Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Red Week in Number 3

11.  28. - 12. 5. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 The surrounding of the consciousness, as Carl Jung once  manifested :

As much namely as man has a body, which principally 
doesn't differentiate from an animals body, as much also 
his psychology has virtually lower floors in which the spirits
of bygone ages of man still dwell, as much as the amimal souls
of the time of the anthropopithecus, moreover the "psyche"
 of the coldblooded dinosaur and  deepestmost the 
transcendental incomprehensability and paradox of the 
sympathical and parasympathical proceedings."

  C.G.JUNG, G.W. 14/1,§ 272.“

There are these Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions every 
20 years. The huge Jupiter alone has the mass of 
2% of the Sun and 2,5 times the mass of all sister- planets.
 Neigbor Saturn is the second biggest planet and still has 30% 
of Jupiter. And in their meetings they create a rhythmical
 resonance by the addition of their fields of gravity,
 as far as I see: 1. directly to the Sun, 2. directly to us, 
3. as reflection from the Sun to us.

  11. 30. 2016

True, another "red" week. Today is a  doubble doubble birthday of fire.

Sun together with Saturn and Jupiter
of the fire conjunction 
Mercury together with Sun and Venus
of the fire conjunction

Not visible for our senses but in our astrological memory, our unconscious one, like each one's horoscope. Now this diary is a steady attempt, to make this 'memory' conscious.

As each person each moment is living the constellation of his birth-monent
so the "red" one in us, underneath our upper unconsciousness, is another "person". This person lives in an e - floor underneath the unconsciousness, e- for elementary. Underneath consciousness, our will revoked,  is purest nature.
So  is our aeon person,which we share like water and air, like earth and fire.

A person combined by the living elements living in us underneath our consciousness
with a fate like we have according to our horoscope

This aeon person underneath
all of us
on the northern hemisphere
has not  one birthday
 but four
cause each element has one of it's own
hence the elements have to form paradox unions
stirred by the four Kingsconjunctions
of Saturn and Jupiter

so today Sun meets the fiery "mountains" 
"red" Saturn and Jupiter where
the Gods of 
the timeless laws of fire and  their links into time
meet in our heart

in our brain fire-Sun and fire-Venus
might find a conscious point, placed by Mercury
today  in union with heart and roots of the fire element.

 now further this week

Mars storms like on wings

Venus beyond time = Capricorn with a heavy load
ruled via Libra
by Jupiter
ruling via Sagittarius  
Saturn and Mercury
in the meaning of the three
via Capricorn 
Venus herself and Pluto
in the meaning of the four

Jupiter is Lord of all three-ness
"the best things in life are three"
where Saturn is Lord of all four-ness
= completeness
= the cross
the quarter beyond time

the neigborhood of the realms of Sagittarius and Capricorn
is that between presence and beyond
is neighborship at the timewall
 death is the transition to completeness
passing through the black door in the timewall

but also between beyond and presence
cause every moment "beginning" in time
 has a record of before the "beginning"

hence the three signs of
Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
and their rulers  embrace the quarter of life of
preparation and  aftermath

so Jupiter in his square-resonance with Pluto
indicates a paradox union of conciliation in presence 
with preparation of a due sacrifice

and the square of Sun with Neptune
is linking the  understanding heart with
the unconscious innocence of earliest preparations

while Venus apart from her ruler- "busyness"
is in square-resonance with Uranus
 her mirror-Partner
in the second mirror between Aquarius and Taurus
or heaven and earth
so a significant unexpected sublation = Uranus
of Borders = Taurus 
has  to be finding it's place e.g. in  Aleppo

and all here mentioned places will be grazed by Moon this week and with her the dream-life, which is placing to the conscious day-life a complementary light and meaning
 and today on Wednesday Moon in Sagittarius takes place at the rich covered table of insights where the product is feeling + understanding = conciliation
while since Thursday in Capricorn it is the reduction to feelings and fundamentals
till Saturday evening

and on Sunday Moon belongs to Aquarius and the identity of feeling and freedom
while Sunday night caution is imperative cause of the
conjunction of Moon with Mars in the fundamentally lawless room
of Aquarius

Murnau, 28. 11. 2016,  gepostet:
UTC 13:56.
In English: 11.30.2016, UTC:20:07.

