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Mars Kicking the Kore, Mercury Talks the Old Faith and New Return

1. 27. - 2. 5. 2020

0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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Not long ago ..


" All mythical natural proceedings like summer and
winter, change of Moon, pluvial periods etc. are [...]
symbolic expressions for the inner and unconscious
Drama of the soul which on the way of projection, 
i.e. mirrored in natural events are comprehensible
to the human consciousness."

C. G. Jung

And we under the heaven of the northern hemisphere as social beings are living in the mirror of Sun in Aquarius, the water-effuser (water = spirit), called 'anthropos', psychologically the mutation to the anonymous 'great' man.
Now the latter is congenital as possibility, the 'rebirth' as anthropos, as 'cosmic' man, 'great' in the dimensions of the cosmos, according to the order of time by the gravities of the Sun-sky.
This is only possible by the readiness, to compensate the cosmic enlargement by immediate diminishment of the I.
now in the mirror of heaven and Earth
of the zodiacal man within
and around us

5. Week 2020
according to the sky of the northern hemisphere of Earth.

considered from far:
conjunctions in Capricorn and Pisces
a square between Sagittarius and Pisces
a change of milieu for Mercury

a part of power remains after Job with God's 'other son'
the other part remains with God
to become man it needs
to become like the children
but not to the brain this relates
but to the heart
"wise as serpents" Matth. 10.16.
earth knowing
but not Mercury
but Sun
deserves the scepter
on consciousness
caus only there is the light
which God kindles
if he wants
conductive is after Lao Tsu enough
accumulated virtue
so that at once
man/woman must no longer
be warmed primarily
but from the moment of ignition
are able to warm by oneself

And for God to find one he or she, it's called for a childlike, simple, meek heart of which religion ever.

let's consider us
as well as the world

where ever a beginning happens
its  Aries
and Mars
the lambent and eating
head of the serpent of time
now being in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is always the expansion
of the range of vision
so to say the uppermost edge of the funnel
of perception
of time
circle and

high up there is the fourth 
of spirit's four stages
Sagittarius as the only stage of spirit
in time
while the other three
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn
are before time
like buds and blossoms before the fruit


in the second
of our elementary  stages
= our sociability = security
travels after 84 years again
(at last 1935 - 42)
for seven years
unbound sociability
for another 6 years

all so far not mentioned lights and planets
at the northern sky
are all in the fourth quadrant of zodiac
preparing future presents

The week had started immediately with mentioned three-square-'resonance'

Mars in Sagittarius with Venus/Neptune in Pisces
the impatience of Mars
brings about painful insights
for whom?
for the 'Kore' 
the heavenly daughter

In the greek kind of myth , Kore ('Girl') is the daughter
of Zeus and Demeter. Half a year she is with her husband
in the land of death below in the dark underworld .
But in Spring Kore returns to the bright upper part of Nature 

the kore
get's  square-kicks by Mars

and what get's Mars
he get's the panorama at the edge
of insight
while double check with
blue Venus and
blue Neptune
of the air-element
the third of four

so to say from blue sociability
to blue innocence


And take  blue as the color of the element air
hence the blue quarter share of the 
four colors of the zodiac

the yearly  home of two the elements = 10
of the element air 
in our 
has the blue Birthday-horoscope of

root of all rhythms
outpoured by her
into the  invisible body-less 
realm of thinking 

and all under the umbrella of the Sagittarius
currently for a year on the high grounds
of Capricorn
where essence matters

So Mars like Jupiter are asked for a 
spiritual form
of wide edge and
 narrow nozzle
essence matters


a living form 
in three floors
of three times four


Sun and Mercury in Aquarius
hearts and thoughts above the vault
God called heaven
in the highest most part
of the 12 places in the zodiac

and ruler Uranus invisible like an idea
walks where the earthlings
do the gravitas
each day
keeping the levity of the soul

But Mercury has a lot of dates
with two of the four elements
beginning with Sunday
green, green olive 
or feelings, feelings, roots

*) A lot to read about:  search 'Kings-Conjunctions'

Murnau, 1. 29. 2020, UTC: 17:59.


Mittwoch, 22. Januar 2020

The Lion-Star Entered Origin - Still Blocking for Late Cardinals

1. 20. - 29. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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1493/4 –  1541

 But while man might running so many species/ 
in human reason/ so many species of creature is 
in all genera. Therefore is need that Snake men/
Toad men/ Sow men / Cock men/ Lion men are 
descibed. Cause out of the elements give many 
kinds of corpora/  out of the firmament go many 
kinds of  spirit.
... the body of the elements is placed in four bodies
... the body of  livestock in many hundred times genera
... the body of man in one body. 



light in the dark
shadow in the brightness

all has it's place in the 360° of the circle
and there is nothing which wouldn't fit in

4. Week 2020

and we still have a bit 
of late autumn
Mars in Sagittarius
our blind impulse
starting a new sequence in the way
like Jupiter in Capricorn
conciliation in winter

Mars starting the week in resonance with blue Venus of the air element. 

