Freitag, 23. Dezember 2016

The Moment of Lion in Aleppo and Mars Swings his Wooden Sword

22. 12. 2016 
20:45 Aleppo
Freedom of heart - just minutes ago ...
the last bus with Jihadis left for Idlib. Thus Syria is in full sovereignity on her second-largest city, like the ascending sign  Leo signifies.
Reconstruction is still beginning, inhabitants are encouraged to return.

And this is what a horoscope looks like, where the Gods experience = house 5, a sovereign = Leo - moment, in the frame of the order of state = Capricorn, and together with them those people, who fought for God- and human freedom.

And there is the great chord, which the right - doers strived for under risk of their life:
by Uranus = man-God, with Pluto = God of the dead and yet unborn, with Mercury = God of news, with Jupiter = God of reconcilliation and with Moon = the mothers ...

Happy moment of independence for the state and for the families and Mars in Pisces may swing on his tiny wooden sword.
But Venus, Goddess of coherence and public sphere can watch in the full freedom of spirit the Aquarius-ways of man and lower the roots into the spiritual nourishing substance while at her breasts Mars is in weary slumber.

And Saturn just is reigning fatherly in the might of reconcilliation.
Murnau, 22.12.2016, UTC 22: 58. In English 12. 23. 2016, UTV 18:55.

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