Montag, 8. August 2016

Strife and Concilliation Between Earth and Heaven

8. 8. - 15. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Sun alone

the center
just isolated from all other fellow players
of the Sun - family
which immediately or mediated
are at Mercurys diaposal

Mars and Venus for the second week in  common resonance

and strife of earth and fire
which strife is the eternal strife of the elements

on the lower level

but the elements obey to the soul
said the old wise philosophers

but the soul is subjected to passion
being a flaming erected being

the passions entangle all of us into the 

strife of the sexes
up until to the king and queen
of whose gender ever
nothing but spirit

will help the soulby bringing clearness by names
 coolness by distance
 calmness by innocence

and the long lasting square between the old King

and the new child
in common vibration 
slowly turning
towards its purest manifestation
in the sky aruond the second September-weekend   

innerspiritual resonance  
spiritual fire - spiritual water
between spiritual brightness Sagittarius
and spritual depth Pisces

into this resonance between depth in the beyond Pisces
and brightness in this mortal world Sagittaius
is grooving another  couple of Gods in the shape of
Venus just dealing with Mars 
in the square between spirit Sagittarius and
soul Virgo
or fire and earth
so between spirit and passion

well great theater of the gods above in the six heavenly "houses"/ signs

to be reflected by the six earthly ones
each at his place in his ascendant

so the heaven- and air-sign Aquarius

has to be reflected by the peasants and dwellers of the cities
in the earth-sign of Taurus

and the real Aries, still clumsy and kind of blind, the newborn on the puerperium of time,
and within it Uranus - the great man - the cosmic mirror of the peasants and townsfolks
owning the terrestrial parcels
who now is founding his territory on the ire of the elements
whom only spirit is able to set boundaries from the pole
the polar metropole is able to set borders in resonance
with the  waters of the coming
and now

three weeks passage of the Mars-Venus-resonance
in the first of three weeks
with Saturn/Neptune
whereby the Venus already this week

while Mars  bulging till third week
then going down again
are looking for traction in the lower mirrors
whereby Saturn the old child

yet brings the dead and the unborne
groomed by Pluto
into the resonance with the new child

so that Sun can do nothing else but
together with the dead  save life 
at the fire of life salvage the remote ones
whereby then Moon since Tuesday noon 

with the dead and unborne cast anchor
and reaches to  the Scorpios the soulfull libation
to which they are entitled
of   Moon-milk

and from Friday morning till early Sunday Moon moves

along the ways south on the journey of Sagittarius arrow
relaxing the bow
and eternaly  a night is before a day
and a midnight keeps following a noon 

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