Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2020

From Now On: Overthrow of the Traditional and Scale - Removal of the Stage for the Coming Play


12. 30. 2020 - 1. 6. 2021  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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Father + Son ~ Saturn + Jupiter

„…  has the father-imago a quite general meaning as logos
resp. spirit with the quite special feature of the fatherly.
The logos notoriously in and of itself is not necessarily 
fatherly.  It also can, as we know, be son-like. In this
later case it lacks the fatherly quality. The son-like logos
is the generated logos, the fatherly by contrast is a 
generating , fatherly cherishing and supervising one.
The son-like logos generally has the character of a  heroic
brusque confession, challenging the receiver to an equally
autonomous decision. The generating, fatherly however is 
introduction, guidance, company, education.  It doesn't 
explode like a bomb or like a fire-work, but takes the
 ignorant or reluctant at the hand and leads him on a  sort of
secure way through the inhospitable darkness."

C. G. JUNG , Letters, May 10. 1932
„…  the fatherly feels to be responsible for comprehension,
it levels the ways to appreciation and looks to  guard  against
the evil results of  misunderstanding. Therefore it always 
operates by a differentiated feeling-function, whose highest
virtue is human empathy."


Saturn is the Roman heir of the Greek Godfather Kronos, who devoured his children immediately after the birth - only little Zeus escaped him, and,  grown valiant he defeated his titanic father, liberated his godly siblings out of the belly of the father and him with his titanic siblings he banned into the dark Tartaros in the inner Earth, and became father himself. So the myth of Hesiod.

The father-archetype appears in the Greek Myth in the beginning as Uranus = the heaven, then as Kronos, ruler of the Titans ~ the material circuits - both inexorable against any change of the cosmic given conditions, say offsprings, finally it appears as Zeus, as god and father oft the gods on the Olymp of the Earth.

With the change of the shape of the father, the character changes from the inhibiting Uranos to the devouring Kronos, lastly tinto the love of the father Zeus to his siblings and children.

A special relation exists between father Zeus and his son Apollon,  who with his 'far-striking' silver bow avenges the violations of the measures given by his father, as well as he portends the oracle insinuating father's decree.

Another son is Dionysus, to whom is subject: ecstasy, fancy, freedom and lunacy alike and who
might be recognized as great-grandchild of the eternal heaven-father Uranos. While Apollon implements the measures of the father Zeus - like  according to our astrological 'nomenclatura' he inserts under the Roman name Jupiter the decrees of his father Saturn.

A failed life therefore consists in not being present in such moments of Jupiter's insertions, following the routines of any just important stuffs, or because inertia or cravenness already
has taken the command on the ship of life. In such cases only Uranus  can help to be thrown back on the path of ones own fate.

In the 'Great Conjunctions' in the sky father and son unite their light each 20 years, whereby in the astrology the planets(lights) are taken as traveling clock-hands. Hence on Monday December 21. at UTC 18:22 father and son were united in the first grade of Aquarius.

They are now traveling, son Jupiter for 12 months, father Saturn for 26 months together in Aquarius, the realm of Uranus, who till March 2026 is subordinated to Taurus-ruler Venus.

And the meaning of the great conjunction? Fourty years ago I decided to follow Wolfgang Döbereiner, by distinguishing the 'normal' Great Conjunctions from the Kingsconjunctions (or Great Mutations). The latter are Great Conjunctions, which after a sequence of about 10 times in the signs of the same element change the latter, entering a new element for a new sequence.This happens about every 200 years, and the Kingsconjunction is the 'birth-horoscope' for an element for about 800-900 years. The last Kingsconjunctions of the four elements are here.

Analogously to a stone, falling into water, the emerging circular waves, amplified sevenfold (seven months, seven years), are the material,  called 'Septars', which provide the insight into the  the occurrences, which have to be lived. (see Döbereiner above).

Therefor the astrology of the 'Rhythmenlehre' lets the normal Great Conjunctions out of consideration. Accordingly, the point of view, widespread in the net, that the Great Conjunction of 2020 is a Great Mutation, is an error. The latter was on December 31. 1980 in the emotional air-sign Libra.

