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Red Heaven and Caves for the Innocents

2. 4 - 13. 2019,  0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"There is anyway no other possibility, but to aknowledge
the irrational as a neccessary, cause always present
psychic function and to take its contents not as concrete
(that would be a step back) but as psychic realities -
realities, because being effective things, i.e. effectivities.
The collective uncosciousness, as a precepitation of the
experience and likewise as an apriori of the same, an
image of the world, which has shaped sice aeons.
In this image certain traits, so called archetypes or
dominants have emerged. They are the rulers, the gods,
i.e. images of dominating laws and principles of 
average regularities in the flow of images, which the soul
again and again undergoes.

C.G.Jung, Coll. W. VII, § 151

"Flow of images" that's what we deal here weekly. Flow of the images, which spin above and underneath the Earth daily in 24 hours and in it the squillion years old rhythm of the gyrating 'regularities' od Gods in the sythem of our home-star whom we owe to be the 'fruit in the vineyard'.

Initially this blog was more copious and told about every god in his situation in the concerned week.

But given the abundance of informations in the net it happened the logical requirement of utter brevity and succintness. Hence the 'slow' marching gods, signifying transpersonal contents are only considered, when they move into new signs, or, when they are in main-resonances with the swift inner planets + Mars. Main-resonances?

The cross of the main-resonances
made visible by sand on a
brandishing metall-plate

The entire circle in natural vibration appears as a net of  nodes and connections  always devided in 4 quadrats.
Therefore the concentration on the main resonances:

Each of these Resonances betrween different characters lets grow and promotes shapes (Gestalten), which grant the unity of contrasts. This is impossible to the logic of human consciousness, cause it has to avoid the coincidence of antagonisms (tertium non datur) to reach the lucidity of the judgement.

But the myth of man, mirroring the cosmic reality in the psyche,  has just that issue: the cosmic contradictions and their unification.

Hence man is expected by astrology, to host both, logos and mythos of the times and signs, cause the language of the world is logos, but of the soul is mythos, in which psyche since yorecomprehends the elements from

heaven = air
down to Earth = earth
with fire and water
in the open space in between them

6. Week

this week has two sign-changes
on Monday Venus has entered  pilgrim's path through 
lasting till March 1

and coming Sunday
Uranus' Mercury-window closes
Mercury entering Pisces

Let's start with Mars, the newborn greater man's  fire within,his  own flame inflamed by the own first breath. Mars the birther of the  invisible fire-man  next Thursday on Monday unites with Uranus. 

Energy + Idea
red heaven

Uranus waking the great man 
in the little one

awaking great man rising
by avoiding
to take
the bait
for the little man

now Sun = Center
+ Mercury = Brain

 controlled by Uranus the toppler
till Sunday together

Sun remaining till Feb. 18
in Uranus' control

then both are in control of
the Childgod
and it is time for repentence
and tears

for heart and brain

cause the new energy waiting  for Sun and Mercury in the sign of Aries
is the energy of innocence
mastering the demons

hence each new beginning has to choose
 which side it will live on
each new morning

so much for Mars, Mercury and Sun

stuff to meditate this week

while Venus has on Monday stated her pilgrimage
through  Capricorn
where words are fathers

and next Wednesday will meet and unite Sun and Mercury

Heart and Brain of the thinking element 
in the invisiblity of ' spirit' = thoughts
for about 800 years

Venus the planteress and goddess at the scales
is being cleaned from all 
l temporal baggage
to become able after Capricorn
to fly with the eternal spiritual wings of Aquarius


Venezuelan Venusians: shun the bait
and you free the planet


Mercurian brainers: 
on Sunday/Monday

Water-Mars and earth-Moon
are waiting for you
caves for the innocents


Murnau, 2. 6. 2019, UTC: 18:13.


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