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US After Midterms: in the Power of Commitment to a New Home Spirit

10. 29. - 11. 7. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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44. Week

Last week preliminary, where Uranus yet lifts in Taurus the borders of territories.
Continuation will be in the 2. week in January 2019
coming Wednesday Uranus back in Aries
What does the man-god lift in Aries, what hasn's already  been lifted?
Arguably what is still in wildness in the error of beginning.
Uranus in opposition   with
Venus = mass and attraction
supplement of contrasts
to one another attraction and extraction

"There is nororiously no human experience,
and it is not any experience possible, without the 
addition of a subjective readyness. But wherein
 lays this subjective readyness? In ultimate line
 it consists in an innate psychic structure,
 allowing man after all to  have such experiences.  
So the entire  character of a man requires 
the woman bodily like spiritually. His system is 
a priori adjusted to the woman, as well as it is
 prepared to a  certain world, where there is water,
 light, air, salt, carbohydrates  et cetera. The form 
of the world  he is born into, is  him already
inborn as a virtual image. And so are in him parents
woman,  children, birth and death as virtual images, 
as inborn  psychic  readynesses ..."

C. G. Jung, Coll. W. Vol. 7, § 300.

"The form of the world  he is born into"  in the wider sense is the Milky Way, and somewhere in an outer arm of the galaxy the star Sun and his planetary children in their common rhythms cosmic 'singing' with the Sun as amplifyer of  all, and therein we inhabitants of the stone-planet Earth in the green water-belt of the star after 4 billion years - all our systems from the beginning = "a priori  are adjusted" to all that.

and you can see in the chart of  Earth's heaven
Venus is retrograd leaving Scorpio today
in stronges affection to Uranus

An unconscious  fact in our  common psyche today 

the love between heaven and earth
ordained by Venus in Scorpio
 Mass and attrraction in commitment to soul
added  by Uranus in Taurus
roots of heaven

and this love is added by
three heavenly birthdays of the aeon
we are sailing on
by Venus 
green Saturn and Moon
father and son of water
= feeling
in Scorpio's commitment

and another one 
green Moon

home of all feeling
= water
by Uranus

and another one by  resonance
ignition in the elementary cosmos
of air
blue Mars

In my imagination  the 40 birthdays of the
four elements underneath our consciousness are
like general auto-navigating assignations
to the time-flow of the elements
deep below our consciousness
with them godly to sail
might release
rich meaning

 watching the zodiac makes this deep psychic level visible
since the Persian/Arabic Astrology of the 9th century
with their observation of the 'Great' and the 'Kings-Conjunctions'
of our two giants in the Sun-family
Jupiter and Saturn


Sun is now in the upper belly of Scorpio
amplifying the cristals of the soul
by keeping life's essential shapes
like water in a glacier

in this month Sun meets
8 different elementary birthday-crystals
6 green of the feeling element water
and 2 of the blue thinking element air

all these 8 are in the depth of our collecive psyche
in the course of solemnizing
 the forbearances 
which the heart
by the chisel of waiver
administers to the form of life

and with Sun our collective hearts
are celebrating 
with the spirit of feeling
green Uranus
the home of thinking
blue Moon
and the innocence of feeling
green Neptune
feelin' man
thinkin' lap
feelin' child
for heart this week
in the depth

to find in the waiver-crystals of Scorpio
in the waiver of a part
of the overall passible zest


the latter is added by another waiver this entire  year: that of and with Jupiter
joining the collective waiver by insight and concrete vision so that the necessary form might accrue in the succession of genera under the hammer and chisl of the waiver of whateverism.


But in Jupiter's realm has entered today Mercury as a God of speach and neighborhood, entering into the fiery spirit of the son, who in the sign of Sagittarius equipped with the divine silver Bow  is circling the landscapes  around the fatherly pole.

And Mercury starts the yearly roundelay of the birthdays of the fire-element on coming Sunday.
celebrating the brain-feast
with the red Mercury of the fire-element

and on Wednesday after the midterms Mercury
celebrating with the highmost authorities
of the light Saturn +Jupiter 
Father + Son of fire
of 1603

and in between Sunday and Wednesday
between the fiery 4,9° and  8,3° of Sagittarius
within this knot of resonances
ensues the midterm - election
in the USA

When the election is completed for Wash.DC
we have this picture:

11. 6. 2018 Washington DC
20:00 h

What is beginning - ASC?
Answer: the inner road, like 2016

Moon in 5  Sun in 5
the creative ability of the
American People

encountering Saturn in Capricorn
meeting the winter of constraint

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Savor and Waiver for Body Heart and Brain

10.  22. - 31. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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Today we know, that in the unconsciousness of any human being are  instinctive dispositions or psychic systems charged with significant potential. If to them in any way is allowed to leverage
a breakthrough into consciousness, without it having the possibility to catch them in respective higher forms, so they tear like a mountain-torrent everything together and change man in beings, for which the word 'beast' is yet much to good ... To evocate such appearances in a mass, it takes only one or some possessed."
C. G. Jung, Marginalia to the Contemporary Events, (1945) Coll. W. 18/2, § 1374 (my translation).