Son of Heaven Now Ruling Sun and the Brunt of Planets

11. 21. - 28. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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11. 23. 2016

Scorpio heart aka Sun in  this sign
disposes the heart as center of negation of randomness, formlesness
so Monday was last day for the presents
 of Scorpio

and since  Tuesday morning someones else's presents are 
called for
 by Sun in

Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter
mirroring Virgo in the 
6'th mirror
of the zodiac 
with the six lower signs
signifying dark Earth
and the six upper signs
home of the invisible matrix

and Sagittarius is to Capricorn
like the son to the father
and both they host the 
brunt of the planets
including Sun 
the spending

now in present years the son Jupiter is the host
of the father Saturn
and his rule over Venus and Pluto in
Venus for another 14 days
Pluto since  2008
till 2023

Recently I compared Sagittarius with a funnel and Capricorn with its nozzle. And between the two is suggest the  timewall and the nozzle is the "door" through the time wall leading the being from here in time to beyond and the meaning  from beyond into time. 
Nowadays the "nozzle" moving in the funnel indicating the broadest of the 12 kinds  of nozzles.
And "nozzle" Saturn today on Wednesday is visited for conjunction = "riding together", by storyteller Mercury being all eye. And in their union they appeare as heavenly word = "beginning",  mirrored by the ability to talk and  end of being mirroring, remaining as name
and in this combination Mercury looses his easyness and levity and richdom of words.

And one layer deeper underneath (or above) of our consciousness, in the realm of the four elements, Saturn + Mercury, while meeting, visit "blue" Venus of the air element of 1980. 
 Now Venus of Taurus  keeping the material  roots and reserves of each's person secure  and as her partner in contradiction she has Pluto of Scorpio, keeping the code, roots and reserves of the species. 
So these two are in for the balance between, say: ego and  mankind, deep underneath consciousness.

Back to Sun
heart of each rhythmical organism
 in Sagittarius since Tuesday 
what does that mean?
 radiating bright center
calling for the birth of children with an abundance of intuition
and a trajectory sense for right time
to meet the knot
hence appearing in the symbol of the arrow
called Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter
masters of reconnaissance

These amazing spirits have the time-arrow from before in time to the task in time on the bow of the Sagittarius.
The resonances of mans heart these four weeks out of  Sagittarius are a splendid time to do the right thing at the right time; called reconcilliation, uniting the given potencies like the clock - hand, pointig at each second and each hour in equal length, a brilliant time for blessed ties - such as for the blond hero in America 
 Donald Trump
in red Inauguration am  1.
20. 2017
12:00 EST
He has in Sagittarius his Moon  in his "lap" = 4th house, ruling his "heaven"= 11th house, in the name of Cancer = heavenly Family. Agreed, with such a Symbol nobody might walk along cause of astrological ignocance.

In Moon of his birth-moment at 21° Sagittarius, his inner  feminine sensivity, is mirroring the smart brother in 8,9° Cancer, a Mercury in a receiving stage, someone, able to listen in the quiet 4th mirror of the zodiac.

in his lap
lies the heavenly home
lie the mothers of a people
Moon inward talker
mirrored by Mercury
talker to the outward

The four squares by the way, these red right-angled arrows, signifying resonances to and from the two 90° angles of the signs/elements in the zodiac, therefore squares = irritating meddling of the elements withanother, to be stirred into a livable symbol of togetherness of

fire = speeding up
earth = breaking
air = lifting
water = sinking

 really available challenges  to be lived in the sense of TAO in animated symbols between heaven and earth like

As well the union of  contradictory elements/signs  in the shape of "opposition" to which the contraditions do strive in nature like tinder with oxygen, or clay with water whereto then air joining and fire allow the holy paradox union of the four elements appearing as jar, pot, and bowl to be created.

Also by the way we know Mercury to meet the Moon of the hero on Friday of this week, what a day for Mercurian distinction and utilizing in favor of the anima of his community,
best day für a linkage with the receiving mother of ideas = house 11 in the close relation with the "blue" Neptune the liquidator of old and pregnancy with new (old) meaning.