Also with the opinion, the 'actual' Great Mutation, has now happened, because the sequence of air-conjunction has been interrupted by a laggard of the previous sequence of earth-conjunctions, I cant go conform. There is a striking  proof in historical astrology:

The Kingsconjunction of - 641BC in the element earth was followed by two laggardly Great Conjunctions of the previous sequence in the element fire.

Kingsconjunction in element earth valid from 641 BC till 149 A.D.

161 years after the Kingsconjunction of - 641 B.C. the Persians occupied Athens, while it was evacuated totally according to an oracle, that had said: shelter would be found  only behind wooden walls, which by Themistokles was interpreted 'on ships'. An entire city evacuated on water? Astrologically it would be signified by city = Venus plus the sea = Neptune. 

Now look at the chart above, at the conjunction in Sagittarius.

While the city was evacuated, the Persian fleet attempted to defeat the Athenian fleet. Most probably in the end of September - 480 B.C. happened the big surprise. The Persians  were defeated in the famous Sea-battle of Salamis. Look where the Neptune of that day/month is positioned, while the city was on ships and the Athenian battle-ships ended the Persian attempt.

29. 9. - 480 B.C. 
Sea - Battle of Salamis

and here is the complete chart of the transits of 9. 29. -480 on the Kingsconjunction of - 641 B.C.

So far a historical proof: laggards don't invalidate the Kingsconjunctions/Great Mutations. Hence:
12. 21. 2020 was a little Great Conjunction.

But aside from the Great Conjunction, the presence of father and son in Aquarius is highly meaningful.
and worth to behold. Aquarius 'is' the sky, the boundless, the idea of a whole, the bird-view fom upon, the distance to the center, generally the suspension of a center, like the symbol of the ruler Uranus signifies:

A review on the Saturn in Aquarius shows the exceptional character of this constellation, signifying, concerning the determining, a change of the stage.

Saturn in Aquarius

November 1932 - February 1935
Januar 1962 - März 1964
Februar 1991 - Mai 1993

In this constellation fell:
suspension of the Weimarer Republik at January  30. 1933
 Assasination of the  US-Präsidenten Kennedy at  November 22. 1963
Suspension of the  Sowjetunion at Dezember 26. 1991

And our history proceeds, all bad involves a good and all good involves a bad, wisdom alone appears in the last line in the withdraw from the contradictions by uniting them within oneself in the course of the years of life.

The building-, fighting- and redemption-plan is to be found by everyone in hiss horoscope: there are 12 houses, signs and 10 rulers which want to be lived and united. But thereto no intellectual way leads, no so noble wishing. Only the unconscious faith into the innocence of the childish heart in the adult, will, being  consciously experienced, carry home.

53. Week/1. Week

this is the heart-week for air and water

thinking  and Ffeeling


moves over Sun and Mercury

heart and brain

of the Kingsconjunction in the

air-element on Thursday

and the water-element on  Friday/Saturday

and together are

heart and brain

with the brotherly Pluto

in the fatherly Capricorn

ruled by Saturn

whereas father Saturn and son Jupiter

of man

are currently ruled by the 'fools#

in Aquarius


ruler of the herds of Taurus

and the common bed

in the up and down

of the Libra

scale of the sexes


receives this week

the contents of thinking of the

blue Venus 

of the air- element on Tuesday 


the blue Neptune 

on Thursday


and beginning next week

Venus will be united with

the red Sun of the fire-element

on Tuesday 

and the red Venus of the fire

on Wednesday

Venus always wants, wherever she is, to collect and to turn things to a stock. In Sagittarius she collects insights into eternal meaning, as far as it is meaning of and in a time.

It is reserved for the  coming generations, to gain fix concepts from the contents of the yearly transits, on the level of the collective 'Birthdays' of the four elements, which, aside by this chronicle, hitherto have not been object of modern astrological contemplation. Currently only so much: Venus + Venus in Sagittarius : insight into collections, whose object are eternal meaning in the 'time of birds and fools'. Venus + Neptune in Sagittarius: Insight in innocent faith, which has the carrying presence of eternal meaning in the paradoxes of time as object.
Here the Tao te King 
of Lao Tse
is to mention

while Mercury 

in language distinction

after his 'blue-green week'

in the 'right' Capricorn'

disturbed by the 'left' Aquarius

is together with Sun and Pluto

ruled by Saturn

who is object to Aquarius

And here the coincidences of the week:

Mars with Pluto, waning. While Pluto is responsible for the form of life, this square points at a renewal of the form, at the new beginning of a new form of life.

