Mittwoch, 31. März 2021

Come on Souls, Time of New Beginning for Sun's, Venus' and - a Little Later - Mercury's Realms ...


3. 31. - 4. 7. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
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13. Lecture 2021

  1. Crisis

"Neurosis is a justified scruple about oneself and 
always rises the ultimate question of thrust in man
 and God. The doubt is fertile, if be answered by act, 
likewise the neurosis, being exculpated by having 
been  a step, if  chronically: neurosis is protracted, to 
habit degenerated crisis, the everyday  ready- for- use

C.G.JUNG, Letters Vol. I. of 3. 16. 1943

  1. 13. Week 2021

  2. Aries-shock
  3. in accumulation to the coming fivefold potency
  4. of Mars in Twins

  5. because 
Taurus + Leo + Libra
  1. earth +fire+ air
  2. ruled by
  3. Venus + Sun
  4. in Aries
  5. in the stage of new
  6. propulsion

 joined on Easter-Sunday
  1. Twins and Virgo
  2. air and earth

  3.  Mercury
  4. entering Aries


  1. the great ten-years-sign:
  2. Saturn square Uranus
    confined contra limitless

    determination contra origin
    invoked for union
    1. the tower of birds
    2. veneration
    3.  the creator
    4.  God
    5. chasm and bow

  1. the 13. Week 2021

    is a week of 
    incidence in the
  2. first, second and third mirror
  3. aside from the Moon-trail

  4.  the unconscious 
  5. collective 
  6. zodiacal man's
  7. 'over him'
  8. invisible in the air
  9. holy spirit 
  10. God's third person
  11.  to be mirrored by Earth and him
  12. the person's
  13. paradox horizon of
  14. man's soul
  15. encompassing 
  16. complete mirror 
  17. six days of creation
  18.  spirit
  19.  in and around
  20. matter

  21. 1.

  22.  heaven 
  23. streaming invisible
  24. spirit
  25. 12. Pisces

  26.  slow-walking 
  27. acquiescing heavenly child
  28.   Neptune
  29. and till Sunday 
  30.  traveling God Mercury
  31.  told words and 
  32. many  limited spaces

  33. mirrored by beauty
  34.  force and abundance 
  35. of the children of man
  36. in energetic blind propulsion
  37. of  traveling Mars
  38. mirroring
  39. Pluto's

  1. by Saturn blocked
  2. perception-containers '
  3.  blind journey 
  4. Mars' propulsion
  5. of Mercury's Vessel
  6. at sea
    and beach

  7. while in


    father-spirit and conciliation
  8. Saturn and Jupiter
  9. by  passion to socialize
  10.  Uranus
  11. the toppler
  12. zodiacal man
  13. in us
  14. man's 84 -years -rhythm

  15. cleaning the stage for
  16.  the 
  17. king
  18. coming
  19. the great educator
  20. within each person
  21. waiting to be
  22. met
Murnau, 3.31.2021, UTC: 16:00.

  1. Documentation:

Donnerstag, 25. März 2021

Plugging of the Canal: Uranus 'Did' It

 Tuesday , 3.23.2021, UTC 5:40:

Uranus was ascending (= rising into appearance) when the EVER GIVEN came off course. Anyone, having even a little licked on astrology, knows: Uranus = leaving the straight course. 
Three minutes before the ascendant was exactly on 8,6° Taurus, the disaster started on the bridge (square Uranus/Saturn) of the vessel. What it was? A swallow of some 'Dionysian' stuff? They tell us it was 'the wind'. However what Ever was GIVEN, seemingly was not to be avoided, shit happens.

Pluto at the MC telling, what is coming into time in exactly this moment: it's the stop (Capricorn) of the schedule (Pluto).
Murnau, 3. 25. 2021, UTC: 21:57.

Mittwoch, 24. März 2021

The Spring and the Ascendants of these Weeks


3. 22 - 31. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
 (click to enlarge) 

"We can't help  but to be  coined by our  ancestors,
 which wanted to see things in a certain way, and 
hence certain instinctive aspects are distinct to us.
 I would be neurotic if I would see things different
of what my instinct drives me to; my serpent would
turn against me, like the primitive use to say."
C.G.JUNG, Coll. W,  18/2, § 141

Quotes like this one befall to me all 35 years of my JUNG-reading, and always I am happy, to have them. Finding a coin for what has been in my intuition and mood all time,  what a great gift and adventure in one's life - and always forget again about it , and get a clean slate,  experiencing it  again emerging.
At the place in time which I'm in now  and my 'now'  is always where my heart is,  makes me happy, like the

 'childlike king' 
 Sun in  10. house
 in  80. year
 fairly unscathed
 by stroke in 2015

Sun in house 10
is an old Sun
is an unconscious father's heart's
place  beyond time

kind of red 10

(wife's heart is in 12
also beyond time)

knows' that: always less is more,  much is a mishap, too much is accident

 the child's heart  is a birds heart

 in the all-dignity of a king,
childlike warmth for all 
 always in danger
 to get under  custody
of the powerfull 
German history knows such Kings. 
Henry IV, * 1050
Frederick II. * 1194

