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Advantage Coming out of What Is - Utility out of What is Not ( Lao Tse)

10. 31. - 11. 7. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 11. 2. 2016

"What kind of delusion blindfolds you? Cause in you and not emerging
 from you, all this will be, what you are looking for ouside of you 
and not within you. Such uses to be the vice of the  mean, that he
despising the own, always is yawning for the strange. (...)
Namely in us is shining a light dusky , which is a light of men  in the dark
so to speak,  not emerging from us, still to search in us, not descending
 from us, but from him, who has deigned, to take his home also in us."

Gerhard Dorn, Philosophia meditativa, 1602

More and more the chronicler gets into the attraction of this mediaeval thought: Sun and his planet-family, us included, a mere appearances of God's conception in six mirrors. See Genesis 1.1. - 1.4a
So   the instruments of the cosmic concert with ten planets and their Moons around the Sun are inevitably - according to Avicenna,  Albertus Magnus and St. Thomas v. Aquin - organs of God's creation.
And know, conception ( in German Schöpfung = scooping) is origination. Cause scooping is raising from the depth to the height.
Already on the second day of the genesis  that is discerned: waters above and waters below heaven.
To understand that is more worthwhile than all universities.

 Well, so:

Diary of another week in the astrology of the Sun
watched at heaven of the northern hemisphere of Earth
Planets as hands of God
Moon lighting the dark half in changing brightness
in opposition to the radiating center Sun

And mundanomaniac might tell the chronicler, what is fit to be told of this week's psychic meteorology of the Gods. 

Now in midweek: 
 It's birthday-time for Scorpios. In company, "what are you? Skorpio? Oh my God, ... what ? Doubble Scorpio - uh .oh ... sorry

What time is it?
 It's  Scorpio's four weeks of grip at mans heart. To Scorpio borders are a given, so Skorpio's "no" =  "not of worth". Sorpio saves the border between good and too much of goodness. His feminine magic - he is a water sign, being the the soul mate - to be shared with him are the inner holy places.
And the the bad image of the symbol is the bad image of the "No"
Now Sun in the current saeson of "No" - Dig it yourself, don't dig for answer in me. Less'n it's  plain ignoance of the fact,  the facts are:

Sun is a star and a symbol. As star he is like a cell of God: radiating sovereign center  with Planet family, a cosmic system and earth roving in the green belt.

And the canon of that belt in every being on earth consciously borne in the brains of human beings since times innumeral, and the  canon of heavenly playground of the Gods mankind was pregnand with, was finally recognized as the canon of the zodiac.

And since I adobted the zodiac as my philosophical home 35 years before now (in synchronicity with adopting  my woman the same week) it has in all insecutities of 365 day each  year proved as  true  and durable beyond single liftime.
So Sun is one of the 10 necessities aka Gods  living on earth in the brains, hearts and muscles  of men, and one of the twelve nesessities is the woman at the "no"-button.
They are forever present, the places and moments of "no" in the dough where the good has to stop before the too good - to safe what? The border .
To me since 35 years learning:
Zodiac and the woman - each are circles. And one half of the womans circle might be yours.

And the blessing of the "no"  outside might be the "yes" inside fomenting the  fire-grade in womans soul when man is cocking on womans furnance on the fire of his waiver and the parallel with the zodiac might be no accident but healthy coincidence - waved into the dough of all of us.

Back to Sun in Scorpio. Sun at this place is calling off the dough the children  with an abundance of heart keeping the  the borders of life  in the stuff of the twelve.
So far the chronicler.
And for hardcore fans now the Week like mundanomaniac has told him:

and heart
starting the week
in "blue-green" resonance
 feeling = water and thinking = air
giveing interwoven
reonances of two the four elements to heart = Sun
 connecting us with the fate of our aeon
whose neigbors are our parents and grand parents
and whose water = feeling = inner sprouts
reach back to 1305
and  the air- blue neigbors neigbors of
thinking are 
not older than 36 years
and will receive an age of by 800 years
and the aeon is braided by the four elements
so following the ordering Kingsconjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter 
one follows a tool of the zodiac
early followed in the culture of the indo-iranian borderzones
studied and theorized by Abu Mashar in the 8th century
in Bagdad
 Sun = heart with
"blue" Moon on Monday
and "green" Neptune on Wednesday
of our week
air Moon like = being at home in thinking
or feeling in the medium of thinking

in Scorpio crystallization  waiver sacrifice
by following the canon of creation

now on Wednesdeay
heart together  with the age - old child
of the water since 1305
green Neptune 
"Jesus guide us"
guide yourself
 I said
something about becoming child again
God's  child is in the craddle eternally
to whome the shepherds
kings are coming
Neptune of water 
is the child within us
and in the first half of the week 
Sun is underway with Mercury
the latter is at 
about all the detailed stuff
while Sun is dealing with the presents
justly to be made this moment

in the second half   of the week
Mercurys management
still in  waiver
approaching the earth-element's child
black Neptune 
the innocent child of the notorious
earth element open for all possible mixtures
according and not according the canon 
of the zodiac

