Sonntag, 25. September 2016

The Entire Fire-Resonance in one Week

9. 26. - 10. 3. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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9. 28. 2016
35 years ago,  at the end of my one and a half decades revolutionary feeling counter Vietnam - Syria warring USA and their friends unce upon a time  in the west. 
In my mind was: the only one you have  asses to is yourself.
Now 35 years later my comment:

If there might be a coomunication beyond so it had to root in some immaterial for the senses not measurable given, which we dont reckon, which is, which, with C.G.JUNGs word, isn't  presented to your I- ego, rooting somewhere in the givens of room and time and the unconscious dance of the dance of the lights around and in their spheres down the eternal creek from Mount Svidjord
And in this time and space dough is rooting all future and all past more stable than any single time
mirroring paradise
in Gods Command

And in this dough  rooting is our health in the unconsciousness of simplicity according to the law of the least effect and the health of the soul as of the spirit can be lost like that of the physical body

Homöopathy as heir of Alchemy,
 unspoiled fruit of western pious 
nature -philosophy
searching the part of god lost
in the darkness of the earthly-material
 cloud in human brain like the splendor
in the inner of lead 
in Parcival childs or Neptunes quest of the king
Homöopathy trying with "informations" to awake 
health "fallen asleep" health
rooting in unconscious health

And in the same dough  rooting is, what we are about here in the vineyard, and rooting my diary  is the unconscious astrologer in us and over us under the wheel of wheels, undistinguishable from the Self or God's spark in the dark and longing for the bridge build of day and nights between timelesness and presence in the dark ...

and "it's" ability to submerge and emerge like waves of light overcrossed by ligths pushes

and with that said
up to the weeks  crest on Wednesday
let's see what the gods and with them our blessing and our trash
have for fate this week

and fate rests on seeing
like Aquarius 'resting' on the water
like  clouds ascending of Pisces
as unconcious meaning mirrored 
by unconscious health

meaning becomming idea
like Neptune becoming Uranus
like Pisces becoming Aquarius
like person becoming citizen

like meanig in old China ascending of TAO
so is man mirroring God' s spark in the seven colours
unonconsciously in clompliance matter in psyche

underway in the fiery red steps of Mars
Singers and fighters and currently for seven years host of
mangod Uranus
and so is man in accordance with Aquarius
doing his spiritual steps of red in blue
wandering in the presence of the beyond of life = spinning
 according to the polar
sign of Caprirorn

so Mars signals the start of shrinking
the constraint of energy
well has done whose emergence
has stopped before Tuesday

and that is what only astrology allowes they are mighty beyond imagination but - they are pious. Hence since ages sages hold: wisdom settles with simplicity.

It's incredible simple code of 12 Symbols and signs are waiting to be patiently attempted.
Astrology allowes to be conciously part on all 12 wheels with all ten heavenly actors spinning in us and around us mightier than all created demons being Gods Creation and His Ways

Well,  if now Mars in Capricorn is going to pulle the plug, trimming the autumn season winterly, so  a resonance-square is notable with Sun + Jupiter in Libra just inmidst the aeonic charge which the first grades of libra have since 1603 and 1802.
Charged are Sun + Jupiter + Mars with resonance by two of the four elements, i.e. with resonance from fire and earth in the shape of olive (earth) Uranus and the red (fire) Mars of the Kingsconjunctions in these Elements rooting in something like waht I call the non-temporal strukture of the "dough"
This resonance adds: 
in the spheare of  Libra in Suns living power and wisdom  analogized as heart in the phrase of "Solo Sunny"  balanced with Jupiter  keeping the paradox of the beyond in temporal presence 
and in the spheare of Capricorn in the  the high ground of fatherly spirit  sparks of light might emerge starting that long earthly way of all water in the mirror of heavenly fire

Mercury hence forth in Virgo
clockwise again following  Sun
mirroring  harmony in details
of using the given in harmony with it
adressed are also Mercurys Twins'
mirroring the truth 
in words and numbers
mirroring the measures of Saturn
the father of the way and the cross

and Venus in the
second week in Scorpio
around the holy  images of life
being more than a persons
in the images of pain
like matrimony

in the images of bliss
in the godgiven acts of Venus
assuage of time   at the Libra
emerges the paradox  image conflating  the temptress
 for mating with the Scorpio -given ability
to waiver infidelity
to keep the code of the genom

Mercury and Venus appart from that
are solo underway and as such present for
solistic associacions in their resonances

in the moment UTC 14:00 Sun is yet as far as 3,7° Libra the grades  beyond Uranus' heavenly earth - relatives  still in the resonance-cloud with them and Jupiter just now and tomorrow is meeting the core-resonance of fire-Mars of 1603 at 4,3° Libra where the all-cleaning fire emerges

our ancestors and now
three lights as senders in resonance
of earth and fire
a shining week
on Tuesday the shining Sun+Jupiter day 
heart and understanding
one time in 12 years
such day

any other   like before left

Saturn = the word
Neptune = the cleanness
in paradox unionof water and fire

the father spirit of Saturn
guest of son Jupiter
in his disposal  Pluto the sacrificer
and the tiger of fiery Aries
and the human-divine wisdom
of hunger
and Moon and with her the receiving in the shady faults of life
rose this day in Virgo
and her world of sorrow and reckining
mirroring the fullfilling joy about a fair   complement at Libra
in  which Moon passes at Friday noon
till finally the landing in the common karma on Sunday afternoon
in Scorpio the model of the "two" 
in which anima rules as wisdom of God in the female
 bis zu schließlich der Landung im  gemeinsamen Karma am Sonntagnachmittag
im Skorpion in dem die anima regiert als Weisheit Gottes im Weiblichen

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