 This week now great resonance to and from Jupiter out of the beyond of changing = Capricorn, where Venus moves through a remarkable resonance of the year.

brother in contradiction Pluto
awaits the sister Venus
the waiverer the temptress
without which would be no life

paradox union of waiver and grant
reduced to  word
outlasting end in time
at midweek

And at weekend Venus is entering a good part of the resonance, culminating next week with Uranus in the square in Aries, this resonance connects Venus with the rising spirit of man, rising in the sign of spring.
Venus = the heavy earth and = the light air personated in one God/archetype connecting matter with idea, heaven with field, second mirror in zodiac = borderlessness mirrored by social association, in the connection of word and act, whereby Uranus = mans planet  in the first mirror mirrores the innocence of Neptune = child of man.
And on Sunday Sun is in expecting condition: he shall give "birth" to the "red" Mercury of  fire of 1603, the general beginning of talking in Sagittarius = concilliating words and linking fiery talking on our aeons level with the heart  of the concilliator.

Eventually Moon our light in everyday, symbol of the  feminine, receiving  sense  equalizing
the neurotic obsessions in the  light of the day with dreams and intimacies of the night, being

since Wednesday evening in the chances of Virgo,  changing the felt into the spoken at that place, where Mercury is just moving;

then till Saturday before noon Moon enters Libra and the soul meets public resonance with those beyond where Venus currently gathers;

on Friday morning finally till into Monday Moon = the lap, in Scorpio = sacrifice of randomness and formlessness.
And really in the end now Mars the beginner for whom in Aquarius is carnival in the paradox sense of sublated heavyness: freed of strange resonances the winged spiritual predator espies his prey in the mirror of earth, the rodents on the ground of facts in the settlements = 2. mirror: Taurus under the sky mirrors Aquarius.

Murnau 20.11.2016, UTC 19:05.
Gepostet 21.11.2016 UTC 16:44.
In English 11.23.2016 UTC 2o: 11.

Mittwoch, 16. November 2016

Genes of Meaning in a Blue Green and Red Week

11. 14. - 21. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  11. 14 - 21. 2016
Maybe never Scorpio was more important to us mankind and his ruler Pluto. Why?
 Well, each user of an e-mail account knows, how essential for survival is the 'delete' function for survival as a distinct address.
Millionaires and wanabies constantly are invading us, our brain even more than our wallets.
To keep our brain clear we need Pluto and his sister Scorpio.
And to practise waiver.
Scorpio is the power of the waiver, gene number eight of the 12  genes of meaning in accord with the  completeness of times in months and the non-temporal zodiac filling the times with meaning.
Scorpio and  Plutos order "delete" has the meaning: sacrifice! What from? 
Deviation from the canon = (zodiac). Watch Nietze thinking.
This number 8 is waiver = E - eight  in zodiac - Emptiness in the cicle = circle
 And know: place is meaning, the universe is ordered by this: circle = canon.

"Delete" keeps deep under our consciousness in the divine stream of universal thoughts the canon as the second coming of the water. Delete ist the water of the soul, to clean away harmfull deviations. 
Delete keeps underneath our concious realisation the divine Form of creation in 6 days of the heavenly creator mirrored by the 6 days of the dark earth keeping the non - temporal order of the spinning 12 in every plant, every animal, each rock each river and each unconscious permanent ordered mystery underneath each sensual consciousness of man adam with his non-temporal companion and monitoring "grater person" Selbst and the inner companion "she" in God's command.

The 8th stage, the Scorpio-stage is the form which comes into being when two circles unite into a common karma and adapt the form of common vortex in which two poles in each circle rotate reverse. If they are sound.

In biology it's called constriction and partition and only happens with strict compliance with the succession of the stages. So Scorpio with necessity is the "natural" opponent of Aquarius.
the eleventhin the succession with equal rights (at his place)

So compliances with the sucession is guarded by the Scorpio, provided sound in the heart = Sun and underneath of our conscious sensual realization by instinct those of us under the northern sky born in the 2 hours 48 minute every day (median latitude) where the Scorpio-nature appeares = Ascendant (ASC)

Psychic agency of Scorpio:
The thinking in pictures becomes clean from  evil overlay. Where that is missing poor zombies are "slouching to bethlehem" starring at their overlayers squatting araound, may Gods miracle reach them sleepwalkers one day.
They are engeneered to crate constantly Hollywood in all shadows, preferably at the east and westcoast as "critical" "tolerant" philo-jewish citizen of the world-comedy, currently as purple Maidan in the blue States of America. The blue is in the west the colous of the greed of merchats and robbers. The Programmers like Geroge Soros with his global campagning organization are e - xercising the American Maidan = the real global nazies in every soul and they are doing it constantly with all the $ of the divine son (Joab) and Attempter tho fix us another time on the cross like the unfortunate Ukrainians.

