Mittwoch, 25. September 2019

Balance on Top and Toppling in the Center

9. 23. - 10. 3  2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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C.G. Jung

"I therefore believe that  from the psychological 
point of view at last, the sought-after borderland
between physics and psychology lies in the secret
of the number. Hence the saying, fittingly enough,
 that man made mathematics but God made the whole

Atom and Archetype, the Pauli/Jung Letters, p. 127

And has God made the wandering circles in the chaos or did he find them, or did he remember a dream of his, while he called light to become?

And he sundered the waters above the heaven from the waters below the heaven, made by him, and created by this the original crack, mark of God in time, between earth-element, Taurus, and air-element, Aquarius.

The god of Aquarius has been recognized as  Uranus, ancient Greek: 'heaven',  surrounding Gaia Earth.

39. Week

Uranus in Taurus
God of heaven over the realm
of earth-goddess Venus

as God Uranus has all he needs
as such, what is his place
in the creations of 
the latter are the 2 
the herbivores
with thick skins, walls and horns
and crucial: mass

what is the place of heaven?
what is the place of God?
what is the place of invisibility
allowing the light of galaxies millions
 of light years far
to reach our eyes
we call it 'gas'

the genius of our far forefathers placed it
together with the other visibly three
within the four basic elements
that we call it aggregation stages
but it's the same

hence there exists the astrology of the 
four elements
for the individuals
and the creation
invented by the great mostly Persian Astrologers
in Baghdad under the great Kalif's
who founded and sponsored

and what is the place of the gas
always the top region
always soaring

'waters above' heaven and 'gas'
here they are in the magic alphabet
of the zodiac

and where is their place in man other than
in the body-less universe of thoughts
with it's border-less roads 
into God or big bang

hence we have the second stage of time

after the first one in the depth of innocent undividedness
with God's spirit 
above the depth
where in the mirror of earth
the dividing things called teeth
are in hungry persons
with more or less 'gas' in head

the second mirror in the zodiac however finds the light
on top
and thew heavy
down below

and what the Taurus never would have thought
Aquarius knows
we are watched
by Gods gods
Aquarius knows it without our conscious 
I is knowing it 
as long as it isn't introduced to it
unless one learns the language 
of the Sun-family
called astrology
it remains unknown

to reach  contact with the unkown
anomymus or anonyma 
deep in oneself
 newborn every week
out of the depth of time
the study of his/her adventures each week
in the way it has been ever since
man studies world
woman studies man
hence we have with mundanomaniac's diary the behold of the
general male 12 fates according to the zodiac
without the stamp of time
for an individual
mixed and ready baked
with first breath

now to the 39th week

the child-God of innocence Neptune in his realm Pisces
with his 'vibrations' 
is in resonance or mixed with
those of Jupiter in his Sagittarius' realm
where meaning is joined into 

Taurus has the presence of Uranus'
  'Gas' called spirit
 where Venus hikes
in Libra
this week
in Communion with the vibrations of Saturn
on the top of zodiac aka Capricorn

maybe the current meeting in New York
to the climate-summit
is Venus' current busyness
with  matter-interests 
and balance- necessities
as Venus' original universal

the same goes to Mercury and his realms of intellect and prudence
Twins and Virgo
in Venus'  realm of balance
who now after Saturn
 tomorrow Tuesday is in square mix  of rhythms
with Pluto
who always orders
a Taurus-fat, or a Leo-Play, or a Aquarius - liberty
to Scorpio's  "waiver"
for the advantage of the
breed saving the species

Venus will follow Mercury to Pluto' resonances
next Monday

while Mercury on Sunday will have the once-a year meeting with blue Pluto
which is in opposition connected with red Pluto
and in square with olive earth's Sun

this is a moment in the astrology of the four Kings-conjunctions
the astrology of the four elements 
governing the deeper depths of our
uncoscious preparedness

as an example for a 'plus' of sophistication from the depth, which can manifest on the surface of consciousness I take the 14th of September-attack in east Arabia where the intelligence of 'Houthi' called northern tribes of Jemen was able to guide 'Drone'-swarms over 800 Km to the essential refinery of the spoiled family governing Saudi Arabia, waging war against them.

 9. 14.  2019

we see a concert of three elements: water, fireearth or Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, played by Neptune, Jupiter and Mars. Each gives what he has into the mixture; Neptune stealth, Jupiter excellence and Mars brisance. and Jupiter's excellence is further shaped from the depth by blue Venus of the air element. I read her as the new thinking on matter and balance. The blue Venus is a "Star-child" of only 39 of about 800 years. In 1980 it d replaced the former air-conjunction of  1186.

Now this week the 'window' for Mars has closed, but the other two are still in connection, ready to set thoughts, souls and spirits in motion deep and wide around the 17° to 19°Grades in the mutable signs (and their grades in the mirror of horizon.

39. week 2019

Now to Sun
in the early grades of Libra
from Thursday to Friday Sun 
the heart of living matter
will meet from  the depth of the elements up to 
Libra 3,2° 
olive Uranus of earth-element
Libra 4,1° 
red Mars of fire -element

This could be grasped on the basis of balance as the toppling of a militant entity from bottom to top and top to bottom. I like to call this moment in early Libra the 'Grandola-constellation' was met by Pluto in square with Saturn/Mars 1974, while in parallel in Portugal the 'Revolution of the Captains' within the Army and State happened.

