Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2016

A Home for an Astromundan Diary

Believe me: It is no teaching and no instruction 
that I give you. On what basis should I presume to teach you? 
I give you news of the way of this man, but not of your
 own way. My path is not your path therefore I cannot teach
 you. The way is within us, but not in Gods, nor in teachings, 
nor in laws. Within us is the way, the truth, and the life
. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 231.

Today, when I was recomposing the German - into the Anglo-version of this week's concilliating shape, i still was haunted by Bro's long dark shots in the Cafe of 12.26.

Thinking,  like for me and my milk-brother, normal is  the pensioners daily check of  news and analyses, and familiar to me is the situation: long track, short glimpse to remain what I am, as the net eates our time. My window into the world was cast, when I was born at noon right at Sun's = heart's

highest place at mid - heaven , a heart quite not able, to follow in detail dark traces in the low lands, quite with respect for those, whose nature is prepared for doing just that, and, like the Saker, is able to  do it in a professional way for mankind.

Hence  my heart uses to follow with warmth the reflecting Bro and uses to leave him excavating in the occult. 
But I also don't  suggest any other to walk in my shoes.  Each one at his place.

... today when I was haunted by my own long shots ... I was about  in the despair of someone who wants to bring about helpfull light, but  can only enlighten a much  fewer number of contemporaries, he would like to, maybe very, very few now, a handfull ... shure more is  to come postume, so came to believe in even one is enough, more than one is God-given. 

We are, each of us is,  the new time. No one has to save the whole peace of world. Each one at his place = in his or her heart, that is the only coin that counts. Remember 11/8.

To me in the cafe too much is noise of the daily tactical scene, but noise for the loosers daily actions.
But as long as poets care for their world -  corner, an astromundane diary has a home on earth.

Murnau, 12. 28. 2016 UTC 22: 42.


Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2016

The Anomaly Awaiting Sun and Mars' Resolution in the Arms of Neptune

12. 26. 2016 - 1. 2. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

from the drift range of the Elbe
to the North Sea
since 31 Years  the Loisach
drifting to the Black Sea
and  home
of my feeling

drifting from Harvest to harvest
back through a West-Slavian
root system though walks of
Generations up high
and down low

12. 28. 2016

 Now this week
another wheel of time mit seven spokes
7 the Moon-number of the water-element
Moon x 4 is the monthly flush
of the female well

and the Gods this week
except by Uranus
are in the upper six
 their physical mirrors on Earth

 for all of us under the northern zodiac
 the basic meaning of the twelve Houses of each one of us
in his horoscope
 where our Gods live in
waiting for our consciousness
to follow into the houses
of our self

so here they are - the Gods this week

Venus keeping the move perfectly high
on the wings of  ma's spirit
called Aquarius
Venus keepin her collecting
 lumps of on-sights

in the mirror of the settlements  
in space of Taurus
not yet in time
Aquarius the bud
now in the last one and a half of seven Years in
Aries =
birth = invading into a territory
for humane civilisation in  coming
circular soul communities
neigbor-hoods of man
and now carried by Venus
in Libra's  two-scaled-tool
Jupiter the archetyp of 
sense in time symbolized by an arrow

this God seized 2013/14 the
Vineyards of Cancer/Capricorn
of the two worlds
carried by a Moon in passive enough

Venus in Aquarius now
harvesting the grapes of wisdom
into the wine press of Taurus in the mirror
of us
in our second (youngest)
our "bud mirror"
of "our" six 

"our" in quotation marks 
because in our houses 
as long as we are unconscious 
of them
only the gods live
not we
as they are waiting
for your my one's consciousness
being introduced to them

and in the second mirror awaiting 
are the immoveable buds of the eternal years
between 7 and 14

Photo: Ossi

anyway Venus a near to the center-being,
has another ten days to spend
in the unfamiliar periphery
of Aquarius

and in the green book of the water
into the diary of the four elements
Venus passes this week the  band of
offerers and their families in the sign of
green Pluto in Aquarius
opening the door to the numbered
and unnumbered

