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From End to Heart of Fire - Sun this Week

12. 12. - 19. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 Food for reflection
in Geman all day
 the Date beginns with the day
in Anglo with the month
how is it within Russian  civilisation
  12. 14. 2016

 as meaning
as being
heaven mirrored
by earth

like resonance
read waves
like a tone
a number and
a word

god is order
but can can be mirrored
in the green belt
by being
by receiving
by reflecting
what is placed
in sequence

now Sun and Saturn were united
last weekend 
and in their resonance
Earth Sun and Saturn
we still oscilate
read swing
sharing  one axis
(bold as love)
allowing God
to get very near to man
with center seniority and green belt
and shadows of being
allowing to face one and his shadow
in calm 
beyond time

that's the root
perceived by the natural man
guided by apperception
read zodiac
in the beginning of this week on monday
astro - logical readable
Sun in conjuncction read common  rhythm
with Saturn 
heart with the father
calling all into birth all with an abundance
of heartfull fatherly namefullness
rooting them together with all their brothers
and sisters with an abundance
of heart and order
read born with
Sun in house 10 
or Saturn in house 5
inmidst life the pole 
of turning
by staying
Sun-world knows about this from the beginning
being without knowing
on Earth
the newborn is perfect but unenfolded 
Sun and Saturn 
one week each year together
this week
touching in 20° Sagittarius
oscillating to and from  last and this week
now in times of apocalyse
on the newborn convulsivly spouting
out of the dragons seven yaps
the clear faces

on the newborns
sprout of the dragons seven
printing jaws
one with the rage of the redhaired
on the day of Aleppo

Sun and Saturn
end and center
name and heart
in 20° Sagittarius of us all
being one
beginning and end 
one day in the year
slowly walking in it's nearly thirty years period of completeness
around the center
Slowly walking with Saturn
in the stirring
and Sun then after this rare hights
is  downstepping now
in the second halve of the week
deeper underneeth consciousness
 to the elemenrary four-edged 
read - elements socket
in time
underneath the 12 heavenly signs
of the 12 times
discovered by the arabic/persian speculative
as a meaningfull sub-rhythm
called the Kings-conjunctions of
 Saturn and Jupiter
 about whose visites
by the current heavenly family
 the astromundane diary is reading weekly
watch out Sun = heart = center 
visit with the blue Neptun
on Wednesday
the world child 
of the Gods
in the element of thinking 
called air
heart and the blue child of spirit
child = unknown meaning
today on Wednesday
to be mirrored by new 
of the unknown 

then end of week
Sun =center = heart
of rhythm
attributed to  everyone from the beginning
in portions =Uranus
of meaning = Neptune
conferred to the   „red firepeople“
will meet them in the red part
of the elementary socket at 26 and 27° 
as "red"  Sun and Venus of the fire
since 1603
each year on 18/19 of December since 413 years
 an old fire-ghost
in our elentary psychic socket awaits  Sun
in the realm of Sagittarius' 
to give birth to new islands
of strong minds
and Neptune  the child in us = the explorer
Neptune is doing the exploring currently in the Pisces
read = entirety of the unconsciousness
without resonances up to the horizon of consciousnenss
contained on the seabed of the unconsciousness

  Mercury instead  was in the beginning of the week on highest
reception at the common double elementary
blue/green heart/Mercury/corner
of the zodiak 
with the "green" center fo feeling
of 1603
and the "blue" center of thinking

Sun of Air  heart - center - birther of the thinking element
Sun of water - heart - center - birther of the feeling element
Mercury the talker of  feeleing
So far Mercury at the beginning of this week
for the weekend Mercury is approaching the great autumn double square 
of Uranus - Pluto - Jupiter 
where the motives are man - sacrifice -  and concilliation
and Mercury visites in the beyond of Capricorn the names of the victimes and the sacrificers and this place of his apparenly turning back.
Liberation with Uranus
Sacrifice with Pluto
and Reconcilliation with Jupiter
and Mercury visites the sacrificer

and last not least Mars the trigger at the
end of Aquarius has a "green" week
first "green" water Pluto
sacrificing and feeling
and paying
 then "green" water-Mars
beginning and feeling
in sounds

both at this place in zodiac since 1305

only seven of 84 years Uranus is in Aries triggering liberation
till 2018 staying
signifying mans ire in heavenly impact in human wilderness
contributed by Venus  in Aquarius providing
Uranus with the necessary ressouces
her rhythm is on the two: rooting and weighing

and Moon dreams with the dreamers though the personal matters of being - from Taurus till Virgo -  under the heaven of the early summerly emblems of the whole.

Murnau, 11.12.2016 UTC 18:43.

Murnau, 12. 12. 2016 UTC 17:25.
In Englisch 12. 14. 2016, UTC 15:01.

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