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Red Child Blocked by Saturn in Capricorn

      3. 28. - 4. 4. 2018
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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   13. Week

In his astrology-classes, my teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner gave from 1972 till his death 2014, his guideline always was, in conformity with the great Morinus:

A planet, whatever character it has, is always only able to 'do', 
like the sign allows it, in which the planet is rooming at a moment.

This sign again effects, how the ruler of this sign is placed.

In these weeks, Saturn,  ruling in his own sign  Capricorn, rules Mars and Pluto and via them as ruler of Aries and Scorpio, Saturn rules Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and since today also Moon.

This is a rare constellation, at last happened roughly similar in spring 1930. Three times in 100 years Saturn does a full circle, hence one can say 1 Saturn-year = ~ 30 years.

And the natural science uses to say: what does Saturn, a planet far away, should concern us on the Earth?

I call this attitude full of presentiments, taking a blind eye, as far as it ist sealed against psyche, the same cowardness like that of the jounalists in the "free World" against the 'ministries of truth'.

What now effects the domination of almost the entire zodiac (except by Pisces with Neptune) directly and indirectly by Saturn
In this chronicle  is the trend, to reduce the wide panoply of each sign/ruler to a handy term,  to be able to imagine the respective relations of each of the 12 'animals', children of God, archetypes.  Each one in one of twelve possible time-qualities, to be introduced into thinking them as calendrical gravitational bodies in the gravitational field of the Sun.

In the case of Saturn/Capricorn it would be
 ' the father'
 in effect: the  constraint to what's determining 

And hystericlally the dogs of the 'meretrix Babylon' are barking with the sea-powers.


28. 2. 1928, München

That's (was) my teacher, having the same ascendant - sign like myself but with a Moon in 'all-knowing' 12. house
whereas my moon is in the 'blind' 1. House. But that's not I want to tell here.
It's the fact, that my teacher has the Sun in house 9 = in time
while my birth wa with Sun in house 10 = before time

House 9 is like the funnel, house 10 like the nozzle.
here in the diary their rulers
father Saturn
in the image of  nozzle giving the 
essence beyond time living borders in us
and the funnel  whose width is embracing 
the whole equator- wide circle
of nature

The funnel for the zodiacal floating of time in both directions

Capricorn ~ tenth house ~ 'immer' ~ ever
Sagittarius ~ nineth house ~  Zeit ~ time

hence everyone has the 12 three times: 
as sign
as light/planet 
as house

sure, it's impossible, to comprehend this multiplicity. But it's a difference between complete ignorance and taking notice of their configuration and  calmly awaiting and watching their effects.

As to Capricorn, 'son', 'funnel' and 'master Dö' had once in his famous  12 Tierkreis -trichtern -büchern  a full panoply of Capricorn in the code of the year:

prussian blue
to prune

to adjust
the form

the public order
the police
form of community
community law
civil law code

the conservative
the tradition
the tribe
the galeria of ancestors

the firmness
the density
the rigor

the square
the rectangle


the concentrate
the frame
the plan
the programm
the model
the contraction

the retrenchment


work ,dilligence

the depth
the pillar
the pier

the chill


the universal

the conifer
the forrest

the barrage
the blockage
the center
the city
the assembly
the gathering

the tea
the juniper
arsenicum album


funny, it's me having to add:
~ house 10

There are cases, the settlement, the reunion, and others, I'd like to contemplate with master Dö. , when I' m back beyond, like where he is now, e.g. all of my astrological life to me the living center was  Leo/Sun but Saturn the center in the meaning of the immovable axis of two poles, one for each hemisphere.

I think this symbolical clearing up is given to generations to come, like reading and writing was, and geniusses like Döbereiner gave us a precious groundwork for anybody and a lot of PhD - work might be  waiting in the corners of philosophy of  times coming .


A Square-resonance  is to contemplate this week from and to Capricorn:
Mars/Saturn with Sun and later Mercury retrograd. They unite in the paradox of  enforcement of the interest of the individual ~ Aries and coincidently restriction to the interest of the community ~Capricorn.

At that now is involved our fire-aeon in the unconscious elementary depth and height of our psyche by the red Pluto and his resonances in the zodiac. He also calls for the waiver in the outer world (Aries) in favour of the soul. Pluto ~ the code of waiver of deviation in  life from the established circle (e.g. DNS).

So: Venus, Uranus, Pluto, red Pluto, olive Sun, blue Pluto connected this week.

