Mittwoch, 29. März 2023

Mercury's Hunt for the Big Prey

3. 27 - 4. 5. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth



The great events of world-history are, essentially of deepmost 
irrelevance. Crucial in the last line is only the subjective life of
 the individual. This alone makes history, in it alone all great 
changes happen first, and all future and all world-history stem as 
tremendous summation lastly out of these hidden sources of the 
individuals. In our most private and subjective lifes we are not 
only the sufferers, but also the doers of a time. Our time - it is we."

The Meaning of Religion for the Present Age
Coll.. W. 10, § 315

 doers of our time
and so perturbable
by the gossamers
of power

hence  Moses
sages and prophets
always great

hated by the powerful
in the sparkling
of God

13. Week

Mars now
in Cancer
now we experience
for 7 weeks what it means
the fire is in the

moving in
 conjunction with
through Taurus
where she commands

she the ruler of 
him the ruler of
she of matter
he of spirit
united above  the  borders
of the tribes
tearing out the roots and landmarks
of old sick ideas
planting the heavenly 
blossom into earth
while Pluto
in Aquarius
signifies the spirit's readyness for
for the childly spirit of adult mankind
Venus in the spirit of Uranus is ready
to donate
to the hungry and poor

Mercury meanwhile
knower of words and ways
in the wilderness of
strugggling for existence
this last short week 
united with the
great hunter and strategist
for the big prey
in attendance of 
in Aries
eminence and meaning
to the hunt

These are heavenly stage directions and roles invocations.

 Should there be
ready political values 
conscious and on standby
great performances 
might be possible


  two presidents bid farewell in a poignant manner

Xi: “Now, there are changes that haven’t happened in 100 years. When we are together, we drive these changes.”

Putin: “I agree.”

Xi: “Take care, dear friend.”

Putin: “Have a safe trip.”

the supreme Commander

10. 7. 1052, Leningrad
transit 2. 24. 2022

on March 22. 2023

7. 10. 1952
transit 3. 22. 2023

Xi Jinping on March 22. 2023

6. 15. 1953
transit 3. 22. 2023


and with him 
supreme determinig spirit
 now in
traveling  the deep wide sea
of un-wept tears
while the sinking of the
the presumptuous

crews and passengers
suddenly in front of God
lacking arguments for
not believing

The 'Titanic' of the young 21. century is called 'Ukraine' and is running under the yellow-blue  flag in  full speed towards Russia. 

Her lets her no chance.

Murnau, 27. 3. 2023, UTC: 15:52.

In English: 3. 29. 2023, UTC: 14:32.


Mittwoch, 22. März 2023

Operation at the Social Gestalt - Pluto in Aquarius- Revolution Redux


 3. 20. - 29. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


"Since wondrously God has created the firmament/

thats why we without doubt have to give great account/

that we do not pull on us from the stars/ and each

shall recognize the one in which he is born/ alike as

well to miss as about the natural/ as about the eternal."

Paracelsus, Astronomia Magna

Astrology is what we do, when we 'pull on us from the stars'. Astrology is easy, since it is

heavenly 'agriculture', i.e. it is not to be excogitated but sowed. The 'sowing' happens by

noticing the possible positions of the lights and planets, read according to the formular of the zodiac, which is easy and age-old. The comprehension of the combinations of them lights grows bit by bit on the fields of unconsciousness - suddely and unexpectedly, like sprouts, emerging into visibility.

The formulas are always visibly conceivable like these:





and humanity appearing primordially created with Adam, 'red earth', 'Anthropos' = man is undoubtedly created by God, in his own image as male.

Later God conceived the woman as partner in opposit, creating her differently, not of red earth, but of white bone, in the evening of the sixth day, versus Adam, the 'red' creature of the morning-dawn of the human - idea of God.

So the zodiac shows, in opposition against Aries/ Adam, Libra /Eve

with the femal ascendant

This around, or so around, crucial is, in what human is born, male of female sign.

But the male world of Adam is always yet there. The male-world is what is encountered for each woman. Hence, in this context, woman, wanting to be the first is absurd. Adam is the first, has to be the first. If he doesn't find a way, to be it, then at his place is a hole in the universe.

Someone might be mouse-small in this world, but is - the more so his effect might be in the bright upper half of the zodiac as spirit prepainting times before their temporality.