"... generates the mass automaticly for compensation of it's shapelessness it's 'Führer',  who, so to speak, inevitably succumbs the inflation of his consciousness of self ..."
C. G. Jung, Coll. W. 10, § 500. (my translation)


"it  is the feeling of being a child of God, that releases out 
of the spell of blood." 

"free in the tendermost must"

"Beside the outmost religious problems of present 
age there is a minute one, and thet ist the progress
of the religious spirit."

" but the eastern man knows, that the redemption
relies on the work, that one does at oneself.
Out of the individual grows the entire Tao."

C. G. Jung, Secret of the Golden Blossom, 1928.
(my translation)

In the contemporary confusion I certainly best had a Carl Jung, who would comment the play of the archetypes of these days out of his uncomparable distance and rigor in favour of the individual soul
with some of his  'marginalia'.

In my earlier life as Communist (1970 - 80) I had a similar idea: "If only the poet Bert Brecht would have been the one to lead the German  communists..."

But today it appeares to me, that the  most advanced spirit no longer is a personal phenomenon in science and poetry but in the center of the political hereditary lands of communism -. Russia and China - with their countless minorities.

Any old speach of Vladimir Putin gives me the political meekness, clarity and steeliness of the arrived planetary human being which I also love in Russian music: it' s morning-fresh unspentness.

In a recent public pronouncement Putin  used the so important and so forgotten word  "repentance".

and our collective  Mars, the igniter, keeps sailing through the sky of the Earth called Aquarius

reminding us of

1 Gen. 2 

 And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” 
So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault 
from the water above it. And it was so.
 God called the vault “sky.”
 And there was evening, and there was morning
the second day.

Hence Mars now with the waters above
signifying the coming arrival of the 'stranger'
and his ruler of
spirit of the air Aquarius
signifying the man-god
at the site of Uranus in the
earthly herds of Taurus

Hence the psyche of of potential leaders of the man-herds are threatened with the  'redeemer-inflation'.

"Shall the entirety change, the individual must change.
 The godness is an individual gift and  acquisition
As mass-suggestion it is a mere frenzy ... 
The good is only aquired by the individual, 
Attained as his individual performance. No mass 
can do it for him. But the evil needs mass to 
emerge and  persist."

C. G. Jung, Marginalia, see above. § 1378.

Uranus thus of the air element
lifting the borders between 
the idea of man
and does it
within the Taurus realm
 of the given human communities

and in the opposition-constellations of this week
Uranus is met by Sun today
and by Venus retrograding next Wednesday
called opposition 
 the partnership in complementarity
savor + waiver

with Sun now in Scorpio
the heart now opens for the mysteries
of the necessities
 to die
for to live
to waiver
for to gain
to follow
for to lead
to shrink
for to grow
cause a waiver is the only way
to create a gift
a waiver at it's propper place 
is like milk pouring
off a mamal's breast

with Sun it's the heart
and with Venus it's body and balance
of the complements
and with Uranus
lifting the real borders and with Venus
erecting the imaginal borders
guided by emotion of heart

... forget it and be found by it

while with Mercury
our anonymous ability to discern and tell
moving through Scorpio's late days this year
meets Jupiter the son of Saturn
linking the fitting fates

two travellers 
traveling streets and meanings
in the imagination of commitment

and Moon 

the feeling
this week anew
visits the realms of
Venus, Mercury and Moon herself

since today in Taurus' social meadows

since Friday evening in
surfing the times till Sunday night

followed by the sensitive two days in
the inner caves of the individual

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Again, Uranus in Taurus Lifting the Borders

10. 15. -  24. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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To each question the 12 double-hours of the
day give their different answers, each one from God.

