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Brightest Week in Mars' Backpack for Man, Brain and Company

  3. 7. - 14. 2018

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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since Mai
origin of man
as Taurus = peasant
and gatherer
at last 1934 - 1942

10th week

Ahmet for me
you are forever the' third'
like me I see you distant away
from the global European -American metropole
an undamaged cause
as God likes it that way and you have allowed it

you are always present on all green ways
Ahmet - Inshallah
respected in Russia
decency and professionality 
according to the role model of Putin's
Russian civilisation which
mundanomaniac always
has loved
hence the gods have somewhen
posted him into the countryside
 at Murnau in the 'packsack' of his wife
5 minutes away from the 

in the end it's always the same in
mundanomaniac's diary of the weeks:

Cancer-ascendant is primarily  interessed
in the inner essence of a time -
concerning the 'poetical' content
of a week
no sign might be more receptive

this content concerns all of us
but moves few consciously
like not just Jesus

this circular transcendant 'organ'
unconsciously assuming shape for us
Jung called it Selbst (self)

 astrologically accessible
naturally visible only
without Uranus
Neptune and Pluto 
in the circle of  his journeymen

and also only under the nearly always
dry and clear subtropic nights
with the  stars  nearly to 'breathe'
and the soul  sometimes in scare to fall into


84 years = 12 x 7 years for each sign
= 1 Uranus-year

currently Uranus-spring in Aries
Uranos old-gr. 'heaven'
primal father
from above
at the blind bloody
pueperium of man
still another two months in Aries
igniting his late powder
under the free sky
since Mai
man-god again is coming into town
fortified camp
the toppler for seven years since May


today Wednesday the event:
Mercury and Venus ready for rebirth in Aries
after the baptisn in Pisces
Venus here for three weeks
and Mercury to and fro in Aries till May
together both with Uranus man-god
in the mirror of 'heart-god' Sun and 
zodiacal child Neptune' 
god-spirit in Pisces
soul-filaments into the depth
timelessly tried in the mirror
of heaven and Earth
for man only to receive in his heart
the childlike heart
god is giving


Mars beginning this week blue and ending red
ending in the brightness of the solar center
of the current fire-aeon
since 1603

the constructing element of the earlyness

the cosmic poesy only
Novalis  sensed it
is the cosmic arraying
 ordering factor
which the poetical sober mind
is able to receive

if Mars didn't receive
there is no use of talking about Venus
this simplifies the horizon
of the zodiacal man

In short, gyrating gravitational fields of planetary families, 'ordering' the order of the gods 
 of all stars like the Sun, since unfathomable times always in the circle of the universal Twelve,
circling around each creatural mirror. 

in His thoughts
in Her wirls since nameless times in universe
unending gyrating is
  the code
of the 12
coding the
circling around each being's
creational mirror's horizon
 around each ovum and sperm
and each transpassing 

the cetral letter of that mirror is the 


in math the basic T is the +

crucifiction and rebirth

in Aegypt the symbol of rebirth
of the immortal man
 was called 'Djed' Pillar 

this shape seemed me
oddly representing  the analogy of the only 'pillar'-vessel
in the human body in the occiput
situated in the cerebellum
keeping the balance

the basilar artery


basilaris = lat. 'royal'

our role model
Star with his planet-family
warming his gravity-field
what again cools him
is the counseling and  observing
of his celestial voice
in the family of voices
heart only
till the and of all time

mundane-astrologers are called unto these heights of
poesy of the zodiacal heritage
in which the deep-sensing of the questing astrologer
leaves no alternative than adjusting
with all of us in the
"wisdom of the ancestors and the wisdom of the people"

could be  our Earth-Hymn 


and for this week
northern hemisphere
will experience it's 'light of the earlyness'
passing the
fire - Sun and the fire Venus
within two days 
in the brightest week within 19 months
hence beginning
early heart and early company
in the funnel of conception
of the whole
called Sagittarius

this is the shining poesy of Mars this week


and since today clean in Aries without demons reborn

that's the poesy of Mercury and Venus this week
now in Mars' 'backpack' together with Uranus


while Moon  always looking into the inside depth
leaving the realm of the soul tonight
looking into the inside of the realm of the  spirit
till Saturday afternoon son-like harsh
 in Sagittarius
then fatherly prescient 
in Capricorn
finally blessed with spiritual wings in 


and the heart as simile to the Sun
like all years at this time will be bathed
for another two weeks
which might be giving the creeps to some
but no one will fall out of God' s hand
and also not out of the field
of a star

2018 10. Week 

Sonntag 4. 3. 2018, UTC 17:13.
Montag, 5. 3. 2018, UTC: 16:16 und 17:02
In English: UTC 21:14 and 21: 27.



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