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Mars Mercury and Jupiter Together Push into Word

10. 10. - 17. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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To be underway in Astrology consciously by doing one's own drawing, like I am, give the experience how many mistakes use to occure. And a deep deep root of lie seems to me this "I did't do it" creating the biotope of lie which is fright gas ... Neptune - the secrecy with truth - is like oxygen for everybody and his woman.


„Planets are masters of Heimarmene.
Contemplated their psychology they are the 
constituents of the personality.
 The singularity of the individual
thereby is expressed
in the specific form of its constellation.
The ordering factor of the constellation
is that superordinated Center of regulation
which JUNG calles the "Self".

Marie-Louise v. Franz in
C.G.JUNG, Mysterium Conjunctionis, III, Coll. Worls 14, p. 264
10. 12. 2016  

the human soul in my consideration of the psyche is the religious organ, it's speking within and I feel it wants to become at home in the inner infinity - or to come back home - in such a general meaning like water in the river is longign for mother Sea from which it had risen.

we call this "sea" all
and speak of allmighty
We as single drops of allmight have got no sensual organ to face the ocean of meaning we are a perfect drop of
encompassing ability only is with the orderer Spirit
which's JUNG called "self "and is
"not to  be distinguishable
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   from God"

and as a spark, or drop of  "aqua divinum" or invisible  "stone" is present
in the all like in the drop

Cancer sometimes as splashing very young river in a Virgo's bed


of  greatest interest  this week to me
appeares the resonances as follows:
red "Kings-" Mars 
the first of the beginners among the 4 elements
at 4,3° Libra
from the
Kings Conjunction in fire element

so of the Gods the beginner of the starter element the starter
double beginning - double accelleration
in the  common unconscious psychic
 underneath our consciousness
under the sky of the northern hemisphere
and between both are we

and this red Kings-Mars
having been visited by Mercury last week
our impartial stuff- spirit -dealer
on his elevated referee place above
earth and fire
 in zodiacthe element air
which deigns the unification of the opposites
contradicting between
 1 and 2
or Mars and Venus

and this signifies two three days 
last week for a  verbal
new birth out of  fairness
in the relation between the genders
and states
 in which
the genera have assembled
and also included in fair VenusLibra  in near vicinity
of fire-Mars 
very slowly proceeding  is  Jupiter
the splendid Sagittarius of superior insight
into the complete model
together with Mercuries pragmatism in square resonance
together with beginner Mars
in the beyond
 called Capricorn 
so in this resonance we have finally three times
Mars fire beginning
the prong
not noticed by the world
so tripple beginning we had at some places
outburst of wit and insight
off the latency of the Grandola-Constellation
(sorry in German only)
into appearence as word
and with Jupiter in the foreordination
into time  

so much to Mercury and our intellectual ability
in it's terrestial mirrorings
of the heavenly measures in word and number

and on his further way in Capricorn this week Mars
is visiting  
Sun and Mercury
heart and wit
of even two Kings conjunctions 
namely  the currently oldest of 1305 in the "green" element water
and the youngest of 1980 in the "blue" element air
a general beginning
for the souls beyond (= Capricorn)
and and coming
heralding maybe coming conscious contacts with
the living ones

and after weekend's resonance of
Sun = our heart
with Pluto = our moral
Sun now is appraching Plutos contradictor
Uranus in opposition from Libra to Aries
So the heart this week is moving from  resonance with
 the legitime claims of faith
to the also legitime claims of
human being  - free as a bird
so this is the union of contradicting
soul and spirit
which is asked of those
walking with the Gods

and, Sun again
on weekend Sun with the vigor of the center
will be uplifting the aeonic tristar between
 air - Pluto in Libra
fire - Pluo in Aries
earth - Sun/Mercury in Cancer

signifying something like
sacrifice for love
sacrifice for impatience
female power and reason in the lap
all three "cardinal" cross  at 25°
keeper of the thresholds for three Zodiac-quarters
of the elements fire water and air

So Sun in the union of firstly  heart with obligation and then with  freedom in a really dramatical change and - never forget - heart "nows" everything, that makes alive, without knowing it, cause knowing belongs to the senses ruled by speaker ond counter Mercury.

 As now finally  for Venus on her current resonance-less way through Scorpio demanding from her the change of the "model for two" from free love in the sign of the air-element of Libra into the bondage of the fluent in the moment of its cristallization under the sign of Scorpio like symbolized in wedding
And about weekend with Venus will visit the heavyness of demand in the helplessness of feeling-  abandoned and in Scorpio moral is high and the abandonment of the child is older than Jesus of Nazareth in the cradle.

Anyway the "four-colored" 'Neptune current' running at close to 10° Pisces 'at home' in the depths of completeness aka the "Child" of the Creator and with it in resonance is since months steadyly  the wisdom of the fatherly God Saturn venerated by his great son Jupiter's reign of the Sagittarius where he pays his 3 years visit

and like a 
hidden manager of the week
the alternative light
the female light
traveling with Moon
through our souls veins

 and with Moon are travelling all kind of missing spices in the dough out of which we are cut
missing cause unknown to consciousness hence prohibited
and with Moon such 'spices' try to get close to us
and happy they would be to get in touch with our consciousness
to becone conscious of something missing in your adaption
confer  „Apperzeption“


Wednesday noon the dream boat turns from the height of Aquarius   
into the inner depths of Pisces ... from the air-like seeing into the depths
of the waters of 
back into the original dough with a fruit for further generation
and ready-baked on Friday afternoon 
the 'other' light 
appearing in new spring jump
in Aries 

and coming Saturday the dream - shoot is  turning from 'up' - Aries -

to 'down' in roots direction aka Taurus 

and for the last a hint concerning the" point in time of action" (Lao-Tse)

those being moved by Uranus' position in Aries
are prone for wasting their material
in impatience

as for this JUNG:   " The best way to whack the devil is patience because he has none"
  Sonntag 9. 10. 2016  in Murnau UTC 17:01, gepostet am Montag
10.10. UTC: 12:52. in English: 10. 12. 2016 UTC: 18:38.

Ps: different to logic the contradictions in nature attract each other in their strive to unite - otherwise there wouldn't be us
basicly after JUNG

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