenge with 
Sun + Mercury

in the holy  nowhere-land of

each year is blessed with
 on earth

heart belongs to childhood in Pisces
an a child
God telts him
hence is in the truth

while Jupiter
god in us 
of  son-ship
= reconciliation
deutsch Versöhnung 

is meeting an imprint of
in the element air
for about 800 years
a aeon

it's an element's horoskope
in the iranian 

the element is air
the invisible space 
of electricity = thinking
in light's

at 23° Sagittarius
blue Neptune
of the air
the innocent thinking

a hand full of weeks every 12 years

to study the childbed of 
truth in thinking is
cleaning the
exaggerations of
everyone's turning a blind eye
off the "child"
in every person

the demons of something
are passing the child-stage
 = cleaning-stage
without going into the breaks

they are the dark querl
keeping the move 
of the desires for goodness
of Faust
the desires for badness
of Mephist

the entering a new year/stage
after 30 ° Pisces
a part is cleaned 
another part 
may be spice
is bitter and bad

and hasn't to conquer the soup

and to the weathers of the "greater man" they 
are sensible by their instincts
an they offer followship
for mass-graves
and money
gold shining in the dark

But it isn's given to the unrepented to
devour the creation

even as  the blind urge
of Mars
= the impatience of fire
Mars cannot wait
and no one in Aries can

Impatience of Mars now is since mid -February
in the
social community of Taurus

where since last Wednesday
Uranus pitched up his tent 
at the periphery of the

Mars in his impatience has a call
by Sister Venus
from the upper waters of Aquarius

to help to create a new gestalt
of fire and air
with  roots in earth

and  man-god Uranus
in Taurus
savors the cradle
which is conceded man's godness
at 1,8° Taurus since 1305
in the green water-realm of feeling
home in oneself

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