42. Week

Gods archetypes lights and planets
what are we going to play this week ?
(within and out of us)

we are going to play the Mercury/Venus-play in Scorpio
while we are going to visit
Uranus and Neptune of the water-element
and in the middle between them Moon of the air

And all that at the end of the first third of Scorpio/Taurus/Leo/Aquarius,  all that having been said, listened to and written of in this place is about elementary birthplaces of aspects of the feeling and thinking element in our physio/psychic matrix leading to the experience of a quasi- crystalline density evoked firstly by Venus,then followed by Mercury:

Unconscious implementations of very basic constellations:
7,1° Scorpio Uranus feeling
8,8° Scorpio Moon thinking
10,5° Scorpio Neptune feeling

These 'birthdays' are presented in this diary as time-crystals, each one with it's own formula, like the images of the chemical elements here we have images of time-elements, making the invisible psyche of the visible formally ostensive, terminating the resonances exactly in time and place.

To the fourness of  elements, off which the wholeness is compounded, the zodiac works like a prisma: time appears twelve-fold broken into 12 fields
in the permanent order of

 fire, earth, air, water

each element appears three times firstly as element
secondly as soul and thirdly as spirit
each one has it's time-crystal

in each hour and day the horizon constitutes

 the mirror between  heaven and earth, called (un)consciousness .

A symbol called genesis tells us:
 'Earth' with it's six days/houses of creation mirroring the invisible heaven/meaning of 6 calls of God, or  the fourness mirrors in the space of physical visibility the invisible psychic meaning floating in symbols with their precisely ordering time-crystals.

Back to our week: what is it what Venus and Mercury are laying on the table with the presents of our current aeon of the four elements with it's 4 times 10 birthdays on 365,25 days a year. That's the question of the week.

in Scorpio  presents off waiver 
lining the fabric 
of live-saving family
with joy

"But India takes the family serious.
There is nothing ragged or  maudlin with it.
It is considered as the indispensable, 
unavoidable, necessary and self-evident 
form of life. " (1939)

Carl Jung, The Dreaming World of India, Coll. W. 10,  § 999

Now Venus brings bulk and balance
Mercury brings neutrality and speaking

and when water connotes elementary depth
and air connotes elementary height
then depth correlates to feeling
and height connotes to thinking

So this might give a certain hunch what  of Scorpio
by Venus and Mercury
in waiver and commitment of the soul
is to be mirrored by motion 
in the Leo of life in each body
in the heart

and even more
last sixth of Scorpio
ruler of Sagittarius
spiritual present of the 'funnel's
leading the full panorama of life finally to
 the narrow nozzle
where the measure of all things
rests with the father
and in his company now the God of giving
and the giver is according to Capricorn
the state

On Thursday visit of the Sun with the 
waiver to be giver
blue Pluto
of the air
at 24,1° Libra

gift of thinking the balance of  mass
by love = Libra
of Pluto
hence the commitment
by crystlizing the burning and floating feeling
in the order of love

and with blue Pluto Sun shares the resonance
with earth and fire
by olive Sun and red Pluto
in this our aeon
created by the four

finally back the the charge of the week in Scorpio
there is the resonance of the igniter
Mars in Aquarius
with Venus and Mercury 
in Scorpio's aeonic
table with the presents
which added to the divine ones
needs our gifts

its the square between the bondage in love = Scorpio
and the free like a bird way of thinking = Aquarius
two qualities each with the same right
willing to come to a peacefull calm in the entirety

and by the igniter Mars  Aquarius'
concept of 'no-border' is coming
into the word of social communities
by Uranus in Taurus

1 Uranus-year = 84 Earth-years

and again there are examples of growing mass-seizure like 84 years before, but different as 1934 the current  component of blue Moon was missing which has since 1980  replaced the old thinking about the being at home on the planet Earth.

la "revolution mondial" 1934

by feeling out of the depths and the heights of the unconsciousness
9. 30. 1934
700.000 at the Reichserntedankfest in Bückeburg

Uranus r 0,4° in Taurus

Uranus is a lifter, hence his theme in Taurus  is the lifting of all roots and borders. While initially the celebrations since  1934 celebrated the lifting of all borders which had divided the Germans along their history and unified them as 'one people, one realm , one Führer'; later, since 1939, the German movement aggressively lifted the borders in most of Europe.

Nowadays the mass-dedication to the lifting of borders is basically the same, but appears in different historical costumes.

10.  13.  2018 Berlin
 150.000 - 240.000  at 'Undividable' - demo 
claiming to lift all borders on the planet
( concept of Georges Soros)

 Uranus r 0,6° Taurus

'hopeless balance'

"Masses famously always use to follow their 
gravity and look for, if disturbed, with maximal 
acceleration the state of equilibrium, blithely how 
uncomfortable it might be ..."

Carl Jung, Coll.W. 10, § 939.

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