And Mars in Pisces
keeps bringing
beginnings in the unconscious  background
into the appearance
and coming to  the end of the week is
the mysterium of Mars coniunction Neptune
in Pisces with Mars in outmost complete solution
in the goodness in God's lap

Once within every 164 years this happens in a series of 8 times

While sacrifice-God, man-God and Son-God
or Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter
since late November in a rare common resonance
giving birth to a rare species of soul/spirit abilities
in not an easy but productive resonance
between moral, independance and concilliation

While today, Wednesday,  Mercury and Sun are meeting =adding
in our two-dimensional perception of the sky
adding the King with the secretary in the same
high ground under the eyes of the father
Mercury seemingly "backwards" on the sceen of
heaven for a one-week visit back in Sagittarius
in Januar

and now Sun 
heart of all weeks 
in the fatherly unshakeableness and
humbleness of Capricorn 
will be passing on Sunday/Monday Sun the 
heart and Mercury the brain
of two elements: firstly "blue"air of 1980
and then "green" water of 1305.

This togetherness of feeling = water, and 
thinking = air, in brain and heart of two elements
is an  anomaly on the
level of the elements underneath our
sensual level of being
this is the new command for 8 centuries of thinking since
December 31. 1980

 Last week 2016 now

And one more year all kind of official stuff
all state-matters will be consummated in the
wide frame of the 'lucky' three years of Saturn 
in Sagittarius.
Bound to follow are the lean three of Saturn
on Capricorn, just saying

To have this in consciousness
might help steering more elegant
through the times. 

And Moons light on Earth complementary
to Sun
smaller than all the other's
but nearer to us than all
of them  relatives 

since Wednesday afternoon 
in Capricorns eternal heights  and
Thursday totaly consumed
by Sun's daylight : new Moon 

then since Saturday morning
the feeling on the wings of
ideas in  Aquarius heavenly realm
till Monday morning.

Sonntag 25.12.2016 UTC 18:05,
Montag 26. 12. 2016 in Murnau  UTC 19:32
In English: 12. 28. 2016, UTC 18:24.

Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

The Moment of Lion in Aleppo and Mars Swings his Wooden Sword

22. 12. 2016 
20:45 Aleppo
Freedom of heart - just minutes ago ...
the last bus with Jihadis left for Idlib. Thus Syria is in full sovereignity on her second-largest city, like the ascending sign  Leo signifies.
Reconstruction is still beginning, inhabitants are encouraged to return.

And this is what a horoscope looks like, where the Gods experience = house 5, a sovereign = Leo - moment, in the frame of the order of state = Capricorn, and together with them those people, who fought for God- and human freedom.

And there is the great chord, which the right - doers strived for under risk of their life:
by Uranus = man-God, with Pluto = God of the dead and yet unborn, with Mercury = God of news, with Jupiter = God of reconcilliation and with Moon = the mothers ...

Happy moment of independence for the state and for the families and Mars in Pisces may swing on his tiny wooden sword.
But Venus, Goddess of coherence and public sphere can watch in the full freedom of spirit the Aquarius-ways of man and lower the roots into the spiritual nourishing substance while at her breasts Mars is in weary slumber.

And Saturn just is reigning fatherly in the might of reconcilliation.
Murnau, 22.12.2016, UTC 22: 58. In English 12. 23. 2016, UTV 18:55.

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

In The Anteroom of Time - Sun and Mercury Fitting the Nozzle while Mars Entering Pisces with a Bang

12. 19. - 26. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

To begin this weeks overview, here is a look at the Mexico City - desaster with a fireworks-market
exploding at 2:50 local time

It's a textbook-case: The Ascendant at Taurus signifies a storage, ruler Venus in Aquarius tells of a sublation in the way according to ruler Uranus. As the latter is in Aries, the sublation might happen in the way of ignition. Aries-ruler Mars at 1° Pisces = "solution", is positioned at two elementary rulers: "green" Mars = ignition, of water-element , and olive Moon = life, of earth-element. Now the moment: The MC (medium coeli = midheaven) always signifying the beginning of something, is exactly at 1° Aquarius, ruled by Uranus in Aries, and on another elemetary Mars, the "blue" one of air-element.