 Mercury and Neptune
eye and  meaning
in Scorpio being the canon
of life in 12 symbols
guarded by 12 keys
opening heavens realm


Now another holy player Venus
visiting two blue places in the zodiac
on her  journey in the Sagittarius
Goddess traveling with
gravity balance and vividness
starting the week in consonance
with the roots in heavenly balance
 of the "blue" Venus
under the far traveling bow of Sagittarius
uniting arrow and goal
currently in Venus'realm of Libra 
on Weekend however Venus will 
consonate with another child of the elements 
blue Neptune is waiting  at his airy
playground for Venus 
and with her citizenship 
and civilisation
to adore the richdom of sense
God is providing for his children

Now  Mars
he is the striker

I' m not quite sure, if I can get a fair image of Mars anyhow, being completely a n essence of the water  - element. But the discernment is possible: water impressivity, fire espressivity.
But if one is a well in the radiating first house?

Well what ever?

the striker Mars 
now last week striking for Petrus
the Rock
in  Capricorn / Saturn
earth's metaphysical third stage
attendance of the non - temporal in time
as the unchangeable walking through the unconscios perception
and real end if there is no place 
for end and yonder
within life
and Saturn himself
symbol of the fatherly heaven
currently living at his Son's as host 
in the behold of Jupiter
with the father

 and before Mars' next week's  relocating from the 
mainly somber realms of
Capricorn to the Dionysian ones of Aquarius
and his winged  sights and 
 so this is the last week the Striker works
for the father


while the reconciliator Jupiter at the scales  of Venus
 traveling in Libra is approaching 
the weeks of the square with his divine brother Pluto
activating the stress between Cpricorn and Libra
deeper:  between earth and air 
now being neighbors in ruling
Sagittarius and Scorpio

not only a border between 12
but also a border between 3
between the
4 of the soul 
and the  4 of the spirit
and hence related to what

Lao Tse's
called the
 " Advantage coming out of what is 
and utility out of what is not"

so  zodiac calles for the meaningfull resonance between
rock and thought
link and waiver
or lock and key

and the dharma is above love
as love is  natural fire in  Libra air
but in the dharma of love albeit
essential  is
 the crystal of waiver
or Scorpio
or true love

 mirrored in the pleasure of  heart
waiving for anything 
but the opus

but the  shots of the Sagittarius
are to be mirrored in the lap of the Virgo called Cancer
mirroring heaven


 now to the nights in the care of the shadow in the  
world and psyche
under the changing light
of the  Moon
whom the German grammar is funneling as male
into us Germans
while man can know that neigbors not far away
having different weathers have different grammar
and a shadow in a desert is another kind of beast
as in the moderate zones
Moon now
water-God of the inward and outward rivers
since Tuesday evening till Friday early morning
travelling Sagittarius
coalising with Saturn and Venus 
and  adding the shadows of life to the
reconciliations with the depths
and Friday morning till Sunday noon
 Moon God of the depth
is guest in the high realm of the stern opposite-partner

before the spiritual wings in the  air of Aquarius
receive Moon for a scenic flight
for Sunday evening

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In English 11.3. 2016 UTC 23:32.

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016

November 8, - in the Cards is a Powerfull New Beginning within the Country

Washington DC 2012 - 2019
31. Septar - Kingsconjunction in Earth element
7. 17. 1832 UTC 4:38

To read the meaning of this horoscope, it is necessary, to follow some preliminary remarks:
about the rhythmical layer, it is situated on
Kings - conjunctions are birthdays in a deeper layer of the unconscious streams, configurating our fate according to instincts and personal  complexes. They are occuring once in roughly 800 years in the moment when the most meaningfull rhythmical meetings in the Sun Family

the meetings of
Saturn and Jupiter  occure all 20 years 
in steps of close to  240°
  keeping  their 20-year-steps for about 200 years
remaining within the three signs of the same element.
 then finall  Saturn/Jupiter enter in a Kings-conjunction a new element

And like every rhythmical beings, Kings-conjunctions have birthdays, birthdays with own oscillations which their propagandist Wolfgang Döbereiner newly inserted anew into mundane Astrology. Originally Kings- conjunctions were observed and analyzed by Indo-Iranian-Arab-Jewish astrologers in Bagdad.

