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Heart and Brain at Open Windows - While Venus in Dense Innocence

10. 1. - 10.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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like every diary this is an essentially personal
monologue under the eyes of God
whose place is the heart
and hence is open
 to everyone 
about everyone's preformation
in the depths of time and space
 or psyche and matter

last score:

9. 27
IL-20 and Shoigu's rendition

Mars 3,8° Aquarius
in the spirit's might of sensemaking
from beyond


Uranus 1,2 ° Taurus
in the dense hedge
of horror

9. 29

Mars above the southern Earth

Mars in Leo
the outbreak of the inner
in square with Uranus in Scorpio
the sacrifice

Mars = outbreak
from the Southern central fire
 = Sun
resonance Uranus = always upwards

the upward energy = Mars + Uranus
in Scorpio

within the crystal of waiver
in the southern heaven

while under the northern one
within Taurus
= the hedge 
between starving
and being eaten

Uranus inside the hedge ability
between heaven and a hell
making life
for the
the skin in the game

and the mysteries of Twins =
like air above the skin

sic. the Donald

9. 29
on the northern hemisphere

and his commenters
what a discernment
what an ability and disability to discriminate

this is Ollie's  piece: on September 29.

40. Week


heaven of the dual-form
nature's and God's gift
of bodyly attraction

now the place of the sovereign heart 
and open minded brain
ruling in Libra
ready for encounter

heart-fire for the balance
called beauty
Mercury attending with notes

And a cosmic birthday event occures today (Wednesday)

Sun united at 9,5 ° Libra with
father and son = Saturn and Jupiter
of the heavenly element air
the weight of the thought of the staying
elementary birthday
above the horizon of consciousness
in the height of the unconscious

and like Sun observes it's air-birthday

so does Mercury  on Saturday together with blue -Pluto  = the thought of order by sacrifice of arbitrariness.
Day of the year of the thought on the rib, missing to males,  out of which God made the
beloved body and in which the wisdom of the sophia dwells since the creation of the world

and Mercury in the union with blue Pluto
takes part in blue Pluto's resonances
with red Pluto of fire
and the olive Sun of the earth element

this union signifies the necessary waiver
for thinking and willing of Adam
so that Eve might be
sovereign in Adam's heart

culminating today (Wednesday)
Mercury resonates in square with Pluto in Capricorn
the latter demands the waiver of  randomness
the sacrifice in order of the form
crystal of time
that will stay

and Venus now
just ruler of Sun and Mercury
of gold and tongue
is going to become retrograd
while Mars is going to catch up
to her in the square 
from Aquarius to Scorpio

here it is origin (Aquarius) and execise ( Scorpio)
which allow wilderness (Mars) and park (Venus)
to unite by waiver (Scorpio) of the 'rib'
to exist in union (Venus)
and incorporated in the waiver is Jupiter
ruler of 'Sagittarius' insight into the
which is a funnel which
all-encompassing leads to the narrow nozzle
of the enduring

and Venus in a standstill
becomes retrograde back till Libra
and will yet in December again be at the point of this week
united with the green Neptune of the water-element
the centuries old child 
of the feeling element since  1305

bud of the feeling element
and of all coming depths

 Venus is all week long in this elementary-birthday, in which she will stay nonstop for nearly full two weeks according to the strict contact-measure of 1° ,  hence experiences that much contact-essence (= time-space) in two weeks like in normal 14 years.

Not to forget Luna
now in Cancer
light of the night at the darkest place in zodiac
where it's cared for solicitously
for the inner orientation

since Thursday in Leo
the sender sending a view of the inside

since Saturday in Virgo
sensible analyzing souls
for their ratio

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