So we have the ingredients: storage in Aquarius-recklessness ruled by a twofold Mars in the Mars- moment of  beginning of a reckless ignition. And a poor people like always is paying for a deficient adaption.

 And now this midweek

Sun has entered Capricorn short before noon
you may say: I'm no Capricorn 
what has that to do with me

and like to me
 a  Capricorn 
is an outside 

but no to son and sister
zodiac tells
Capricorn is 
number ten
and the first sign of the last Quater


out of time 
not yet in
but present

present but not in time
and not in soul

and each of them
one among

and Sun is calling the children
with an abundance of
and fatherly hearting

and for each one of you it's easy to do the next step: open your eye for the house
the Capricorn of your self is living  in

 greater self 
 tiniest  spark

zodiac tells of gods living 
in the twelve houses of your unknown self

and Capricorn is ruling as a fatherly
and as  Saturn
as fatherly actor 

So back to Sun in Capricorn  
calling the children of word
 into  life the
 unchangable names of 
humble gods 

and once again a remembrance:

the six mirrors


ASC  =

Pisces = meaning

Aries = appearance

changing in

 Aquarius = scooping
Taurus = plastic appearance

changing in
Capricorn = word
Twins = talking

changing in

Sagittarius = funnel

Cancer = river


 Scorpio = sacrifice
Leo = heart

changing in

Libra = balance
Virgo = chance

 and back to the week again

since Monday Mars in Pisces
ignition underneath the surface - mirrored for six weeks by
 Uranus in Aries
man in ire

Venus heavyness tightness and balance
further on the the skewed air = recklessnesses
of Aquarius
and with her the resources of
brisance are where Uranus is lingering 

and all children of mankind may be thankfull
to a big player and big risks
and to US - "fly-over" - Rednecks 
keeping somebodies fingers away
from  fatal trigger 
in this time of reckless  Venus'resources


Mercury lord of Twins 
of Capricorn in the canon of the six
Mercury mirrorer of Saturn
in Capricorn
in the anteroom of time 
in the eternity of name  
together with the sacrificing Pluto
conserving life's order

as order of the unconscious depths
which is God's order
or the wreath of archetypes
or the houses of our self

And God's order knows rare weeks

like this and the last one

where Mercury as body of spirit and psychopompos
(leader of soul)
has increasingly gyrated nearer and nearer to

the keeper of the souls of the dead
bodyless attendant 
and of the yet unborn 

well in the realm of his keeper Saturn
 Mercury  in fatherly spirit
shortly visiting Pluto in

 his great autum-winter - resonance with
the "marriage"of
Uranus and Jupiter
 or scooper and linker
in Aries - ire and Libra - balance

 while Mercury between Sun and Earth
seemingly circlin backwards through Capricorn
will arrive at weekend again at the blue/green
heart/brain-corner of the 4 - elements socket
between  10,4 - 12,8° Capricorn

and now back to the beginner Mars

on Mondy/Tuesday
the visit of the blind beginner
at the blind beginning in the element of water

at 0,  3° Pisces since 1305
lately known from the great pacific earth-quake killing

and Mars is killing in the same resonance at 1,4Pisces
 the Moon of the earth-element

Mars is now, then it was Neptune, at this place

11. 3. 2011 vor Sendai

an in the same "wave" at 1,4° Pisces
Mars rocks the Moon of the earth-element
 the housing of life of the

earth-element fron 1802 - 2577

and this entrance of Mars has a frequency of 
one time each 1,6 Earth/Sun-Years
 while that of Neptune happens onc in
164 Years

Ans Mars himself coming from the heights of Aquarius now
puts the focus on the truths in the depths of identity
with the unconscious self
with the truth having it's cosmic home in the unconscious
of all things

Paul Klee Stars  over the city

Mars in Pisces is a common paradox

Mars shows the surface

Pisces see the depth

they occure in mirrors
of body
and spirit 
called birth

apart of that anything seems unchanged in the 6 mirrors

and in the counter-world of feelings Moon is drifting

over the rivers of the common Archetypes
 underneath the common-everyday-person
and with Moon are traveling the waters
without and within

and since today (wednesday)
Moon in Libra will be shining till meridional Balance of Libra
 visible till Sun-rise
and the virgo will have to mirror Moons balance
at the Venus-Scale between desire and elegance

 finally Friday-evening till mostly Monday-morning the dream of the golden chain
with the Scorpio- limbs of faith
calling the cutting heart
forging the it's form by that

Murnau, 19. 12. 2016, UTC 17:55

In English 12 21 2016 UTC  16: 30

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016

Roots in Philadelphia - the Unconscious America - These Seven Years

"Action-plan of the archetypes, or Gods, or the self
created by the creator.