Venus with Neptune - highest intensity today/Wednesday. Neptune suspends borders, which Venus labors to set. That takes effect for borders of territory and for such of personal relations and is the precondition for the making of new borders of that kind.

Mercury with Pluto waxing for the weekend. Mercury decides and discerns the things of world,  soul and  spirit by the medium of numbers and words. The conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn signifies: Mercury in the conceptional capture of the measures of creation, whereby the stringent and solemn ruler Saturn in Aquarius has to tolerate the overthrow and suspension of the formerly valid scale.

Murnau, 12. 30. 2020, UTC:

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2020

What a Week - Entrance in Aquarius und Great Conjunction of Father Saturn and Son Jupiter - But no 'Grand Mutation' (Kingsconjunction)


12. 23. - 30. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
(click to enlarge)  

"Are by the Arabian Astrologiam the arbitrary  attempts
of human squabbles, quasi in heaven formed and by the
 united planets. That is once again roughly failed, but one
has to (locate) these  squabbles, happening down here
 on Earth, in man's heart, and but the  emphasis and 
actual  outcome of  the same has to be searched on God's
providence, or better, with the same alone  let it rest."

Kepler, Discourse, 1623
(my translation)

For Kepler, like for the Arabic 'Astrologiam' there is no questoin, that a 'formation' happens, 'Arabian' by the planet-gods, Christian, following Kepler, above that by 'God's providence.'

My understanding is: 'Arabian' = preformation, 'Christian Keplerian' = God's actual outcome of the 'Arabic' preformed.

Saturn in Aquarius - to me the  'tower of the birds', is symbolizing the four cornered spiral-tower up into heaven of the zodiac, and the  ('birds') are symbolizing the nearness of heavenly ideas to God, while Jupiter in Aquarius transfers those emerging ideas  into a temporal now, while God and associated with Him the gods/archetypes remain in the unconsciousness, but their rhythms, are to be observed by human intelligence.

ascending out of the unconscious
off the dream-sleep of man
shady side of
between bright and
total black 

 6 invisible mirrors
between daily
ascend and descend
of light

spirit circling matter
around the horizon of consciousness
with it's signs and lights
under God
the kindhearted creator
and his six calls
and the six answers
of the Earth

six days  ... six mirrors

heaven mirrored by earth

 zodiac dreamed by unconscious
(male) Anthropos in Adam

the female, as source of all good and evil coming to Adam, with her complementary structure.

zodiacal mirrors dreamed by unconscious
(female) Sophia in Eve

Who wanted to comprehend Sophia, the female archetype of the complete human in man, has  found this autumn in my diary  material, being triggered by unconsciousness into my mind.

to whom
in unconscious completeness
each week presents
Eve as
encounters of

as scholar
ready for completeness
whom each week
presents the commission
ready for Anthropos
at the side of 

to let
under God
the 'Arabic' pre-formation
effect in the mindful 
which is the mother soil
of fate

52. Week


now in effect
Mars and Pluto
in their square
Aries = fire
and Capricorn = earth
Mars = fire
and Pluto = water
Aries =  element
Pluto = soul

or ire
and waiver

coincidently Mars, the lonesome single raider, moves on Sunday over the 25,3°  Aries, which is the 'radioactive' spot of the red Pluto of the mutation of the Great Conjunctions into the fire-element of 1603.

