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The Sacrifice for the Fathers and those to Come

10. 17. -  24. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 19.10.2016 In the week after the shock

10. 13. 2016 UTC 16:10

a moment in a day when blind  Aries- stuff
rising at the ascendant
mundanomaniac on a local journey
driving his old love
to the docter
was sucked suddenly into a broader funnel of blindness
 in creating a world-after  
by blind outburst of sudden
kicking pinpoint "rage" 
of gas-giving right foot
backwards against a wall 
in a rented car
and the time of sorrow is gathering an unpleasant
"just overcome"
 has just
into the background world of Capricorn
uniting there with  heavenly brother Pluto
working Mars
  - both Gods to earthlings  in the cosmos of Sun's
green life belt -
and Pluto picking and blessing the sacrifices
necessary to the species
according to his sisters realm Scorpio
or the 8 in the reign of the twelve
just associated with trigger Mars

and entering Capricorn means
 entering the tenth place
beyond time-wall
between Sagittarius and Capricorn
so both Mars and Pluto are to meet behind the time-wall
Petrus is Capricorns human holy figure
with the Key = cross
checking the passing  time-load
of the soul back into the dough of 
timelessness order and into Gods remembrance
resting above the waters

and his vicarius
 Saturn the keeper of the remains - beyond
"who writes stays"
 in that background quarter  of timelessness 
of names
in the first quadrant
 noted in marbel
Capricorns meaning
is  to be sucked
into the remembrance of God
and human oblivion

this means  Capricorns beyond-time background
 was to be created on earth according to the
 heavely fate -dom 
threefold Mars = blind outburst
blindness + gas
like birth
1. ASC Aries
2. Mars opposition Moon
3. Mars opposition Venus
4 Mars conjunction  Pluto 
Pluto opposition Moon
added by
Jupiter square Ascendant

of mundanomaniacs birthmoment

and, crucial, the affected Moon himself  is situated in 1. house
in which every he and she is delivered to the blindness of  own impulse

Aries-blindness, "main thing gas". And the old astrologer cant escape. Too much gas during reset:  2 pinpoint scratches in the varnish of the bumper of the rented car : repair charge 500.- .
But days later looking on the  entire constellation: what a massive amount of Mars- energy it was loaded with to unload beyond in Capricorn and in the two square- and the opposition's  - direction  each of them receivers and senders to unite with in the paradox way of mirroring psyche in matter.
And mundanomaniac is glad to have this hellish brisance released at an half-high natural stone-Wall in a step-by step- tempo.

But when the news with Motorola assasination appeared and the loss-pains were setting in, a thought
passed mundanomaniac's soul claiming what a shame of relief, to be released on such a cheap fare like yours truly compared with the hero.
And here he is, the proven hero without ascendant and with Moon placed in the middle of the day and in red "his transites" on his last day: clearly he was sucked into  some synchronicities. And "coming home" = Moon  is agitated badly by Mars and Pluto in square.

2. 2. 1983 - 10. 16. 2016
Arsen Pavlov "Motorola"
  in red: constellation of 10.16.2016
(don't know the moment)

Mars = setting-in
Pluto = sacrifice
Mercury = intention
Neptune = solution
Saturn = the end

And following  is the current week:

the soul-warm Sun will complete her migration through the air-realm of love on Saturday night in the sign of Libra, symbolizing the twos scales of eternal merging of the sexes on the horizon of time.

but the coming Sunday  already
belongs to Sun in the water-realm of love
in the sign of Scorpio
where the waver of free love outside
rewards with free love inside
 Scorpios fruit grows on pain
loss-pain waiver-pain
in the  fate of couples
grows consciously on Love but  unconsciouly on injury
helping man to remain blessed in love
in the waver of the free wild fire
in favor of the matrimonial furnance
created by common karma

and till Saturday 3 last days of Sun in Libra with the heart in the liberty of enthusiasm
for the art of keeping balance.
Talking of Mercury
1.  our "talking"-God beginning his race in Libra - the balance in the square with Mars + Pluto like in Motorola's death-constellation, signifying the intention within the event;
 2. today on wednesday Mercury is running through the resonances of Uranus in Aries receiving a spark of human revolution out of the east.

Now on Venus:
 she the Goddess of rooting, weighing, satiation and union moves this week free of outer resonances into the first quarter of Sagittarius,  where the unknown orderer orders the fitting parts in heaven mirrored by Cancer.
... on their way with Venus'  our social  instinct and our intuition for balance will meet a firy-time: 
on Saturday Venus unites her potential with the "red" Mercury of the fire-conjunction of our aeon. Something like a union with fiery tounge of our aeon talking at this place 4,9° Sagittarius since 1603.
Now on Mars:
with him our ire, impatience and hunger. God of blind holy and unholy beginnings ruling Aries with Uranus in it.
Mars through Capricorn means traveling through past of time likewise the not-yet-in-time-determination for  coming future. Mars the trigger  currently unites in a two-weeks-wave with his brother Pluto the self sacrifacer.
Now on Jupiter another brother in heaven  spiritual ruler of fire-sign Sagittarius with the blessing of "the right act in the right time".
Jupiter moves resonanceless with the current constellations
but current two weeks  will see a mighty virtual encounter: the "Blue" Mountains of heaven of father Saturn and son Jupiter in the aeon of air element since 1980.  In this virtual constellation measure and fitting -time are united for an aeon of nearly 800 years since 36 years at 9,5° Libra in square with "blue" Sun/Mercury at 9,5° Capricorn.
About Saturn and Neptune
heavenly  father and child in a paradox union = square of beyond - consciousness and name in time
Their swinging in square since monthes now slowly is fading out ending in November
next week union of father Saturn and Venus

Finally Moon
different light 
consoler of dreamers
laughed at by the day
circling with you 
are the dreames
through heavens round 
beginning the week in Taurus'
in Twins till Thursday evening
on the road

entering then at the wells of the intimate
in Cancer where is earmarked
till Saturday evening
time for the inward
according to the heaverly calender

thereafter far into the new week
the night-light keeping the shady
parts in life
under the daylight of Leo
the souveign of the moment

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