No reason is able to conceive that, cause there are effects from long ago reacting this week and the next one, hence let's have them divine  'players' their divine game, and let's watch the demonic players in  theirs.
And let's , as far as possible comprehend:

3 x Pluto ~ 3 times waiver of deviation

Venus + Uranus ~ second mirror
heaven and earth united

Pluto-fire ~ waiver for appearence
Sun-earth ~ dedication to nature
Pluto - air ~ waiver for conceptual deviation

And Mars and Saturn united this week into the next one, also a paradox union, like impatience and + quiescence or greed and + humility.

Not paradox united, but according to their one another excluding nature, is this constellation infamous for State and individual violence.

Concerning US-America this constellation would be shocking, in respect of red buttons, had not this nation elected a born master of paradoxes, to avoid the doom ...

And the green child Neptune in Pisces has just to be mirrored or reflected by Mercury, the talking brain in Aries, while the red child (Mars)  appears to be blocked by Saturn in Capricorn.

2018 13. Week

3. 26. 2018 UTC 16:55, in English: 3. 28. 2018, UTC: 21:21.



Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

Newborn Heart Taking on the Father in the Middle of Two Weeks - and Today on the Eternal Beginninging

 3. 19. - 28. 2018

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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12. Week 2018

A week
what is it?
A quarter
of a twelfth
of the  whole

This week
attended byMoon's
 inside - view 
on the northern hemisphere
for two + days days
via length, width and height
Aries, Taurus and Twins

to 'land' somewhere else on
Saturday noon namely inside
the snail-shell of time:

quite back down in Cancer
'lap of the universe'
in the invisible inner floating
necessary opposite-partner
to Capricorn 
quite at the top

so this quarter-month's-week of the zodiacal man
Moon hiking as the female equivalent of the day
coming 'down' on Saturday afternoon
at home in the motherly lap
of Cancer


now for the day
in the sign of Sun and for the heart
the brightness and generosity
secret of strength and donating

since Tuesday it has been done with
the cleaning of the hearts of the zodiacal man
in Pisces
and spring can commence
while Sun vertically above the equator
was entering into the northern hemisphere
of the heavenly shell 
and with the clean star the cleaned hearts
and alas
also the not so cleaned hearts with their demons
entered eternal annual rebirth
in springtime

hence since Tuesday 
new morning
new hunger
new attack
new wit
Sun in Aries for 30 days
and thereby also providing the squares
to Capricorn
and Libra
with fresh energy

Sun = hearts
last Sunday while the Russian ballot
still in the cleaneness of Pisces
but now in the wrath of the newborn Aries heart
about the demons of the old ones

and money and media or Venus and Mercury
further above the blind urge and greed on a sea of fire
Venus + Mercury + Sun in
Aries' time to occupy territories
for justice or for
Aries being subordinated to Mars
is lingering with the father in the strict realm of
where he has to serve to the time-transcending order
and no money and press-power
can change that
even not the power of families
in the sign of the strength of the center
= Sun

mercury, copper and gold
together with their demonic attendants
have to put up with

and the heart-shoot had
to be cut-back
till late winter to be able
to spring up at it's place
in the vineyard of Capricorn
in spring

Mars + Saturn = the gardener with the knife
+ Sun = vigor
+ Pluto = the memory of the gardener
for the masters of the past
+ Jupiter in Scorpio
in the perception of the inner
images of the ancestors

and the zodiacal man
in the origin of Uranus finds
as the very first idea
the being- parted into sexes
hence halves

he also hikes
as ,half
in the entourage of Mars
back to the father
also needy for the cut - back
to be able to sprout as idea = 'bud'
out of the all - time
on the way to emergence
as idea of one


and the ancestors of our aeon this week

leave us alone - no resonance to the elements


and of our part-personalities the four cardinal ones
*(lat. belonging to the door-hinge = cardo)
each one opening one of the
 four quadrants of the zodiac:
Aries to the world
Cancer to the inner world
Libra to the world of imagination
Capricorn to the world of spirit

the Aries- and Capricorn- personalities are in resonance
this week
by Saturn to Sun and by Pluto to Venus

and hence  Aries' 'access to the world' along with
Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus receives this week
resonance by poverty and modesty = access to spirit = Mars, Saturn and Pluto
a strife of visible and invisible
blood and names
savages and dragon-killers
venue of demon-clashes

for those living with the children of God

Psalm 82 King James Version (KJV)

82 God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.
How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.
Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked.
They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.
Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations.

true children of God

= loving his creation in their hearts

= each of the 12 created and creating

for them

astrological squares are wonderful and dreadful
paradox construction zones

for the children of meaninglessness
blindly dragged by the fate of their demons
tangled into the fights of the elements of the
outer world
awaited by extreme hopelessness and misery
for Mars + demons
 kind of hit-ler's like Mc Cains and Hillaries
of the Hit-ler himself