The zodiac of the 12 heavenly houses 
left-spin of the zodiac back to meaning now turning a revolution further:
 after Capricorn, father, King, 10th house,
  comes 11. house,
the ripping of reason, 
 the crushing of 
 grapes of the vineyard
and it's resurrection in  wine
 to whom against any current
 the future of the 
 new coming Saturn ...
belonging to Uranus

What my diary is dealing with - my weekly one - is an anonymous rising astrological child's kingdom' letting meaning, rise out of   collective unconsciousness wit under contribution of my astro/dionysian 'wine' by an fourty years-old Vineyard...

Above all nations : the individual - therefore: the planetary UPP 

in Respect & Noninterference
United People of the Planet

In the collective the  cooling balance necessary for the artificial heat, 'emotional climate', soul-fire staged by the cool hysterizers of the planet to advantage the paying 'elites'.

For the planetary collective of the individuals nothing else remains, to cultivate enough cooling, to breathe the breeze of  understanding spirit, i.e. to plow, fertilize, crop, what  heaven reaches us down: seeds into time in weekly portions for the innocent minds

12. Week

Mars in Twins
whose lord is in Pisces
hence Mars is revoked
no real ground for attack
favour with a spiritual

The spats of last and this week between USA, Russia and China, triggered by Biden, answered by  Putin, as well as the Alaska- US - China, meeting and Lavrov 's  China Visit in Guilin are entirely playing out under this constellation.

Venus now
in the childlike Aries
surrounded by savages
in the same time-window
in the spring-sign 
in Aries

Venus and Sun
are on it to recall
out of the instinct
what the six mirrors
since the days of creation
have learned
for the ever-new way forward

 with Aries
the zodiac calls:
push it out,
off the background
out off the mother
heart- and community-instinct
between predator- and 
and survival-community
united as germs
Venus - civilization -maturity
Sun -Soulspace

but Mercury
in the same time
in Pisces 
further lets down
the temporal pants 
in non-temporal eternal innocence
mirrored in the form
of childishly aggression
which now haunts
from above
each Mars
having repressed 'the child'
down in the earthly space

That thus as commandment or 'seed' also still this week:

Mars / Mercury
after heavenly pattern
texts and signs
still partners for a soft landing

The task of the week:

curiosity and experience
with the drive for 
to cut in strife or
to unite
in respect

this is the meaning:
the symbolic life of this week
divided by six days
of creation
as the six common houses
of each day

12. Week 2021

1. mirror
of Pisces in Aries
always mirrored in

the forgetting of reason and curiosity
and the surrender of
Mercury and Neptune
in Pisces
to the appearance
of newborn hunger
for experience and union

2. mirror
of measure and wisdom
Saturn and Jupiter
limit and respect

appearing in the
of the origin
Saturn in Aquarius
Uranus in Taurus
the smiling and the
stumbling president
moving into the social herd
further more than 4 years

and the union of Taurus
via Venus
with Sun 
in the nomadic wilderness
of constant preliminarity

3. mirror
permanence success by waiver of
growth outside of the 
unconscious collective
the key
grounding in the impulse
of curiousness and doubt
of Mars in Twins
which leads to knowledge

Aries ascendant = hunger for attendance 
Cancer ascendant = hunger for tenderness
Libra ascendant = hunger for beauty
Capricorn ascendant = hunger for permanence

Murnau, March 24. 2021, UTC: 16: 53.


Mittwoch, 17. März 2021

Still Bridges, Still Canyons and Rivers - New Beginning At Last for Our Collecive Heart and Roots


3. 15. - 24. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac 
(0° Aries = March 20/21.)
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 
(click to enlarge) 

"To read what never has been spoken."

"This reading is the oldest: the reading before all 
language, out of the bowels, the stars or dances.
Later communication-terms of a new kind of
 reading, runes or  hieroglyphics came into use."

Walter Benjamin,  Die Lehre vom Ähnlichen.,
 (Science of  the Similar)

Aries-hour on  Cancer-day


Signs point to something known,
Symbols instead are the best possible
expression for something unknown.

Zodiacal-'signs'  are both, knowledge of a time in the year and  symbols for the meaning in it. In the exchange of conscious with the unconscious we can have a look into our primeval soul, by symbols, later signs of the attendant unconscious "Self".

with Cancer-  Sun
zodiac is speaking of the 'motive'
'the moving one' = heart
Cancer = heart
 element water
speaks of depths feeling introversion
 fourth zodiacal month
a maximum of receptivity

here indicating reading
describing the reflective nature
of water

the souls of the
all along reflecting order
and creation

Benjamin talks about reading on symbolic level by perceiving the shapes like the different clouds of the band of Sun's archetypes in our common unconscious.

