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The Key to "The weakness at the Border"

The 'weakness at the border' was the weakness of the beast. In my current diary

I present  two charts, on Caracas and one of Wash.DC. , incredible sansation
in my astrological experience (I made caracas only days before Feb. 24.)

Crucial for communication with these charts  is  at least a hunch for  their technique:

 1. They are generated by an unique 1.200 years old) astrological tool  (a. is a culture, by the way) , called "Kingsconjunctions" , stemming from Bagdad's heaven-freaks of the 8th century: their thinking + Münchner Rhythmenlehre

Bagdad's culture as moslime-heirs of the Mesopotamien', Aegyptian's and antique Grece's thoughts went below the zodiac's 12 down  to the elements 4. Their order  given by zodiacs rhythm of bust-collect- dissipate-receive - or fire - earth - air - water.

 The four elements grant the element earth  the honour of being the vessel for the fight of the contradicting  elements,   as well as  their unification as symbol of spirit working with god's assortment. Hence of the four elements it is the earth-one showing  the leading impact in the political and natural sphere.

2. Now what the presented charts show: they show the 31st. birthday of the earth-elements birthday.

Birthday is first day: 18.7. 1802.    SUN of the vessel earth: in CANCER in the low lap of the zodiac.
This Horoscope is the one, sensible untill 2577 for the transits of actual lights and planets.

7.17.1802, UTC 22:48

The Now is covered by the '31. Septar' of the 31. birthday of  7.17.1832. Septar is meaning the 31. birthday's 'time-package' expanded in the rhythm of the number 7= Moon-rhythm ruling Cancer.

Hence the evergrowing prevalence of the female symbols since 1802.

Shown is 31. Septar = whole  "earth - programm" of 2012 - 2019. valid for the northern hemisphere like a cut half orange with 12 compartments ...till 7. 17. 2019.
and in a circle and a in a shale there is no point possible  without it's place - but there are only halve shales  possible because winter is not summer.
Now view an orange half as a global model of time: you have 12 compartments = the Sun turning around the growing orange and her mother.

Now the order in the rhythm of Sun:

1 = east,  rise left,  7 = west,  descent, right,  4 south low 10 north high.

The tool projects for the entire northern hemisphere each place of the hemisphere,  it's  Ascendant , given in it's  times and  coordinates,

from 17.7.2012 till 17.7.2019 in 12 houses of time, each of 7 months
now you can know where wefünf
 are by the outer green and red numbers.
Green for meaning and red for desire.

Now in the last five month,  of 12 x 7 = 84:  you can watch  the border between attacker, fire = ARIES and defender,  earth. TAU - RUS, (Taurus- palace)

Both are in the hous of meaning (12) and Burst (1)

In the 79th of 84 months the two rhythms are currently on their way back to the Ascendent through his last compartment, the 12th and 1st astroslang: 'house'.

Basic rule tells: Sign ruling the door of the house is ruling the 7 months (comprised signs are su-rulers

For all times the 'horoscopes of the bridges'  throw open the doors for studying the miracle  of nontemporal order, passing as heavens time-web, created since the beginning, in and out of any being.

Murnau, March 1. UTC 22:02. .


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