In the earth element the new Kings-conjunction after the last one of 1007 was 7. 17. 1802.

The  stream of lights, nearest to conscious, is that of the current lights traveling just now, today,  this week, aso.
One layer deeper underneath the mutitude of the 12  signs/months,  nine Planets and two lights is situated the reduction of the 12 of the signs to the 4 of the elements.
Hence the Kings-conjunction in the earth element is signifying for about 800 years the character of Taurus - Virgo - and Capricorn in our deeper or higher unconscious layers,  as the  consciousness dwells in some kind of bright middle range.

This is the a-sensual depth of mundane astrology.
For the understanding of man and God by humans, it is astrologies fruit, to watch and accompany the meteorologica of the archetypes/Gods, with other words the actors of the different levels of the "collective unconscious".
Back now to the present seven years of earth element, always having the privilege, to be the host of the union of all four elements, stirring the common fate on their common three stories
roof = spirit
center = soul
basement = stuff

example with fire
 example earth
Now back to the earthly three, soul and stuff of Washingtomn DC in the current 7 years.

You can see: the "what is it"? = Ascendant is in Aries and the ruler of the Ascencdant  is - ruled by Aries - Mars in the 1.  house ( 1. house ~ 1. sign = Aries)  hence three times Mars
In other words: in an universum consisting on the partnership of pairs of opposites this fate for the present seven years is,  to be driven,  to provoke "the sh...t out of" the opposite- partner, and  as mentioned earlier, Aries/Mars is the fact of  blind start of action for the better or the worse.

As the good is used to come out of the evil, the CIA and the "crazies in the basement" are doing everythig to get Russia's and China's ordering stars rising above the planet.

A very small light might be kindled by the o,3° Taurus, where Mars is at - meaning Aries' rule has been completed with 30° Aries and a young Taurus is on the field, as young as those two city republics in the Donbass, representing such an early beginning of fortifying with a kind of semi-open border to the enemy, meaning Mars is governed by Venus which governs the virtues of resistance and of balance.

Anyway, who is the opposite partner of Aries/Mars? Look, if you don't know, at the zodiac: the keeper of the balance? Yes, is Libra.  And what is Vladimir Vladimirovich? 

And who are the planetary stirrers?   Yes DC. And without their stirring V.V. would hardly have risen to factual spiritual/politcal world leadership? Aries - territory is Washington DC + all territory east of Kansas City - except by the coast states north of NJ, they have Taurus-Ascendant.

Now Mars in the upper chart is marked  with a green spot as is the opposite- Neptune and  Sun/Venus duo.
Meaning: Sun/Venus and Neptune are opposite-Partners, with Mars in square to both divine parties
It is a  complex, paradox unity, to be established on the planet of a radiating center, stuffed with ressources in the depth of the south aka Sun/Venus in Cancer, resonating with the innocence (Neptune) of a polar State aka Neptune in Capricorn, and the blind rage in the energy-state of Aries provoking  both.
And now comes the time-factor: on March 17. next year, the rhythm, emerging from the ascendant,
cross-meeting after three and half years, returning to the ascendant,  has completed it's way back  through the 5th and 8th house and enters 4th and 9th house, ruled by Leo and Sagittarius, activating Sun/Venus and Jupiter and with the former  the mentioned double-square.
So March till October 2017 will be the crucial time of these 7 years.
Now the polling will take place in the upper one of the unconscious psychoid  layers according to the current constellation . And in the aeons - layer, deeper unconscious under the rule of Jupiter and Mercury. With Jupiter the dynamic is signified wich is acting worldwide, like a more or less benevolent planetary joiner.
Concerning the USA with Jupiter as ruler of the hour of the Declaration of Independance,

" When the signing of the Declaration of Independence was completed")
(But there are a lot of different times of signing)

signifying the worlwide aspirations of this community, and Jupiter  in the 12th house of the 31. Septar (see above),  meaning: dynamic is not in time but in the anteroom of time, in the sign of Pisces, both, house and sign are signifying the liquidation or resolution of the previous worldwide dynamic of America.

