Montag, 5. September 2016

The Fortune Migrating to Venus' Libra

9. 5. - 12. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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9. 5. 2016
something decisive was happening to Sun in Virgo
with resonance from Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces
it's Virgos-earth rational resonance from nearness to the center of soul which is Leo
it's Sagittarius-fire resonance down from height of meaningfull conjunction
and Pisces-water-resonance up from the depth of psyche carrying the concious person
last weekend
tied by Sun Saturn and Neptune
this weekend
 the other Virgo- variety of this late summer will perform
Mars  + Mercury  +  Sun in a Trio
where the squandering God and the talking God
Sun and Mercury
meet in the resonance of Mars 
the God of all beginning

So this  "trio" is a non-temporal vehicle which can be entered by us temporal ones
legend: signs and Gods are nontemporal tools of meaning
like numbers and geometric formes
mirrored by stuff
and this trio- thing will happen in the sixth mirror
where  Virgos reason mirrors Libras harmony
in which Venus right now rules in her "airy" temper 
and is aproaching the quare with Pluto

so this week Sun moving forward
Mercury moving backwards 
in the realm of soul Virgo

at weekend meet in resonance with Mars
the flute of beginning 
in the orchestra of Sagittarius
the flute of of starting to move in the dough of life
and Mars as ruler of Aries
containing the spirit of man rising
according to Uranus in Aries
equals to
all those millions and squillions of single men and women rising to human consciousness
within their silent soul
of whome we know nothing as Aries is the non-associated single
before  association which is Taurus

and in the calendar of Virgo  also Friday is  marked
then she will dismiss Jupiterhence no longer will Mercury rule the lands of Sgittarius
and the encompassing aquiescing spirit there
for Venus will receive the rule
for a year over her noble brother 
and his reigns

and - more about Venus -
end of September eonic resonances of the Grandola-constellation
 (sorry text yet in German only)
are awaiting the mating God 
encompassing with his grace all  fairly sharing at the scale of the sexes 
and is waiting since 1802 
the archetypal spiritual 
of the dark Uranus
 at 3,2° Libra

and the archetypal elementary
of the red Mars
  since 1603
at 4,2° Libra
as mentioned: surging against end of September

and the lady of fate at the scale of Libra  
to whose breasts the zodiac
as those of the nurturer and of the beloved
puts fate into discretion
Venus in and at the scale
receives resonance by Pluto this week
resonances out of the first of the three realms beyond time
out of Capricorn
in whom with Pluto the necessary sacrifices and waivers
carry us eternal mirrorers
through the times
and whose ruler Saturn keeps going on accompanying
with the fatherly bass
the children's song of Neptune
in common resonance

and not to forget are the visites of Mars with the blue Venus of the air-element at 17° Sagittarius and of Venus with blue Saturn and Jupiter of the air on their common high ground at 9,5° Libra in the first half of the week.

And now about the daily alternative gender of the light, the large light of the night, which - other than the Sun - conceides enough darkness to the smaller lights allowing them to be visible.

Moon is the alternating experience of the night. He hence concurs with the sexuell experience of the primitive, with the woman, which to him likewise is the experience of the night. But Moon also can be the disadvantaged Brother of the Sun, cause in the night affective and evil thoughts of power and vengeance are disturbing the sleep. Moon is a sleep-disturber, he is also a "receptaculum" of the deceased souls, cause in dreams the dead return, and to a fearful sleeplessness schemes of the past do appear. So Moon also has the meaning of "lunacy". Experiences of such kind are those which are stranded by the soul instead of the alternating image of the Moon. (C.G.JUNG, Coll. Works 8, p. 350)

Moon has just now - while writing the chronicle on Monday - moved from Libra to Scorpio, while here the chronicler dealt with Pluto
And yet on Wednesday night happens the next relocation into the bright night of the south in Sagittarius where the arrow of the Sagittarius of fate hits in the encompassing circles into the black center - it's not that it' s a white one. And still on Saturday morning Moon is movong through this swift and fiery sign.
But then, for the rest of the week it's up for Moon to shine under the sign of barren heights of the wiry  Capricorn.

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