5. 8. 1945

"If you marry the ordered with the chaos
you author the divine child, 
the highest meaning beyond 
meaning and meaninglessness."
C.G.Jung, Liber Novus, S. 235

Draft: 18. 3. 2018, UTC 16:15 + 16:23.
Post: Murnau, 19. 3. 2018, UTC 16:01
In English: 3. 21. 2018,  UTC: 17:20


(My it's ready now-feeling)

Mittwoch, 14. März 2018

On Saturday Nine of the Twelve are Marching into Density

 3. 14. - 21. 2018

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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The natural science 
in it's refinement
works without being 
aware of it
on the proof of God

11. week 2018

what I ask myself?
that's the rub, I dont have any question
but I have a pleasure to
accompany 'my 12'
signs, gods, archetypes, 
according to their astronimocal length
and to watch them like flowers and trees
to sprout

unconscious conscious
at the permeable border

these 12 realms of the one
circling Sun infinitely longer
than any life on Earth

and the miracle of the infinite
of a procreation
in time and the proof of God
in the miracle of birth
in  perfection
with a time-stamp
of the Sun-family in  Earth's psyche
of the newborn

call and answer
of unfathomable lucid nights
and dreams
under times 
older and younger
than writing

weekly to accompany what ephemeris is pointig at 
each day
concerning everyone
cause  in our deep unawareness
we are ordered
with any heartbeat

depth of unconscios psyche at the border 
of we and them
the invisible immortal souls
speaking to us via
the gods of time and space
whose holy circles are
around all of us
wonderfull mania
and whose  names varies 
but their tracks
keep on being 'the same'  'infinitely'

and now this week for us
 'zodiacal man'
of both sexes

like  on the natal tooth  of the Albatross
all beginning relies on Mars
mirroring Neptune

as long as Neptune is'n exiled
by cheeky ratio
cause Mars' home Aries
mirrors Neptune's home Pisces
in the life of zodiacal man

a Mars without mirroring Pisces is an
unbalanced Mars
hence a dangerous blind
connection to red and blood
and pain
looking for a command to lead him

while Mars always is attended by a kind of 
early burning or itching
in might be enlighting to know
Mars will leave the concilliatory realm
of Sagittarius on Saturday

Saturns new company since Saturday:
+ Pluto
in Capricorn

with Venus, Mercury and Uranus in
Mars' backpack
and Jupiter in Pluto's backpack

hence since Saturday 
ruled by Saturn 
= constrained to the essence
and beginning next Wednesday

the essence of the relocation 
between Friday and Sunday
is like from the funnel to the nozzle

welcome with fathers and sacrificers
fathers and the vineyard
aroun which the heaven circles

and  in the terrestial simile 
on the  axes of the Sun-star
Mars will be the first cry in the
first house of the
fourth Quadrant
 of the 12
aka Nr. 10 called Capricorn


And the new germs of Venus and Mercury in Aries sprouting and burgeoning pads of spring snowflakes and coltsfoot-yellow screaming earth-ingitions on humid southern slopes
... of the inner and the outer-worlds, possible now.
But since Saturday with Mars in Capricorn ... well, we'll see


and the cordial world of the Sun keeps
being ruled by Neptune
the child of wonder in universe

 the ancient Aegyptians worshiped King of seed
Osiris  in the mystery of immortallity by union of
father, son and the crafted phallus symbolized 
by the column of the Djed.

and in the four Kings-conjunctions
in the four elements of the zodiac
we have the horoscopes of the collective
unconscious of our aeon between 1305 and 2159
in the gravitatinal field of the Sun
since unnamable times being to behold 

on the family-axes of the Sun-family united in mutable aeons.

In the circle of the 12 unconscious part-personalities of the
zodiacal man, we  unconsciously are used to be in, while
consciously being  misplaced by the daily evident 

Hence these and other constellations of time might keep
passing unreckognized, but also the might take us with them
with the eternal surf of the ocean of the common soul of man
to the shores on human consciousness.


and Moon stirring in 'the other half' of day and psyche
opponent and  inspiration
inner loved half
of the alpha + anima-male

appearing to the innerview nightly
Moon above the lasting wandering branches
of time and their roads full of chaos
and construction-zones and goodwill
since Tuesday night under Aquarius with
the immortal spirit-embalmed souls of our dead
till Thursday noon

as then to winn the inner view again into
the depth of marvel like a child till saturday evening

and Sunday till Wednesday Moon the inner view
will be passing the first one and a half 
outer realms of the real world.

Murnau, 3 14. 2018, UTC 17:18.