12. Week

Sun und Mercury
ruler of
Twins Leo Virgo
left the psychic bath of
entering into Aries
into the inflow
of fresh energy
for operation at the
social gestalt of manity
the tumor
of blood and hate

Mercury thereby
after in the wisdom of child and sages
in Pisces
now is moving in the ratio
of war
this week joining the oversight
of the strategist
looking ahead of the
time and space

while Mars
at weekend 
after more than half a year
leaving Twins
in Cancer
his run for 
7 weeks

That is after Mars fighting with Mercury now Mars fighting with Moon; meaning: cutting and severing now moving into the intimate realms, where the life of families is at home. After the Twins-realms, the traffic-space between settlements and tribe-interests.

In the current mundane-astrological reading are implied: cleaned qualities, Sun and Mercury, heart and brain, now entering the energy-state of Aries, coming across energy-states living as parasites at legitimate living physical and psychic organisms , due to be eliminated, by kings and presidents, judges and heros.


Now after leaving Aquarius, Saturn moves through Pisces for just three years. The 'thrones' are being cleaned. No diversion ...

New cleaned formations of states like Russia appearing unswerving, while the old states in the tradition of piracy and the old and new colonialism seem to move hopelessly towards the abyss, accompanied by their vassals.
And Germany? After the fall of the Berlin-wall? New constituted ? Or vassal like all the last 78 years?
Neighboring the Russian Civilization which never has been a vassal.

Finally Pluto, since 2008 in Capricorn, has left this sign, moving now in Aquarius, constellating waiver and sacrifice, according to Uranus.
The last time, Pluto went through Aquarius was the time from 1775 till 1795. American and French Revolution redux, anybody?

12. Woche
Northern Hemisphere

Murnau, 3. 22. 2023, UTC: 16:27.

Mittwoch, 15. März 2023

For the Sake of Measure and Humbleness in the States on EARTH


 3.  13. - 22. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


" The symbols of the Self arise in the depth of the body,

and express its materiality as much as the structure of

the perceptive consciousness. The symbol is living body,

corpus et anima: therefore is the "child" such an accurate

formular for the symbol. The uniqueness of the psyche is

an admittedly never entirely, but always approximately to

realize item, which is likewise the indispensable basis of

all consciousness."

C.G.Jung, Die Psychologie des Kindarchetypus,

(The Psychology of the Child Archetypus) Coll. W. 9/1, § 291

the child is what is first present, fresh off God's lap in us, but not conscious to us. It is the place of innocence and renewal, having its definite place in the zodiac: in the beginning





first mirror

place of forgotten innocence

in which the grace

of innocence

always ready


where heart alone




on the six day of creation

2023, 11. Week

Northern Hemisphere

horizon of the pious

original man


in his truth-bath of


hosted by

gracious child-god


bathing lap of the creator

the old father
the savvy
the donating

in the Earthly mirror
of Pisces

in the ire of Aries


the strategist



 in the war

of young existens

by Mars

in Twins

for the new neutral world

beyond the borders

and territories

whose ruler


after the cleaning

bath off the lies

having been completed

on Sunday 

will renew

and energize himself

by entrance into 




further pushing

 for the

existence of the young

for the

children and grandchildren

Mars spits his


most acute moment this week



in conjunction

surrounded by a




letting happen

opening the door

to renewal of the


in the truth of the open


while likewise in square

Mars with Neptune

fire with water

combustion and dissolution

today on


Well, if one has absolutely no ides what that means, at least one can say: a complex situation of dissolution in general cosmic meaning, in whose strong lotion all temporal and particular engulfs in eternal meaning.

That is the liberation of the childly heart in the adult man

That is also - cleaning Saturn = cleaning of the 'throne', till May 2025 - The throne, on which they have set Mercury, who, as messenger between the 'king', and the heart, doesn't belong on father's place place, waiting for the cleaned Saturn, the just father, who in 2025 in Aries will begin to receive the energy for a new beginning.

Further Venus, growing and rooting, will enter home in secure own territory, hence Taurus, on Thursday, .Likewise she walkes through the square (= coincidence) with Pluto in the last grade of Capricorn, thus, securing own territory coincidental with spiritual readyness for waiver and sacrifice for the sake of measure and humbleness in the states on Earth.

Entwurf 12.3. 2023, UTC: 15:50.

Murnau, 13. 3. 2023, UTC: 15:05.

In English 3. 15. 2023, UTC:

A propos Pisces as cleaning bath, climax this week: Tucker Carlson!

And equally: Larry Johnson