This is America, rooted in Philadelphia

mirrored by Andromeda,  our sister- galaxy

from the planets  perspective on the central star:
here is America's 34th the birthday of it's heart 
oscilating these 7 years till 2021

on this 35. state of the birth-moment
so it's what one could call the Sun-extreme
in Aquarius

Why? cause 35 (x 7)  times same birthday-Sun- in Cancer
but all other members of the heavenly family
Gods - players - archetypes
arrange around this one

Now Americas spirits as the ASC shows
are currently groing
out of an unconscious Aquarius-modus
these seven years
as Aquarius is the scooper
America unconsciously is the
archetypal scooper of unconscious
matters  being
as much  non-material as any thought

proved is nothing
do your own bidding
I talk the zodiak only
and it's the babylonian talk
and the egypt one and ofthe ancient greeks

after innumeral generations of local talk
under unchangeable sky
of talking beings
suddenly over thousand of generations
in early cities
philosophy of of time emerged

war is now raging today around these places
kindled by the Empire
over the planet
on the northern half
and the enemy of the Empire
is the Cancer-birthday within
in these seven years
since July 2014

Philadelphia, 34. birthday
 35. ASC: Aquarius
 ruling the unconscious
2014 - 2021 
ruler of Aquarius
in the sign of Scorpio
Uranus man-God
in double 8 position
8 sign and 8 house
waiver and overcoming
but in liberty under God's sky
Uranus man-God ruining common  narratives
by scooping in the common noise
the tiny Pisces of former unconscious truths
while untrue narratives
signfied by Pluto in Pisces 
are dissolved like  actic ice

creating in the common assosiations
Venus' resonance with Uranus
a management of 
creativity  might emerge
 the new room for
new American
smartness of single communities

as reveletions of  former unconscious
growing entities within us set to endure
in the dough of time
like corral reefs
in the bath under the sunny center
under the northern or southern sky
outbaking the years

and as the ASC with it's opposite-partner DSC are marking the edges of the the horizon 
you will see
that America according to it's roots in Philadelphia
 is set to: Aquarius = scoop
and to encounter it's contrary Leo the genius of living = heart

and  following the red and green timestrings around the chart,  you can follow the steps of 7 months,
 beginning with the

 ASC on
25° Aquarius
since 7.5.2014
acc. to 7.5. 1810
UTC 2:40

So it's easy, following the red rhytnmical string, to relize, that the last relocation was on November 5th. And America according to it's roots three days later, unconsciously actively inward looking voted while meeting the smartness of man in an open window.
And plain to see: Americans heart = Sun and and trigger = Mars are in unconscious service of American Moon now  in an open Window of the planet in Virgo = expediency,  always  mirroring Libra = harmony.

And the green rhythmical string in direction of time, coming from Aquarius as meaning, brings the liberty of scooping in thoughts about the rulership of the species by narratives.

So far about Americas heart/Sun in these crucial 7 months of  vigor within.

Murnau, 12.16. 2016 UTC 17:40.

Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

From End to Heart of Fire - Sun this Week

12. 12. - 19. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
 (click to enlarge)

