Montag, 21. Dezember 2020

The Superior Happening today: Saturn + Jupiter in Great Conjunktion + Blue Mars


... but the great superior happening this week is the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

 the two biggies in the family

in the first grade of Aquarius,

where the blue Mars of the Kingsconjunction

 ('Great Mutation')

 is at home at 0,8°.

according to the



(Great Mutation )

in element air

31. 12. 1980 - my drawing

Everyone can control the "Great Mutation"-thing, watching the real Great Mutation from earth- into air-element from 12.31.1980:  see: Saturn + Jupiter a 9° 29' 56'' Libra, that is air Element!!!

Now this week:


This week ...

Extraordinary transit in the history of mankind, unfathomable happening in the world of archetypes
and their navigation of  Earthly fate in a way of  wisdom of a future, which for not so many has begun already.

Mars always is  begin, and in the case of air begin of imagines in thinking
and today with Saturn and Jupiter
is connected with Measure and Law
father and son of thinking

The stultifications-media refer extensively to the rarity of  current nearly common latitude of  the two heavenly hands, but crucial for the measurement is the longitude of the heavenly hikers past 0° Aries in the circle back to 360° Pisces = 0° Aries currently for Saturn and Jupiter  between 300 and 301° of the zodiac.

'Quality' of time - a taboo in media, too conductive for comprehension.

 In the basics of the Münchner Rhythmenlehre  for a GC the position of the heavenly 'hands' is crucial, and it is 

today at UTC 18:21 = 0° 29' 10''

and now the 'hands'/planets lay one 'above' the other (have same length) but the rare common latitude of the centers  of the two  hand is without  meaning for time measurement.

Crucial is this aspect in the rhythmical astrology: Not the Great Conjunctions (GC) form fate of 8-9 centuries in the realm of an element  but the rare Kingsconjunctions (Great Mutations) which happen once between about 800 and 900 years. Their constellation are giving  the roots which, since the Arab Astrology, are comprehended to define the fate of 800 -900 years fate of one of the four elements.

For us important is the date on which

only 40 years ago
on 12. 31. 1980
the new Kingsconjunction
(Great Mutation)
in the  im Element air

in which air-Mars at 0,8° Aquarius
in nearest attendance of Saturn and Jupiter
might open the door 
in a collective act of meditation 
of any kind
by  innumerable 
 astro-maniacal males and females
 to Aquarius -Period
on the Earth round
at UTC 18:21

this blue mars of the air
is the opener for the reflecting imagination
for the beyond-border in creation
receiver and sender
for the transits with the blue element

together with Saturn and Jupiter
this 'Arabic' constellation
offers God an maybe attractive
exit to nod to
a Jupiter/Saturn in Aquarius
is entailing for our human race also
the danger of hubris in 
boundless psychic inflation
on behalf of State and Science

as a warning example:

transit Saturn with
Uranus of air  in Taurus

the last Kingsconjunction in the element air
of 1186 (till 1980)
on the day of

22. Juni 1941
the state and the usurpation of the boundlessness
start of "Barbarossa"

Murnau, 21.12.2020
UTC: 18:30


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