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Weakness at the Border - Weakness for the Beast

2.  25. - 3. 6. 2019,
0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"Assumed the hypothesis of those items called by me as
 Archetypes is verifiable,  then we are confronted with
autonomous "animalia", which have at command a kind
of consciousness and possess an own psychic life and
 which can be observated, at least partially, in the
 contemporary humans as well as in the historical course
of the centuries. If we call them gods, demons, or
  illusions make no difference; they exist and 
take effect and are born anew with every generation."

C.G.Jung, p. 341, Coll. W. ?

"the blossoming and burgeoning of the individual
as (...) an experiment and a doubtfull and startling work
of the living God ." 
C.G.Jung, ibid. p  344.

The signs and times of the

 9. Week

energy + impatience
last week of
 8 years condition for
assumed mangod
in the 
the wild east
till next Wednesday

in Taurus
then for approached another
seven +  years
Uranus marching
 in 84 years
through the zodiac
his measures are the wings
swinging in the universe
of eache one of us

Mars in Taurus
the impatient hungry lonely beast
within the band of people
forming a civilisation

hence Mars condemmed by 
home-range and territory
the thing with the big walls

look at the current "Erd-Septar" of Caracas
And what great powerfull events have their stunning trigger in Caracas

17. 7. 1832 UTC 4:38
2012 – 2019
für Caracas, Venezuela

and the beast with the powerfull wreapon of white noise
 (= 'information') are lying their way
through the civilisations

silent corruption

so much for Venus and her territorries
peasants kill wolfes
 telling them
stay in their wilderness

so much for Caracas
and Venus as ruler
of territorry
till Friday night still guided by Saturn
to stay inforgettable
with a whiff 

so much for  Venus as ruler - and as ruled? Till Friday evening by Saturn beyond presence, then

ruler of gravity and balance
under the wings of
God of the inner voice

more popular
than Jesus

Voice of 
the father

surrounded by
forked toungues

They who take effect in us, drawing wings in between us on the pious paths of the fathers now together with the wild fire of Mars, and the tightness Taurus  of Venus and her universal  balance in Libra goddess of all territories.

and here is the weak actor at the bridge

like Caracas in the last 7 months till July 17.
the current erth-day for
about 800 years

31.  Septar Erdelement
17.7.1832, UTC

Here once again the planetary actor  Aries
of the last seven years
in the rhythm of
his last seven months since December
returning to the ASC
in both directions

Astrology in my diary follows the rhythms
of the different heavenly players 
according to the

well easy to see: the attacking Mars
is in dissolotion
cause his rhythm since 2012
as beast 
ends as weak and wimper
in the hous of Neptune 
the Pisces

Back to the curret week

Mercury god of 'human quicksilver' remaining  a last week in the yearly heavenly quarantine Pisces while being cleaned by all failed projects even a second time  in Vietnam.

the same goes for the Sun
and hence for the hearts
the yearly cleaning from the lies
which our Piscespart has to do
all the day in one's own conciousness

Murnau, 2 28, 2019 UTC: 13:49


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