25. 4. 1974, UTC 0:00 Lissabon
together with a lot of gods ...

Murnau, 9. 25. 2019, UTC: 16:19.


Mittwoch, 18. September 2019

Time for Some Blind Date on Saturday

9. 16 - 25.  2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"Reading what never has been written"

Thie  reading is the oldest ... is before all
 speaking, out of the  guts, the stars or 
dances. Later there supervene conciliatory
 limbs ... of a new reading,  runes or
hieroglyphs into use ..."

Walter Benjamin, Die Lehre vom Ähnlichen, 
(The Doctrine of the Similar), Col.W. 4, p. 232

Walter Benjamin,  a Cancer born and, like all water-signs, going to the roots, ascendant Aries, the oldest layer, the fiery beginning as consume of combustible ...
That's also what this diary is dealing with, which now for more than 12 years (German) and 5 years (English) accompanies the weeks which we live through, before they happen day by day.

The heavenly/earthly image of the beings of the zodiac (all beings) in its immutable invisible order of the year, day, all circles - maybe turned before the beginning of God in the chaos and became light by God's call ...
And never a polarity in the space turned different from all polarities in the space containing them and
 Sun and her 'family-planets' are turning in the coordinate system of the galaxy, and referred to spinning Earth this means, Sun and the rest of the family visibly seem to be turning around the coordinate system of the Earth-year, which as a physical given of the world of the four elements exist in the circular canon of  the zodiac.
The latter begins with the four signs/stages of the elementary being, Aries till Cancer. The second four are the signs of soul - Leo till Scorpio - followed by the third four, the spiritual ones - Sagittarius till Pisces.
The second four are emerging out of the inside of the fourth elementary sign Cancer, off it's moistly
area of roots water and out of this dark ground they emerge as the soul-flame of life marked by the fire-sign Leo.
The fourth element as root of the soul, is  water, which in the 'person' of Moon in weekly rhythm  hikes through the four worlds of the month, in this week from earth to fire, from Taurus to Leo.

37. Week
9. 15. 2019 0:00 UTC
The attack on the the Kingdom of S.A. by the Houthis. Mars in perfect square with Jupiter and opposition with Neptune. Hence a perfectly stealth (Neptune) and apt (Jupiter) operation, providing  by the wit of Jupiter's  association with blue Venus of the air - element the necessary balance of the two sides of the conflict.

38. Week

I have to share something which I haven't grasped, no one has. But we can know, what 'the gods' share with us
this week's 
stellar weather
on Earth's northern Hemisphere
our half of
our one and only stellar home in Sun's family

and a father
who's son taught us to pray to
him the
of the waters above heaven
from the waters below heaven
on a day of creation

But I'm not allowed, to give tongue the secret, I can only lead into the vicinity of it. If I betray the secret I betray the listener, cause it's magic is easy to be found by a pious soul having learned the meaning of "signs and times".
The family-Talk of the basic archetypes is a story of us and the Sun- family. While only on Earth is the thinking species,  we are supposed to be the brain of the 'family'. 

This is, what each human shares with  every creature on Earth and every stone: our  'gods' light or  or Sun's light on planets and Earth's Moon, their  rhythms and their moments since billions of years. Sharing with us the Sun-Family is what  astrology tells.

This is what we have to imagine : the untouched inner areas of the child. Zodiac has it as meaning
in the mirror of being. And  clockwise all is in vibrations emerging from the Ascendant, the world above the heaven and it's mirror-Image below heaven.

Here we have it this week:

38. Week 2019
Northern Hemisphere

opening doors
New-Starts in Virgo's
realm of the earthly economy 
of daily pairing
together with Sun in his
fourth week

Venus is close to Mercury
and Venus now is at home 
 Goddess of Libra in Libra
where the basic 'Two' of her command
change the meaning to: 'two Sexes'
cause of harmony and beauty
since her secret 
called love
is a secret of Libra
with her two scales

it's a female carrier of worth

while Mercury as
ruler of lower 
air and earth
now joining a square with Saturn
in stringent Capricorn
and in Libra now Mercury has to grow
'air'  = thoughts and words
in the mirror of earthly Virgo 
where Sun 
and it's possible in the unconscious*
realm of living God mirroring 
with a spark
in man's heart

and it's Sun in Virgo
mirroring Mercury and Venus
yesterday and today
and Mars will have to mirror 
Mercury tomorrow Thursday

and this week's 
 sixth - mirror - 'product' is
an air/earth product
given by psyche
to be reproduced by matter

on Saturday Mars in Virgo
will receive Venus in the mirror
mother might keep daughter at home
that evening
time for a blind date

*)  Jung about:
"our experience of the unconscious: it is a psyche whose nature can only be described by paradoxes: it is personal as well as impersonal, moral and amoral, just and unjust, ethical and unethical, of cunning intelligence and at the same time blind, immensely strong and extremely weak, etc.This is the psychic foundation which produces the raw material for our conceptual structures. 
 The unconscious is a piece of Nature our mind cannot comprehend."
... which our ancestors, at the threshold of civilization, where able to save for us in the 'magic circle'
of the zodiac, allowing us to watch with  a structured focus the union or mandala of the unconscious 'weathers' of times.

Murnau, 9. 18. 2019, UTC 16:42.