Mars + Pluto
impatience and faith



giving us tranquility and endurance
by Taurus
and balance
by Libra

She walks in Sagittarius, in the conciliating spirit of the son, thankful  to the father who ordered nature by measure.
On Tuesday Venus moved over 8,5° Sagittarius = Kingsconjunction (Great Mutation) of Saturn + Jupiter in the fire-element of 1603. In the contamination by them Venus shares insights into the inclusion of law into time.

begin of completeness
thanks to Sagittarius' synopsis

and at the end of the week Venus begins to move into the square-resonance with Neptune in Pisces, hence:

'Arabic' : Venus  goddess of borders on Earth
+ Neptune unconscious innocence
= solution of borders

Neptune childlike goodness
alas in unconsciousness
hence suppressed by narcissistic neurotics
Christian calm and balance
for the child of God
in everyone


orientation- function
in the material space
as Twins
in the emotional space as Virgo

in Capricorn beginning his hike this week in parallel with
but in double speed
moving ahead
through the winter-land of the polar sign
in the spirit of the eternal measures
fixed in  words

 Mercury then moves over the summit of the year - coming Sunday Sun and Mercury - heart and brain - of the

element, and on Monday/Tuesday Sun and Mercury of the water-element, on the high ground of the Capricorn-earth, which is barren like the walls of the mountains and moisty like a summer-rain.

And now, the part of this Wednesday-blog, which I had preferred on Monday:

... but the great superior happening this week is the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

 the two biggies in the family

in the first grade of Aquarius,

where the blue Mars of the Kingsconjunction

 ('Great Mutation')

 is at home at 0,8°. 

according to the



(Great Mutation )

in element air

31. 12. 1980 - my drawing

Everyone can control the "Great Mutation"-thing, watching the real Great Mutation from earth- into air-element from 12.31.1980:  see: Saturn + Jupiter a 9° 29' 56'' Libra, that is air Element!!!

Now this week 

Extraordinary transit in the history of mankind, unfathomable happening in the world of archetypes: Jupiter + Saturn
and their navigation of  Earthly fate in a way of  wisdom of a future, which for not so many has begun already.

Mars always is  begin, and in the case of air 
begin of imagines in thinking
and today is connected
with Saturn and Jupiter
 with Measure and Law
father and son of thinking

The stultification-media refer extensively to the rarity of  current nearly common latitude of  the two heavenly hands, but crucial for the measurement is the longitude of the heavenly hikers past 0° Aries in the circle back to 360° Pisces = 0° Aries currently for Saturn and Jupiter  between 300 and 301° of the zodiac.

'Quality' of time - a taboo in media, too conductive for comprehension.

And a kind of stultification shows even it's reach into the astrological world, as such an easy check obviously hasn't been done, to determine the correct movement of Saturn and Jupiter into their Great Mutation (Kingsconjunction) into the element air.

 In the basics of the Münchner Rhythmenlehre  for a GC the position of the heavenly 'hands' is crucial, and it is 

today at UTC 18:21 = 0° 29' 10''

and now the 'hands'/planets lay one 'above' the other (have same length) but the rare common latitude of the centers  of the two  hand is without  meaning for time measurement.

Crucial is this aspect in the rhythmical astrology: Not the Great Conjunctions (GC) form fate of 8-9 centuries in the realm of an element  but the rare Kingsconjunctions (Great Mutations) which happen once between about 800 and 900 years. Their constellation are giving  the roots which, since the Arab Astrology, are comprehended to define the fate of 800 -900 years fate of one of the four elements.

For us important is the date on which

only 40 years ago
on 12. 31. 1980
the new Kingsconjunction
(Great Mutation)
in the  im Element air

in which air-Mars at 0,8° Aquarius
in nearest attendance of Saturn and Jupiter
might open the door 
in a collective act of meditation 
of any kind
by  innumerable 
 astro-maniacal males and females
 to Aquarius -Period
on the Earth round
at UTC 18:21

this blue mars of the air
is the opener for the reflecting imagination
for the beyond-border in creation
receiver and sender
for the transits with the blue element

together with Saturn and Jupiter
this 'Arabic' constellation
offers God an maybe attractive
exit to nod to
Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius
is entailing for our human race also
the danger of hubris in 
boundless psychic inflation
on behalf of State and Science

as a warning example:

transit Saturn with
Uranus of air  in Taurus

the last Kingsconjunction in the element air
of 1186 (till 1980)
on the day of

22. Juni 1941
the state and the usurpation of the boundlessness
start of "Barbarossa"

Murnau, 12. 23. 2020, UTC 17:55 


 and, after correction: UTC 18:11.