Dienstag, 9. August 2016

Realism and Consciousness in St. Petersburg

Kingsconjunction in Earth Element from 7.17.1802
Transit August 9. 2016

The visit of the Turk President Erdogan to the Russian President Putin today on August 9th represents the high point of extensive preperations. Unmissable is the convergence of common strategic interests
in political and economical fields. The Eurasian economic zone opens Turkey a bright perspective.

Astrologically meaningfull is the date of the meeting. Venus, signifying connections and unifications in common territories meets on August 9th Saturn/Jupiter of the Kings-conjunction. In this transit is signified the concilliation (Jupiter) of highest authority (Saturn) on the ground of conscious adaption to the givens (Virgo) as an enduring event of most principally kind.

In the earth-sign of Virgo this transit exhibits to an event of realism and consciousness - the best possible foundation for a far-reaching easing of tension.

And the resonance  of our Venusian potential of the day with supreme rulers of the earth element in our eon carries this meeting  into the realm of political art which occures, when man works with the gods.

Murnau, August 9. 2016, UTC 22:10.

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