 Food for reflection
in Geman all day
 the Date beginns with the day
in Anglo with the month
how is it within Russian  civilisation
  12. 14. 2016

 as meaning
as being
heaven mirrored
by earth

like resonance
read waves
like a tone
a number and
a word

god is order
but can can be mirrored
in the green belt
by being
by receiving
by reflecting
what is placed
in sequence

now Sun and Saturn were united
last weekend 
and in their resonance
Earth Sun and Saturn
we still oscilate
read swing
sharing  one axis
(bold as love)
allowing God
to get very near to man
with center seniority and green belt
and shadows of being
allowing to face one and his shadow
in calm 
beyond time

that's the root
perceived by the natural man
guided by apperception
read zodiac
in the beginning of this week on monday
astro - logical readable
Sun in conjuncction read common  rhythm
with Saturn 
heart with the father
calling all into birth all with an abundance
of heartfull fatherly namefullness
rooting them together with all their brothers
and sisters with an abundance
of heart and order
read born with
Sun in house 10 
or Saturn in house 5
inmidst life the pole 
of turning
by staying
Sun-world knows about this from the beginning
being without knowing
on Earth
the newborn is perfect but unenfolded 
Sun and Saturn 
one week each year together
this week
touching in 20° Sagittarius
oscillating to and from  last and this week
now in times of apocalyse
on the newborn convulsivly spouting
out of the dragons seven yaps
the clear faces

on the newborns
sprout of the dragons seven
printing jaws
one with the rage of the redhaired
on the day of Aleppo

Sun and Saturn
end and center
name and heart
in 20° Sagittarius of us all
being one
beginning and end 
one day in the year
slowly walking in it's nearly thirty years period of completeness
around the center
Slowly walking with Saturn
in the stirring
and Sun then after this rare hights
is  downstepping now
in the second halve of the week
deeper underneeth consciousness
 to the elemenrary four-edged 
read - elements socket
in time
underneath the 12 heavenly signs
of the 12 times
discovered by the arabic/persian speculative
as a meaningfull sub-rhythm
called the Kings-conjunctions of
 Saturn and Jupiter
 about whose visites
by the current heavenly family
 the astromundane diary is reading weekly
watch out Sun = heart = center 
visit with the blue Neptun
on Wednesday
the world child 
of the Gods
in the element of thinking 
called air
heart and the blue child of spirit
child = unknown meaning
today on Wednesday
to be mirrored by new 
of the unknown 

then end of week
Sun =center = heart
of rhythm
attributed to  everyone from the beginning
in portions =Uranus
of meaning = Neptune
conferred to the   „red firepeople“
will meet them in the red part
of the elementary socket at 26 and 27° 
as "red"  Sun and Venus of the fire
since 1603
each year on 18/19 of December since 413 years
 an old fire-ghost
in our elentary psychic socket awaits  Sun
in the realm of Sagittarius' 
to give birth to new islands
of strong minds
and Neptune  the child in us = the explorer
Neptune is doing the exploring currently in the Pisces
read = entirety of the unconsciousness
without resonances up to the horizon of consciousnenss
contained on the seabed of the unconsciousness

  Mercury instead  was in the beginning of the week on highest
reception at the common double elementary
blue/green heart/Mercury/corner
of the zodiak 
with the "green" center fo feeling
of 1603
and the "blue" center of thinking

Sun of Air  heart - center - birther of the thinking element
Sun of water - heart - center - birther of the feeling element
Mercury the talker of  feeleing
So far Mercury at the beginning of this week
for the weekend Mercury is approaching the great autumn double square 
of Uranus - Pluto - Jupiter 
where the motives are man - sacrifice -  and concilliation
and Mercury visites in the beyond of Capricorn the names of the victimes and the sacrificers and this place of his apparenly turning back.
Liberation with Uranus
Sacrifice with Pluto
and Reconcilliation with Jupiter
and Mercury visites the sacrificer

and last not least Mars the trigger at the
end of Aquarius has a "green" week
first "green" water Pluto
sacrificing and feeling
and paying
 then "green" water-Mars
beginning and feeling
in sounds

both at this place in zodiac since 1305

only seven of 84 years Uranus is in Aries triggering liberation
till 2018 staying
signifying mans ire in heavenly impact in human wilderness
contributed by Venus  in Aquarius providing
Uranus with the necessary ressouces
her rhythm is on the two: rooting and weighing

and Moon dreams with the dreamers though the personal matters of being - from Taurus till Virgo -  under the heaven of the early summerly emblems of the whole.

Murnau, 11.12.2016 UTC 18:43.

Murnau, 12. 12. 2016 UTC 17:25.
In Englisch 12. 14. 2016, UTC 15:01.