That is Mars + Venus - hence basic stride and love between the actual running fiery -god of earliness and goddess of ground and balance, child of the air  element, symbolizing all the steadiness and attendance of the invisible third element with it's blue children Twins, Libra and Aquarius. Mind,  the Asian idea of 'conscious breathing'

children of air
which I consider as three kinds of thinking
Twins in and about natural things
Libra within things of the soul
Aquarius in the firmament

from blue Venus 
of thinking
now to
actual Venus 
in Pisces together with
child Neptune 
in his court
below origin in consciousness
still undivided from mother
now Venus 
with her bags of samplings
because of her colors
to our unconscious  
sometimes a black star of
enormous attraction

is in a kind of  'geistigem' (spiritual) bath
Venus forgets
what she knew and was
glad to have 'reasonable'neighbors in Aquarius
in Pisces the opposites are still undivided
Tiger and Goat lie with another
so Venus can let go
 to get ready
to become newborn
 two weeks later
in Aries

the Lion-Star
has entered Aquarius the heavenly origin
of all ideas
images of 'winged ' 
invisible persons
called 'thoughts'
by comments of the self

and like Sun is Mercury on his race
around the heavenly realm
of the former
pitching the Aquarius steps
of 7 x (3x4)
the uplift of 
the easiness of thinking
analogously the  invisible  element
withstanding gravity 

And father Saturn and brother Pluto
at late Capricorn alone together
approaching the 24-25° of the
4  cardinal 
(opening Doors to quarters) signs
Aries (fire)
Cancer (water)
Libra (air)
Capricorn (earth)

so, if you got the stop at 23° by Capricorn or Aries or Cancer or Libra, you got it and resistance is meaningless. It's a pilgrims period, good for manifold Ideas of the firmament of something by  self within.

Murnau, 1. 22. 2020, UTC: 16:32.


Montag, 20. Januar 2020

Angela regiert

After the lection with VVP' transits now we have a stunning sequel with

Angela Merkel
17.7.1954, 16:57 UTC Hamburg
Transits 19.1.2020 Berliner Konferenz

She is in the resonance of three oppositions i.e. with natural opposite-partners and a square to herself. Here the summary

Completely new tracks kind of which this chronicle  gave a first analysis  in late July. The
new European Identity as conciliator. 

Northern Hemisphere
2019 - 2026 

17.7.1833, UTC 10:34 Berlin
23. Septar Königskonjunktion Element Erde

Activated in this  moment: Saturn in house 12 ,= statehood of times coming. The Berlin-Conference a typical Libra-Project, even with two spatial divided partners.

Murnau, 1.20.2020 UTC: 16:28.


Sonntag, 19. Januar 2020

Putin Leading

15. 1. 2020, (10:15 UTC)
President Putin's speech to the state of the nation

watching the unconscious zodiacal man in us
at the moment above
in the current eon since

Uranus is just close enough to the 'social'
Moon of the water-element
~ feeling
and Mars is at the peak of the wisdom
 Saturn + Jupiter of fire
~ the earlyness
at 8,5° Sagittarius

What now has this constellation of the day to do with the horoscope of anyone of us? For example in the case, that 'only' squares/oppositions are indicated? They are no 'only' but indicating moments of highest intensity ('resonance'). The two arrows in the chart show receiver and origin of resonance. The difference between conjunction and squares/oppositions:  different elements are to be connected.

With Putin e.g. it is the imaginability for coming  futures  (Libra house 12) which  is comprising truthfulness (Neptune), talkability (Mercury) and sobriety (Saturn) and the former two are being connected with the exceptional constellation Saturn + Pluto+Sun, which hasn't appeared for 500 years.
 And what are his two 
Neptune + Mercury 
moving  or energizing?

Neptune moves
5. house (Pisces) = creating expression of life
in innocence
8. house (Twins) = maintaining the species by analyzing and diagnosis
11. house (Virgo) = Origin of meaning by taking care

*7. 10. 1952, Leningrad
15. 1. 2020 Moskau
V,V.Putin: Speech to the state of the nation

1. Think about it; the current Uranus at 2,7° Taurus, the toppler, is the opposite-partner to VVP's moment of birth/ascendant, and since late Summer 2018 was again and again in resonance with VVP's ascendant. Taurus + Uranus is classical Karl Marx', = our Taurus - attraction to the fellow-animals of the Uranus-world ~air-world
This is, to say it soberly, the 'higher' social impulse in man.

