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On Vladimir Vladimirovich and the Mysteries of Libra this Week

10. 3. -10. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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  10. 5. 2016

The power of the archetypes
will never be more as precisely experienced 
as  in the moment, a Work has been finished
 ore safed or published,
being looked for in the horoskope of the autor.

It is indisputable that every circle pales a naught, a void in the center
and as nothing is without it's opposit
a circle creates 
a center "without" a circle
which is definition of Sun 
and 9 Planets dance the eternal dance in 9 Frequances
and instead fo Earth
Moon receives families radiation and -
big mooves of the three W
water women world 
helper for man
by the creater
now water in the order of the zodiac
is the fourth element
equaly in the order of the zodiac is Water
mirroring heavenly fire
which is spirit
so Cancer is
mirroring Sagittarius
and had till last week the Carpet of time with the then inwofen Mars
no Mars is inwoven in the
 carpet of Capricorn where brother Pluto
keeps the gates of the eternal underwold
which the womens goddess
uses to pass down and
up then again
and brother (in Sun) Mars appeares in a sudden speed-up like man experiences in birth and death in the first house of the yonder where the clouds and the birds are watching like a father his daughters fate in Capricorn and with Mars' accelerations in resonance is ruling
 in Libra brother around Sun Jupiter 
and at weekend speedy Mercury
mirroring gods names
as wife's father

and all radiation arriving in the center and
being imensly enhanced back from
the white center

to our brothers an us
and spreaded like water
on earth sprinkling into her laps
"beeing her vales of creation"

 and dreamgod Moon's hike through a quater circle or the zodiac this week starts in Skorpio in the sign of the high autumn and ends coming monday in the entrance to winter
in the polar Capricorn time which keeps time in all variety rotating round as a resting pole
and dream might bear all forborn but usefull stuff which never leaves the "collective" dough we are cut out for only one time  in all time
and the not-appearance of usefull stuff, deposited in unconscious in the light of "knowing" = in the bright daylight  = Sun
but deposited or "ignored" doesn't kill stuff's energy - so Moon is  kind of God's second chance in us - kind of build-in-ratio of pictures in the mirror of feelings - appearing each time and in the light of heaven spinning around a pion mirroring  in our unconsciousness called  Sagittarius in Cancer - and  tries to impress the consciousness in any possible tricky, sometimes desperate,  way, to keep us befriend with the message of the brothers and sisters of God - impressed by the right to laeve fright - by a sudden appearing of order and love out of feeling maybe out of  a tiny tiny psychoid  pion living in the now with the eternal scandal of temporality
so enough reflection of religion  mirrored in physics.
Bottom line: At Libra something happens what has a necessity:
 this week it must be a fruit of love as a blossom of faith, cause Venus is hiking her godly way through Scorpio who keeps the "no" in any conceivable entrance- dealing for mans generational sake
and in that area passig,  that filter of,  according to Venus' = tho two -fold - forms  are  appearing the two somethings of this week: 

Sun in square with Pluto
the center  in resonance with the keeper
of the dough 
from the beyond 

and Jupiter and Mercury
 mirrored by Virgos reflections
reconciliating and talking
in conjunction likewise in the square with
Mars' the beginners accelleration
on the top
in the beginning of constraint
a metaphysical being
spreading light

In the order, whose center is Sun
Earth is spinning 
encessantly on the green belt
of the nine planetary spheres
Visioned from Earth Sun keeps moving in the six'th mirror 
of zodiac in which's call-sign Sun calls the children of Libra those with an abundance
of balance onto life fiting-for-the-mirror of  the scepical nourishing Virgo so that might justness being advected into the world like with
of 30 grades of the Libra since 64 Years

This now is the second of 52 Libra-Weeks  in which Jupiter like a point above the equator moves around the pole moves around the earth eying the whole half-spheare to each entity awarding the fair part in his "vertical" light an avenger for all times with boudless enterprises placing sonlike respect in front of the polar father which as Saturn markes the door where in the zodiac the land  beyond temporality  beginns
and on the ways of Venus which are the ways
of union is traveling till October 2017
who concilliates with the father
by lucly union

and on the wide ways of Sagittarius is Saturn
in contradictional union 
of father with child
or of word with sound
or of Saturn with Neptune
  As for the difficult conceivability of the Pisces-archetype C.G.JUNG:
"as a special case of the preciosity difficult to reach is the child-motive of extreme mutability
and takes on al possible forms ..."

but at the end of the week
it is the quick talking god of neibourship Mercury
who sice Sunday will be passing the 
Grandola-constellation and will be disposing it's yearly synchronicities
 will in paradoxe  unity with Jupiter in conjunction and Mars in square
blind beginnings of  concilliation to are to come 
in encounter
 and Uranus' origin of man's sense
rising on in Aries
on the fiery field of the elements
according to Mars in Capricorn
are rising  borders 
of humanity

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