We are in the last of the four weeks cleaning time of the hearts we all and in abundance those, born below Sun in Scorpio. Their hearts are centers (= Sun) of waiver.
And we all are Scorpio at the  "habitat" (position) of our Pluto in horoscope, and we are Scorpio within the authority of Scorpio of a house in our chart.

Scorpio ruling house 6 then would mean: adaption by waiver.
Now back to the realm of pictures, waiver of the overlaying "left =Aquarius" = sovereighnty in right.
The left has no busyness in the realm of right.
The Left has a busyness in the realm of art and philosophy and seeing in which Uranus might bring man towards  individualisation of ther greater companion "self" spinning within in and around the ego. 
Now to more of the week:
On Wednesday night and Sunday are to pass following moments  of waiving hearts in resonance with the feelings of our deep elementary aeon in which we share our fate with the fate of the elements for about 1.600 of years succeeding.
In this diary each week we are confronted with something not physicly percible under the label 'The secret life of the elements". In a time beyond, when the elementary knowledge of astrology has advanced, still will be attempted to replace the priciple of complementarity and attraction of the opposites with unipolarity= exceptionality or unconsciousness of the self. Sun in Scorpio has the medicine. And he will be with age old feelings today as Sun is uniting with the "green" Venus of the water-element since 1305. Venus below conscious perceiving is social instinct. Water = within.
Venus, the social instinct in the shape of the fourth element. A band of mothers in men embracing and being embraced by sacrificing heart at Wednesday midnight.
And on Sunday Scorpio-heart with the "blue" Uranus of the air element of 1980, the youngest of the four elements of our aeon. Left Aquarius= free spirit is looking for the hearts of the artists.
So much for Sun and his way through the week.
Now after  Sun= heart rising left in the east under the northern sky and rigt in the southern sphere - while looking towards noon and equator.

Now whith what to start? Easy cleared: entitlement in the succession has Mars,   the planet of Aries lord of all beginnings, the red colour of the blood of hunted life, birthing mothers and sacrificing sons.
Mars now is raging under the command of Aquarius hence the unconcious left underneath the collecive psyche, not to conflate with the conscious left and their blinkered mind projecting supposed divine ire.
Mars' time on Aquarius' stage lasts another 5 of 6 weeks. Might be possible to overcome. 

Jupiter in  Libra arrives in the sense of uniting contradicting forces in the resonance with Pluto in Capricorn. Libra number 7 in the succession, has the two scales moving everyday in a communion of two. In the depth of psyche it is the order of completion of two different parts of the same karma, aka love. Jupiter in Libra = throwing light on love.
Pluto in Capricorn= sacrifice in the spirit of the (collective unconscious)) father.
The new authentic left just emerges in Aries mirroring Neptune in Pisces as the beginning of  the paradox square of Jupiter's spirit of reconciliaton on the middle continent of the middle class = Jupiter with the lower class = Scorpio in America = advantage of conciliation together with waiver of randomness.
Gods as children of God (Psalm 82) dont fight but harmonize with one another in paradox squares and unions of contradictions in word,  image and aound.

Venus now in the sacred succession of the zodiac:
 she the divine  wanton neighbor of the faith, tempting in the art of the harmonious lie, endowing the social bonding and taking them at risk. Venus now in Capricorn is concentrated and sparing with words. Small baskets like in winter in the mountains.
At weekend Venus in the spell of the blue fire and the blue choirs. '"Blue" Sun and "blue" Mercury of the element air are waiting for the union with Venus on Sunday. So blue Sunday below our awareness. It is the element wind and of emptiness in the circles and around the circles that surrounds them with  balance, thoughts and distance.
This together with Sun at blue Uranus a blue airy weekend after 36 of about 8oo years of the air-quarter of our aeon.

Hot days Tuesday and Wednesday for Mercury = our brain in the first third of Sagittarius = Gods knots.
This week Mercury unites with the resonances of fire which at 4,9 and 8,3° Sagittarius at that place  since 1603  care for new beginnings of concilliated trade and judgement underneath our consciousness in our deeper unconscious psyche.