So he said analogously: we have a surplus in state reserves and we will use it help the poor families, who dare to,  to be able to have more than one children. He speaks of 'mother-capital', a Moon-thing,  well, look what is with VVP's Moon and the Moon  of the day. One must not know much astrology to comprehend the easiness of the equation. 

finally again:

in Resonanz mit 
Mercury + Neptune

resonance in VVP's 12. house
 to whom in every horoscope belongs
 the coming future
 not yet  to be seen in the child's face
 and it is the full load
of kingdom
 and  nation
connected with Sun's  gold
and Mercury's wit and care
in the word

 A constellation which hasn't happened since 1518*) And the president of Russia 'surfed'  it.

That is in crystalline clearness, what Scorpio is able to do in man, if a true Libra-heart is humbly serving it. It is possible to work with the gods.


*1518 Mercury was   perfect with Saturn/Pluto but without Sun, passing 19 days earlier, when the constellation wasn't yet perfect: Saturn was 1,8° and Pluto 3,5° Capricorn, but perfect was this one:
1. 5.  1518(jul)

Draft: Murnau den 18.1.2020, UTC_ 19:13. In English: 1. 19. 2020, UTC:20:12.

Documentation Draft:

Documentation English Translation: 

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2020

After the Sacrifice - Change of Paradigms in the Center

 1. 13.- 22. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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C. G. Jung

",,, Christianity
"... that unlike other religions teaches a symbol which
 has the individual conduct of life on a man and God-son 
as content and understands this process of individuation
even as incarnation and revelation of God self.

Presence and Future, Coll.. W. 10,  § 129.

Mark 10.52 "Your faith has healed you"

"actually a secondary phenomenon, which relies on the fact,
that primarily something happened to us, which infuses 'pistis'
into us, i.e. confidence and loyality."

ibid. Coll. W. 10,  § 121.

"The elevation of the human figure to a King or divinity
of its subhuman, theriomorphly depiction hints to the
conscious-transcendent  character if the pairs of 
opposites. They do not belong to the I-personality, but 
surmount them.The latter stands between them like the 
"anima inter bona et mala sita." (The soul between the
 good and the evil). The pairs of opposites rather form
the phenomenology of the paradox Self of the human 

Mysterium Coniunctionis, Coll. W. 14/I, § 4.

The six pairs of opposites in our unconscious,  of which Jung talks, are depicted by the zodiac, in which all divine miracles, called nature, in two year-circles, the northern and the southern one are traveling. Hence this chronicle describes the way of the 'great man' traveling around in our unconsciousness.
Our cosmos: one Sun, nine planets, one Earth-Moon
Those are,seen from outside, a Star and ten planets in their orbital-frequencies, i.e. their  sending and receiving to each other and to the big receiver and sender Sun.

3. Week 2020
Sun calling the last quarter of
and donkeys into life
where Sun Heart
together with Mercury Brain
that's an extraordinary 
in Saturn/Pluto's 
the father and the brother together
deep inside of the zodiacal man
in us

kind of polar being 
above the lower
maybe like the polar vortex

in us like with 20 sensible invisible
'airy'arms of  feelings

ok, anyone has a place in the game
of zodiac

what can the zodiacal father
to the heart and brain
than extreme 
of the heart
and humility
of reason

blockade of the ordinary ways
to those who resonate
square, opposition, conjunction
 around  22 - 24 Capricorn
slowly moving
Twins and Virgos will have a change
of the milieu on Thursday
as Mercury will be
leaving the heavy lands
 of gravity
of Capricorn

entering the levity and 
stage of

look at the zodiacal man above
Mercury in Aquarius 
on the outer
knowing of the birds
opposed by no-one in Leo

and with Venus are entering
Love and Security
the ultimate stage of water

with the sharpness of Mars in the feelings
of a new beginning in the green  kingdom of feelings
of all of us
where the lion liveth with the deer
and the women with men

while Venus has visited and is visiting
 in the depths of
Pisces the 
Mars of water
and Moon and later Pluto 
of the earth element

I don't dare to interpret the meaning
but it might even be noted
by the 'zodiacal man'
in us
who knows of the periods
 polar Capricorn's current  ruling about  all but few
realms for a time
now Sun and Mercury
the more
central travelers are leaving
the yearly hardships of Capricorn
when life has gone to rest but
in the  floating roots of the mountains
or the artery system
in living creatures

Mercury will meet again
in the entrance of Uranus' realm the
Mars of the air-element

doors open, new life
in the 'winged' realms of 
human thinking

same to Sun on Monday

when zodiacal man's heart enters the winged
stage of ideas 
concerning the host of Sun and Mercury
Uranus in Taurus

Murnau, 1. 15. 2020, UTC: 18:22.


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