Their prelingual given appears in each horoscope - and only there - by  it's prelingual birth-place in the 12 houses of the day, ever-corresponding to the 12 signs of our zodiac by meaning and sequence.

This idea enables human consciousness about unnameable times to think the invisible as secured attendance.

Alas, this 'philosophical' perception went into oblivion and  Astrology today is little more than a pile of rubble, ...

Thereunder the rubble of the temporal world- noise lies the clear old deep perceiving  the cosmic clock of heaven to know the 'signs and times', in the 'philosophical Latitudes of Anthropos the round human and his Sophia ...

Only in paradox is the togetherness of heaven and Earth to be found,  is approximately to be described, what  ratio finds so hard to dig with , the invisible being, as spirit and fart found in a word:

Invisible movers, by Jesus the spirit in the parable of the wind:

.John 3:8, : "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit. ..."

but spirit is 'verboten' unless sponsored by 'Democrats' 

possible everywhere and in each moment present as a twelfth, fart or spirit - you can choose.

of the Gods of 

11. Week 2021

all planets/archetypes have
 had their present position yet in
our life
except two or three

so at last
 248 years ago

and Neptune
so at last
164 years ago

and only the old
have undergone Uranus
in the the present position
84 years ago

is experienced once
by those beyond 30
and twice by those 
beyond 59
and Jupiter eventually
appears once every 12 years
on every position

and all this in the in-sensory
of the unconscious
nonetheless present
like Sun in the night and Moon 
with his starry heaven
in daylight
not to be seen but in man's deep knowing
knowing more lights than
the I-light of the Sun

our heart Sun
our Moon mind

we all, anyway, all twelve folded, are we One each, under the Northern Hemisphere, our paradox unconscious 'reads' the wheels of time, waking, sleeping, it doesn't know any other - and our consciousness doesn't know it ---

our unconscious needs to be
since we are of the 
common material and likewise
we are 
in time and space

so the unlived  life
the life we stay due
is so unspeakable
it had and has 
no other time in universe
 the chance
to appear with a
praise of the creator
in and out of 

can make 
the wheel stand
stand still
in a chart of
fife wheels
of Gods/archetypes
constantly in renewal
in the sign of the ascending 
heavenly place
of eternal spring every
breaking  up of Heaven and Earth
every moment

eleventh week

ruler of Aries

after the solution in
seeds only survive

after the break up
in Aries
of a new wheel of life
or flame of life
then from October
till January

in Taurus where
the roots are secured
and nourished
till early March

now in Twins
spreading into the world
and into knowledge
language and image

currently in square-resonance of 
Mars in Twins 
Mercury in Pisces

There are wrath and word with another in resonance, word of Heaven and wrath of Earth and the demons of lie are in  maximum hysteric speed ... absorbing  valuable energy

further in Taurus'
in herds of man
 Gods radiation in human spirit 
in the shape of the 
in and around us

and the foreigner Uranus
spiritually toppling now
the 'father'-traditions
of man 
according to
Saturn in Aquarius

till May and later
from August till January
the 'son'- spirit of conciliation
in brother- and sisterhoods

ruling Twins and Virgo
in and around us
now ruled by Neptune 
in Pisces
in the water of the collective
thereby deleting all
male and female cleverness
in childlike cleaning from
adult ado
which has no 
to the lap of God

concurrent like always
 the demonic aberration
 in enhanced 

while the paradox security
of Venus 
and walks with Marsat the side of Sun
the heart
receiving in the venture of 
from the temporal lie
the bestowal
of Taurus and Libra

and passing the spring equinox
Sun on Saturday and
Venus on Sunday
will reenter
the fiery Spring-sign of
 which reacts with anger
to any constriction
and walks with

the male and female acumen in us:
an image tells more ...
this week passing three times 
here, and here und here )
in the elements of
water and earth
(which happen about every
800 years or so per element)

11. Week 2021

besides of the Pisces-'magic' - resolution of remembrance - is the 'magic' of the elements:

new beginning of feeling

being at home

earth- Pluto of 1802
form by waiver

these are given to human perception, for with Anthropos/Sophia we are receiving home and
duty in the acceptance of order by heaven. 

and ongoing:
Saturn square Uranus

In the astromundane diarys of:


spiritual tower of order
by Aquarius' birds
flown around and used as rest place
connecting thoughts and ideas
in Square with
Saturn' towers of their bridge
between heavenly tower
and earthly dream
by Earth's
calmly sitting on stable ground

who knows how to unite
Saturn with Uranus
the heavy with the easy
in his/her heart

in the non-image of the winged
by corporal reduction
from saurier-heavy
to bird-easy
gaining the divine view
from above
he/she can find now
the bridge from word
of the living father
to image

via idea
of cross and swirl
up and down
from heaven
to the living Earth

the tower of Saturn and the bow of Uranus
they use to form the bridges above the
canyons and over the rivers of time

Murnau, 3. 17. 2021, UTC: 18:05