And to father- and border-God Saturn this week is something to say for the current two weeks: Resonance of Saturn with "blue"  Venus of air element. Time for fatherly care for a concilliated "conservative"social  thinking and conceptional setting.
Now finally to Moon, our shining nightwatching female light, mirroring in the
sister, woman, mother, daugter and lover, in the waterfilled faults of mother earth the dream-hikes of our sleeping  soul.
Moon's week began in Taurus in the reserves of the settled being in boundary, construction and organization.

Then Tuesday before noon Moon moved into Twins and hence into the higher and more common practical points of view. Time till Thursday night.

Then Moon moves from the pragmatical area into the lap of the subjective, from brain into belly, into the home and well of the soul: Cancer. Here at home in the receivingness Moon till Saturday noon
then moving into Leo where she will stay till Sunday night.
That is the expressive stage of the mind, two days each month, where what was received wants to be expressed out into life.
Sonntag 13. 11.2016 UTC 18:57. Gepostet Montag 14 11. 2016 in Murnau, UTC 16:45.
In English Wednesday 11. 16. 2016 UTC 15:13


Samstag, 12. November 2016

Cooking the Election on Red, Blue, and Green Fire or About the Deeper Layers of Amerikas Vote

Washington DC 20:00 EST November 9.
when the pollig stations closed

A Minority of the people acted as the qualified majority of the voters, thanks to your for-fathers from times, where still was time for thinking.
Incredible, a tumbling like Leipzig/Berlin 1989 world-historicly

but muuuch bigger, Amerika, a national discontent in the continent
the "the american redneck" did it, never seen before: middle class and lower class united in the heart of the continent. A strategic defeat for Satan  of apokalyptical dimensions.


 Now up in the chart we have the true unconscious resonance powers leading the instincts on the continent on the November 8. like  high jet streams lead the airmasses near the ground.

If you follow the dappled resonance-maxima you reach at the  3 places 

where Mars- Venus- and Mercury- resonances add with those of our unconscious aeon of relativeship with the dead unconscious relatives.

These resonances are a kind of for our consciousness diffuse talk of the elements, so the blue dapples lead to an air-resonance = 3 levels of thinking,

the red resonances = fire, lead in  kind of 3 levels of acting,
and the green resonances = water, lead in a kind of 3 levels of feeling.

Speaking of Mars: the blue Mars for 800 years from  December 31.1980 , the Mars of the air element at 0,8° Aquarius he is in morning of the 11/9 ready with his energetic shocks by the father. The ballot on 11.8. had Mars on the last grade of Capricorn like a blizzard over Florida. Now on the first day after blue Mars' blind thinking united with daily Mars and his blind impatience. Blind? Shure, the first, fire, Aries, Mars is without any experience.

Speaking of green Venus: The green Venus of the "feeling" element water ist visited and united with the current Mercury our God of talk and management. Venus is a collectress, green= water= feelings; Venus is collecting the feelings of the social fate since 711 years.
 As  Mercury likes to share feelings in communication, these unconscious resonances transport feelings being very old, feelings stemming from all generations since 1305.

 Now, that's the best, Venus our current evening star was on November 8. in the full resonance of fire together with our relatives since 1603 
Venus united with the Sun and Venus of the fire-element on 26. and 27.°  of Sagittarius. Fire is ire and the ire of Sun and Venus is coming from the heart
of fire, and from the tribes of fire. 
Fire is beginning. 
And beginning is not only the leading center = Sun but also the tribe = Venus.
And beginning with what? What "fire" does Sun/Venus in Sagittarius  provide? God's order coming into time in souvereignty = Sun and in strenght Venus = tribe
 and this resonance from the depth unconsciousness unites with the consciuos ire of moving Venus = the present social body.

And if you, without dapples look to the Moon, you will see the mood of the people mooving with Moon united at the end of the ballot old "green" ire, green Mars= ire (again) of the water = feelings from 700 years  and olive Moon of the earth element both in Pisces accesible for people who are in their hearts true adult childs.

So this was the unconscious  height- and depth wheather under  the northern psyche while the ballot was cast in America.

Murnau, 11. 13. UTC 00:00.