 And the Mercury, originally the God of neighbourships, roads,  bridges and market-places, is at the cusp of the fith house, waiting to unbind a powerfull 5th - house - Leo - neighbourship - soulfull expression/action by talking.
And, ruled by Mercury, it is the opposition of Saturn/Moon,   poverty in the hood, charaterizing the current months.
So what does this sketch tell about a  state in the polls? There is dissolution of the planetary faculty and there is potential action in the neighborhood waiting for the start.
Well and all that  appeals underneath the consciousness, which is bombarded and blinded by the demons of 'more of the same' with even more clout.
And the people? Are they ready to leave the spell of the brainwashers? I pray for it. It is a kind of test of the planetary stage of human becoming, has it the wit inwards to do the right choice ?
Heaven is telling, what they can gain, if they do:. a powefull new beginning within the country.

Murnau, 10. 29. 2016,  UTC 23:35.

Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

Heart and Brain in the "green/blue" Cloud and Three Element's Authorities

10. 24. - 31. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  10. 26. 2016

 To put it bluntly: he who pronounces the Titel carries the ladder.

Max Beckmann, Argonauten

  Horoscopes display an image of the unknown Godnature. They display the canon of 12 "archetypes", original psychoid collective images = lights and Planets of the Sun as tools of God according to His 12 Dharmas.
The christian philosophers of the 13th century, with them  St. Thomas and his teacher Albert the Great as well as 200 years earlier the great Arabic sage and philosopher Avicenna (I'bn Sina) and many unknown thinkers all they saw that God is guiding his world by Suns and their Planets following His rules.

Since 35 years mundanomaniac is exercising in the comprehension of the Dharma on earth
according to the canon of the 12, symbolized and read by Animals Men and Things. Musing them thoughts appeare like: man appeares among animal range things range and spiritual range on each  the three stores in each cosmos
airy down in the base of the elements as Twins
earthly higher in the center = soul of the elements as Virgo
airy above under the roof of the spirit of the elements as Aquarius
 since next spring for ten years this blog is the open chronicle of an attempt to do a reading in understanding our God's weekly breaths of his Sun's family projected on Sun's green gem our patient earth

since 2007 an attempt to do a unsuspicious mans' cronicle for the northern hemisphere and with this constellation the weekly chronicle was originated on Monday 2011 2 7.

First weekly chronicle 
2011 2 7 - 14
Consider the symbolical complex of Moon, as  lord of Cancer, the Week and number 7 and four times 7 = women's canon.
Moon on this Monday of first weekly entering:  Aries = new beginning for the 7

To the collective of nature is given to breath in this requested Dharma or, but only men can do that, to do the opus contra naturam according to the bold device of the consciousness (originally that of melter and alchemists): "ars perficit quod natuta relinquit imperfectum" (art copletes what nature has let incomplete) comprehending in the ways of nature
One of the arts of Gods nature is the knowledge of the shining wheels slowly traveling as light points in the dark of the sky , slowly turning along and above our hemispere, showing at the same place in the twelve months of the year 12 different monthly images mirroring in wherever is water and eyes.
Dharma of the pebble
Dharma of man

Right with man straight away it starts: the one splits into two, in male and female, in and out, young and old ... and does't stop to split and split  - should not to unite  be of nearly equal  neccessity
in the dough, we are cut out of, that a liveable possibility might emerge according to the principle of the least effort.
So incomprehesible for our left brain half   the symbolic charge is of the a-sensual heavenly rhythms so incomprehensible are for the right brain-side the mathematical conundrums of  the multy-body-problem. But the right brain - side is the saint, the  physician, the artist in man.
Maybe one can say,  left side assorts the day for us, but the right one the night. There is due the union of opposites. Left half rules Sun, right half by Moon. And who lets the Sun shine at night should keep an eye on Dharma, and Dharma on him, like in the opposite he, who keeps Moon shining at day
instead of the Sun.

so come then you sight of the week
where to start where to end
we've got the whole
no ascendant
shall it start with Aries? Or Mars?
shall I start with the beginning?

do I start with the center 
 Sun in another week of union
with Mercury
= heart and talk
Sun free of additional resonances
completely submitted by her 
daily giveaway
together with the genious of speaking
of the archetype Mercury 
Giveaway of what? 
Sun calles with her rays off  Scorpio 
out of the human dough the children 
with an abundance of 
profile = waiver
whose magic of abundance of form
workes by overcoming of matter
and by unwinding the void
as circle
now: talking our aeon
of us considered
as of  four elements

