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Signs and Mirrors - the Innocent Beginning of Consciousness

8. 29. - 9 5.  2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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8. 29. 2016
Murnau UTC 11:03
still Scorpio-hour 19° and in the mirror of the lower world
hence appearing the birth of a 11° Leo
and Scorpios Pluto 
the God in Capricorn asking further on
the lived given nature
in the non-temporal form of the fathers
asking for the due waiver
to retain the healthy form

dating from Adam in the sky

cleaning the mirror
 for eros  
being  forwarded by the resonances
from the end 
submitting the due waiver
 the beloved unconscious "adam secundus"
waiting since eternity
in the dough
 to receive
from the own center
and from the border of pain
in the lady of ones heart
with the help of God

so much to the She of this hour

this permanent country of the generations
above the single livings
in the collective dough in time
with it's powerfull No
allowing to form in entirety
the profile of a time
into consciousness awareness
of a name

so much to the superiour ruler of this hour in which by Pluto
Scorpio sends her devouring resonances into the mirror of Leo
's mirror in real life
since 2008 from Capricorns unborne realms of remaining in health
cutting the dead branches and the ripe grapes
leaving the living stocks

and Sun has changed in these minutes from the 10th into the nineth house
from the "determination" of the "measure"
 to the "synchronicity" in "time"
like 10th arrow into the center
of the 9
of time time

and within the 2 x 5 = 10
is the heart of karma
in time
by our heart of the year
on Monday of our current week
 kind of yearly "fireplace" of the fire-child Neptune
at 6,8° Virgo
in our eon together
with the dead since 1603
and the unborn since today

ans Sun in these minutes left tenth for nineth house
from name to target in time

aka heart of the circle aka year
today two steps past 
maybe still in the resonance
every year at this place with Sun and collective heart- heritage
of invisible unconscious presence abboard
of the meaning of fire-heritage
mirrored in conscious being

consciuos  beginning
to sway with Neptune in our collective unconscious
invisible fire heritage of our
ancestorss pushing
  and  pulling
of thre unborne
in  attendance of our unconscious rulers since 1603
in our common eon

so two day past Sun and red Neptun
in embryonic innocence

of fire
diese also heute in der embryonischen Unschuld
des Feuers

since the Kings-conjunction on December 17 on 6,8° Virgo the Neptune of fire element

symbol child + symbol fire
symbol beginning + symbol light
mirror of birth and end
wave and posh
UTC 11:46    

and now we come back once again on Sun  the center
of each of us
and his mission this week
in which heart  is receiving the resonances of Neptune in Pisces
Mars + Saturn in Sagittarius
and   which Sun strengthens with her invisible powerc casting  back
 all family-resonances to all family-members of the unvisible God-circle in us
according to the - lights
outside of us

in  a year on earth 
in the mirror
of our conscious
where the colours of each of us resonance- afflicted are called to appear
and to project the invible colors of
Sun = gold = heart
Neptune = green = innocence
Saturn = blue = seniority
into the visible world

called up are the members between 6,6° and 12,6°
in Twins Virgo Sagittarius and Pisces
because myth and astrology depicts the main resonance as cross
with curtret center with 9° where in Sagittarius Saturn receives and sends 

in the name of the wife's father
minding from the unconsiouness
minding the giving of the begetting and name-giver
of that woman God made for Adam
from the bone
which receives the resonance of the heart 
Adam hence is a dancer and drummer
from the beginning
and in him waites adam secundus
the little
in the kings-shape of wisdom
which is hidden like the fruit
in the ovarie the blossom the bud 
the name of the fruit: consciousness
of the Self

and Mars remaining but fading with Sun Saturn and Neptune
in resonance  as the high voice advancing in it  bass Saturn and the silent god-singing of Neptune
and the tenor-barriton of Sun sending heart-enforcements
to all receptive


and moreover look for yourself, and Moon, well,  apart of early Monday
Moon will be the entire week above the soul-realms of the fifth and sixth

 a Venus- special remains to be annoted entering Libra's early grades
another time she is hiking through the grounds of fate called Grandola-constellation
 (sorry german only, but at least watch the link's  charts of the Portuguese Revolutin) a place
where the earth-element's Taurus Virgo Capricorn have their Uranus of 1802 (origin of "earth"man)
 and fire-element's Aries Leo and Sagittarius having their Mars od 1603 (fire's new born beginning)
and are awaiting this week's Venus in whose gravitation the social herd accompanies
rising and becoming man in the paradox union of these two Gods of 1603 and 1802
getting in contact with the social herd and their unconscious taste and heavyness ...
before Jupiter end of September and Mercury half a month later
are passing these contact-places.

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