 Sun's children of giving
now together with the children of
names, speaking and marble
under Mercury's call
Twins airy brothers
and their earthly Virgo sisters
in a week like no other in the year
Sun + Mercury visiting a coalition 
of elementary Gods of
the aeons  of
water and air

there will be the spirit of feeling
"blue " Moon
of the air element 
as "blue" Moon =
home in the air
by Sun and Mercury
within also visited
 wave of of feeling spirit aka
"green" Uranus and Neptune
of the water element 
the heart and intellectus
 resonating to the height of the  air
and the depth of heavenly Uranus 
reflected in the waters
of Gods child Neptune
of the oldest the watery
  of our four recent Kings-conjunctions
when Sun in transit of the "green" Saturn/Jupiter
in the way of the giver in the center
entered this week in resonance 
to the "green" 'mountains' of feeling
this happened completely in our unconsciousness
uniting the feeling of
heart father and son
in the nontemporal dough
of the water aeon since 1305prepared to keep the Dharma of our deep feeling
 for another 143 years
by waiver of other than the "green" Gods
in the sign of Scorpio
which is prepared to weld the soul
with the spirit of God 
by receiving the body
in waiver of others
like through the funnel
which's nozzle reaches from beyond
into the right time
 and with his seven-league boots also on Monday
Mercury visited the "green " mountains
authority of the water- element
since 708 years
in our inner heaven
at the first grade of Scorpio
 but the "green/blue" cloud of water and air
 will be met by
Mercury / Sun
between 7,1° und 10,5° Scorpio
so unknown resonance-wells for for the concious mind in every "me" 
never been introduced never been a possesion for  human mind

Neptune and Uranus of water
surrender and origin by the
unifying and resolving element
in the  soulfull Scorpionic waiver
for infidelity
as well as blue Moon
in whom  the free spirit is at home
in the paradox waiver
of formlessness

and the living heart + speaker
according to
Leo as reflector of the form Scorpio
has to fill these visits of Sun/Mercury
in Scorpio
with life
knowing the Dharma

Now no more procrastination for Mars in his run
 in Capricorn ruling Uranus in Aries.
double paradox:  
forcing the appearace of  inition
in the  beyond of time
before and after
on the battleground
of man

and Venus in Sagittarius
keeper of the fat meadows communities
and court squares
stores and stages
under the bow of the heavenly son Jupiter
in the beginning of the week
Venus in square-resonance with
Neptune the child of Pisces in Pisces
where all meaning is waiting in solution
it is for  the rooting of the Taurus-Venus
and the balance of the Libra-Venus
to be in union  
with the spirit of the
God infant out of time
forever hovering
over the waters

and the lap of Eve
shall reflect
Venus in Sagittarius
in union with the child
reflected by the flames of the depth

Venus in resonance- union with Neptune
containes something like the solution of a herd
or the collection of solutions
culminating today on Wednesday
established in the dared coincidence
and on weekend will unite
Venus the gatherer 
and balancer  
with Saturn the father
at 14° Sagittarius

on the floor of the son
who accompanies in Libra
the weighing of the hearts
with the truth of his oracles

while Jupiter for a second week
unites his vibrations
with the "blue" mountains
the authority of the air element's
ordering "blue"
in 9,5° Libra

here at the spiritual court
is Kings place of the air
at Libra weighing hearts
"blue" Dharma since
for our aeon

and again Venus in Sagittarius
on Tuesday she picked "red"spiritual fruits
at the Olymp of the 
where since 1603
"red" Saturn and Jupiter
are the ordering authority
of the 
Aries - Leo - and Sagittarius - things

and Moon finally
monitoring our nights
till Thursday afternoon
through the personal signs of the soul
Leo and Virgo

since thursday evening of Moon  belongs
to the scales of Libra 
weighing the hearts of lovers
with Moon meeting her mirror Jupiter
in the Dharma of love

on Sunday before noon Moon's
complete new absence
 in the light of the day
Moons entry in Skorpio 
and the bond of the night 
with the jealous soul of 
God's daughter

Such like I have found the game plan rich of aeonic fate - three elements authorities in one week - an outlier week.
 In this week ready to attend "true believers" : Uranus the heaven, having to reflect Neptune = certainty,  in the first mirror of the zodiac.

Sonntag 23.10.2016 in Murnau UTC 16:36. Gepostet: 24.10. UTC: 12:48.  In English: 2016. 10. 26,  UTC: 19:52.